Sunday, June 29, 2003

Saturday night I stayed in, which gave me time to do my birthday web page. So take a look to the right. Now we have my birthday and Mevagissey!

While doing that I've ordered Greenies birthday present. I'm sure he'll love it. If not Tom can destroy it anyway!

I managed to get out and on my bike but before I went I took FATBOYS John O'Groats mug round and to see if he was still alive. And surprise surprise he is! It would seem we have pissed him off but he didn't tell me how?!?!? Anyway he now knows me and Big-L are going to Tenby next weekend and he is welcome to join us. He also showed me his holiday form, indicating dates in September. I have writen on it from 5pm Friday 26th September to 11th of October I think (if my memory works) and he is going to try to rearrange his holidays. He already has one week off during that time period but not from Friday 5pm! Can he sort, will he sort, will we see him ever again?

I have change the message board on The circle line pub crawl for the Bravenet one. Why? cuz the old one is being discontinued tomorrow and I'm a cheap skate.

Another great thing happened yesterday, I bought a download program for my bluetooth phone - and this one works fine!!! All I have got to do now is learn to use outlook. I know its easy - when you know how, its just I haven't had time before. I've also managed to get Red Alert 2 working on the internet with Big-L then didn't! He needs to upgrade his machine to at least Windows 2000, which I understand my brother is doing for him! I played against four others on the net. I can see some very long nights coming soon!!!!

Now I'm sitting in the best seat watching Glastonbury......

Do you remember the channel four double decker bus??

Saturday, June 28, 2003

Its that time of the month when we have to pick a winner from the circle line pub crawl guest book. Although its not quite the end of June yet there has only been one entry so there's no need to veven vote!

The winner is the She Devils Rugby club. What the hell are they going to do with one mug????
On the way home from work Andy Poade called. We talked, he dumped, then told me how smelly it was. I explained his pressie is in the post and still is! (where has it got to?). Last night went out with Big-L up Wolvo. Bus didn't turn up at 8pm for the second time. I or should I say Sue bumped ino me while still waiting at the bus stop and contragulated me on being thirty amonst other things. When I said I could not remember the night I was not sure weather she belived me or not and I suppose it was only after the Little Civic I could not remember. I arrived up town before Big-L and went into O'neils where I think the bar man thought after a while I had actually bought two pints for myself. Big-L eventually turned up. We had a couple more pints in O'neils and then moved onto 'The Lounge' where we sat at some reversed seats. Some old biddie came to the window so I smiled at her and waved. This was bad news as a bunch of lads where now pointing at the door and in she wandered. I managed to ignore her when she came up to me. Big-L dissapeared to the toliets I took the oppurtunity o call Deadmanjones at Glastonbury to get some 'live atmosphere' which he did. There was no conversation. There was need for it! Big-L came, the manager of bar was still desperatly looking for his guests whom our seats were reserved for. As far as I know they never turned up, but me and Big-L moved onto the Possada which was dead to all extents. When I got home I turned glastonbury on lay on my sofa and woke up at 4am. Glastonbry was no longer on so I went to bed to get some proper sleep.

Thursday, June 26, 2003


I have been swimming with Rog tonight. Not exactly upto my usually standard although I did manage to put my contact lenses in this week so I wasn't swimming blind. Rog drove in his MG and I even managed to talk him into driving there with the hood down. What's the point in having a convertible if your never going to have the roof down? I called my insurance company today. One to get them to send me some details of european cover to me and to see how much it would cost to put Big-L on as a provisional license driver. So now he can practice in my car as of the 4th July. Am I mad or what. Which is just what Greg said along with 'your brave you are.'

Most of the lads will be at Glastonbury by now oh hum. Which reminds me that I should be booking the Novatel in Manchester for that Move concert thing.

Some anonymous person has signed my guest book how nice. I wonder how Big-L is getting on with finding a new message board with all that time on his hands???

Tuesday, June 24, 2003

Today has been an odd day. Nothing special about it at all. Nothing achieved. Big brother is getting exciting as there has been a new South AfAfricanrican guy in the UK house. He has already upset Tanya. Action at last. Let the bad times roll. I have got poade a birthday card and I eventually posted it when I found his address. It is his 30th Birthday tomorrow the old git. When his present arrives I will forward that too. I'm listening to the White Stripes, which with every play is growing on me.

