Wednesday, July 30, 2003

For those of you that are blind the MOVE photos are now on display!!!!

Tonight I have watched ET and I'm now going to read my book again. I read quite a bit of it yesterday in fact! Its about time I rounded this one up. Who long have I been reading it now? 6 months? not sure myself any longer. Perhaps I shoul write the date I start them in the front cover.

I contact orange this morning to advise them I was having problems making out going calls. At 5:15pm there was a courier round with a replacemnt phone for me! now that is service for you. So I haven't just watched ET (as well as ER) I have been typing in as many numbers as possible!

Tommorrow is poker night! Will I lose it all??? I guess so........................

Tuesday, July 29, 2003

Its that time of the month to decide who get's a Circle line pub crawl mug (thats if they want it this time!). Make your vote now!!!!

Name: Rowly
What you have to say: Did the crawl on Saturday and had an absolute blast. The Mini Guide from this site was really useful. We made it all the way round, although we did miss some of the city pubs due to them being closed by the time we got there. The Monopoly Crawl is the next one on the agenda.
Check out the snaps at:

Sunday 07/06/2003 2:46:55pm
Name: Simon
What you have to say: did the crawl saturday - paying

Monday, July 28, 2003

Watched Doc Hollywood tonight while doing the move web page. Perhaps I'll downlaod it tomorrow. Its about time I did the four corners web site I guess.
Checking accomadtion at the Generator for 12 sept for 2 nights for 6 it said I had 3 choices:
Dormshare Room With 6 Beds ?32
Dormshare Room With 8 Beds ?30
Private 6 Bedded Room ?0

Now I could not believe it so I redid the details and it came up again with the same 3 offers!
Now which would you choose????

Sunday, July 27, 2003

Today I have purchase 3 DVD's namely Ghostbusters, Titanic (only a ?5), and ET (?7.99). So I'm obvously not going out soon. Only looked at these as I was searching for the Teachers series as Greenie had TXT me that they are coming out! and thankgod they are, series 1 in September and series 2 in October. Series 3 starts on TV on the 8th of August, and I'm really looking forward to watching them.
Britannia music sent me some crap which, luckily, my brother doesn't think is crap so he's had it. I still have an unopened (still in celefain) West Life Cd they sent me ages ago. I really have got to ring them and cancel my membership.! Perhaps more unbelieveable is the fact that vodaphone have finally re-inburst my credit, so it looks like I will be returning to vodaphone after one year of orange.
Last night went up Wolvo with Big-L. Places visited were the Tap and Spile, Moonies (as was) Kareokie night, Walkabout, Eurobar and then finally the Possada, where I managed to get a bit to eat, consisting of pork scratchings and a cheese and onion bap. By the time I got home I was really really drunk. When I took my contact lenses out I put my new contact lenses in my old contact lense cage and now they are completly mixed up!

I suppose the biggest question is what am I going to do with myself now Big brother has finished?

Thursday, July 24, 2003

Having bidded for something on Bid-up.TV via the web, a second item has not come in the 5 days they said it would. The first item did come eventually but this time they can't even be bothered to tell me whats going on. So I've sent them a reply:

Then another sodding 5 days passed and no one could bother to advise me what action was being taken.
This is the second time an item has not turned up within 5 days after bidding.


Andrew Nicholls.

----- Original Message -----
To: "'Andrew Nicholls'" <*************>
Sent: Friday, July 18, 2003 1:52 PM
Subject: RE: Your winning bid.

Dear Andrew,

Thank you for your email. Further to your query, we have now passed this on
to the relevant persons and it will be actioned accordingly.

Please accept our sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused. Should you
require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Kind regards

Correspondence Controller

-----Original Message-----
From: Andrew Nicholls [mailto:**************]
Sent: 17 July 2003 19:12
To: Service_Desk
Cc: Andrew Nicholls
Subject: Re: Your winning bid.

Date 17th July 2003.

Dear Sir/Madam,

Regarding the order detailed below, I advise that 5 days have now passed and
I have not recieved the item. Please can you investigate what has happened
to it and advise.


