Tuesday, April 29, 2003

Been busy tonight sorting out Nips Pc then my Dad's/. Its 11pm now and I'm bushed. Perhaps I'll get time to do the Brighton phots this weekend. Tommorrow its 'tubin' at the Tamworth Snowdome what ever that is? Only other thing worth mentioning is the fact as I was driving to work I suddenly noticved in the rear veiw mirror that I had forget to brush my hair after coming out of the shower. Nightmare!!!!

Monday, April 28, 2003

Friday -
Was my my nan's funeral. A sad moment in time.

Later on that night I razed down to Brighton to meet Gaz, Sarah, Greg, Di, Greenie, Matt, Deadmanjones for Big-Ls Brighton 30th Birthday Bash. Reached Brighton at 10:15pm after the 3 1/2 hour journey and continuous playing of stone roses remix album. When I got there there was no where to park, and I mean nowhere! And although Big-L said he had told them that I would be late arriving on Friday they were not expecting me. In fact couldn't get anyone to answer the door when I pressed the bell but luckily there was a phone number outside.

I was put in a room 2 that already had 2 bags I did not recognize, apparently I was meant to be sharing with Big-L. But I was in too much of a rush to care too much, I just hoped the room was inhabited by someone I knew! Called big-l to ask what I needed to wear for the club we were going to, chucking cloths all over the place. As I left picked up a cab number conveniently found on the bed. I moved my car from bus stop outside the Avalon to some rather seedy backstreet - Marina View, which didn't have much of a view but was the only space in the area I could find. I called a cab as I got out of the car from the number I found earlier. Unlike Wolvo a cab had got to the Avalon before I returned and surprised the taxi driver as he was just about to knock on the door of the Avalon. Cabby was talkative and took me as close to the Font and Firkin as he could, due to the pedestrian area, he made it sound as though I was going to have to walk far but it was right down the alley he dropped me off at. I entered the pub and found what I thought were a bunch of rather sober looking friends. A grolsch was placed in my hand, the weekend was about to being. We drank up as it was last orders or chucking out time and got another taxi to the Brighton Gloucester. It's not often I enter a club sober but on this occasion I was. Matt and Deadmanjones were already in here, and they looked high. I got a round in for everyone (even though I was sober) which made my wallet a lot lighter! A couple of Gins and Stellas and I was in top form - ahah.

Eventually we all left and headed back for some kipp. Note I was in the wrong room I was meant to be in room one. Luckily Greg and Di had room 2 and even picked all my cloths up for me and packed my bag for me. Big-L gave me the key after collecting it from Greenies B&B up the road as he was going to stay with him. I was impressed with room 1 Nearly double the size of room 2 and all to my self tonight. No listening to Big-L snoring all night.

Saturday - surprisingly I woke very early. 8ish. So I had breakfast at 9am where the land lady asked if she had put me in the correct room! I told her she hadn't but I had sorted it out and was now in room 1! Full tasty breakfast was had and then decide to go for a walk and get some fresh sea air. Called Big-L to let him know where I had gone thinking he wouldn't be up yet but he and Greenie were. They were at the Pier already. Apparently they had to have breakfast between 8am and 9am! Not pleasant if you ask me! So I joined them. Apparently none of the rides opened till 10am. It was rather cold and windy out too. We played on the video games for a while until they opened. First off was the wild mouse followed by the turbo rollecoaster which was all over within a second of it beginning. Next was the log fume. Looked tame but was very very very wet. In fact we were saturated.

We made a move back to the B&B's to collect some of the others, as we passed a pub I suggested I went in and wrote a post card or 2 to Andy while they carried on and return back here in 30 mins or so. A Green King kept me company while I wrote. They all turned up and after a drink each we made our way back to the pier. A couple more rides at the funfair and we all split up again in our own paths. Big-L and me take the Volks railway to the Marina.

Apparently the oldest electric railway in Britain. When we got to the marina we had a 99 ice cream each and admired the concrete and graffiti.

We walked up the harbour and saw a McDonalds and an area that had been done up. Not that we could be arsed so we turned round to head back into town to get some fish and chips for dinner. On the way back Big-L pointed out the 'naturalist beach'. We headed into town and back to the prominard a bit further down. Got some chips takeaway style and hit the beach.

