Wednesday, February 26, 2003

Lets start with Mondays tea:

Steak and chips.

Then we move to Tuesday:
So busy trying to sort out the photos for the circle line pub crawl that I didn't have time to blogg!!!! Well the photos are up and I suppose I will have to do some work at the weekend to select some better photos for the actual site pages. Did get time to relax though and watch a film my brother had lent me, Near Dark. A vampire type film which on the back tells you good it is yap yap yap. Well good it isn't. Its not that its not watchable but to give you perspective it's like a budget channel 5 film. Didn't have time to do anything else other than eat!

sausage sandwich
Cup of tea 2sugars
1 banana

At work
cup of tea 2 sugars
Mousaka and chips (of course)

Cheese and tomato sandwich
cup of tea 2 sugars.

On to today!

Got up had breakfast, went to work (isn't this exciting!).

Food for today:

sausage sandwich
Cup of tea 2sugars
no bananas left!

At work
cup of tea 2 sugars
Sunday roast (but on Wednesday!)

Ham and mushroom Pizza (thank god for that auto cook pizza button on the microwave, what would I do without it - starve)
A Coke

Soon be going out to go swimming! Wonder if I can do 30 lengths this week?
I wonder.............................

Monday, February 24, 2003

I woke at 6am!
Becuase I forgot to change the alarm clock back to 7am after Friday. Doh!
So as big-L snored loudly each night over the weekend, I am lacking in the sleep department!
And if it wasn't Big-L's snoring it was the constant thudding of the disco happening five floors down at the Generator! My Legs seem to have recovered although I think I have lost a lot of the few brain cells I had left from the crawl on Friday. Several Americans turned up and I believe Big-L and one of them got round. However me and the others did not! Apart from that yet more London sights have now been seen:
Hyde Park including the Italian Fountain, the Peter Pan Statue, the Serpentine and the Albert Memorium.
The Natural History museum
The Science museum.

In fact at the science musician I found out that at 100Kg I am 25Kg over weight which seems an awful lot. What was funny was Big-L being 140Kg. He was definitely over weight but the point of which is not clear as the scale would have been out of the building wall! To be quite frank I don't think I eat that much but for a while I'm going to list what I eat each day (as I know you'll be interested):

1 sausage sandwich
1 banana
1 cup of tea 2 sugars

At work
1 cup of tea 2sugars

1 plate of chips and liver.
1 glass of orange

Sod all at the moment!

I wonder when Big-L will forward the photos!

Thursday, February 20, 2003

Funny things happen sometime. Although home now on the way my motor broke down. Yes my ultra reliable, ultra economic, ultra green mean machine broke down on the A41 just after the ASDA island. On a upward hill bit of the road in the second lane. What happened. Well I think the clutch cable broke, which after 140,000 miles and probably just as many depresses it gave up the ghost. Of course being in the second lane and putting up hill, I couldn't move the thing. So I called direct line explained to them I was causing a bit of a problem. The people looking at me as I passed had an expression on their faces suggesting their thoughts ' What is this prat doing parking in lane and putting his hazzards on to make a mobile call! ' Calling for help of course!
While the traffic was slow it was not so bad but the road traffic eventually disappeared and ass holes were speeding up to my bumper at 60 before realising I was not moving. Then a white fiat panda pulled in front of me. And a huge body builder type bloke got out. Serioulsy body builder large. He thankfully wanted to help and tow me to safety. I was concerned his motor was never going to pull my motor, surely it was struggling with just him in. HE was bigger than Big-L. Eventually National Rescue came to pick me up and give me a tow home. As I'm off boozing in London for a long weekend I've now just got to have a quick word with my dad to see if he's got any spare time on his hands! SmIlE.........

Perhaps I should pack. Just a little. Oh yeah my watch from Bid up has come and the Venessa Carlton CD which is surprisingly good all the way through, strange that.

Tuesday, February 18, 2003

Today Steve my office college has gone home ill half way through the day, so its obviously catching. Bid-up TV is now on freeview TV and eys I've bought a watch. At a bargain price. In fact its my favourite channel. I better watch myself or I'll end up with a big credit card bill.
Friday is nearing and with it the The Circle Line Pub Crawl. erm. As a surprise Beardy, now know as FAT BOY said he was coming with me and big-L on Friday. Where this is true has to be seen. I nearly booked him some accomadatio on Sunday but he was being a bit of a wanker so I didn't.

Sunday, February 16, 2003

So the carpets down, furniture back in place and P.C. set back up. Yippppppeee.... I can be an online junkie again. I can also see as yesterday I collected my new glasses. Its a strange place we live in. Mind my contact lenses have not come yet so I have to go round blind still when I'm wearing them. Some thing to look forward to other than removing all the furniture again when / if my new sofa ever arrives.
Big-L and myself went up Wolvo with Beardy on Saturday night. We are no longer calling him Beardy any more. From now on he will be Know as FAT BOY. Not because he's fat, oh no he's the exact opposite - verging on anurexict - its because he works in the fats department at Sainbury's (his favorite store).
He also shocked both Big-L and myself by telling us he was going to come to London with us, to do the circle line pub crawl! Hope he finds somewhere to stay after his moodiness earlier today!
The most notable other thing which has happened during the 'offline' period was I was ill, sick, throwing and bad belly syndrome.