Deadmanjones has found a great game! check it out

Nothing else to say other than I have finally taken round to Matts the cool box he was getting rather moody about. But thats him all over. I guess it didn't help the fact the battery on my phone went dead about 9ish this morning!

Oh yeah Skoda are finally releasing the diesel 130bhp Octavia in September so sod the MX5.

Oh yeah playing at move ( I'm informed by Big - L) are:

The Charlatans
Dave Gahan
Inspiral Carpets
The Bees
PLUS special guests

Which reminds me the tickets came today. That was quick!

Monday, June 23, 2003

Saturday Big-L and me got up and celebrated the longest day of the year by going to the beach.

We took sharky of course as we were next to the sea. We spent a few hours there and even managed to discuss our Spain trip. God I will be in need of a holiday when we go.

We left Harlech as it became overcast and headed to Portmadog. An uninspiring place which I would not bother going to again.

From there we headed to Phwelie where we stopped and had Cod and Chips for tea. We decided to go all the way to the end of the road of Wales to sea what was there other than the sea! And to our surprise there was something there and I managed to scramble down the cliff face to the marked point where the pilgrimes jumped off and headed to the monastery on the little island. I did not follow their footsteps any further and headed back to Big-L.

When I got to him he was speaking to some people regard a boat race of a kind and the first boat was due. Apparently the crew stopped off near each local peak got off the boat got on bikes and headed to the local peak (Ben Nevis and such), When at the foot of the peak they would get off their bikes and run up the mountain! This exercise occurred between Barmouth and Fort William. One things comes to mind. MAD MAD MAD.

Sunday I go to a computer fair see Loz and promptly buy something from a different store a 2400xp processor and a copy of Red Alert 2 for Big-L so we can play over the internet with each other. I also go shopping and buy a pair of Levis and 2 new ties for work. I manage to find time to read my book, finish the Mevagissey web page and watch Big- Brother. Will it be worth watching now John is out!!!!! (This is my biggest worry in life at the moment!!). I got to Bed early as tomorrow I will be working in Gloucester.

Monday I manage to prise myself out of bed at an unearthly hour only to find someone has decided to have an accident on the M6. How bloody convenient for them but not for me. Get to Gloucester at about 10:30am! Do a hard days graft and come home. I have watched Eastenders and Bid-up TV which is bad news as I placed a bid on a watch and may now have another!!! oh I also caught the Holiday program which Big-L got a mention for. They also showed the Hotel / Cafe Imperial where we stayed too! A small world as they say.

Something however is concerning me. Is Greenie celebrating his birthday on the 12th of July when me and Big-L will be in MADCHESTER????

Friday, June 20, 2003

Having gone up Wolvo with Big-L and the boggieman I'm now very pissed! Big-L will come to see Dave Gahan and although he is playing in Wolvo we are going to see him in Madchester on the 12th July 2003 just like all the Depechemode concerts. Odd maybe but thats life, well the venues in madchester usualy give better views. This however is part of the 3 day 'MOVE' festival at the Old Trafford Cricket Ground.

So with tickets booked allthere is to do now is ask Deadmanjones if he would putting us up, even though I know he is catching a plane on the 13th to Ibizis? How about it. Even if your not there you could leave us the key? Do you trust me? do you do?????????

Wednesday, June 18, 2003

Wednesday, I'll soon be off swimming - oh how I look forward to some exercise! I wonder what Rog will say about Saturday as I remember very little of it. Today at work I've been to see a client in Northampton and I've only just got home, so here I sit in my comfy chair next to my pc. I'm actually working on the mevigessey pics which I did a fair few hours on last night. Playing on the Stereo is 'Busted' (yes your reading right) which Mr & Mrs Green bought me for my birthday. I just love the lyrics for 'What I go to School For'.
Through the post I've had my car tax reminder and my motor insurance renewal, how nice. Also my Cafe Press parcel has come (no 'tax to be paid' stamps on this parcel either!) In the parcel is the mug for my mate at work and my Deadmanjones mug. Which to put it quite frank Al is shit. It might as well be a plain mug!!!!!!! No I'm not taking the piss. I suggest you get your hands on a NackUK mug for some design inspiration!

Thinking of inspiration I've read some of my book 'Any Human Heart' I'm now on page 188. This is probably due to the fact that the books I bought with the gift certificate from Deadmanjones have come and Andy Poade also got me Fighter Boys. I now have enough books to keep me going for, well life!!!
I've also heard from Gaz who wants to borrow my USA lonely planet bible. He also informed me to go to Blast Off next week with Big-L as there is some sexy little number who wants to pull his trousers down!

