Thursday, February 26, 2004

Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Its hard to no where to start but on Saturday I had a dilemma on what socks to buy for the forth coming holiday. Having cold feet can be most off putting and uncomfortable. Not something I wish to experience up a mountain. Now the ones I snowboard in at the snowdome are an expensive ?15 pair and they keep my toes most warm. So when I went to buy some more there was a choice of prices for socks. namely 3.99, 8.99 (horizon) or 12.99 (bridgedale). Being tight I did not what to buy the most expensive but I also do not wish to surfer cold feet. So I bought a pair a of 8.99 ones and 12.99 ones.

Well Sunday I tested the cheaper 8.99 ones when I went to watch the Rainbow play footie and I can tell you now they don't keep your feet warm so it will be the dear ones and hopefully and enjoyable holiday!

I have managed to find time to watch the hilarious American Pie the wedding. So funny in places I was splitting. But thats my kind of humour!

I now also have a set of original 12 year old alloys for my cavalier curtesy of ebay, Big-L and the white van! I knew you'd want to see them....

Having looked at the Rally-Europe forum I have noticed a new posting which I have replied to!

"hi all new member,

I would like to race next year but not sure if im allowed. Im just a regular member of the public with a 1990 300e 24 valve mercedes w124 with carat duchatelet body kit. and im willing to pay the entrance fee and raise sponsorship. but am i allowed to race or do i need a different type of car could you let me know

thanx "

Sunday, February 22, 2004

Well Sunday morning came early with a 7:30 rise. I don't know why either. But as I was awake I decided to burn the

Well Big-L collected me, we nipped into the local SPAR and I bought six D cells for his CD player. THIRTEEN QUID THEY COST (not even duracell)!!! Personnally though due to the end result I think it was money well spent ;). The moment they scored the play button was pressed out came the sound which I quote the words from Bill Poades mouth 'That just about sums this team up!'. Nicely, although they did not win again, they did give us a few more opportunity to play that tune again :)

well here are the photos:

An early free kick to the opposing team..

All hell is about to break loose in an agrument with the ref. Steve makes his point of veiw clear..

But the tossa of a ref does not listen and they get another chance to score.

Luckily they miss.

Matt Poade has hurt his wrist, which apparently is the cause of his bad playing.

Al Parker in goal doing a great job. (well until later on)

Is this a foul. The ref thinks not.

Are you homosexual? Then get your hands off me.

Another free kick against Rainbow. They make a wall...

they make a right mess of that.

A good diver this chap. And I don't mean in water sports.

Ref is this a foul. What you mean no.

Another dive but the balls already passed him!

Neail Allen scores!

Ref is this a foul. What you mean no.

Trubby - if in doubt kick it out??!!

Ref is this a foul. What you mean no.

Ref is this a foul. What you mean no.

Ref is this a foul. What you mean no.

Ah ah the lines man lets rainbow play up there end for a change.

spot the ball

Trubby misses!

The (motavition) sound system

The team
Saturday I got my hair cut. Nobody mentioned it on the night which means:

a). It was very badly cut and nobody wanted to embarrass me by mentioning it.
b). It was done so well nobody noticed.
c). Nobody gave a shit.

Wolves won which made a change.

On the night we celebrated Kirsty being another year older and in doing so went to the dogs.


While for most of the night I backed the dogs that finished last as usual, I actually won a race giving me a ?10.00 win. With this I put a ?5 on the next dog. Blow my socks off that won too. I bought a round of drinks and of course lost the rest.

One very entertaining point was when Big-L gave me a lift from Matt's flat to the dogs. He said he a problem with his alarm. During the week his battery went flat and now when ever the passenger door is opened the alarm goes off and the hazard lights flash and the remote will not work any more to turn it off! This gave me good opportunity when we came to a pedestrian crossing to open the door while the people were walking infront of us. ALARM SOUNDS and Hazards flashing away Big-L swore at me. From this point on I new I was going to have some fun!
Where do you find the milk? Not the same place you find the T bags!

Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Sunday brought round Big-L and another Raibow match at home. Thye were doing well at first. So I guess you have already gathered the result. 2 goals up at half time the Rainbow looked unbeatable for a change. But then the second half happened. Then Poade drunk and doing very little was substitued. Then another substitue was made for a new guy who gave the wrong AKA and was not allowed on by the ref. All this and two goals put them level pegging for the most dramatic ending we will see all season....

With 30 seconds to go the OTHER team score.............!!!!!!!!!!?????????????

We head to the pub to hit the beer. When I get home I polish my car ready for a pic to send to the Rally Euorpe posting board!

I examine the rust on the passenger rear arch and think it looks bad, so I do something about it and get the power grinder out. Now its booked into a garage for some body work attantion and a touch up spray job.

Monday was snowboarding night with Matt. Just as he said stop getting cockey cuz he wouldn't be advenutreous because of his hurty wrist, I tried going all the way down right foot forward. I crash and landed heavily on my right cheek. My hat some way up the slope still. It must have seen pritty bad as someone came to help me up. After another 5 runs I had to retire o the bar for some medication. I can tell you now it still hurts.

Wednesday and this morning the postman brought the bel820 round. It is now connected. Will it do its job. erm I'll keep you posted. Off now to swimming, via some spreed cameras. I doubt much swimming will happen though. My check still hurts (even when just sitting down!)


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