Saturday, May 31, 2003

For some reason I've woken up very early this morning 6:04 am and can not sleep. It is a beautiful day outside. Lets hope it stay this way for Daneils' 1st Brithday BBQ. I'll be glad to sit in the pool myself.
I just thought I'd get up and get on with the Mevigessey web page. Big-L has apparently sent me yet more photos, so I need to down load them.

Thinking of it I'm not awake as such. Well hopefully my large NackUK mug of tea will help.

Wednesday, May 28, 2003

Wow after putting on commentary for the Pod he has abuse me. I knew he would and I'll be expecting plenty more. Not too sure of the big orange lettering mind but I'm bolloxed if I know how to change that.

I Felt ill this afternoon. So when I got home took some medicine and have done less than I normally do, which is a task in itself. I've checked my old lottery tickets and wow I would have won on two of the tickets if I'd bought them on different dates! Just my luck!

Tomorrow night I'm meant to be snowboarding with Pod. Exciting stuff. Aggghhh this I can see is going to be soooo embarrassing. At least there is a McDonalds round the corner for tea first or perhaps the bar at the snowdome itself! Errm what am I going to wear is another point.

In the mood to piss of Deadmanjone and Pod I have updated my contacts list page! I'm sure they still won't like it mind!

Todays Big Brother Comment - Having originally thought Analushka should be evicted, I changed my mind in discussion today with a work colleague and decided it should be 'Federico'. However learning that he has bolloxed up the pedlow task for everyone, yet they don't know it is him yet, I want him to stay in and take the punishment for being a smart arse for the next few weeks!! So back to Analushka I guess.

Tuesday, May 27, 2003

Monday, May 26, 2003

Well we got down the Harrows and played the quiz under the psuedo of 'The Adventures of Sharky the Shark'. Did we do well. Well we didn't lose. If I remember right we scored 78 points. obviously came home and went to bed.

Monday - Got up and went tot he computer fair at Wolverhampton race course. I was after a luxury leather seat for my pc desk as I sit here so much. An early present off my parents. However the stall was not there. Neither was Loz or Sam although their stall was. I think it was being run by her sister but never the less I did not give her any abuse like I do to Loz. I've bought a USB2 PCI card ready for my blue tooth adaptor as I had run out of USB ports. Fitted it then went shopping on the internet again! I've now purchase the Dave Gahan album and the White Stripes. I don't know too much about White Stripes and to be honest I've not heard any Dave Gahan. I've bought it on the fact I love his Depeche Mode works and I pray it is money well spent. Both being from CD-WOW its the equivalent of buying one CD from a shop here anyway.

Went up town after to see the Wolves match with my brother at the Tube. The rest of the crew have dissapeared to Cardiff being season ticket holders. Lucky them to, Wolves won 3 to 0 god bless them. This means one thing, I havn;t got to listen to m,y mates go on for the next three months about how Wolves should have won, are the best team and how they should have gone up along with complete moodyness to boot for as many months. I think I am probably more over the moon about Wolves winning than they are. Perhaps another thing I enjoy is wearing my Wolves T-shirt and then complete strangers coming and talking to me me about themas if I'm so knid of Wolves expert! I realise now why I had stopped wearing it!

Sunday, May 25, 2003

Its now Sunday, I'm at home sitting in front of PC thinking about going to the Harrows tonight, as its a quiz night there. I would tell you about Friday night but I can't. I can't remember what happened. Oh it has just come back to me how could I forget it was the beginning of:

I stayed in and watched it. Not surprised that Ananushka got voted of eviction the most. I think I would have nominated her to for the same reasons although now I imagine with the shock of being nominated she might calm down a bit.


I spent most of the day messing with photos to do the web sites for four points and megavissey. However I lost enthusiasm and alter a couple of hours just change things on my web site. I also went internet shopping and have bought the following:

A bluetooth USB adpator! I will now be able to connect my p.c. to my mobile phone. Why welll ermm ah I'm not sure. This particular model has a 100m range so if any of my neighbours has one someway down the road they could gain access to my pc! How exciting!

I also bought a book Chancers. This is Damian Lanigan second novel the first being the fantastic stretch 29. Not that I have read any of 'Any Human Heart' lately. I must site down and read it, perhaps with 24hour big brother coverage in the back ground.