The sun came out so we stayed put for a while. So long infact we both ended up with red faces later. We walked back to the pier to meet the others again and watch the football results.Mac Car had now turned up as well. We were last for a change, drinks we obtained and we relaxed for a while before hitting the arcade for a while. Here Matt and Deadmanjones showed some teenage girls how to bop on the dancing machine, or perhaps it was the other way round.

Big-L, deaqdmanjone, Matt and myself went and played crazy golf while the others returned to get changed and have a shower for Big-L's birthday meal at Browns, only we didn't go to Browns. Instead we had an Itailian at somewhere were they were happy to get an extra 9 customers on top of the 20 other people they had at another groupie session. Wine flowed, again, and we filled our stomachs.

Les was given a thong which he got out and jokingly I said I would get some photos of him wearing it later. If I remember rightly I think we headed to Walkabout after that where live music was being played. A few more drinks and Al and Matt went off to Funky Buda while we all went to Club New York. Not that we could find it so I asked some chap on the street whom then took us way out of his to the door of the night club. Perhaps one of the smallest clubs in Brighton. Good use of mirrors though to make it look big inside.

After a lot of boogieing and drinking and we all headed back to the Avalon. On the way I had a large Kebab and mega 1/4 pounder cheese burger. When back at Avalon Big-L must have really been pissed. Not a good night for sleeping as Les snored all fucking night again!

So I was awake early due to the racket coming from the next bed. We all had breakfast and then packed. We left the Avalon and squeezed all the bags into my car. Nightmare as it was parked way up on a hill. We headed into town to do some sight seeing and hit a cafebar on he beech until 1:30ish when all the others caught a train from Hove station.

I set back in my car changed the mini disk from the Stone Roses to REM automatic for the people- a bit of golden oldie. As I pulled away I saw a sign next to a pub (see pic above). The sunroof was opened soon followed by the throttle and before you knew it I was home again.

Last night I settle down and watched Good Will Hunting but couldn't stay awake to see the end of it!

Wednesday, April 23, 2003

I have emailed some personal documents from work , one o them being a memo of complaint to our old electrical installation manager back in 1998. It reads as follows:

I would like to file a complaint about the two Telly (very) Tubbies that you have hired very cheaply. You do understand that children are no longer allowed to work during school hours even in the summer when they do not attend.
Earlier this morning dated as above there was a feeling of thunder rumbling through the floor of the building as I began to walk up the stairs. Suddenly from the upper floors came a huge red blur, now known to me as Po, and following on behind, and with all the weight he was carrying I did not think he was going to be able to stop, was a white blur hurtling towards me, now also known to me as La La. I now know their names as after the deed they told me never to mess with the La La and Po of Gee & Co. We were on the stairs and they thrust their big gigantic bellies into me knocking me to the ground with an almighty thud. These telly tubbies are much bigger in real life than on telly. Po stated at this point 'Lets beat the little shit's head up'. 'No' yelped La La bounding in front of him, 'let me beat him up', he smirked as he thudded my head to oblivion. I can just remember Po the big red one jumping on me when I stopped breathing and passed out.
I feel this kind of behavior is totally unacceptable within the work place and I am willing to put the record straight outside the gates later tonight when I've got enough padding on to protect me. However if they should bring there other two mates with them I feel that I will be at a far too unfair weight disadvantage (and it already is with the two of them) to take part. In fact I feel that we should postpone the next meeting until they are both around 10 stone (then perhaps they might be able to get back on their TV program leave this job and myself alone.)

I hope that the information above is all that is necessary to file this complaint and that some sort of action is immediately taken before I end up seeing my psychiatrist and having to have lots of time off in the Caribbean to relax and get myself together at their expense. Should they wish to make an out of court settlement than I am reluctantly happy to agree to a couple of pints up the pub at dinner time, but this must be actioned before 27.8.98.

I hope this matter does not require to go any further. Just because they are celebrities does not mean they are above the law and can do what they like.

I have the utmost faith in your abilities to see to the above,


Like many others a return to work when the weather gets better does not cheer one up!

