Monday, March 31, 2003

Ok I'm giving up the day job (what about you Les?):


To whom it may concern,
We enquire with regards to a scheduled Circle Line Pub Crawl this Saturday 5th April 2003.

Please return e-mail to the following address with time / location information, booking arrangments and prices for a small group approx. 10 people.


Many thanks

Andrew Summers"
Adjust to clock settings already after the episode yesterday of waking up thinking I had woken early but not. It is noted that you can't drink beer well not in the first two weeks of the diet, but you can have vodka and gin. You can even have some white wine which undoubtedly the best solution to the beer problem! Life is a tab boring without bread though. Think about it. Instead of a cheese sandwich you can have cheese. Instead of toast you can have butter. Dinner consisted of veggies and ham. cured so may have had sugars in it. But I left work around 5ish and made it home in time to get my bike out for a nice long ride, just over an hour. I feel somewhat awake now and er limp jointed!

To start the diet there is a questionnaire to fill out and then to redo it again in a week so here we go.

1=mild and/or rare
2=moderate and or up to twice a week
3=severe and or more than twice a week

01 - hungry between meals - 3 (well I never)
02 - Eat candy, cake, soda - 3 (oh course I do)
03 - drink alcohol - 3 (a question that doesn't need to be asked)
04 - Drink more than three cups of coffee / cola - 2 (at last something less than 3)
05 - Cravings for sweets or coffee - 0 (bring it on)
06 - Irritable before meals - 0 (or is that always!)
07 - Shakiness inside, especially if hungry - 0 (what!)
08 - Faint if food delayed - 0
09 - Tired all of the time - 3 (yep always want to laze around)
10 - Depressed - 1 (Well life gets a tab boring every now and again
11 - Can't sleep easily - 0 (I'm always tired go gods sake)
12 - Wakeup during the night - 1 (usually to get a drink of water due to too much beer)
13 - fearful - 3 (but thats me)
14 - Difficult making decisions - 3 (not the leader type me and don't like the responsibility)
15 - difficulty concentrating - 3 (yep this is getting boring)
16 - Poor memory - 3 (I can't remember last night, connected to beer intake perhaps)
17 - worried a lot - 1 (What the hell about)
18 - Feel insecure - 1 (Only when bank balance low)
19 - emotional - 1 (not often)
20 - Moody - 1 (I put one here but my mates would disagree most likely)
21 - Feel like crying - 0 (I'm a bloke for god sake we just dont)
22 - Outbursts of anger - 1 (Only when I cycle)
23 - Make mountains out of mole hills - 1 (too much effort I guess)
24 - Bored - 3 (permanently looking for that excitment in life)
25 - bad dreams - 0 (too busy having good dreams)
26 - Antisocial behavior - 0 (No I'm a goodie goodie)
27 - Phobias - 0 (utter bollocks)
28 - Can't work under pressure - 2 (bring it on)
29 - headaches - 0 (related to beer again?)
30 - sleepy during day - 2 (Well I always want to sleep)
31 - Sleepy after food - 3 (especially after dinner at work)
32 - Slow starting in the morning - 3 (Would rather not see morning altogether)
33 - Poor motivation - 1 (depends if its worth doing)
34 - Eat when nervous - 0 (I eat all the time let alone when I'm nervous)
35 - fatigue relieved by food - 0 (What the hell)
36 - Excessive thirst - 1 (is this beer related again - if so only in the pub)
37 - Nervous stomach cramps - 0 (no answer)
38 - Allergies or sinus problems - 0 (not that I'm aware)
39 - Can feel heart beat - 1 (Am I dead?)
40 - Gastritis, gastroeophageal reflux - 0 (never heard of it so no)
41 - Disorder / ulcers - 1 (only in mouth)
42 - Abdominal bloating - 0 (My bellys big enough as it is - beer related)
43 - Cold and hands and feet - 0 (Only well holding a cold pint)
44 - Shaking of the hands - 0 (only when pint glass empty and no cash in pocket)
45 - blurring vision - 0 (I'm not counting putting my contact lenses in wrong, but seems to refer to beer again)
46 - Light headed / dizzy - 0 (Only when had 2 E at the same time)
47 - Lack of coherent - 0 (In a way but not what it means here)
49 - Excessive sweating - 3 (I am a sweat monster)
50 - Frequent urination - 1 (Notuing out of the ordinary)

12 x 3 =36
2 x 2 = 4
13 x 1= 13

Total 53

If score is 50 or above you test positive for blood sugar stress. (All I can say is, is this beer related?)