Andrew Nicholls.

----- Original Message -----
From: "Service_Desk"
To: <*******************>
Sent: Tuesday, July 08, 2003 9:52 PM
Subject: Your winning bid.

Congratulations Andrew, you're a winning bidder!

The details are as follows :

Lot: ck unisex sunglasses with a dark grey tint complete in a
hard case

Tuesday, July 22, 2003

Today I went striaght round Matt (of the Green's) to fix his car. Once the new parts were on it purred into life (as much as a desiel can) although at first incredibly smokey. A air filter curred this and MAtt rewarded me with a can of beer...

While looking around the web I came across this:

A slightly more interesting pub this, and one that was a late addition to the list after the last minute of which recommended it as a 2 minute further walk well spent. The pub is split into 2 halves, with one half either side of a road (well...pedestrain precinct really), and not joined at all above ground. They stocked Badger beer, and so in honour of the now bought out King & Barnes brewery that used to be back in my hometown we had halves of Sussex Best (now Dorset brewed and nowhere near as nice). The barman knew of our mission and wished us luck and we quickly departed, complaining of a lingering taste of beer line cleaner...back to Embankment and back on the train.

In fact if you want to check out the full story you can at . It was nice to get a mention. In fact the last guest book entry gave some positve feed back. Talking of the Circle Line Pub Crawl think the next one is planned for Saturday the 13th September (Crikes - that was Sara Green's idea!).

Sunday, July 20, 2003

Saturday, gave big-l some more drivin time. He drove me up to Wolvo where I got my hair shawn off thank god. We had a quick drink in the Quadrante Lounge. While up town we also bought 2 copies of rail road tycoon II for the sum of 99p each! Another internet game to play each other at. Later met Gaz, Sarah, Greenie, Big-L, Greg, Di, Martin, Andy and Teressa back in the Quadrante again where we stayed till god knows what time, as the place has now got a 2am licence. We also went for a curry at Mr Kings and even Big-L joined us!!!
This morning I awake with a bad hangover and my head still hurts now! Got a call from Matt who's car is broken but at least we now know why. Hopefully I'll be able to get a new part from the Rover dealer to sort it out.
Other cutting news is that I've found 800meg of hosting space for free and no adds so I've moved a great chunk of web site! Perhaps when Big-L has sent me Tenby and Manky photos I can put some more up now.......

Friday, July 18, 2003

I havn't blogged all week as I've had nothing to say. Big brother was getting very boring until last nigt when there was a sudden amount of alachol available and some arguing started. I've seen ER this week whihc is probably my favourit show on TV at the moment. I can't wait for the next series of Teachers to start, whats with all the coming soon adverts, just please put us out of our missery and tell us when it is going to start? No doubt I will end up missing the first epesodie. I ment my office college American Pie last night, I guess he enjoyed it as he made several postive comments this morning which is unlike him. If my desk at work gets any more messy I guess it will collapse.

I've just noticed because it wo't let me down load any more data that I'm using 83meg of my 50 meg web site space and hence it will not let me put anything else on it! (hence no picture of me on the beach near blackpool on Monday after work!

Today I called singlepoint 4 u again to see if they would give me the credit they owe me. They now have my bank details again, which is rather worrying but at least they did seem as positive as usual.

Tommorow hair cut time!

Monday, July 14, 2003

Well Big-L did get us to Manky but ovly after 3 magor incedents on the way there! How there isn't a dent in my car I will never know. I will have to start taking a bottle of strong stuff out with me in future. We booked into the Novatel and had a quick beer in their bar before setting off to Old Trafford for Move..

When we got there we found the bar, surprise surprise. However they didn't take cash. Whats more they made the choice of beer simple, there was just one brand and I think it was Kutzenberg (brewed either in Borvaria OR the United Knigdom). However there was a beach tent so off we went into the shade to sup our beers and write to Andy Poade.

Eventually we moved into the area and watched the Inspiral Carpets. Great music performed by a somewhat ageing fat bastard! Ah bring back some of those old tunes.....