We head up town on the 6:20 bus as it was Gary's 30th Birthday outing. strangely although Greg did say he would be on the bus he was not. Now Greg (formerly the artist known as Sting and now fronting Deletia) is renowned for missing the bus nearly as much as me, which is why I never use them unless I'm going out for a drink. Having got off the bus in Wolverhampton the phone rang. It was Greg and Di asking if we were on the bus yet. The thing I find amusing about this is that they had got to the bus stop especially early enough to catch the bus - had it actually gone through the village they were trying to catch it from! (LOL). We told them we would be in the Tap and Spile and promptly went to Moonies (Moonies not actually called Moonies and hasn't for many many many years. I called and advised them of the change in venue. The place had been redecorated inside and more impressively they had even had a go at revamping the gent's. Believe me its not often that happens anywhere. Greg and Di joined us. We head off to meet the others at Catliods - The Forum where we were stuff our faces. As usually I had something I could not prenounce or remember when they brought it to the table. To make things a little more awkward I was also advised that when the waiter would bring it to the table they would most likely only say either the first half of the name of the dish or the last!

We moved on from there to the Little Civic, where Gaz was given a fair quantity of after shock! Good on him. In there was Mark (Randy Poades cousin in law I think) whom has obviously seen as much of Randy as I have while he has been based at Cosford for the last month! Which is not at all! no sorry I did see him when Rog bought his flash sports car round. We must have had plenty to drink as I remember dancing with Sara and Di in the middle of the pub. Then some other guy joined in too! He obviously liked the Stone Roses. Gaz, Sara and myself headed to Blast Off for some proper dancing. Greg and Di went home I understand that today they are white water rafting - good on them now thats what I call a hang over cure. We left blast off with Gaz and Sara whom tried to get a taxi. I told them although I had already stuffed my face that I was hungry and was going to Mr Kings which I promptly did! My King was as happy to see me as usual and prompt service came my way. With a large stash of popadoms on my table Gaz and Sara walked in and sat down. We all ate balti together. As usual Mr King sorted a taxi out for us. Sara and Gaz got dropped off and Mr taxi man took me home. The cheeky sod want £12 which I said I was not happy about the £12 charge and had complained the other week to Mr King about the prices of the taxi's he was using. I was happy to pay £10. The taxi man was happy (i think) to take the £10. I went to bed.

Thursday, May 22, 2003

I feel like another moan about vodaphone. I had my billing bank balance for this month and low and behold single point 4 U vodaphone have billed me twice for this month. So I called the customer service number and was put on hold for the usualy 10 mins. There comment "So we have isn't that naughty" perhaps is not politicaly what they should have said to me.

On the good side of things today my new phone has come so now I'm a two phone person until 28th May 2003 when my old phone cancels and the new one takes my old number. New one is working but has a temporay number till the 28th May. I'd give it out but whats the point! I have tried the orange customer support twice tonight already. Once to get the transit bar lifted and once to ask for a PUK as I messed the phone up. It is fully functioning now though. One good thing is the vibo is a lot more touchy feely than the old Sony. I will miss somethings of it mainly the flipperty flap and people saying they can't hear me! All I need now is a laptop with bluetooth and I can blog anywhere. Not actually sure why I would want to do this mind!

I thought I'd bring you an update on the lemon tree I bought from the Eden project while on holiday at Mevagissey. Here it is now replanted in a large container - in the hope that it will grow not die like most of my plants. I had such a big pot as one of my other plants was dead!

Something I don't think I had mentioned was that when I did get into work on Monday morning there had been a fair few office changes. However I'm sitting in my cosy little office with my rather aging (giggle giggle) collegue Steve. I was glad to see my desk was still there. We are obviously too smelly or too messy to mingle with the others so we have been left to our own devices. Walls have come down you see so that instead of many small offices there are now a few large offices. I'm sure we won't survive for long so I might start eating curries everyday again. The truth is Stves and my office anit that smelly anymore! MESSY YES!

Matt Poade has also booked us into a couple of snowboarding lessons next Thurday and a week after that. I hope all my snow boarding skills come flooding back to me.

Tuesday, May 20, 2003

Ordered me a new phone i did. Not only have I not bought the phone I was going to, but I've also listened to Big-L. So now I will be on Orange not O2 after all. Why? Well orange will match the O2 package on what is is known as an OVP! So I hope orange really are good as Big-L has been telling me ever since I converted him to the always has been dear Vodaphone. And the phone is an erricson T68i not the T600 I was planning on getting. Why? Well this unit has bluetooth and you can get a handy incar wireless talky devise - should I ever invest in one. Should be here soon (old phone finishes on the 25th!).

Also Human Traffic Remixed DVD has come, well wicked if I can stay awake long enough to watch it!

Its been a while since I blogged as I've been away on holiday and since getting back I have just been tooooooooooo exhausted. Must have been in bed before 10pm yesterday!

