Thursday, October 30, 2003

Swimming was tiring last night. Too tiring, it made me feel all the achy joints from snowboarding! I was glad to get out the pool and back home to rewind the video tape and watch the last in the series (3) of Teachers. There seemed to be a suggestion of a 4th series at the end and lets hope there is and that it is better than this series which seemed to lack something?

After work I took one of the Spain Tour Photo Cd's down to Rog's and made him site through the lot!

After I nipped into ASDA to do some shopping......

There was no blue bol in ASDA or anything like it so a quick call to Matt lead to a quick call to Norf whom will search out Blue Bol at Sainburys as he has a day off. I on the other hand will now be bring the following to Naughty Norfs Birthday Bash the Sequel......

Wednesday, October 29, 2003

WOW today have finally sent me a copy of Live Baby Live only 11 months after ordering it! More features than the other 1994 limited DVD release I've got!

"Live Baby Live", by legendary Australian rock superstars INXS, is one of the most electrifying concerts ever filmed. Directed by David Mallet, Live Baby Live features all the band's most identifiable hits performed during the 1991 July the 13th sold-out uk "summer XS" event at famed Wembley Stadium in London. 'Need You Tonight,' Never Tear Us Apart,' 'What You Need' and 'Suicide Blonde' are played with lusty precision and other favorites such as 'Original Sin' and 'Devil Inside' are given rigorous workouts in front of a wild audience numbering 72998, Greenie and me!

Now just got to wait for the other great music concert captured on on film when 101 is re-released on DVD feature all the concert!

For those interested you can get of of these now!!!

Be off swimming now I guess. Must not forget bol blue..................

Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Last night me and Pod went for a two hour ski board session. Things are moving on well even if I do now fall down better or should I say with more style. Matt got a bit pissed off as he had to waer a size of boots one too big again. Then his bindings didn't work well so he swapped his board. Then while he was doing that I tried to readjust my boot and promptly pulled out the tongue! So I went and gotr that boot swapped. Then my toe binding would not stay done up as I boarded on down the slope, (one of my excusses for falling down) so I had to swap my board. It all made for an exciting time. We have both now joined 'the membership' so we'll have to go move and move often.

My boss is now aware I need a week off to go and break my legs in March!

My phone bill came today. The biggest one I've ever had from what Big-L claims to be the cheaper phone company!

Monday, October 27, 2003

Been a whole week since I wrote anything. But life has been busy. Well done the Spain Tour photos file editing. There is only 747 of them! So we can have a wicked time boring people to death with them! May put a little site togeathe of just some highlites bt time will tell.

So lets flick back seven days and just put some notes in:

Monday: Photos editing

Tuesday: Photo editing and a trip to the cinema to see Kill Bill, but he didn't die! Perhaps next time in part 2?

Wednesday: Photo editing and then off swimming with Rog. The swimming pool changing rooms are being done up at last, although this ment we had to use the 'dry' changing rooms and walk down the corridor in our swim shorts in the bollocking cold!

Thursday: Poker night and amazingly I lost all my money after two bad losess! shucks

Friday: Was ment to be going snowboarding with Matt, who at the last minute pulled out. So as I'm a tab skint from the holiday I stayed in and watched 'Raider of the Lost Ark' from the box set trilogy which came earlier in the week. Also came Only fools and Horses - Miami Twice and Series 6, teachersd eries two, so I've got a bit of film watching to do.

Saturday: Took my mom and brother to Asda, some more photo editing and another stay in to watch 'Indiaina Jones and the Temple of Doom'

Sunday: Clocks go back and I wake up at 7:20am so I do some more photo editing! (They really are poor I don't really know why I have bothered!). ig-L picks me up and we got to watch the Rainbow footie team play disasterously! here are some pics! 6-1 not to the Raibow by the way!

After the match we all went down the Rainbow for a few. The lads started playing Bragg so I joined in. It's been a while since I played but unlike Thursday my luck was in and I left the pub with more than I entered, somthing to do with swing and rondabouts I guess. Big-L dropped me off round Andy Poades whom had come down in his new Ford Focus. Saw Bob the Bunny and returned home to play playstation and do a few more photos. Later watched the third of the DVD's 'The Last Crusade' before hitting bed.

Tonight I'm going snowboarding, although there is still time for Pod to ring up I guess. Better get ready all the same. Apparnetly were are joining as members tonight! Break a legs as they say.................

