Sunday, August 31, 2003

Saturday I got up. Intention once more to get my hair cut! Wolves were playing at home, so I called Big-L to see when the boys would be in the pub before the game. Also remembered that I needed to get my E111 filled out and stamped at the post office. I eventually got up town but not in time to meet them. But I did get my hair cut and the EE11111 stamped successfully. On my return home I watched another episode of Teachers and bought some stuff from cafe press.

One new t-shirt as the present one I have is one year old and 'looking' washed and while I was there a pair of boxers!

Also for the up and coming event a new t-shirt to wear....

Saturday night a group of us meet up at the Varsity at 6pm. Taxi ordered we went for a meal and Greyhound racing at Hall Green in Brum to celebrate Gaz' and Sara's engagement. Now normally I'm a disaster when it comes to selecting dogs but I actually won some money, quite a bit considering a never win. Winnings were as follows: nine quid, 13 quid, three quid fifty and my biggy of 26 quid! Smashing or what. As Sara and Gaz had sponsored a race Sara had to go and hand a trophy to the winning dogs owner. Normally only five people were allowed down for the ceremony but Gaz had managed to talk them into allowing all seventeen of us go!! We had a slight problem at the beginning of the night with the bar waiters ignoring us but Big-L soon put the situation straight by cornering a manager type as he walked passed, " and explaining we were being ignored he said he would sort us out himself. When asked what we wanted Big-L came out with a classic line of 'as the service is so bloody slow you'd better bring two of everything!'. What character what style. We got taxis back to Wolvo and went to The Little Civic. At chucking out time we decided to go to Blast Off but being after 1am they wouldn't let us in!! Big-L managed to talk a taxi into taking Me, Greenie, Martin and himself home for 15 smackers! Nice job Big-L.

Now at some point during Saturday night Big-L had agreed with Mat to collect me and then watch his Sunday footie team play down Joey's lane. luckily I woke quite early this morning so was prepared to for him. Weather being nice it was quite pleasant. They lost 3-2 but spirits were still high when we all went down the Rainbow, after four pints I retired back home. Big-L called and asked if I wanted to sling our bikes in the back of his van and go for a ride up Cannock Chase. In my merry state I thought this agreat idea, so he came round collected us and off we went. God it killed me and thank god him! (there are pics to prove we did go but Big-L has them and probably won't want them published!). A little exercise is just tol much although hopefully it will have loosened some of those muscles I will need for Matts and my last snowboarding lesson at the snowdome tomorrow night!

On a low note Nipper called and made me aware one of the lads we went to Stafford college with has passed away following a car can never tell how life will turn out..

Saturday, August 30, 2003

This was sent from Gaz....



Research has shown that young children cannot identify the intimate couple because they do not have prior memory associated with such scenario. What they will see are the nine dolphins.
Additional note: This is a test to determine if you already have a corrupted mind. If it's hard for you to find the dolphins within 3 seconds, your mind is indeed corrupted.

Friday, August 29, 2003

Last night was poker night, held around nippers. Came back with only half my money as Poade won a big stake from me just a few hands before I left. Unluckily Neil lost his 20 notes. Then broke a record by losing another fiver in about 3 minutes (unlucky as he had a good hand, someone just had abetter one on this occasion). Luckily he had the balls to put yet another fiver in and won a small amount back. I've had a hang over all day from the few beers my office college brought me from Belguim, mind the Duvel was 8.5 %.

Tonight I've got in from work and started watching the teachers series DVD. I've watched 3 brilliant episodes and cannot take any more tonight!

Wednesday, August 27, 2003

Great, fantastic, wicked - teachers series one has come through the door at last!!! A whole 8 episode to watch and rewatch, laugh and relaugh!!!!

In fact series 3 will be on later, life can't get better than this. (unless your a Wolves supporter and they beat ManU).

I have booked a room at the Generator for 5 persons for 2 nights.If I understand the billing process It has cost a total of ?32.00 (total not each).