Next came Dave Gahan 'THE' reason to go to Move and he did not let us down, great new songs and some brillant old Depechemode ones were played to. Oddly the girls in front of us wearing feeder t-shirts did seem to understand what everyone was getting all excited about (eh kids today)...

We had a sit down for feeder some chips and yeah more beer, followed by...

Last of all came the Charlatans, class act by a class band....

Once finished we had back to the hotel for a quick change of clothes and headed straight back out to a night club.....

Enough said about that already.......

Sunday we got up had the super fantastic breakfast they always serve at the novatel and packed. It was back to Wolvo to seen Greenie for a BBQ and yet more beer to celebrate his 30th Birthday. All weekend the sun shined. What a weekend, what a day. (oh yeah Les had another incedent on the way home but we survied!)

oops thats Dan this is Greenie.....

Friday, July 11, 2003

Not blogged for a whole week so you would think I would have a lot to say. Tenby went well although it was not sunny like it normally is. Hot yes, cloudy, yes so we used our time to go to Caldy Island. Not actually a lot there but it gave us something to do during the day. Big-Ls driving was a tad scary at times and he made me flinch a couple of other times although when he's on a straight road he seems ok. It was a bit embarrassing mind when a scooter overtook us!

Sunday we headed to Oakwood, a new ride to experience and another to scream madly on to. Why do I like scaring myself so much???

Monday and Tuesday I spent both evenings trying to Big-L's PC to work with his modem and eventually I got there! I even managed to find time on Tuesday to watched Mike Basset England manager. Wednesday I went swimming with Rog so I got my weekly exercise in! Perhaps the highlight of the week was poker night last night! Normally I lose some cash and once I lost the whole ?20 quid we each play with. This time luck was on my side and I left with ?62 in my back pocket having totally skinting Norf out.

Tonight I will be playing Big-L and my brother at Red Alert 2 over the internet. Staying in you see as I'm off to Manchester tomorrow to the MOVE scene and hopefully to a great session to see David Gahan. Thats if Big-L's drivin can get us there!!!

Thursday, July 03, 2003

Going to Tenby straight from work tomorrow, lets hope the sun comes out to play. Got the BBQ, got the charcoal, got the madness to go and eer I better pack before I fall asleep. Sod it I'll do it in the morning!

Single point (yes I'm back on that) have sent me 2 new statements of account, both showing me in credit:

account 1: + ?10.24
account 2: + ?56.89

But will I ever see the money is the big big question???

The lads from the SUB crawl have been in touch to tell me they are planning a yet bigger world sub crawl attempt later this year. Stay posted.

Which reminds me Big-L when are we planning to do the next Circle Line Pub Crawl. Tell us which weekend.

I've booked my holiday off from work for Spain. My boss asked me where I was going.
Me 'Spain'
Him 'Where in Spain?'
Me: 'most of it'
Him: 'eh'
Me: 'going in my car like when I went round europe'
Him: 'They're mad drivers down there'
Me: 'can't be worse than Italy!'

It cold go on but I can't. My ISA has officially started so I better start investing in premium bonds as well if I go by the plan. Oh I had a call from Audi this evening.

Hi this is bla bla from Aldi.
Me 'sorry signal is crap where I live what is that?
'This is bla bla from Aldi is that Mr Nicholls?'
(What I nearly said - not interested I do my shopping at ASDA)
'Did I get the TT brochures?'
Me: 'Yes.'
Her: 'When are you going to change cars?'
Me: 'Not sure.'
Her 'Are you going to buy a TT?'
Me 'Well no I thought there was or is going to be a diesel one. but nothing about it in the info you sent I must be wrong.'
Her: 'diesel!'
I'm sure I heard her laugh
Her: 'diesel, no sir'
Me: 'My mistake'
Just as I put the phone down 'a 150ps version' and comeosion in the background.

So perhaps they're may be one soon but who knows.

Better MD the White Stripes for tomorrow night.......


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