Today is st. George's Day and perhaps more importantly my Dad's birthday. He's the grand age of 59. Also heard from Andy Poade today and he is in Cosford now and for the next four weeks. Being nice and knowing he hadn't seen Rog's car nor had I been in it with out the hood being down I called them both. Rog actually let me drive his car which ended in tradigy when he said watch theat partridge which I did not see but missed and pritty much immediatly hit another which darted out while I was still lokoking for the orginal. Fortunatly the bird was instantly killed. Rog got over the fact he was going to have to wash the front of his car. I'm utterly jealous of his car and it drives wonderfuly It makes me want to go out and get a Mazda MX5. But I can resist for a while longer and stick to my now rather ancient optimized intercooled turbo diesel powered stead.

Apparently Poads rabbit likes shagging his had. What ever else he told me can not be repeated in public.

Tuesday, April 22, 2003

A BIG-THANKS to Deadmanjones for sorting me out with pictures on my blogg! The world is a changing. And Matt I did ask him to put / arrange a comments thing for you (although what comments you would make worries me!). Best of all he said it was past my capabitlites to mesh it with blogger so he'd sort it out. The bad news is the service he is with no longer is accepting any more members (of any kind - giggle).

What I forgot to mention was the web page that had the review for the phones so here is a link http://www.reviewcentre.com

After looking around I'm glad to hand in the notice for my Sony CMDJ7 or what ever it is. While it looks nice and works well it has several flaws - mainly never being able to here the ring tone when someone is calling. I won't miss it and would like to take a sledge hammer to it. I've decided on (and I know I said I would never buy another Sony phone) but it will be replaced with a Sony Erricson T600. There are two chooses for mobile tariff.

Vodafone 60 mins at £18.00
O2 50 mins any network + 25 txts at £18.00

So after many years of loyalty can can see the end of my relationship with vodaphone too.

The haridresser was closed too so I'll have a mop till Friday I guess.

Monday, April 21, 2003

Saturday night I watched Jackie Brown. Had never seen it before and it was ok ish. Not the usual shoot everybody affair that happens in Tarrantinos films, so the ending was a bit of a surprise, although someone did get shot at the end. Yesterday big-L came round and checked out the sofa. Comfy as he agreed it is we headed to the Anchor for some drinks and to meet Beardy, Gaz and sarah. Big-L, Sarah and Gaz all I ate. Beardy and myself astained and drank a bottle of Montana, followed by some other wine. Not as nice but it was cheaper stuff. Around 7:30pm we moved down the road to the Harrows where 'The Sunday Quiz' began. We joined in and the raffle at the end but we did not win anything. Our quiz performance was poor, mainly to Gaz listening to Big-L and wrote Brass is made from copper and iron (plonkers) rather than myself. As pointed out to them brass is used for pipe fittings. Iron rusts for gods sake! Anyway walked home down the dark alley and woke up with a stinking hangover again. Wine obviously doesn't suit my head. I understand we are all meeting in Wolvo later to watch the footie match. I don't feel like it at present. I've even been to a computer fair this morning but all I want to do is put head down. Thinking of computers my brother has had a look at nippers new machine. He'll be glad to know the processor is not compatible with the motherboard while running window ME or XP! It is ok if you switch the processor to 1.0 speed but at 1.7 it is incompatible and it says so in the motherboard instructions! He is trying to sort out a Windows 2000 package though.

Saturday, April 19, 2003

Got to town and headed to the Tube where Mat, Norf, Neil the list goes on are. Had a fair few glasses of wine, which everyone commented on again. The tube stays open late normally so the early closing did not effect it, besides we all went on the cheekies. Here I had a least 6 bottles of wine! I better let you know that they were only small ones like the size of a beer bottle. Later moved onto Mr Kings for a curry and for a change he was most pleased to see me. Perhaps he has been missing me. Got a taxi home from there with Sarah and Neil.

