Sunday, November 30, 2003

FRIDAY I got a lift to work with Big-L as one he was working in Erdington and two we were going straight out round Brum to celebrate Mat Poades 28th birthday!

Surprisingly when I got to the bar we had arranged to meet him at Big-L was not there. As I was phoning him he pulled up outside in his van. Apparently he had a last minute delivery to make near Stourbridge and was amazed himself to have turned up. A quick beer there before catching the bus into the city centre to meet the others who had been in the pub from god knows what time in the Chocadeara.

Even Deadmanjones had come all the way from Manchester.

From the Chocadeara we moved onto snobbs..

Then I somehow got Big-L into a curry house where we sat next to a huge concrete tree trunk and he had chicken and chips. Me a chicken chilli balti. No jugs allowed here just a glass of water at a time! We got a taxi to the hotel I ad booked and for breakfast we nipped to the McDonalds next door.

SATURDAY Big-L woke me up and told me to get out of bed so that we could get a McDonalds breakfast and get to Wolvo to see the Wovles match. He parked round Matts flat which prompted me ask Norf he would mind if I go to the toilet, I had, had a balti the night before after all....

Having suitably stunk out Mats toilet Big-L and me wandering into the city centre passing the bike shop where there is a naked manikin hiding his privates with a cycle hat.

When we got tot he centre instead of parting from Big-L and getting my hair cut I bumped into Andy Poade. He was apparently with Teressa whom eventually appeared out of a shop. He told her he'd had enough of shopping and that we were going to watch the game live in Heros'. So off me and him went. 3 cokes and one pint later the Wolves draw against Newcastle, Terresa joined us with one more carrier bag and then followed by Big-L.

Big-L took me home thankgod where I was able to get some sleep.........

Thursday, November 27, 2003

Well would you believe it Big-L has emailed me two glorious shots of the blur concert so here they are:

Last night I sat down and watched Identity. Quite franky watching it once is enough! PANTS

Tomorrow night we celebrate Matt Poades 24th Birthday the lying git. Should be in a bar in Brimingham by 5:15pm yipppeeeee.

Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Monday brought snowboarding night with Mat and my new jackets first cold outing. Although inside of it wasn't cold at all. It was exceeding busy at the snowdome, so there was a bit more excitement this week as we headed down the slope avoiding ehem the general plebs around us! The place has also been kitted out with new boots bindings and boards, the 'step in' type which are a hell of a lot less hassle. Luckily for me I took my camera again and having got to the bottom way before Matt I decided to get the camera ready. Nice of him it was he decided to take a quick lie down just as I got it out!

Tuesday and a call from Big-L advising that we were going to see Blur at Wolvo Civic Hall he would pick me up at 6:30pm and had I forgot? Of course I had forgot but what a nice surprise. Luckily enough they played a fair few older songs which I know well and enjoy a lot more than that ramshackle of an album entitled THINK TANK. Isn't that a place in Brum?

Well until Big-L throws over the glorious photos you'll just have to make do with a quick flash of my ticket stub.

Sunday, November 23, 2003

Over the last week I seem to have got off my backsiide and put together something of a web page for the Spain Tour we did. Theres a million photos so its going to take a while. I took time out on Wednesday to go swimming with Rog. The changing rooms still haven't been completed but we have been told they will be ready for 'this week'.

Thursday new head lamps came for car. Much easier to change than I thought they would be. In fact as far as I can see next time it would make much more financial sense just to take them off some on elses car! They seem to have done the trick. I'm no longer driving with candle power. They are now mega bright. In fact the driver side is way too bright but there seems to be no correct adjustment to not dazzle.

Friday saw a night in the Hoggs Head for a birthday drink to mark Martins 34th Birthday or so he told me! Nice enough at the end of the night the Southern Comfort crew visited our table and we where given a southern comfort and mixer free each. Along with a southern comfort truth or dare dice, which I'm sure is going to come in useful at some point.

Saturday I got up and remembered what I had talked to Big-L about in Friday night so I booked us some tickets to see the wonderstuff and in January Jasper Carrott.

Once that was done I nipped around Matt to get an X-box controller before I headed down to the Buckingham Board Company in Milton Keynes to collect my XL protest snowboarding jacket. I'll take it for a tester at the snowdome Monday night. Then I headed over to Wittering to see Andy Poade and Terresa. We played X-box and then watched POP IDOL. Andy tried to make out he never watched and that he only watched it because Terresa did?!?

Sunday Big-L comes round and we go off to watch the Rainbow play footie: (here are the 'action' shots)

Neil in action

Neil not in action

Steve giving it the boot

The side line supports are excited by the 0-2 start to the Hollybush!

Neil Brings it back to 1-2

"What we need is a proper ref!"
Bill Poade reply "What the FUCK do you think I'm doing?"

Full on defense

Yes another in the hanger makes it 2-2 before half time.

The excitment has gone to his head - where ever that is!

Sprog on the ball

A stunning header by Steve

But whats this? The funky diva dance?

Get stuck in it 2-3 to them now

It never made it to the goal!

Matt do you want to comment?

Ryan still on the pitch at this point of the game??? and kicking the ball.

Jet falling backwards!

