Saturday, January 31, 2004

I seem to have left it a whole week before writing once more.
Monday night bought boredom so I went snowboarding for a few hours. No drainpipe to practise on though so I perfected my agile turning ability.

Tuesday and out came Colin McRea's Rally 3 for the playstation. I had had a go Sunday night and suddenly had caught the bug to play it over and over again.

Wednesday was cold snowy and then icy. Although I heard a lot of people struggled to get home (in fact some didn't make it home till 10pm) I left slight late from work and got home in a impressive 30mins. Saw Rog how was up for going swimming but then called back later to cancel. So more ebay purchases and rallying were done.

Thursday bought poker night, as usual I played terrible. At least I came home with some money and Matt Poade tried to give me too much winnings, which like a fool I refused.

Here we have Matt in a post poker pose wearing his new poker shirt (I'll leave the pun's to yourself). A girly kind of pink that you would expect to see Jett wearing. Christ Matt are you really going to wear that out;)

Friday I stayed in, which I'm not entirely sure is working as when I'm not in the pub I'm on ebay. Anyway I have managed to secure and have now arrived four Inxs albums. These are namely INXS (which I did own once until someone borrowed it on a permanent basis, Elegantly Wasted, Full Moon Dirty Hearts and the dam good Welcome back wherever you are. Its odd that for a band I like so so much I have never bought these before (apart from INXS). Anyway I've got mu eyes also on The Swing and Listen like thieves

There was of course more time for the rally game and I'm now on Japan!

I also had a quick chat with Big-L online and I think he now realizes I am serious about this rally around Europe. What ever next I hear you cry.

Sunday, January 25, 2004

Not much happened this week. Purposely stayed in to save a bit of C.A.S.H., so lets flick striaght to Sunday where Big-L collects me for the Rainbow footie match at Windsor Park. Surprisingly he turns up in his white van. The photos are as follows:

Result was 1:1 I think.

After the match I got Big-L to drive us to the Hyundia dealer to look at a car or two. this is the one I'm looking at...

Later this afternoon I have service my car and then watched the WRC from monte Carlo.

Big-L what do you thin>k about this?

Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Deadmanjones puts up a new mention about CD-WOW. this is the end of the world. I have no doubt that play will fllow suit and put prices up.
This may actually be a god send and stop me buying in the quanitites I have. All I can see is it filling the pirates wallets not the music industries?

Anyway a mad flutter at PLAY.COM bought me the PULP HITS DVD for under a tenner. Was it worth hell yes. But I wouldn't have wanted to pay more. I've got the stuff already!

Yes I was bored so messed with it

My car stereo sold for ?70.00 and ?7.00 for postage and packing. So mu new one only cost ?23 quid in the end. I have also won the Depechemode album Black Celbration on one side and Music for the Masses on the other for ?5.20 including postage. I haven't seen this double sided copy for ages. Now all I need is a tape player?!?!

I guess I will be doing my week excersie down the pool later. Now is ER on tonight or tommorrow?

IT WOULD APPEAR 10pm channel 4!

Better set the video. Now how do you do that then?

Tuesday, January 20, 2004

All this bullshit about the music industry sueing CD wow and for selling CD's at a price I'm willing to buy at and not copy my mates CD is really FFUUCCKKIINNGG ME off. GREEDY SHITS the fat cats, if they want us to copy lets get copying and kill the british music retail once and for all! (anger bought on by DEADAMANJONES's conintuing problem playing problems on his player).

Apart from that Braveheart DVD has come today, my circle line pub crawl large mug and t-shirt! I wonder if Sprog has his yet?

Not long to go now until my car stereo auction on ebay comes to an end. And I've also found something rare to bid for on ebay which I do not think the owner realises IS VERY rare! He will when I put it back on ebay for a silly silly price. Which is odd that it is going so cheaply. It probably won't be soon.

Sunday, January 18, 2004

Friday night was spent playing pool in the Hogss Head with Greenie, Berdy and Big-L. Saturday I got up and went to get some service parts for my motor, but the place was closed. Anyway I headed round to Matt's flat parked the car. So I bet your wondering what happened to the photos that were taken at the xmas meal. Well I took the film into Boots to have them developed and here they are!

Admire. There were some others but I guess the person taking the photos forgot to press the flash button first and so came out blackish.

While I waited I head my hair cut (ie the match was on so I knew it would be quite in the hairdressers). I consider a pint in the Possada to see how Wolves were doing against Man U but decided against it. After all once in there I probably would not have come out. Instead I went to Waterstones and bought this!

After wandering the stores of Wolvo I pulled into Halfords for some heavy duty cooling system flush and promptly went home to use it. The procedure was as follows.
1. Empty coolant at sufficiently low point. (I found one just by the turbo charger - and promptly burnt my hand).
2. Add contents of bottle 1 to coolant system so it is near the pump.
3. Refill with warm water. (using warm water saves cracking the cylinder head)
4. Drive car around for 30 minutes.
5. Empty coolant (and burn hand on turbo charger again) - should see muck come out.
6. Refill with warm water.
7. Empty. (noted turbo charger was still hot)
8. Add contents of bottle 2.
9. Then refill with warm water.
10. Leave at fast tickover for 30 mins!
11. Notice frothy stuff appearing in coolant reservoir!
12. Empty coolant (should see more stuff come out).
13. Fill with warm water.
14. Shove hose in coolant reservoir to flush. Pull hose by turbo charge off. Leave water running for a while.
15. Remove hose from reservoir.
16 undo hose to cabin heater matrix.
17. Shove cold water hose onto such cabin heater hose and flush.
18. Empty coolant.
19 Do up hose near turbo charger.
20. Fill with anitfreeze. And then some water.
21. Run engine to mix.
22. Have a wash and go indoors as its now dark and cold.

When I got in I noticed the post man had been and left me 2 presents to start my Carry On collection going.

I sat down on my lovely sofa and watched Carry on camping. I staying in for the rest of the night reading my Ireland book, just in case me and Big-L do extend our stay after Dublin to do the Four Leaf Clover Tour.

Sunday I get up, cook myself a toasted bacon sandwich and brave the ice and frost for the rainbow footie match. On the way down the road I meat Paul Beason whom informs me the match is called off due to a frozen pitch. I got to the tip which is next to the footie pitch anyway to get rid of two ton of old oil I have accumulated. I head home and arrange to go to the computer fair with my dad. I notice thankgod that the cabin heater was working better, perhaps all that effort was worth it. At the computer fair I buy 3 colour ink cartridges and 3 black all for a tenner and some 6x4 photo paper ?2:50 a pack. notability the entrance fee has gone up and is now ?3:50, WHICH IS TOO BLOODY DEAR. I watch Star Trek III or IV or which ever one it is before vacuuming my motor. After that I've done nothing. So I guess I might as well watch the second Carry on Film that has come - Up the Khyber

Friday, January 16, 2004


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