You still standing??? Whats the con? The built in nightclub? The horrible showers and toilet facilities? The eat as much as you want breakfast??

There plenty to find fault but not with the price.......

Tuesday, August 26, 2003

So the film I watched last night - Solaris, a weird and haunting film, rather good in a weird spooky way. Stars George Cloney whom pulls it off exceptionally well. Directed by Steven Soderbergh and James Cameron for those film buffs out there.

Today was my brothers 33rd birthday so we poped into the 'Made in Thai' again, fantastic. Feel stuffed, feel blotted....

Monday, August 25, 2003

Bank holiday weekend has flown by even though I haven't got round to doing anything special. Saturday went up town with Beardy and meet the boys before the football started. When the football finished Gaz and Big-L were very depressed. A game they needed to win as it was a mediocre team they were playing against. And the Wolves predictably lost. They are going to have to get very used to seeing them lose every match I think! Today I here they have brought a Brasilian in desperation (I guess). Are there no British players we could have bought. Surely bringing in a foreigner to play on the team isn't a 'local' team anymore so what would be the point supporting it?? You might as well support Man U. Anyway I get a new driving licence organised at the post office, hopefully it will turn up before we go on holiday!

While up town I buy a descent map of Spain so big-L can't go wrong on his map reading oh oh....

Saturday night me and Beardy meet up to have a couple of drinks in the Rainbow before heading into Wolvo to Meet Matt, North and Kirsty in the Tube. We move onto the Living Room and finish off with a curry at the Dil Shad. I get a taxi back home and talk bollocks with the taxi driver whom is most talkative. He advises me to try the Viceroy down Cleveland Street, which concedently Matt had given me a discount card for earlier in the day.

Sunday morning my brother collects me and Beardy and we head to tthee computer market at the race course. I see Loz and buy three sets of speakers off him to his amazement (not the fact I bought three sets, the fact I bought them from him!). One set for Gaz, Big-L and Beardy. We all now have sound. I buy a new mustek scana for ?29 to replace the one I have seemingly worn out. I also get a new spanking video card, Which I didn't realise quite how good it was until I've installed it. Big-L has had the one in my pc and if he has found a game to use with it he should be very impressed. I also get some ink for Gaz.

Me and my brother get a copy of Yuries Revenge to play each other against. (well he thrashes me at it to be precise).

Sunday night I stay in and watch my latest DVD titanic - another master piece in the collection.

Today Monday I have done very little other than marvel at the graphics my pc can now produce and I have tweaked some of the circle line pub crawl pages (yeah but which ones!). Soon I'll be watching some movie my brother has lent me. I'll tell you about it tomorrow.......

Monday, August 18, 2003

Again I stopped blogging. Since the last time which without looking I guess was Tuesday, I went swimming on Wednesday night with Rog. And when I videoed ER and Teachers they both recorded this time. Which I'm so happy about. I will have to get both series 1 and 2 on DVD soon, simply hilarious!!!

Thursday brought the BIG game where my brother, Big-L, Beardy and myself all connected over the internet to play red alert 2!!!! How great even if Id didn't win. We also have TOCA2 to play when big-L gets anew video card.
Friday brought a night out in Wolvo at the Hoggs Head with Big-L and Martin. Which lead into....

Saturday, which a huge head ache. Not alcohol related I think though I guess, not the same type of ill feeling. I finished reading my book 'e' and updated the books section on my web site. Wasn't really in the mood to write much about it though. Later on went to visit Gaz, Sarah, Big-L, Sam and Loz for a wild night in Newcastle and a curry later.

Sunday I woke with a hang over. And to add to Gaz's hangover I advised him to update his virus checker!

Then he advised he didn't have a virus checker! So I down loaded the VGA one for him. Oh he had a virus and er 65 infected files! Then I checked his pc for spyware. He only had 85 of these programs busy sending information out. No wonder his internet was so bloody slow!