Sunday, June 15, 2003

Its Sunday night and surprisingly I'm still alive. This is me this afternoon in the recovery position:

Its been one hell of a weekend as it was my 30th Birthday on Saturday

Friday night went out with a group of mates from work and hit the 'old Joint Stock' in the center of Brum, where we sat out in the 'beer garden' (not so much a garden as it happens) all night. Not only was it my birthday but also John Pugh's. A good night was had by all and better still I took my camera and have the photos!!!!! What I can recall when trying to catch a train home is when I climbed aboard the train stating it was going to olvo where I bumoed into a group of people whom I asked if this was definety the train to wolverhampton. It was and as I turned away they said arn't you gogint o st with us so I did. We had a laugh togeather and eventually someone got on the train and asked where we were going. Wolverhampton was shouted out. No your not said the bloke this train isn't going anywhere tonight. So we all got off. I looked for another train and found one so I got on it. Having sat down comfortably the group of people walk by. They informed me they were going to try and sneak in first class and would I join them. So I got up and we all walked to the front of the train where by we found not first class but the engine. They all turned round to find first class but this time I didn't join them. Believe me it was a long train! Anyway I got to Wolvo and caught a taxi home where by I promptly slept on the living room floor til 6am, which is when I woke up and actually went to bed!.

Saturday I got up around 9ish. Obvously not feeling to bright. Anyway I'd arranged paintballing but stupidly had left one of the tickets on my desk at work son I to drive to Brum before the paintballing to get that one ticket. The weather was fantastic and althoughh we were utter pants at paintballing (we were all chickens hiding) we had agreat time. As you could have predicted Greenie used all his paintballs in the first game - perhaps he was a bit eager.

At eight I had arranged a meal for my family and friends at 'Made in Tai' What I didn't know was my mom had got the telephone number and made some 'arrangements' with them for some banners and ballons and stuff. Perhaps the most surprising thing was the birthday cake with 30 candles on it and when they brought it out the tia singing 'Happy birthday' song which was played throughout the restuarnt! .

We moved onto the little civic which after all the sodding drinks my mates bought me I recall very very - well in fact nothing! We appareently went to blast-off amd even went to Mr Kings for a curry even though I probably wasn't hungrey and I've been told not actualy able to eat! Big-L and Andy Poade took me home! (Thankgod and thank you to both of you for doing that). Believe me I surprised to find Big-L asleep on the sofa!. I actually stayed in bed till 3pm asleep!

I still feel bad and as the saying goes I'm never going to drink again! (and I can't be arsed to use the spell checker - I want bed.)

Thursday, June 12, 2003

Having just spoken to Big-L I must appoligies for the photos section not being updated. Although some work has progressed on photos since Mevagissey my pc has and is being troublsome to the point of wanting to kick it with toe capped boots. To this point my pc is being taken to my brothers to hopefully be corrected! As soon as it is functioning again I will finish the photo pages and download. So until then the only updates will be the bog in text only which I'm doing at John Robert's desk at work as it has internet access.

Wednesday, June 11, 2003

On Monday I got home and changed the starter motor on my car. It works a treat and so it should! I just relaxed after on my couch.

Tuesday and when I got in my birthday present from my parents had arrived. So I assembled the chair and sat infront of my PC all night. Its very comfy and I'm now moving from my sofa to the chair. Its a bit big mind this chair. Could now do with a bigger room. Now what am I going to do with my old chair?

Wednesday I've decided to listen to Deadmanjones (he always makes sense) and have emailed MTM that he has won this months mug for The Circle Line Pub Crawl.

tomorrow is lesson 3 (or 2 depending on how you look at) for snowboarding at the snowdome, so I'll get to wear more new snowboarding trousers. Lets pray I don't fall over and rip them. I wonder what time the lesson is?

Off to watch ER and then Big Brother...

Sunday, June 08, 2003

Got home from work and went out with my family as it was my moms birthday yesterday. Bought her a bracelet off QVC that she had said she had wanted! I had recorder Big Brother so wound the tape back and watch Justine get evicted, to her surprise!

I've also decided to ignore my financial advisers advise about open a tessa / issa. I'm going to invest the money in premium bonds and pray I'll get the big prize. Its not that I'm going to earn loads of interest in six months anyway is it?


Went out on my bike. The last time I went on it that I can recall was on Holiday nearly a month ago. What have I been doing.