If your still with me then I've also re-strated reading the lawn mower celebraty!

Sunday, March 30, 2003

Friday night hit town with Big-L and Beardy. Only Beardy didn't catch the bus. Got to cash machine and withdraw £30 smackers! We then headed to walkabout. Funny enough it seemed rather quite for a Friday although it did fill up a bit later. Well Beardy turned up!!! apparently he fell asleep on his bed! Something about working hard. Something which I doubt he understands the phrase properly. He dose winge on about his job in the FATS department at Sainbury's but won't apply to work anywhere else. Which when you consider he cycles to work as he works in Cannock and there limited bus access to where he needs to get to you would think he'd want to try to relocate to either a Stafford branch or a Wolvo one! We visited the 24 hour spare afterwards, which meant I could be choosy about what I was going to have. In fact I had a whole tray of just chicken wings. About twelve in total. Ate the lot on the bus.

Saturday came and I called about my sofa. No reply just an answer machine. I was blumin furious but I did leave a message on the third try. And they did get back to me. unfortunately as my Sony mobile phone often does it went into silent / meeting mode. They left a message back, so perhaps someone there does care about me and the perhaps one day might get sofa. Took my brother to ASDA where I spent £12 on a new shirt and £20 on some new shoes. I had to get some new shoes as earlier I noticed the heel and sole had parted on the ones I was wearing on Friday. So they may not be my first choice but it was convenient to get them then. We obviously bought plenty of meat to keep me going through the week. After took my mom to a gardening store to get her some plants for mothers day. Not original but she got what she wanted so I was as happy as she.

When we got home I decided it was time to water my plants. after all they hadn't had a drink for nearly a month! Then I went to meet Beardy, Big-L, Greenie and Martin for beers in the Hoggs Head and to watch the England game. Everyone apart from Beardy and myself went home. Eventually we left the Hog's Head and tried Yates'. Ten deep at the bar we turned round and tried the Gifford Arms. Its now gone Gothic. And we stood out a mile. PVC, leather, scantly cladd girls-- erm I'm going again. Perhaps the best feature is the coffin shaped tables with RIP written on top of them. There was a bit of a disco although I had never heard any of the 'tunnes' they where playing. I also introduced Beardy to pork scratchins. Not the fake ones no. The real ones with hair poking out of the crunchy exterior. Whats more surprising is he likes them! We discussed going up town on Wednesday to watch another soccer match so that may do. Ah yeah also took another £20 smakers out of bank.

Sunday a bit of a lazy day and although I thought I had got up before ten it was infact just before eleven am as the clock have gone forward. Pc has been upgraded to XP wow and I've wash and waxed my car! Been to the hospital again and just played with my pc. Strange Sunday lunch today because it obviously consisted of meat mainly.

Thursday, March 27, 2003

Ok so each day I have spent:

£2:60 on dinner.

£2.60 omandatoryn dinner
£2.00 swimming

Swimming I managed the mandanotry 30 lengths +2 just to make sure!. Tonight 8:40pm I have just got in. And as it came yesterday will soon be watching sexy beast. Although I don't want to long a night as I'm off to Gloucester earlier tomorrow to do some re-conenscence! I've posted Andy Poades second post card tonight which explains where Les and myself went on Sunday. Wonder if the lazy arse is doing anything yet? Also posted Beard'y post card which we have address to:

Beardy 'Mate'
FATS Department
Orbital Centre

I wonder if it will go on the notice board there or not? ah ah. tomorrow is Friday. Beer day or night anyway. It'll be nice although Gaz has sent a email saying England game on Saturday so staying in! POOO to that. Not long now and glastonbury tickets will be up for sale. Should I shouldn't I? I think I should. Time to relax in front of the widescreen and absorb some rays.............

Monday, March 24, 2003

Having spent too much I might do what I did with food and list out my expenditure. Not that it helped with the food.

Today I spent:
£2:60 on Dinner
£7.00 night out at the snowdome (3rd April)
Total: £9:60

ohh big spender. Me bored again. I leave work come home and er find I'm bored. I have posted a post card to Andy Poade and written a second. The first mutters on without giving out where we actually went. The second spells it out but I won't send it off for a while as he as actually return back to base in England. Big-L has advised me that the furthest west part on main land Britian is Ardnamurchan Point. For those of you interested its page 89 on my atlas near but not close to Fort William. So the sence will be set for May. Lizards point to Lowerstoft (somewhere) to Ardnamurchan to Dunets head, then hopefully home.