Big-L left to go to present to pick up his Citreon Belingo for his new job on Monday. I called later to see if he had crashed, but he hadn't. pooh. I will have to wait for the big laugh a little longer

Today I have been to work, obviously, and now I sit hee ready to read my next book 'The Fuck-UP'

Tuesday, August 12, 2003

Wow beardy now has email working again. Simply he had not being looking at it often enough and the account closed. He did not relise this so he kept trying to send emails! but they would not leave his computer. All is sorted now and he has a new account as follows:

More to the point he now has Red Alert 2 intworked game installed to!!!

Get ready to play..................

Monday, August 11, 2003

Today my office college called me the unluckiest person he knew! I feel exactly the same way, but I'm not going to commit sucide just yet! I also seem to have left my shoes round Greg's flat. I'm still confussed how I ended up sleeping on the balcony when I was last seen asleep on the sofa!

Today when of my bosses has returned to work from touring Spain him self and has suggested I stay at the Parradors! This would appear to be a rather expensive option consider we slum it and send the money during the day. But neither the less I have looked at the web page and found an intereting offer. ^ days worth of accomdation for 377.04 euros! Which works out as ?50 per night for two people!

I have been doing some calculations for the Spainish Trip and here they are:

Item Single cost Days / number of Total cost

Breakdown and travel ?150.00 3 people included from diirect line
Ferry ?126.00 includes 3 people
Green card ?60.00 guessing
fuel ?30.00 10 ?300.00 one tank per day
Hotels ?50.00 15 ?750.00 taken as average cost over holiday
food ?25.00 15 ?1,125.00 3 people
Entertainment ?25.00 7 ?525.00 3 people

Total ?3,036.00
Number of people 3 ?1,012.00 That's each!

I have also notice one of my wheel trims now has a split in it. Something to do with gear changing by Big-L!

Sunday, August 10, 2003

Still got hangover. Went online to see if my brother or Big-l where ready to play a game but instead made contact with the lesser spotted Beardy. Apparently he IS coming to Spain. The conversation went like this:

nackuk: bang em up
stuart_beardmore: HELLO WHAT
nackuk: Go and buy a copy of red alter two
nackuk: then you can play over the internet with big-l, me and my brother
stuart_beardmore: WHAT THATS
nackuk: game is wicked.
nackuk: its a tenna in the shops
nackuk: a game for the pc which you can play over the internet with your mates.
stuart_beardmore: I HAVE TUESDAY GO UP TOWN TO BUY IT.
nackuk: go to game
nackuk: they have it
nackuk: or order it via amazon
stuart_beardmore: WHAT SORT A GAME IS IT
nackuk: war stratigy
stuart_beardmore: WHAT WAR IS IT
nackuk: what have you been getting up to lately?
nackuk: fictional war
stuart_beardmore: BEEN ON DAY TRIPS
nackuk: name the places
nackuk: check this web page out
nackuk: make sure it is red alert 2
nackuk: there are several different one out therer but you will need the same one as us to play.
nackuk: then we play at night around 9:30 until midnight!
stuart_beardmore: WHOS THE ENEMY
nackuk: you play against each other!
stuart_beardmore: WHAT WAR IS IT
nackuk: buy it I'm sure you'll get the hang of it
nackuk: fictional war#
stuart_beardmore: GOD IT IS HOT
nackuk: it has been. Window open it is cool
stuart_beardmore: LES HAS PASSED
nackuk: yes
stuart_beardmore: HOW DOES HE DRIVE
nackuk: we drove on the pavement today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
nackuk: good god
stuart_beardmore: WHY
nackuk: are you deffinetly coming as I need to book a ferry
stuart_beardmore: YES
nackuk: and I have to arrange car insureance and travel insurance for each of us
nackuk: so if its a yes you cannot NOT come.
stuart_beardmore: WHY
nackuk: ie if someone is missing for the ferry they will not let us on!
nackuk: in case we bring a reugee back or we sink and the records are wrong
nackuk: please emial me you details
nackuk: ie home address, birth date telphone number. any illness's allergies or medical conditions you suffer from!
stuart_beardmore: DO I NEED A E111 TO TAKE WITH ME
nackuk: yes
nackuk: and a photocopy of it once it has been stamped up
stuart_beardmore: WHAT ARE YOU DOING NEXT WEEK
nackuk: going up garys on saturday night to get pissed
nackuk: you missed gregs 30th birthday piss up last night
stuart_beardmore: WAS IT UP BIRMINGHAM
nackuk: yep
nackuk: sort that email out for me so I can sort out the stuff for the spain trip
nackuk: one word
nackuk: scary
nackuk: this is amazons pitch at red alert 2
Celebrated Gregs birthday yesterday by the way of a meal at The Living Room. Followed by a visit to Surfers Paradise (nothig to do with the interent). All I can say is my head hurts, but hopefully not as bad as Gregs.