I was going to meat Sarah and Greenie at the Coven Fate but when I called them to see if they had got there they told me they had and it wasn't much cope and not to bother if I didn't want to. So I went to spend some cash instead. I headed to Boardwise in Cannock. I need some trouser to snowboard in you see. Next lesson is on Thursday and I don't fancy getting a cold, wet, numb arse again. Shock horror when I got there they were £130! I gave Matt a call to check how much his were. So I found out he got some cheap ones from White Mountain in Wolvo so off I went. They only had three pairs in my size! of which only one pair actually fitted. I'd forgot just how short my leggs are! I am now the proud owner of some £90 Kilmanock ski trouser anyway. And just to prove it here they are!

After I had to settle my nerves and went round Matt's flat as a: it was just up the road and B: I had actually parked my car outside his flat anyway.

luckily he had a lager in the fridge so I consumed that while he gambled away playing poker on the internet. Norf and Kirsty came back from there shopping spree. Well Kirsty's anyway. She was looking for a dress to go to some horse racing in. Can't remember where. She'd got 2 dresses and wasn't sure which was the one to keep. She gave us all a quick cat walk of each and I think we all said we like the pink one which I think she was hoping we would had said the black one. Oh well, that was just the lads point of view!

Didn't do much that night. Watched a couple of films on TV and Big Brother of course! Its begining to get a little bit more exciting at last.


I get up and head to the computer fair at wolverhampton race course. I'm looking for a new chair for my computer desk. As usual the chair stall was not there again. I said hello to Sam and Loz whom are desperate to sell me something again and I nearly came back with a digital sound system but didn't thankgod. I bought another cooling fan for my PC as it is getting very very hot and keeps well stopping!

I head out of the fair and to staples I look around and then sit on every chair they have going! I came back with nothing but have order the chair below on the internet!

I've also decide now is the time to get my starter motor mended. I don't think its worth hanging on any longer. especially if I'm going to Spain and Gilbralter in it. A bit greasy but it came off. At least that area of the car is not going to rust.

Believe it or not I went on my bike again this afternoon! Yep twice now in one weekend! Brother popped round later as well. I need to think of something he can get me for my birthday!

Wednesday, June 04, 2003

Al has kindly sent me an Amzaon gift voucher and ordered me to buy books so I can update the books bit of my web page. Cheers Dude for it! I must advise thought its not that I don't have any books to read I do. I just havn't had time to read them yet! Anyway backs I have ordered are as follows:

"E. (A Novel)" Matt Beaumont
"Fin" James Delingpole
"Man or Mouse" Matt Whyman
"The Fuck-up" Arthur Nersesian

I have also bought a DEADMANJONES mug with the voucher he has sent me along with another TCLPC mug for a mate at work.

So as well as a bit of shopping I decided to pay my credit card off at last and in full for as many years as I can remember, just to give you a hint the balance was more than my cars worth! Crippes I couldn't acutally remember the last time I paid any of it off!

On the money matters I've had yet another bill from single point. Lets just say this is a big big mess. I can now understand why the last adviser cancelled the direct debit while I was on the phone. I think it is best I put a letter to them stateing how much I think I owe and cheque to cover that amount, cuz I'm feed up with talking to wanker singlepoint represenatives whom don't know their arse from their mouths. Enough said there I think.

For my 30th birthday I have finaly managed to book a half day paintballing session for the following people, yipppeee.....

1 Andrew Nicholls

2 Andrew Poade

3 Gary Aslett

4 Greg Asbury

5 James Green

6 Martin Walker

7 Robert Nicholls

8 Les Hughes

9 Deadmanjones

10 Di Willets

Deadman is even comin on down from manchester! Having it arranged it to start at midday it also means Greg can take Di to the Gardening exibition which I know he is so looking forward to. :)

Right I guess its time to choose this months winner for the circle line pub crawl mug, but on this occassion I will leave the voting to you. So in big brother style here are the nominations:

Name: MTM Email: What you have to say: 8 of us attempted the crawl on Saturday. Didn't get all the way round (not enough hours in a day!) but had a fantastic time trying! Thanks to "The United Nations Crew" for such a good day out.

Name: Lucy Chow Email: What you have to say: Like John Robert long time.


Name: Heather Email: What you have to say: Too bad I didn't visit this site before my trip to London--good reason to go back!

Name: JON PUGH Email: What you have to say: Great site look forward to the mug.