Sunday, March 23, 2003

Went o Blackpool. Me, Big-L (no Bardy) and the rest of the country. Fantastic weather. Epescialy for Blackpool. Admit that this time I bottled out of going on the big one. I just didn't fancy it. Something to do with the hangover from last night. And the ques the ques ah the ques were impressive. They have a new ride which we didn't go on either! Also Vallhalla was closed!!
Didn't bid enough for the bike so I haven't bought that one. Trying to keep myeyes open but can't for much longer.............
I managed to get off my arse and get on my bike for over an hour and for the first time this yaer it wasn't a struggle. But with the weather like it is today it was a sheer joy. Meet so Yanks on the canal tow path who couldn't understand how I managed to cycle through the deep mud with out getting stuck like themselves. About another 30meters up the canal was a barge struggling as they had sailed it up a log. I didn't think I would be much help but with 2 of us tugging it we pulled it free -awazingly.

After a quick visit to the hospital It was time to head to Penkrigde for a tour of the pubs there to celebrate Wyane Smirhs stag night before his wedding next Sunday. A fair few beers were had by all, which was a great joy. After many many months I saw Smithy, Fuzz, Anto, Andy amgonst others. Also bumped into the the Alison as beautiful as ever. But maybe thats the beer goggles misssbeghaveibng themselves as usual. I hope not as I just bought another bike on!

Asbury Seniour came for some politcale signitures and he is quite welcome.

blackpool tommmorrow?!?!

Saturday, March 22, 2003

It would appear that the Donkey Kong link which was below changed and became a porn page a week after linking it. Ah...
Amazingly woke up early this morning with no hangover! When I say early I mean 8:30am. A bit better than last week then. I've done my brothers car and seems to work fine as I've tried it round the streets I live in. Thought the bloody battery on it had gone flat but it was only the immoboliser. Luckly it made me check the water in the battery, which there seemed to be none, so that got filled. So apart from giving Deb's a call I've got bugger all to do until tonight. Tommorow I may well go Blackpool. Its just sooooo nice out there at the moment so really I should get off my arse and on my bike....
So I haven't bothered going swimming tonight. So a slight lack of exercise this week. Does it matter. Well in the tippsy state I'm in at the moment I guess not! Waking Ned Devine came and watched it. It's not a classic. Its watchable but not a classic. Still no Inxs DVD although it is shown as still ordered. I will live in hope! Last night we all went round Matts for POKER night. This is where I usually lose all my cash but luckly some how I came away with minsu only £2 quid Amazing I know in fact I'm still in shock!. Went down to £7 or £8 in my pocket at one point and it looked like the card were never going to be on my side to gain anything back. A late night was had and I felt it this morning. In fact I felt it all day. Shagged. Shagged Shagged. Note good at work totaly aperherpetic. It was a steruggle but just and I mean just managed to kick my body into gear. bus up town though tonight although it was by a slight margine. Yep the bus beat me to the bus stop! Loadsa banks in me and well I feel a lot more rejunitated! MR Poade txted me today to say he had returned to Bighty. He is a lucky sod. War starts and he is retured home. I send message back:

How long R U back 4? Get back out there & urn ur pay!

Obviously in the best heart as I don't want the shady chap dead.

Now what should I do for the rest of the weekend other than repair my brothers car and watch the F1?!?!?!??!

Monday, March 17, 2003

Well I started repairing my brothers car yesterday. Erm what a mess. Brake fluid everywhere in the one drum. Also went out for dinner with my Mom and Dad. An experience that will be repeated next week if I'm around. And I probably will be as I'm a tab skint since I bought this TFT monitor. Stayed in last night and watched the amazing Forest Gump DVD. As being disscussed with Sprog on Friday night this is an altime 'cult' classic along with Star Wars and Ground Hog Day!