Friday, August 08, 2003

Ah forgotten to mention this morning when I pulled up in a petrol station. Filled my car up with desiel then delved into my pokcets to get my wallet.

ONLY to find it was not there!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wednesday came home from work with a massive headache. Due o the heat. Went straight round my brothers to get big_Ls new pc but there was a last minute technical hitch and it was time to meet Rog for swimming. God the cool water was great and calmed the sore head. Got in rewound the video to watch ER and Teachers but only got through teachers before I had to hit the sack.

Thursday night went and got Big-Ls PC now that the technical hitch is cured. Went round Big-Ls and set his machine up before heading back home.

Big new was that Big-L has finaly passed his driving test!!!!! How much did he pay the examiner I wonder?

His message:

Yes I finally passed, so I will be hearing soon when my new job starts (with
nice shiny van !!!). My test was at 8-40 am but because the schools are off
and a lot of Cannock firms were shut down there was virtually no traffic on
the road. Also my examiner (different bloke this time) asked me to do a hill
start on a virtually flat road and a 3-point-turn on the widest road in the
area. I was tempted to do it in one but I thought I had better do it the way
he wanted.

Tonight I have come home and rang Big-L to let him know I was not going up town unless he really wanted to. So now I'm sitting at my PC hoping he'll soon long on to play Red Alert. Tried watching teachers but the video ran out of tape so I have only seen half of it. I new somehow I would miss the first episode! (We'll at least I got to see half of it!.

Tuesday, August 05, 2003

Noones made any comments in the book's section. bo ho
My upgraded pc is now working. One spanking mother board and new (if very expensive memory chip-set) to allow me to blog quicker. Big-L is having my old overheating motherboard which will do him for now. Thats as long as he keeps the windows open. Laugh I do at the trains. To hot for gods sake. Besides why take the train when you can get to london in1 1/2 hours in the car on a lovely day like today??? Web user has come today and as usual I have read it in 20 minutes. Is ther anything useful in it this week? Nope not a thing.

Greg's 30th birthday bash on Saturday night. We are going to the 'living room' on Broad street in Brumm. Its probably called something else but I know where it is, or I hope I do as I'll look a prat. Not sure what to get upto now????

Saturday, August 02, 2003

Thursday night was poker night and amazingly I came home with "2:50 more than I went with, not counting the money spent in booze and food. Friday night I took the opportunity to stay in, well no one from poker was going out, Big-L has gone to Edingburgh and Berdy has put his head in the sand and I guess he is not breaving any more! This gave me time to read my book which you be glad to know I have finished. The chap died in the end, which was pritty obviously going to happen as it was a story about his life from beginning to end. So I have now updated the books page, and I have put some code in so anyone can add their comments about each book! (if it works that is!)

Today I have serviced my car. The oil filter given to me at the counter looked too small. When I prompted the guy behind the counter weather he needed to check if it was definitely the right one, he informed me it would fit although it would be smaller than the one already on! This I find worrying but it has fitted. My car has now covered 150,004 miles. To think I was going to trade it in at 100,000 a few years back. I'll see if it will get to 200,000.

I think I will settle back and watch my Ghostbusters DVD now. Ta Ra.............


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