Anyway went away to Mevagissey with Big-L, Beardy, Matt, Deadmanjones, Di, Greg, Claire, Liz, Antony, Sarah and Gaz for a great holiday. I won't go into detail here, I'll do a web page as usual with photos of such.

Heres me having a relaxing time!

Heres me having a relaxing time!

The holiday was Friday to Friday so instead of coming home and the fact we where only an hour a away from Lizards point myself, Big-L and Beardy decided to do something mad......... to travel to the four furthest points south, east, west and north of Mainland Britain.

The Lizard - The most Southern Point

The Lizard - The Most Southern Point

A bit of a daft journey and very very tiring. It took 30 hours and 35mins of driving time over 1280 miles including stops at McDonalds and lots of traffic jams. In fact the first day from Lizards point to Lowerstoft-ness was a nightmare finishing 4 hours behind where we should have got to and staying just north of Norwich, which in a way was handy as Big-L's brother resides there as he's in the RAF. There were a fair few jams a minibus on fire, the road completly closed at one point taking us via a massive diversion was it not for Big-L's 'minor road shortcut'. We cut through London which was a good choice. Lowerstoft-ness by the way is a real shit whole.

Lowerstoft-Ness - The most easterly point

Lowerstoft-Ness - The Most Easterly Point.

Next morning due to the time we were behind we had no breakfast (well we stopped at McDonalds a bit later) and got up extra early. We naviagted north to Scotch Courner before cutting across the country to Penrith and then heading north to and through Glasgow. Here we filled the car for a second time at Sainburys yet Beardy still did not have his discount card on him! We passed through some very picturesque parts of Scotland heading for Fort William where we caught the Corran ferry, to save us about an 1hour and a halfs drive. We eventualy got to Ardnamurchan Point at around 9:30pm. To reach it you have to travel for 90 minutes down a very twisty single track road. And obvously 90 minutes back to. Deadmanjones booked us into a Travel Inn in Inverness which we reached at about midnight. What a day we had had and we wehere rewarded with only 6 hours sleep.

Ardnamurchan Point - Most Westerly Point

Ardnamurchan Point - Most Westerly Point.

At 6am got up and started heading towards Dunnet's head with out breakfast again! We arrived there about 10:30am took the photos and decided as it was just round the courner to visit John O'Groats.

Dunnets Head - Most Northerly Point

Dunnets Head - Most Northerly Point.

A few more photos and we headed home a long long journey which was broken by a pit stop at Tesco's in Inverness beleive it or not for a Scotish Mega Breakfast foer us and another tank of fuel for the car.

John O'Groates - Not far from Dunnets head so it would be rude not to.

John O'Groates - Not far from Dunnets head so it would be rude not to.

We got home around 10pm Sunday night very very tired.

Wondering about the shark. Well he's sharkie, we picked him up from the pool at the house when Liz asked us to take him to all the four points. We thought about setting him free at Dunnetts Head but he he's still roaming around my car.

Thursday, May 08, 2003

Something amazing happened today. I've been told my PAC. I'm free at last to go to another mobile network with my number. Hope it hasn't got a time limit on it as I'm off on holiday to Mevagissey with 11 others, lets hope the weather gets better! When I got home my new watch had come....

Its an Amadues. Check em out

Decided to change oil in car before we went away. unfortunately I managed to spill 90% of it on my dad's drive. He hasn't said much but I know he's not pleased. The Brighton Pics are now on my web site, let the hordes adore. Just finished them at 11:54pm. I haven't checked the pages work correctly though I'm just too tired. luckily I've packed most of my stuff and my bike is in the boot of my car. Yep it fitted but not much else will. I'll also have to take a spanner I guess to put the wheels on!

Wednesday, May 07, 2003

Late it's nearly 12:30. I've tried to get the photos for Brighton finished but close as I am it will have to be tomorrow. As Rog is away on Holiday I haven't been swimming but I did get out on my bike. I am physicaly knackered. No PAC has come yet?!?!? Anyway off to bed.

Tuesday, May 06, 2003

We have to wonder no more about Beardy and Cornwall - Gaz emailed me:

"Nack, we are picking Beards up from Coven around about 5ish on Friday. We
could meet you at a service station (somewhere north of Bristol) to pass
him onto you. I know he doesn't say a lot but at least it would be a bit of
company for you. Let me know if you fancy it and i'll sort out a suitable
stop-off point, we'll need to stop somewhere even if it is just to stretch
our legs."