Saturday, March 15, 2003

Last night went up town. Popped into the Tube and then Revolution, which I hardly ever go in, apparently it was Danny Burgess's 30th Birthday. Yet another surprise in Revolution when FATBOY made an appearance after about 4 weeks! We left revolution and headed off to Cheekies. I know I left cheekies but I'm not sure when. I didn't even go to Mr Kings. Nope I went to the Nakisshem in School Street for some reason. Where I found the door locked. Presumably to keep pissed up people like myself out. Although on this occasion let me in! I had 3 popadoms all the sources, one pint of larger and a fantastic chicken baltia with nan. I can recall knocking over my pint but they didn't seem to mind, well know where near as much as me. I never forget this place as I can always remember that when Princess Diana was killed in her car accident I was having a dump here! What an amazing fact. The other significant time I had frequented this place was a Margs birthday one year where we all had a curry before we headed for cheekies. They even sorted me out a taxi which only cost £7. A lot cheaper than the ones Mr King finds us these days.
This morning or should I say this afternoon I woke at 2:30pm. So I got out of bed with a sore head and headed into town for a cut off the old locks. Grabbed a set of headphones for my nan and treated myself to breakfast at KFC. Fast service is not there speciality (chicken is of course) and they did not let me down today either. I think their training manual needs updating quite a lot in all aspects in fact. I give a guess that it took 15 minutes to get served. It wasn't that there were loads of people to serve. Just apperphetic staff. The cool refreshing orange tango hit the taste buds where it was needed and down went fries 2 pieces of chicken and 3 hot wings. Bumped into Neil and Sarah in HMV who advise they would be out tonight and I advised that having just got up I would probably be staying in. I haven't looked at my brothers car yet. Although he is probably busy putting his bike together he had from bid up TV this morning.
I have checked when my sofa should be coming and it should arrive between the 19th March and well the end of March. So here's looking forward to some quality slouching in the very near future.

Thursday, March 13, 2003

Well they didn't have the monitor yesterday but today they have and now its in full use. Its wider than my original monitor! And it's nearly as heavey! It's speakers are inadequate but lucky they must know this hence an outpor is provided for some proper jobbies. So in they are plugged to. For one day only I have changed the circle line pub crawl web page to go striaght to the ' circle line part 2 '. The secret meeting point is being announced in the morning. No chance of skiving work though as I've got to go to site and a meeting somewhere in Northampton. Tommorrow a night on the town with Sara, Gaz, Di, Greg and Big-L. Lookin forward to that.

Tuesday, March 11, 2003

Well I've just been swimming and while I wasn't looking forward to doing any exercise I did my 30 lengths quite easily in 21mins. So all that cycling on Sunday must have done me some good. Hopefully will have my new TFT screen tommorrow so I'm going to disconnect my monitor and give it to my dad.

Teressa tells me Andy Poade will be back in Blighty on Monday! Can you belive he is sent back just before the war begins. He's so fluky or it seems it at the moment!

Sunday, March 09, 2003

So although I headed up town I didn't get my hair cut. I did however stop off at Mc Donalds on the way into town. Where I decided to see Matt. So off I went round his flat where I called him to find out he was at work. luckily he decided he'd head back straight away, so off I went round St. Johns court and headed into Currys, Comet, Power house and another shop I can't remember before heading back to his flat. He where I'd had been and weather I bought anything. Very tempting but no. He got his laptop out and did something. I finished making the tea, noting he was using the high quality NackUK mug he had won. He put on his X-box and the 'live' games he had. We played some racing bike game which frustratingly I didn't get any better out no matter how much I preserved. Which MAtt pointed out just to annoy me I think! He eventually kicked me out as he had to take out / look after Colin from another office who was working in Wolvo this weekend. So off I went home thinking I should get one of them.

A note here I put the aerial back on the car and sometimes it goes all the way up and sometimes it goes all the way down. Perhaps more to the point reception has improved which is what it was all about. ie RDS traffic reports.

At home I sat back and but a DVD on my brother had lent me, 'Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back'. Although I watched it all the way through it is utter tosh and can't recommend it apart to those who wish to listen to 2 foul mouthed actors. That aside its still crap!

Sunday my brother rings to say there's a computer fair on. ~Me considering to boost my 1200+xp processor to something like 1800+XP or 2200+XP depending on price. I see Loz at his stall still trying to sell his overpriced 'wears' to daft punters. Although he does have a 5.1 sound card which would be nice. But why do I need one. I don't watch DVD on my PC or play games on it very often. So why bother so I didn't. Then the chair man was back. So I nearly spent £105 on one of them. Then my dad said he wanted a 17" monitor! My decisions changed and I would let my dad have my 17" monitor for £50 and I would buy a TFT screen. A 17" TFT screen. Not from the show mind no. But from Currys. THIS ACTION I BLAME POADE for as if he was in I would never have known about this particular TFT screen in Currys and therefore would not have been able to suggest this. So out went the chair and the upgrade processor. Instead I have bought a Proview 17" TFT. I have I have I have. Should have I? I doubt it. Do I need one? No this Fujitsu e176 monitor has been fantastic fro the day I bought it. There not a resolution I have found it can't copy with and its clarity is well eye boggling. Lets keep our fingers crossed and hope. regrettably Curry's didn't have one in the store room so they are going to get one from Curry Central in Wednesbury. Oddly it will take 3 day to get from Wednesbury to Wolvo. A distance of 5 miles max! Glad to see technology speeds things up.

