Friday, September 26, 2003

In a couple of hours myself, Big-L ad Beardy will be setting off to Dover and then onto France and Spain for 2 weeks of touring fun. Route we have chosen and last minute changes happended on Tuesday night. Something which Beardy does not know abot and may well find confusing at first, or not, as we head towards a completly differnent route to and around Spain.

The route is now as follows:
Calais to Toulouse
Toulouse to Andora
Andora to Barcelona
Stay at Barcleona for a couple of days.
Visit Port a Ventura or what ever they call it now.
Onto the delightful Benidorm and another thempark.
Benidorm to Granada.
Granada to Gibralta
Giblrata to Anglains
Anglains to Sevill
Sevill to toledoe vai back route
Toledoe to Madrid.
Few days in Madrid
Madrid to Bordeaux!
Race back to Calias for Sunday moring Ferry.

We've decided to take this route as it means we can go to 2 of the 3 major them parks in Spain. Now being October the parks are not all open every day of the week.

Remember Parc Asterix two years ago Big-L?

When we goin stop at the beach I ask myself?

What the hell is Beardy going to eat I ask myself?

Will it be sunny I ask myself?

Should I have packed a coat I ask myself?

Deadmanjones you should have sent it to my clara one then.

Thursday, September 25, 2003

Nackles, I've loaded something on to your server: Loaded it cos your blasted hotmail account wouldn't accept anything over 1 meg.

Sunday, September 21, 2003

Got up in time for Big-L to take me to East park to watch the Rainbow football team play footie. I asked him to stop so I could get a paper while taking the 'action shots'

Neil Allen number 10 was the star player by far with his numerous attempts at hitting the ball torwards the opponents goal and eventualy succedding in getting several in and wiing 6-1! Well done boys.

Big-L brought me and Beardy straight home for aquick chat on whats going on when we head to Spain. The rough guide, the rough plan is this:

Saturday morning Calais
Saturday night Bordeaux at least)
Sunday continue to Madrid
Monday a day in Madrid
Tuesday another day in Madirid
Wednesday moe to Toledo then continue to Savelle
Thurday savelle moving onto Algenians
Friday Algeniian to Gilbralta to Granada
Saturday day in Granada
Sunday drive to Benedorm
Monday Them park
Tuesday Barcelaona themepark
Wednesday day in Barcelona
Thursday a Day in Barcleona
Friday Andora and then carry on up to France somewhere
Saturday mad dash to Calais
Sunday Dover and home

I think this is ambitous but its only a rough guide, just like our tour of europe which changed on the third day in as Parc Asterix was closed!

Tated with brothers car then mine, now buggered so watching pitch blake of course.....

Saturday got up and went up town. Parked round Matts flat when he popped his head out asking if I was heading into town. Him and the boys were going to watch the Wolves play. He smelt bad looked rough and had some lipstick on his shoulder. He confirmed he'd been out till the early hours and had curried before bed. He got some Wriggles extra white from supercigs and a bottle of water! The only way the gum was going to help his breath was if he chewed on the lot all at once. He was bloody rough before he went to watch the wolves and as I found out later they lost (snigger) 5 - 0 to Chelease!
We discussed a boarding holiday and I have left it up to him to chose a resort and book something while I'm away in Spain. I'll give him the cash when I get back, I'm just worried too much partying will happen and not enough boarding, although you don't have to drink any way near the quantities up in the mountains top feel that party feeling.

Up town I went to 'The Perfume' shop to collect the two Safari deodorant sticks they were getting for me. However they have failed to deliver the goods in time (more Nack bad luck). I told them if they could still get hold of them I wanted them but wouldn't be around for month. They seemed happy by that. Wandered around town looking at the prices for Xd cards mini disc and even a new minidisc player, the big type to connect to the main hifi unit. I bought a ten pack of mini disks to record some more albums for the long drive then headed to 'Extreme Sports' for some new snowboarding gloves and thermal socks. That was a quick 55 spondunnies to get through! Although I paid with my card, which the chip does not work, so they struggled to get the cash from it but they succeeded eventually.

