Friday, December 31, 2004

Tuesday night saw the christmas poker extravagansa round Richard Sprocens (problably spelt wrong before you say). One big win at the begining which lead to me losing half the money I tookl in the first place when we left.

Wednesday I headed into town and got the tickets for the snowboarding holiday I'm going on with Matt to Avoriaz. I pay for the second one we are going on later in the year and then go and get a cheekies ticket for New Years Eve.

I nip round Matt's flat and we discuss going to Birmingham to do some snowboard gear shopping. He wants to go by train and I'm happy to go by car and park in the large slug like creation Trubbie had a hand in building (from a desk of course). We head off in the car and Bull Ring parking doesn't let us down. Within a few minutes we are parked up and roaming the shops. I find a new fleece to replace the one that got pinched and Matt bought this and that. I dropp Matt off home and head back myself for a family dinner which aparently I'm late for. I have dinner and when everyone leaves notice I'm not feeling too well.

I sit down on my cofy sofa and put on the Terminal. A film I missed at the cinema staring Tom Hanks. I eat lots of choclate and go to bed. Although I don't sleep much due to cough sneezing and genraly feeling bad.

Although I'm not well I drive down to Reading to collect some skis I've bought on Ebay for my brother. A first time ebayer who doesn't know what he is doing so I decide to pay cash face to face. On the way back we head to Milton Keynes but I'm too ill to snowboard. We look around the shops but the majority of stuff thats on display is just sales stuff they want rid off. It annoys me intensily shopping in January when they hide the good stuff in the cupboards round the back.

Once to the first services I let my brother drive home. Scary and I asked him not to crash at least twice.

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

A rather hot meal with mean chillis was had at the Dil Shad. After which a group of us went to the Exchange and watched Snatch with sub titles. We went to move onto the Little Civic, which was closed and made us go into Edwards. Now its been a long time since I've been in here and nothings changed. I'm taling years here not months. Here I got a picture with the famous Al Dutton from The Open. When I later mentioned it to a stranger in this place that I had got a picture with the incredicly famous Alan Dutton he just kept saying who and shrugging his shoulders. I tried to enlighten them but hey some people you can't help.

A few pints and it was time to stand in the rain for the que for the Dorchester Reunion. And my did it rain. Inside one lolly pop, 4 coats in the cloak room and the bar area was rammed. Mind it was getting on now and I suppose we were probably the last people in. While most of the group didn't seem to like it,. I thought it was wonderfull. That was until they ran out of cans of Strongbow. There must have lost of cider drinkers in there that night. I changed to Newqy and dragged the massive bottle around with me.

At the end of the night taxis weren't the usual problem that they are in Wolvo which was good as I didn't fancy another curry at that point.

Monday, December 27, 2004

Monday I got time to play a game I had for Christmas Rise of Nations. Its a bit like Command and Conqure but different. However each game does seem to go on for a while It tallied up 3 hours of playing but I could swear I was playing for a lot lot longer. At the same time I put on the Devotional Depeche mode DVD in the background, which got played again and again, hence I know I was playing for more than 3 hours. I did find time mind to get under my car and tighten the alternator belt which had been screeching for the last two weeks driving me round the bend. Then I thought I wash it back into a bright red state again. Mind it gleeming red now means I don't want to take it anywhere to get dirty! All in all it was a nice lazy day and I have to look forward to the Rainbow Football Clubs Christmas meal at the Dil Shad. A curried based affair that Big-L is so looking forward to. Although I'm not sure that I can eat any more still?

Sunday, December 26, 2004

Christmas Eve started with the annual event of the Four Ashes Harrows and Rainbow walk. 5pm and we where off. Norf, Kirsty, Chris and Stacey had already beaten Matt, Truby and myself down there, perhaps this being the latest we had ever started. Norfy gives us a jester which is too rude to go public with.

I think around 7 we where leaving just as one of the staff came up to me and told me there was a buffet on. He lead me around the corner to where the food was laid out. So I quickly had a bit of everything. Which brought the problem as when I was walking out the door with the others saying' Where did you get that chicken leg?'

Which is where only Matt, Trubby and myself walk to the next pub while everyone else stuffs themselves and gets a lift off Big-L in his white van.

A few beers in the Harrow, a cracker pulled and its time to move on.

This time though we get a lift in Big-L's van. This is definitely the way to do it.

A quick group photo outside the Rainbow Inn Coven

Johnny Price has already filled a pint glass.

Whats that jester your trying to get across Norfy.

Kirsty explains that its her dad who is doing the disco DJ'ing and theres no chance he'll have any Depeche Mode on him.

The dancing starts, who's put those table there?

Kirsty's dad 'Put your hand in the air'

Helen spots the camera but Stacey has seen the man of her dreams.

Thats one mean face

Norf and Kirsty and no rude jester from Norf, just a crazy face.

Calm it down Mat.

I'm telling you straight behave or die.

Kirsty's mom pops up for a quick photo shoot.

One lovey dovey picture of Norf and Kirsty. No rude jesters no crazy faces.

The Beeson boys in the background.

Jamies on a roll.

Theres a big group hug going on in the background

We clap like this. Didn't Mat do this a while back?

Mat explains that my company drives him to drink. Norf explains Mats company him to drink. Kirsty asks if I can write to them like Andy Poade when we go on January snowboarding holiday. But surley the post cards are more boring than reading this blogg?

Ryan where's your Batman suit gone? Godnight folks.

Now I don't remember this bit, but while hanging around for santa to drop down the chimney I played with the cat for a while.

I wake up in the morning to find santa has left me loads of stuff and some new pants which I immediately try on. A quick breakfast and a call to Mat and we are off back to the Rainbow for a Christmas drink with the people we left last night really.

Oddly once Big-L comes down it is apparent he didn't leave the place until 1:30am. A whole hour later than myself. HE was in fact in the bar playing all the youngster at pool but none of then could beat him. Until that was it was 3 against 1 and for each shot the other would decide who best was to take that shot. Considering Big-L hate the place I can't believe he stayed so long. He comes round for Christmas dinner and then what seems to be a kipp on the sofa.

After a few hours of relaxation I get out my latest board game - The Really Nasty Horse Racing Game. And once you work out how to play it, it is really simple once you know how and I guess it would be great, but by the time we had worked it out we'd had enough and nipped round The Poade's for some Triva Pursuit and more food. I guess suddenly Big-L realised why I refused Christmas pudding back home. In fact my general knowledge expertise is bad at the best of times and thankgod is Bill's. But I was just to tired to play and with the high quantity of beer I had at the Rainbow at earlier I was too shagged for my brain to work at even the slightest capacity. Shockingly I lost (badly). We sat down and gave our brains the rest of the night of by watching Mats Robin Williams DVD.

eventually I could not keep my eyes open any longer. We left the house to find it actually had snowed on Christmas Day. There was a blanket all over everything. A christmasy Christmas is I ever saw one.

Today I'm taking it easy. Less drink and more game playing. Hey I have a few. Tommorrow is the football do followed by the Dorechester Reunion.


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