This morning I get up and go to the florists with my family to arrange for some flowers for my nans funeral next Friday. I was glad to get home, head thumping and still is! Flicked through the satellite channels and found out it is Carry On weekend on UKgold 2 or something. Watch that but eventually nod off. When I wake I decided to replace the hard drive on my PC as the slave drive filled with photos! It was a bit trickier than I thought as the drive that was in and its position was bloody awkward. Anyway done now and there 15 time the amount of room on this one, so I need to get snappiing again. They'll be plenty of opportunities next weekend in Brighton for Big-Ls birthday weekend. Apparently beardy is coming, he's called Greg and even paid him, now thats a shock to the system. I've spoken to Les on the internet and even seen where he has put 'his' sofa in his room. My brother has also given me sim city 4 but I'm just not in the mood with this head to sort it out. I'm going to chill on my new sofa I guess

Friday, April 18, 2003

So I ended up in Harlech, and spent a few hours soaking the rays, while readingmy book and listing to my MD player. How refreshing. Heading into town in 30mins for a few drinkies...
No Rog didn't offer me a drive, and on this occasion I did not push for one. I just sat back and enjoyed the rather harsh (rollercoaster) ride. Thats what hard suspension and ultra low profile tyres do for you. Last night went round Matts to play poker. A different version which had a nice twist to it. personally I preferred it as it meant their was more money always in the pot. I lost. ALL my money which is a shame as I had some good hands, unfortunately each time apart from one someone always had better. Thats poker for you. It nice and sunny so and I'm not at work until next Wednesday now what should I do?

Just checked hit counter - there was 33 visits to the circle line pub crawl yesterday - most made by Microsoft, United States ISP. Perhaps they are flying over for a GOOD-FRIDAY Crawl. (Donthe pubs in London close early tonight as well?

Wednesday, April 16, 2003

For dinner, Neil at the canteen gave me, lamb lamb more lamb, cauliflower cheese and cabbage. Delicious. With some mint source. Going swimming later with Rog in his convertible. Will he let me have a drive???? (or should I say talk him into having a drive). My nan's funeral is set for Friday the 25th April. Next week will be very short at work..

Tuesday, April 15, 2003

Sadly my nan passed away this morning...


God bless her soul.

Saturday, April 12, 2003

Managed over 30 lengths I guess at swimming. Rog should have by now picked up his new MGF. He hasn't brought ti round yet and I've been round to see him once but he was not in. He was out in it I guess.

Wow I stayed in last night (Friday) for two reasons. One to move the furniture to allow access for the out of my old sofa and in the newer one. Its in place now and everything is back where it should be. The second was to use the beer cash stash to buy a new tyre for the car. Its go to be said the new sofa is much larger than the older one. You can even lie on this one properly.

Heard from Andy Poade, gave him some abuse to go to the dessert but he said it was very doubtful he would now go. He is going to be doing some MORE training, back here at Cosford again! Hopefully he will find some time to go for a fair few beers up town.

Soon be up there myself, seeing everyone whose going to Cornwall, then after that ment to be meeting some people from work as its one of their Birthdays so I guess it will be O'Neils followed by Chicargo's, we'll see........

Thursday, April 10, 2003

Had a very early start this morning, well for me at least getting up at 6am! SO been to work over in Wales before heading back to Brum and the office. I forgot to mention, most likley as I forgot to watch the Grand National. I was a sweep stake winner at work. Which nearly had me faint. My orse came forfth, so I won a grand total of.....£3! Made my day made my week. Car went in for MOT today and failed but only on a single tyre, so no trading in for a MX5 this month. And And after the BIG wait my new sofa will be arriving on Saturday! So thats my weekend sorted. Me and my fat arse not moving anywhere! Apart from the pub on Saturday night. Off swimming now, late in the week I know but that when Rog wanted to do it. He obvisouly hasn't got his MGF this week though which is what he was holding out for to show off to me and make me buy an MX5.

Monday, April 07, 2003

Managed to get to page 41 of the book I'm now reading. It's not exactly to my taste but now I've started perhaps I will see it all the way through. Sod all has happend, oh perhaps one big thing is my boss has become a grandfather today and he seemed most chuffed about it. I'll do a bit more reading I think after Eastenders has finished.