Anyway I did buy from the show the following:

2 black print cartridges
2 colour cartridges £10
1 extra cooling fan £3
40 photo gloss papers £5

The cooling fan is the BIG upgrade. My PC heats this room up! So an extra case fan can't do any harm.

Went to the Bradford Arms with my brother and parent at dinner time. Errm good food but the surroundings and service is somewhat poor. 3 out of 10 perhaps?

Now this will shock you. I got my bike out and went for a ride for around a hour and a half. It was tough going and cold. Oh yea it was cold. luckily I opted for track suit bottoms rather than shorts. Also luckily the rain held back so I didn't get wet either! Well until I got back home and decided clean my rather dirty car.

One other good thing happened today as well. Carbon fiber boxes with four wheels on all started whizz round in circles. Yep F1 has started again. Fantastic. As it took place in Melborne I videoed it. So for this afternoon I have sat back watched cars go round and round. And while it wasn't action packed it was entertaining. Even M. Schummy didn't actually win.

All there is to do now is to decide to watch 'white men can't jump' or 'being evlin bryklowhich' however it's spelt.

One small point these contact lenses are nearly as good as the first one I had nearly 6 or so years back. I've had them in all weekend without any problems. Yeah ha....................

Saturday, March 08, 2003

The beer went down well. Although the 'balti' flavoured crisps probably didn't help and I won't be having hem again. Just Like the real thing they had left a rather unsavory taste in me mouth this morning. After getting up, 7:30am!, and immediately brushing my teeth I took my brothers car round for a MOT. To many cars there I went back home thinking I would return an hour latter and all being well I'd get it done. How wrong I was! More cars and apparently to many for them to cope with so I was promptly sent away. So just took the car back to my brothers!

Refitted car aerial to car. Sometimes its goes all the way up and sometimes it goes all the way down. But not every time! How maddening.

I'm sitting here complentating whusuallyeather to get my hair cut or not. Which usually means I should.

Sara Green has posted a message on the notice board regarding Spain. However she doesn't seem to have got the hang of putting it in the 'related subject' area. tut tut...

Deadmanjones has left a message on the circle line pub crawl web site. Its fantastic and you should check it out here:

The Circle Line Party 2 - How fantastic. I just wish I could be there.

The 'Only fools and Horses - If they could see us now' DVD came thankgod. I've had the belly ache all day probably down to those dubious King Ribs I ate out of the freezer! So all I did was sit down watch Eastenders and then the DVD.


Belly still aching. It's painful every now and again. Call Big-L from work and he's up for going out. Hopefully a lot of beer will kill the bugs!. Left FAT BOY a message on his phone but as usual he has vanished into the darkness of space. A girl at work was telling me how she ended up in hospital with a bad belly! Thats worrying, hope this beer idea works.

Wednesday, March 05, 2003

Havn't blogged since Sunday night, woza. But thats probably as there is nothing new to say. Off swimming in a mo although I don't fancy doing 30 lengths tonight. Perhaps when I get there I will (ah ah). The braclet I bought from has come and I'm waering it now. Its shiny and nice I suppose. I haven't kept the eating diary up but I have decided I'm not eating too much anyway. Or drinking to much. In fact I should be eating and drinking far far far more......

Sunday, March 02, 2003

Got up and what a beautiful day it has been. Toast and a cuppa for breakfast has kept me going. Considering it has been such a nice day I've not been out apart to visit my nan in hospital. Most of the day I've been doing the www. Midlands metro pub crawl web page. For some reason I got an urge to finish it off so I have. Just down loading it to its new permanent home. My auto car aerial is not yet back on my car and I've given my dad several encouragements today. He says he'll look at it in the week. I've worn my contact lenses all day till about 8pm. This pair really do seem good! I'm just about to sit down and watch Saving Private Ryan before having a shower and going to bed. Ah work calls in the morning.
Lets just mention dinner which my brother cooked, so mega delicious:
Paste with four cheese source
chicken gougons
and some fancy warm salady thing.