Just put your votes in the comments below::::::::>>>>>>>>>>>


I had to get up early for a meeting in Gloucester. Not that it's that far away or anything but I was taking down the electrical installation manager and the site manager. The site manager whom likes to get up 5am and likes nothing more than showing me the 'other' 6 oclock in the day.

When I got home I replaced the car aerial again! not for fun no but because after I been shopping with my brother at ASDA on Saturday he knocked the aerial, which in Vauxhalls wisdom positioned it a bit too close to the boot, hence when he shut the boot it caught the aerial and well bent it well proper!

After I went swimming with Rog even though I've still got this blasted cold. One bonus though is all this flem I seem to producing! And theres probably a fair amount of it in the pool water to!

Monday, June 02, 2003

Right p.c. up and running again and back on line. This blue tooth device seems to be a waste of time. However having asked the bloke at work who already has one He has now advised it took him nearly a week to get it to communicate with his phone as well. Now lets take a quick look back:


Matt and myself got to Tamworth to do a snowboarding lesson. Lesson number 2 in fact, whihc Matt has already completed but I have had not even done lesson one. Apparently he had booked it for 8pm which would have been good if they had put it on there system! Which they hadn't. They had however booked us in for Lesson 3 in 2 weeks time. Eventually they decided if we could wait till 10pm they could organise us a lesson! So Matt and me went to the castle. Which was right by the high street so we popped into a pub. And only had one beer each. God I was nevous enough without being drunk as well. We wnt back at 10pm where we were instructed to go to meeting point 7 (hidden from view). When we got to meeting point 7 there was already a girl waiting there. 'Come for lesson3 have you?'
us- 'Nope lesson 2 isn't it'
Next pair come - 'Lesson 3?'
us - 'Lesson2'
another pair - 'Lesson 3 guys?'
us- 'err no'
Matt you thinking what I'm thinking?
Matt leave your bloody helmet alone. I'm just sorting it out now.
Luckily an instructor came whom did ask for lesson 2 student, which was just me and Matt! However he decided we would hit the main slope and not the learner slope! Oh GOD!
Instructor 'OK put your helmets and and gloves on'
Matt - 'er I think my head is a bit big I don't seem to be able to get my head in it'
Nack - 'Thtas why I sorted mine out earlier before I put my gloves on'
Instructor to Matt 'You look like a mushroom boy. Go and get one that fits'
We headed to the slope and what was apparent was that although we were lesson 2 we were going on the slope and essentialy joining lesson 3.
Or instructor holds his hands out in front of him. I think he wants to do a low high five and go to slap his hands and then at the last minute don't and just hold on.
Next time up he says very flash gloves thye checky sod.
Anyway it was a lot easier than doing it on a dry slope and I'm looking forward to doing lesson 3. I'll have to get some boarding trousers though as your arse gets a bit wet from the snow in tracksuit bottoms! (I forgot about haveing to site down to put your board on each time up the slope)


Meet big-L and Greenie up town. We go to the Goose in the CIty and the Possada, a quite night really.


Go and see my brother in Stafford. We head into the town centre where we both get our hairs cut. I was impressed that they had on the grandprix qaulify on TV so you could watch it while having your hair cut. Not impressed by the hairdresser saying she might end iup leaving a ridge in my hair! Worrying but there isn't one thankgod! Popped into a games store and ended up buying Gautlet Dark Legacy for £12.00. I must have paid more renting this game out. No need to now though.

Went to ASDA and did some shopping before collecting Big-L and going to Daneils first birthday BBQ and piss up. Lovely weather lovely company, great time. I was shagged Sunday and apparently having spoken to Marg and Martin today we were still playing games at 3AM!

As can be seen I was happy until we started playing fortheite drinking games for some urghhh horrible rum! A comment was 'comeon Nack I've seen you drink loads more than this. On the next time I lost and had to do the fortheit I was sick on the garden!!!!


Breakfast was provided by Marg. I took Big-L home and went home myself. I got the little portable TV took it outside, lay on the grass and took it easy in the sun. Sinozzed many times and general achived nothing. About 10pm went round my uncle Vic's at Chillington Hall and helped build a greenhouse. Well we didn't actually finish it butthen it was time for bed!


The Dave Gahan - Paper Monster CD has come and its great great great. It the limited edition one with an extra DVD disc too. Must get some tickets for the gig at Wolves Civic on the 13th July. Is there anybody else out there who eants to come???


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