We ended up at the Rainbow of curse where we had some beer, card games and some grub before coming home to wash the motor and admire those 'dazzeling lamps'.

Monday, November 17, 2003

Bless deadmanjones, without him I would have noticed!

"My movie page doesn't attract this attention; over at Nackles' book review page author Dougie Brimson has commented on Nackles' review of Billy's Log.

On a side issue, it's taken ten fucking minutes to write this post because of all the right click disabled frame ridden shenanigans Nack inflicts upon his loyal public."

Sunday, November 16, 2003

Big-L has sent me an email for the circle line pub crawl. It read a so....

Hey guys!

Wicked website!
As you can see from my email address I am working for Vauxhall at the
moment on an Undergrad placement from Uni!
There are 26 of us so were gonna attempt the crawl one Saturday before
Are the pubs still closed on a Saturday? has this changed recently? how
hard will it be on a Sat? Which of the pubs from the mini guide are closed
on a Sat?

Sorry for all the questions but you guys seem to be pro's at this!


Dan V
Forget to mention someone tried to call me on my mobile!

Their number 0021697887300

Any guesses which country that is then!
Those of you coming on the xmas meal will be glad to know that on Friday I rang somewhere and booked it. I have left the deposits and now have a menu. The place we are going to even isn't one of those Big-L and myself ventured into on Thursday night! What is worrying is that they seem very disorganized and it wouldn't surprise me if they did not expect us on the night. luckily I do have the booking form. And now a menu which I will email round Tommorrow. For those of you who can't wait though here it is.

On leaving work Friday night my boss asked if I was going out boozing it up all weekend. My reply I think doubly shocked him as I said "after last nights beer sessions you have got to be kidding." I told neither of the fact of how many pubs I remember visiting:

The Dog and Trumpet
The Rock Hotel
The Shoulder and mutton
The Tolby at Tetenhall.
Went but didn't go into the West Acres
The Holybush - Pen Road
The Mount Pleasant

The I think lazzies for a chillied kebab.... I would really need Big- to confirm all this as he was sober for the whole journey.

Anyway the other reason for staying sobber was Saturday....

Matt Poade and myself were going to Noahs Ark near Stour on the Wold and then onto Xsecape a snowdome in Milton Kenyes. Noahs Ark is not in Stout on Wold but at some tiny Hamlet in the middle of nowhere. However Noah's Ark stood out a mile (wouldn't you expect that?) We parked up and headed to the main entrance. Once in we looked around and all we could see was a mass of bikes. We saw some stairs so we headed up them. And looked at more bikes? Was Noah a cyclist by any chance. Then Poade saw a sign stating that if your looking for boards to ask for directions. Easy if bikes could talk but was there actually any staff? Yep there was, she took us down stairs to give us some directions and we stood in front of a dirty window. " If it wasn't for the low sun and the vert dirty windows you'd be able to see a clock tower over there. behind that there is a fire escape. Under that fire escape is a green door. Go in the Green door and you'll find paradise lads'. It was a funny kind of Paradise. One where you spend loads. But we didn't. We left empty handed well almost.

We heeded through the beautiful Coltswolds down some yellow roads Matt put us on towards Milton Keynes. But before we got to Xscapethe there we headed to another boarding shop I had found in his mag, aptly named after the British Broadcating Corporation! Here me and Poade got our wallets out. Then I put mine back again. He bought a pair of Mitts while the jacket I found and wanted wasn't in my size! They are however getting me one in for Next Saturday so for me and hopefully Matt we may well be heading back to Milton Keynes next Saturday again.

We moved on to Xscape where we parked the car and headed into KFC to sort out my hunger pains. While sitting in KFC munching on my variety meal I noticed on the inside of the exit door for the mail a sign.


My reply was shit no!

The chicken was suddenly consumed a lot quicker and I scarpered towards the ticket machine and back to the car. Sorted thankgod.

We went to the xsector desk to go boarding but there were two problems, they were fully booked until 5pm and then they were closing at 6:30pm to repiste. We opted for only an hour in the end.
While we waited for 5pm we headed into some of the winter sport shops. I brought a top, a hat and a new wallet which I need desperately. Matt got a couple of hats. He may well have got some other stuff but I can't recall.

Matt was concerned as unlike the snowdome there are no travelaters here but button lifts and he had never used them before. At last I was going to get a good moment to have a good laugh at Matt falling over. I went on the lift to show him how it was done and he was to follow suit. After several attempts at catching the pole he did eventual hold onto one and start going up the hill. Then at some point he off (snigger). He decided to walk the rest of the way up on that go. I give it to him he picked it up pritty quickly. I suppose you do when you don't want a look a pratt in front of loads of queuing people!

After an hour we had both had enough anyway. The snow is definitely much deeper here and more powder in places making it more challenging than the snowdome. We head home up the M1/M6.

I call Big-L he is coming to take us to the match but where is it. Nack decides to use his latest purchase 'the hands free kit' for is mobile phone and calls Beason up to find out the venue.

so here as usual are the action shots

Today some dvds have come. Three to replace VHS cassests as PLAY.COM were selling them at £6:49 each and the Depechmode 101 DVD so the pile of stuff to watch just keeps getting taller!


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