Decided to call Vodaphone - single point 4 U again this morning to see what they were going to tell me today. I decided to start things vague. The conversation went like this after the usual 10 minute wait to be put through to someone:

Them: How can I help you.
Me: I'd like my PAC please, I've rung several times and got nowhere.
Them: Let me just take a look at your account.
Them: erm
Them: Something odd is going on here!
Them: Do you know whats going on.
Them: Your contract was terminate a week ago.
Them: Then last week it was re-connected.
Them: Then a day latter terminated again.
Them: Do you know about this??
Me: Ah so the last person I spoke to did say they were going to reconnect and then re-terminate the contract to get me the PAC. (I then went through the history).
Them: Can you hold for a second.
Them: You PAC will be posted to you tonight probably.
Me: Does this mean you have definitely re-terminate the contract?
Them: It looks like it.

Now are things going right? Lets hope lets pray that MC Hammer stays away.

I have also had a circle line pub crawl email which goes as such:

"Sat sitting in a pub and somebody decides its a good idea if I organise a
circle line "Team Building" tour for a dept of 50.
Then I find your website and see Rachel who works in the same dept, and
Chevon (never could speel properly) who recently left.
Funny how Rachel kept quiet when I mentioned the idea.
Are there any more of you from T-Mobile?"

Monday, May 05, 2003

Monday, a bank holiday and so a da off work. Surprisingly it was nice and sunny outside today. I have washed and waxed my motor. It is gleeming just waiting to be taken to the center of brum and messed up by the yellow dust that seems to accumalate over the day when parked outside. Can't be a good omen if we are breathing in this yellow dust too. Logo'ed on for a while and bought Human Traffic Remixed DVD. There's a whole extra 80 mins of fllm on it! I wonder if it will be any better than the original. Decided to go on my bike and see my Greenie before I spent anymore money....

Unfortunate for him he had been to work. Perhaps worst still he had apparently got to work4 5 mins late this morning because he had messed with the alarm clock last night and had't released he'd put the time right or wrong (depending on how you look at it) by an hour behind. Apparently he got bollocked but they were appreciative that he had actually turned up. Sarah got home and brought Tom in so we all played togeather for a while. There seemed to be an awful lot of dribble around. Greenie gave Tom a chocolate button and then we had brown dribble! I cycled back about 6pm before it got too cold as I was cycling and only had shorts on. I had my tea and have sat infront of my pc doing the Brighton web page. If anyone has a decent map of Brighton then please send it to me otherwise I will have to go with a more boring design. Stuck on the Depechmode Exciter tour DVD while I did this. Eeerrmmm how I love to listen to DM. Its a shame they don't do more. Anyway web page not finished but I'm tired so I decided to call it a day. I going to sit on my sofa for a while. The only other thing to menton was Beardy was on line. I said hello and he said his mom wanted to use the phone and was about to dissappear. He never cam e back. I wonder what he is doing about Cornwall next week???.
Sunday - (yep stll lagging a day behind on the old blogger).

Got up and luckily didn't have a hangover. I didn't smell of curry to bad either (well I couldn't smell myself lets put it like that). HAving talked my familiy into going skiing we got up and headed to:

Sheffield is fair distance to go but the ski village offers a 2 main large slopes and you can go from one to the other to give some variation. It also offers, mainly on the boarders sections a newer type of artifilal surface to ski on.

Anyway I was a bit rough at first but by the end of the 2 hour session it had all come back very nicely and was upset that the 2 hours had come to an end. Although my mom, dad and brother had already had enough!

Here are some pics. The one before last shows a veiw of the ski area. And as I took it someone was heading into trouble. You probaly can't spot it on the photo so I've blown it up for you.

Oh dear.................

When I got home stayed in (physicaly knackered) and watched Spy Game. Thats about it really.

Sunday, May 04, 2003

Caught the bus up town. Nobody on it I knew. Perhaps I should have double checked we were still going out. Next problem was when I got off the bus I realised that having just spoken to Deadmanjones before leaving the house I threw my telephone down on the sofa. So now I had to look in each pub. Hoggs head one pint and they were not there. Varsity one pint, one Vcard and they were not there.

The Tube one pint and they were not there. Now I had to make a new plan as I had only been up town 30 mins and was soon going to be pissed. So I picked a flyer and a had a pen in my pocket and headed to some phone boxes. Now I only know a couple of telephone numbers these days due to mobile technology but luckily I knew the number for Poad's Palace (his parents), so I could get his number off them should they be in. Telephone box one ate my money. Telephone box 2 wouldn't let me put money in the whole. Telephone 3 spat my money back out. Telephone 4 was an internet telephone which at least must workig as they using! And they used it. And they used it! Eventually they did leave and I was able to call. Matt was still in his flat and told me to come round, I warned him I didn't have my phone, so he would leave the window open so I could shout when I got there. (No door bell at flat you see).