Sunday, October 19, 2003

Saturday night brought a night out in Newcastle (Stoke) and a stay round Gaz's flat. Beardy for some reason decided not to come which has pissed Gaz off as he had to pay a deposit for Beardy's seat at the table. Hightlight of the night was when Big-L leaned over to me and said 'I can't remember that this is exactly wehat I ordered but it was three days ago!'. He seemed to have a large quantity of vegtables on his pizza and was hoping the am was under them. Unknowingly Sam a vegertarian was cutting into a floded type pizza which actually had ham in the middle of it. And when she found it she was not a happy bunny. She was outragged and I guess feeling quite sick at the fact she very nearly tucked into the meaty feast. Words where said to the establishement with the result of another pizza for Big-L and Sam. Sam's dinner free and an upgrade from the house wine for the rest of the night at no extra cost. We moved onto Retro 80's bar. t was a bit slack but this is Newcastle and Hugh Neary did warn me to watch out for the bottle which are held only two ways. I drank pints of strongbow so as not to break any local customs and stand out from the crowd. Apart from the fact I was the only person not drinking from a bottle.

I took a hugh pile of flyers which are now scattered in hidding places all round Gaz's kitchen!

On the way home this morning we went to Aldersley high school to watch the Rainbow play footie. They lost 5-1 I think. Bitterly cold and in a way refreshing! Too tired ton go to the pub and Big-l had brought his camera cards round witht the photos on, so I have been busy all day messing with them. Just got to rename them now.

Tommorrow work of course and snowboarding later on with at Poade.

For those who want to know what Anddorra is like here are some photos which don't do the place justice:

Saturday, October 18, 2003

I managed to get up town and parked round Matts flat. Doesn't he come in useful for something. Got the chop of my my hair that is and then remember that I had an order with the perfume shop. First though I needed refueling so I nipped into KFC for a variety meal. Service there pretty much similar to usual (crap), place was it usual messy self, but I like the food so I find myself the cleanest table available. Once my stomach is full I head to the Perfume Shop who after six weeks have managed to get there hands on two Safari deodorant sticks! Now thats made me happy. But there are just no more to be had :(

Last night took my new boots on there first major voyage, with Deadmanjones and Matt.

After a quick stella round Matt Poades flat we left and headed to Wolverhamptons Cuban bar (The exchange to those old veturans out there). From here we moved into the little civil where all 3 of us sat comfortably on a sofa. Cosy and a good vantage point me and deadmanjones gorped and discussed some girl in karky trousers bum, in some detail. Other notiable details was the girl who sat oppositie us whom had a short short taran skirt on (nearly). But folks lets not forget the chap who had no bum! or rather we found out he did it was just that his jeans were so far down below his ars it look like he had no bum. It was really quit sickening that a person from Wolvo could go around like this. Ithough we were going home when in fact we went to cheeky monkeys, where notably Matt wore his long brown leaher jacket all night. We bumped into Boothy and we hit the dance floor. Me and Deadmanones doing some rather spectacular dance moves, which I'm sure left Matt wondering what the fuck. If only he had joined us in the cheeky room would he have releasied how tame these moves were. Finally off to MR Kings where I can recall having a tandori chill chicken balti, and as a result smell like one. It was so nice to tuck into one and the delicious nan bread, yummy. I got a taxi home and chatted to the taxi driver all the way about spain.

Now up at 2pm its time to get my hair cut before heading up Stoke.

Oh yea, Deadmanjones can you tell me why the J is missing off your T-shirt?????

Thursday, October 16, 2003

There hasn't been much said here mainly because of 2 reasons. One being absolutely shagged from the holiday, getting the flue on the first day back to work and getting the photos ready for a big CD album. Just waiting for Big-L to sort out and crop his photos. Without them there only half a holiday on camera!

Tommorrow is a night out with MAtt and Deadmanjones. Matt has no doubt arranged this so that he can get me down the pub then a cash machine to get his deposit off me for the snowbaording holiday he has sorted out for us in Andoora. (I've only recently left the place mate). At least I may find out where we are flying from and to. I don't remember any airports nearby.

While I was away my package came from Russia.

Here it is.

Nicely wrapped with string!

Ah some Russian newspaper to ensure it does not get damaged and a tiny bit of celotape. (is it rationed over there)

Ohh a sealed copy is in there!!!!

As it happens tonight I have found out there is to be a limited re-distribution of the DVD, so get your orders in for it now.

Saturday - hangover I guess and hopefully Stoke.

Back to bed now as I feel some what weak again..............

Sunday, October 12, 2003

Arrived home at roughly 3pm. Slept. Still sleepy. Must Sleep but when I get in bed probably won't!

More soon I guess!!!!!!


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