Sunday, February 09, 2003

Last blogg for a while. I'm moving the furniture out at last. So here goes...

Friday, February 07, 2003

Watched Resident Evil last night. What can I say. Making games into films is an art that need to be perfected. On the bright side I watched Finder Forester on Wednesday night which was much much better. Still to get moving this furniture. Perhaps after vision express tommorrow.
Wow, the circle line pub crawl has a record 32 hits by 6:30pm! Not on the early bus tonight, obvously and I'll have time for a peperoni pizza. Called Randy Poade but as usual he has not answered. Has he been sent to Iraq then?
Wow, the circle line pub crawl has a record 32 hits by 6:30pm! Not on the early bus tonight, obvously and I'll have time for a peperoni pizza. Called Randy Poade but as usual he has not answered. Has he been sent to Iraq then?

Wednesday, February 05, 2003

Yet more snow this morning. But I got to work on time. I have decided to give a mug away once a month on the circle line pub crawl. Will this get more people signing the guest book? Who knows. Is it going to cost me a fortune. Guess so.

Tuesday, February 04, 2003

Whey hey 2" of snow fell last night, and as usual dissapeared during the course of the day! I've missed a couple of days out simply because of tiredness. It seems my body just needs to sleep at lot these days. Today in fact was not the first day of snow. Friday night pegged it home and just and I mean just caught the 6:20 bus. On time if not early just as usual. In fact Big-L was worrid I would not catch it after a quck call to him and him telling me it was just round the courner. Tea was head in Moon Under Water, a juicy weather burger followed by a couple of pints before moving on to the Firey Holes near Loxdale. When we came out it was soo pretty. It was snowing! We caught the metro to Loxdale stop headed in another pub there had a couple of pints and wako deeper snow! We headed for the Possada and eentualy home I think! When I woke up there was no snow. Was it just a dream? One thing I remember was disscussing a holiday with Big-L. Another Road trip like Euro tour only this tip to Gibraltar. Could it be done? Was it too far? Could we end up in Portaventura one day? What is there in Spain to see?
Anyway Saturday got up and head to town for a niffty haircut, and then the opticains. No que in Barbars so that was a relief. Hate hate hate getting the chop. At the opticans though they couldn't fit me in, well not until 4:10pm by which time I was ment to be in Stoke so I just booked for next week. Parents called to say they had found some carpet that would suit my room. So off I went to check it out and then er got them to buy it! All I got to do now is remove all that bloody furniture yet again! Not something I'm looking forward to. Headed home witht the carpet and went to bed, well I was tired. At 3pm Big-L called to ask where I was and by 5pm we were in Stoke in a pub. Gaz aparently was not letting us into his flat until he'd finished tidying up! Shagging more like, well I hope so anyway! An hour latter Big-L and myself banged on his door again and he let us in. Through the corridoor and Into the living room, before Sara crying who's dragging the mud in. Te he is was me! A Itailian meal, a night club, a balti in ALha Ba Ba's and a bit of banter with a load of Stokey taxi drivers and I eventualy got back to his flat! For a Kip. Oh yeah before i feel alseep I knock a pint of water over in his carpet to. I know deep down he sees the the funny side of things. Anyway back home and er back to bed!
Until Big-L called that was! Are you comin to this BBQ or what? So out of bed I got and down the Greenies. Now considering he was organising a BBQ he had no BBQ and no coals. So it was lucky Big-L brough this BBQ and me some coal out te garage. A BIG surprise was me calling round Beard's to see if he was still alive. And blow me far far far away he was! In fact I told him about the BBQ and he came down later to face the torrent of abuse of where the hell have you been for 2 weeks. It was mighty cold out side but at least that chilled the beers and kept us near the burning coals. I escaped into some Martins R-type Honda for spin and left his passenger seat rather wet. Lets just say its lucky all the coppers were else where. Back at the BBQ going inside was a no no, just too many rug rats. A couple of blackened burgers and chops and I was back in bed by 9pm! sure sleepy.
In fact most of Monday I was sleepy. Perhaps a swim later will help but I doubt it. However Big_l has come up with a tour Espaina plan:

well my routefinder says calais-bordeux-madrid-gibraltar to each be between 6-8 hours approx.
also it says gibraltar-barcelona is best following the coast (through Valencia).

We would need to do something like

fri : to dover
sat : to bordeux
sun : to madrid
mon : to gibraltar
tue : in gibraltar
wed : to portaventura
thu : at portaventura
fri : at barcelona
sun : to marseille
mon : to paris
tue : asterix
wed : to calais or elsewhere (to efteling or europapark ????)

sat : to calais
sun : to home

what do you think ???????

Or maybe i can find a themepark somewhere near bordeux, or madrid, or something.
I will send links when I find them.

So the plan is a foot.........


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