Once in I thought it only correct to use the toilet facilities.

We had some drinks and then headed back to the tube where we stayed till the other went to blast off. I decide to get tea, a curry and head home as I was going skiing in Shefiled Sunday morning. I headed to a curry house, Jivan's, I had not been to for a coupe of years and perhaps the experience of the last time I went has stuck in my mind. You see last time I was there a riot happened, chairs, glasses, plates, were being thrown everywhere while I just sat and ate my curry. Here though they do very nice curries with a good strong taste and kingfischer lager (or cobra). Wolvo what a wonderful place.

Was in a rush to type this so sorry for typos and if pics are wrong!!!

Saturday, May 03, 2003

Friday - It was Rog's

30th Birthday

So I headed up town to meet him for a drink. On the bus was Neil (playing gooseberry to) Sue & Paul, Sarah & Neil. Rog wasn't up town yet so I went for a couple of pints with them first. Elizebeth and Mat turned up to in the Hogg's head. The beer was not going down well and I had the stomach ache. Rog called and to let me know he was in Matt's 'local' the Greyhound so left and headed towards him. It was obvious that I was going to need to empty my bowls very soon so as I was near Matt's flat I did the honourable thing and prayed his flatmate Norf would be in. Thankgod he was and didn't seem to object to me using the facilities.....

Meet Rog and co in the Greyhound and moved to the white Heart. Apparently here they is no closing time if you stay they will serve! However it is not the type of establishment I tend to hang around so I won't be taking advantage of this. Later we moved to the web for some boogie boogie ing. They seem to have spent some money on the establishment since my days there back when I was a student!

Woke up this morning rather tired. Matt called as he as bought a new JVC car stereo. He called me as he wanted it fitting so I've sorted that out for him. I've come back home and oh my god I've bought another watch off Someone I need help......................

Luckily I'll be meeting Matt and co up the pub in Wolvo in half and hour!
Thursday night was time to vote and go swimming. Still tired from last night I was not expecting to do the obligatory 30 lengths but I think I managed it. I didn't count. unfortunately my bracelet came off. I didn't notice till I got home when I suddenly had a light arm feeling, like when you forget to put your watch on. Called the baths and nothing has been handed in so its either still at the bottom of the pool somewhere or someone has found it and decided to keep it. personally I don't think I could wear someone else's jewellery you just don't know where they kept it to keep it 'safe'. Anyway they asked if I could ring in a couple of days time in case it turns up.

Thursday, May 01, 2003

Yesterday rang single point / phone 4 U (vodaphone) and apart from the 10 minute 'hang on' to talk to someone everytime you call them (thats when you get past the 'we are taking too many calls at present and can't help at this time please call back latter) they really managed to piss me off. In the course of getting a PAC code to keep my telephone number and calling them every 2 days to see if they have issued a code, last night I called again only for the girl on the other end of the phone told me I could not be given one as I had already terminate the contract! I went mad on the phone as the first time I contacted them I was told I had to first terminate my contract which I did. More to the point the termination letter state I wanted a PAC code! I now hold no hope of actually getting a code, although she did say she would unterminate the contract get me PAC, post it to me and reterminate my contract. As it takes them 10 minutes to work out how to answer the phone I'll believe this if I ever see it!
(So I'm not going back to vodaphone).

Later went to the Tamworth Snowdome with Lindsay, Sarah and Chris as we were going 'tubin'. This involves sitting in an innertube and hurtling yourself down the slope. luckily you are 'laned' so as you twisle down at great speed you don't go off. And at the end there is a huge upslope to stop you, but if you were going as fast as me you just ended up going back up the slope again! Oh course with a hole in the inner tube you get a rather cold (and later wet) bum as modeled by Lindsay.

After we went round Sarah's with some Kebabs and chips and a beer before heading to the pub next door for some drinkies (me impressed it was less than 100 meters away). Chris introduced us to blue KWD with port which is rather marvelous! (try it) This would have been fantastic if I hadn't driven there. Although Sarah kindly said I could stay the night I didn't come prepared with spare pants and was desperate to these off ASAP.

Once I got home although tired I could not sleep. I obviously nodded off eventually as my bloody phone went off at 3:37am with a voice message I had already heard once! Back to trying to get back to sleep. Eventually the alarm went off but all I wanted to do was sleep. So today I've been to work but its all been a bit of a daze.


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