I then went back to the car where I realisesed I no only had my pack of ten mini discs, so back to the 'extreme sports' store I went where I was duly given them back!

I darted through the match traffic and headed to Halfords for some bits and bobs:

Mer - 1litre
pol filler
filler scrapers
head lamp converters (compulsory)
spare bulb kit (compulsory)
Oil filter for Cav
Oil filter for Corsa (usual place I get these cheaply was closed)

before you new it another 50 spondunnies gone and yet another struggle to get the card accepted. I obviously won't be using in shop aboard I guess!

I get home in time for Gaz to collect me (with Big-L in the car) and we head up to the Anchor (now the fox n anchor) for them to drown their sorrows. Here we have a beer out side and then order some food. I advise them we are outside and he gives us number 110! A short period later we are told we can't eat in front of the pub and must go round to the back patio. So we do and watch the oddly for this time of year, numerous boats float by and the still water. Gaz and Big-L have a sandwich and I have scampi. None of them seem to notice how often I have scampi these days, I can remember the days when Gaz always had scampi and we took the piss to the point where we eventually band him from having scampi! It makes it taste that little bit better when he is around I have scampi!

After a fair few pints a quick stop in the spar for a loaf I get in and fall alseep till 7pm. I wake and make myself a snack, consisting of 5 fishn finger sandwhiches! Yummmmmmmmie. I consider a bottle of wine with my fish finger snadwiches but sustaine. I watch the incredibly good movie 'Finding Forester' yet again. Its one of those DVD I have definietly got the spondunnies worth out of.

After watching that I did some work on the Circle Line pub Crawl photos and went to bed around 2ish.

Saturday, September 20, 2003

Although I have now recovered from last weekend I still haven't got the photos together. This has something to do with the fact I'm having problem accessing the webspace. Anyway I have all the photos now so I guess it will happen this weekend.

Regarding the holiday a room has now been booked at Dover. Not a family room as you now have to lie to book one over the internet, but interestingly if you read the terms and conditions you find that the twin room provides you with a double bed and a pull out sofa. So I booked this. On receiving the confirmation email the room will infact be a Quad room 'as twin'. Now I bet this has two double beds which really is not any better for the three of us! Anyway I was to tight to book two rooms so we'll just have to see what we get.

Direct line have sent me my Green Card at last which for your info is actually a green piece of paper. All we need now is the bail bond, which wasn't in the mail this morning. Thinking of mail I have seen the Inxs DVD either. Just how long should a DVD take to come from Moscow?

What did come in the Post Thursday night as some cafe press stuff. noticeably 'the circle line pub crawl' t-shirt, a bit late for the date but as I let Martin keep my other one for a momento I guess I'll wear this for the rest of the week. A Nackuk t-shirt came although it appears I ordered L instead of XL. Still it fits and some NackUK Pulling Boxers, which I wore all Friday.

Friday night went Cineworld, first time in a long time to Watch the Italian Job. Big-L came and pick me up in his van then before we left we gave FATBOY a call. The response was his answer phone so we left a message. After 10 mins we left to go and yo and behold when we were half way there he called us back. Yes he did want to come so we turned around and collected him. He never asked what we were going to see until we got about half way there again! I was a bit worried it would be a crap rip off kinda thing of the first but it is a very good film and would advise you not to miss it.

Afterwards there was five minutes till the pub next door closed where we had a pint each. They had an eightess disco on with Big-L stating' It to loud to hear yourself think in here shall we go out side?"
Nack- "hold on I have a question for FATBOY when he comes out of the bogs"
Nack to Beardy "What you thinking!"

Monday, September 15, 2003




sorry but I'm just to tired to do anything else.

I have managed to:
Book ferry.
Buy travel insurance.
Book hotel at in Calais for return home.

Which travel Inn did we stay at in dover last time? Advise and I'll book that too.

Got to go to bed.......

Thursday, September 11, 2003

I recieved 'the Office' Rules at work. As if the sender really thought I did not know the 'RULES?'

Remember if you do recieve this message by email you are being tracked. Sly old BBC.


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