Sunday, April 06, 2003

Got in at around 2:30 this morning. Far to much wine drank again but compared to yesterday my head seems to have coped. Unfortunately I'm still drinking wine as though it's beer! I got to 52 Degrees before any of the others. Although I couldn't find it at first and ended up in the centre of the Arcadian centre where I called Zoe for directions. Opposite Mr Eggs I was advised. For those of you who don't know Mr Eggs its a takeaway. You can have anything but it always comes with an egg or is egg based. Its been a while since I used the facility myself and I think if I remember rightly I had a balti pie with an egg! Well I got to Mr Eggs looked opposite in all directions and could not see it! Then my eyes focused on a single door way with a small sign on it. I entered and it took you up some stairs along a corridor to a cool bar. Went to the bar asked for a glass of wine, where the ultra cool fashionable bar tender asked which of two wines I would like. Eeerr I go for the one beginning with P. He grinned as he thought I knew nothing of wine and poured it very elegantly. I paid and looked around for Zoe and the others thinking they were already here. I saw a blond girl with a chap so headed right up to them. Still with a bit of sore head and my contact lenses not focusing very well I went right up to these two people who were now looking at me, when they suddenly came into focus and I realised I knew neither of them. I made my retreat to the balcony and watched over the centre of the arcadian centre to do some wild life watching. I gathered that the Hippodrome were showing the Rocky Horror Show as there was a fair few blocks walking around in womens underwear (or is that just the rage in Brum!) I think some blokes were taking advantage of the situation far too much, which brings a thought on. Did Deadmanjones dress up in such a manner when he went to see it a couple of weeks back??? The others turned up and we went for food round the corner at a chineese restaurant. We had a fantastic slap up meal, with a lazy Sue and many more bottles of wine. After that we moved to the Green room I think for yet more wine, where by I was the first to say good night as I had to catch a train. Not that I knew the time of any trains. In fact I saw the last train to Wolverhampton leave the station...without me. What perfect timing I have!

Well when I woke this morning and got up, around 1pm I got on my yellow machine and went for a nice long round. Boy was it cold. Cold Cold Cold but I stayed out for over 1 1/2 hours, impressive eh! I came back installed some more software on the pc and waited for the grandprix to start. At last an interesting one. I looked like it was going to be dead boring at first but their where many crashes in the rain. Great! I have also started this book I've bought and I'm just going to pop to bed and read a couple more pages. Tomorrow I will be able to give John Roberts his winning mug as it came yesterday. I can recall I left my desk rather messier than normal..........

Saturday, April 05, 2003

Hangover gone at last. Well I headed into town, just before the match. Although finding a parking space is hard its always quiter around town when the holigans are all togeather in their stadium. I went to Beatties to get my usual Safri Ralph Lauren deodrant stick, where by the lovely lady behind the counter gave me some grave news. No more sticks are being made this is the last one. She'll do her best apparently to get some more but when theres none left in the world theres none left! eeeks. Well after many years of using the stuff perhaps I should go for a different smell? No. Perhaps I wasn't buying enough of them! After Beatties went into waterstones and totaly randomly bought a book. The lawn mower man isnt getting start on the 4 attempt. Not even sure what this book is about. Its called any Human Heart by William Boyd so we'l see.

Off in a minute to Brum. I've just been told to wear trousers as they don't want to see my beautiful legs...............
So FATBOY and myself made it to the pub just in time to see the kickoff, in the Hoggs Head. They might have a plasma screen but it's a bit on the small side unless you get there early enough to sit as near to it as if you were sitting in your own front room. We were both well restrained beer wise, although I had gin and slim line tonics! Later we moved to the varsity where we did get a sofa. Better still we could see the bus head towards the bus station from where we were sat so we stopped there. Saved standing out in the cold.

Thursday just stopped in I think? Yep can't remember doin anything, ah I downloaded some programs.

Last night went up town. Bumped into Sue and Paul at the bus as well as FATBOY. Big-L was on the bus too and we all went to floor service O'Neils.....for the night. While in there also bumped into Rog and Julie, who were out as Julie was moving. Now at first I thought it was house as she is going to Wednesbury but it was in fact just office. I think the wine was effecting me. Wine which a gob smacked Big-L and Rog and Julie. It was £4 a glass although it went down nicely. Big-L even got me two glasses on his round, cheers mate. Which is bad really as he as lost his temporary job on Thursday. Back to nice long lie ins for him then. This morning I have a hang over which I didn't get with the gin and tonics. Out round Brum tonight but what can I get up to until then?

Wednesday, April 02, 2003

Seem to have a cold today. Last night went swimming. Did far more than 30 lengths and kept up with Rog. Not easy now that he has been going to the gym very regularly. Off to the pub in mo with FATBOY.


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