Nice lovely delicious. He really can cook well unlike me, unless I press the magic pizza button of course!

Saturday, March 01, 2003

Tea has consisted of:

Real chips.
2 fried eggs
2 beefy burgers
1 small portion of peas
1 small portion of carrots
1 bowl of cream of chicken soup
1 banna

Yep I'm full!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Saturday and there was no sign of a hangover when I woke up this morning, which does't happen very often. The only pain I've got ishaving had to go and pay the last installment of £700 smackers for my sofa. That done I tinkered with the areial on my car. Then presented it to my dad later asking if he can get the mast out. Replacing it you see, as the last mast I put in I bodged. But in doing so learned how it should have been done.

So while I write this I watch Depeche mode Live in Paris...

For breakfast I had a sausage sandwhich.
and a cupa tea of course.

Two things come in thepost today. 'Saving Private Ryan' DVD and a post card from Andy Poade, who is based in the Med somewhere I guess. It reads:

'I am here, u are not (NACK-thankgod for that). There beer is very cheap so drinking to much, not doing much work yet. Looking forward to coming home and seeing everybody, say hi to everyone for me(NACK- Hi everyone) , don't ring me but u can send me a text, I will ring u soon Andy P. Couldn't find a card with Giraffes on sorry.'

Gaz picked us up and went to town. Got my contact lenses which I am impressed with. They may have actually got them right first time and also got my watch strap adjusted a Millers jewellers on Cleveland Street Wolverhampton. The lady I sometimes give a lift to the bus stiop works there (this I didn't know) I she arranged it to happen for free which is nice. Then went for a quick pint in the Goose with Gaz and Big-L at 2:15. They were late but it mattered not as I bumped into the lovely Matt Poade and a had drink with him until they both turned up. After they went to the Wolves match (who won 4 - 0 beleive it or not) I went and got some new trainers. Addias ones strangly enough as I nearly always buy reebok. Unfortunatly there were no Reebok designs I liked so Addias it was. Then I thought I'd better get some new boots as my Elliesse ones are about to take there last step. Having not bought any for nearly 4-5 years (yes that how long they lasted) I couldn't find a shop that sold anything like them....

I'll have a look on the web I guess. Mind the last pair I bought did come from France but I really don't fancy another trip over there just to get some boots.

Matt Poade wants to do the Metro Crawl in March yippeeeeee. Should be a problem. Big-L has just txt me saying he's staying in. He must be in shock after the Wolves victory!

30 lengths of the pool completed and I slept well that night!

breakfast on the Thursday consisted of:
Cup of tea 2 sugars
1 bacon sandwich (no sausage left!)

At work

1 cup of tea 2 sugars
1 Chineese stir fry with rice and crockets.
1 glass of orange

smoked haddock and some chips.

Didn't do much on Thursday night. Watched a bit of telly, looked on the internet for car hire in Spain. It would appear Easyjet can fly us there for less than £300 for me and Big-L (not counting weather or not Beardy's going to bother!) Car hire would be £140 pounds plus milmileageage of euro 0.12 for KM for a Merc A class which would be big enough I guess. Still think I'd rather go in my own motor though but lets look at the finances a bit closer and the extra days in Spain hiring would give us. After that put on the Meet Joe Black DVD which went on to 12:30 ish. Off to bed.


Got up had:

Bacon sandwich
cup of tea 2 sugars

The went to work:

At work:
2 cups of tea with 2 sugars
cod, chips and bake beans
1 glass of orange

finally managed to prise myself from my desk and got home at about 7pm. Enough time to press the magic pizza button for:

Chargrilled chicken pizza
A coke

Sat on the internet and arranged to see Greenie and Big-L up the pub in town. This I think consisted of
4 strongbows in O'neils
2 Cafferys' in O'Neils
1 Strongbow in a very nice glass in the Prince Albert.

essentially we went into O'Neils for a quick drink but the comfy sofa's got the better of us.

Greenie and Sara have been to Spain for 10 days to see his nan. Apparently it rained most of the time. But this has not put off either Big-L or myself going in September.

ah yeah more food from the 24hr spar!!!

1 premium sausage roll
1 set of beef sandwiches.

Bed and I guess some snoring and rolling around by the state of the bedclothes this morning.................


"Nowhere Near The End Of the Rainbow"
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