Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Sunday and I went shopping on the web that is. I bought two items from each of the following; play, CD-wow, Amazon, and JML. Now to my surprise the amazon stuff came first. So I'm sitting here copying to minidisc and listening to Music For The Jilted Generation. Also came was 'Sleeping with Ghosts' so lets sit back and enjoy until swimming hour occurs!

' Review
Crawling out of the end of the rave scene, the Prodigy's second album went straight in at number one in the charts. All the tracks have the unique stamp of Liam Howlett and the boys, from the hypnotic atmosphere of aggression and attitude on "Poison" and "Voodoo People" to the guitar-driven "Their Law" (featuring the now defunct Pop Will Eat Itself) and the breakbeat tech-house of "No Good (Start the Dance)". One of the few dance acts to retain underground credibility and huge mainstream popularity, Music For The Jilted Generation shows The Prodigy at their best. Any modern music collection seems barren without its presence'

Oh yeah watched Carry on up the Jungle from my next DVD collectors edition. If anybody else has ever used De Agostini UK Ltd then let me know. Last week I called them as the invioces they kept send said ' thanks for your payment details' . But they never took any money out of my account. As I say I called to see what was going on. It was quite obviously some shanty calling house in Asia where no one can speak good english and I could not get them to understand I wanted them to take my money. Well I didn't want to end up with one big bill. All she seemed interested in was saying sir your next DVD's will be with you in seven days and sorry for the delay. I gave up I put the phone down. But with the latest two DVD's that have come the account does now read zero outstanding. I'll probably find my bank account has been emptied after this moan.

Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Monday and Elizebeth, Matt, Norf and myself head to the snowdome, the first time since our holiday. I was expecting to be king of the hill, even with Matt there (don't forget that wrist of his). However within 3 meters of starting from the top I had fallen over. What was going on? It soon came obvious that the snow at the snowdome is in fact slow snow and there is now speed to it like the real stuff so turning had become surprising harder! A few bruises later and I went to get a helmet. Matt followed suit and we even talked Norfy into it. It was time to learn how to jump.

Matt looking hot
(hence the steam)

Elizebeths turning skills are turning out to be orsome

North and Matt battle it out down the slope

Norf does the jump on skis!
Last Thursday brought poker night and for a change I went home with 15 squid. Not that I won any of that, it was just the amount I had left. Friday morning and when I got up I was tired yep, but thank god I did not seem to have to bad a hangover. Friday and I decided to stay in. This would leave me a clear head for the morning when I was repairing my dad's motor. This repair took all day and boy was I glad when it was finished. The cold started getting to my wea fingers. That night Big-L, myself and Beardy went to Wolvo for a couple of drinks. The Hoggs Head seems to have been given a lick of paint. Its certainly brighter in there and the floor service is a god send. We moved from there to Mudoons round the corner and down an alley by the Tube. We finished watching the rugby game that was on and then moved onto our old favorite the Passada. I was starving so I had some chips from Charlies fish and Chip Bar, what a con. Got the bus home and ordered a curry from Shimla. A lovely chicken balti jalfraza, with nan, rice, popadums, onion salad, mint source. So I went to bed with a full belly.

Sunday and I had remembered before going to sleep to move the clock forward by one hour. So I was up well in time for Big-L to come and collect me for the footie match. But he was about an hour late. I wish he had called to let me know as I could have really done with some extra sleep. Anyway we turn up at the match and things aren't looking good.

Thing didn't improve and the Rainbow lost 5-2!. Guess it was all down to Matt Poades wrist action!

Later went out for a meal with my parents and Grandad to the The Mill House in Averley for a nice long leisurely Sunday afternoon dinner. I finished Sunday off with a long moive, The Lord of The Rings - The Return of the King. God it went on. 4 and half hours of more of the same. I was disappointed and tired. Perhaps I wasn't in the best of moods to watch such a long film. I just wanted it ended:)

Wednesday, March 24, 2004

You'll all be glade to see that the photos from the circle line pub crawl have at last made there way onto this page. Along with a new book review! ! hour to swimming and counting!
Hi guys n gals
Just 2 months to go until the start of Rally-Europe 2004
Are you ready yet?
You should be thinking about sorting your european insurance and green card out if you haven't already.
There is a list of things we reccomend on the web site at

If you have any friends or family that may be interested we can send out info packs in the post as there are still a number of spaces available.

Thanks for your time and see you all soon.
Steve & Andy

Tuesday, March 23, 2004

So it has been a while since I differed on. But with so many photos to sort out from the Andorra holiday I have been slightly busy. Wednesday brought swimming and all the exercise from the week before seemed to improve my performance although I doubt this will last more than this one occasion. Luckily my brother had videoed ER for me the week I was on holiday and so I set about recording this weeks after it as I had not had time to watch the episode he had recorded for me. What I had not realised was that the tape was not long enough for two episodes of ER and all the before and rubbish, as I can be bothered to set the timer. So half way through the second episode and that was that. ermm. Friday I stayed in to keep my head clear for the morning. If the weather was good enough I was going to change the cam belt on my car. Not the easiest of jobs but an essential one if I do not want it to snap and bugger the engine up. When I woke early all seemed nice and sunny. About an hour after when I had sorted myself out and had something to eat I step outside to clouds and wind. I consider putting it off but I'm now motivated and just get on with it. The wind picked up and even the spanners kept moving in the wind. The final out come was a record breaking time for me to complete the job in. normally it takes me one and half days but this time it takes a mere 5 hours to complete leaving plenty of time to put the new set of alloys on. Smart. I see my neighbour across the road who has also got a Cavalier and ask him if he would like my old wheels, as there was still some good rubber left on them. So he's took them off my hands which saves me storing them for an eternity. That night we arrange to go to Brewood for a couple of bevies in the Swan,

Greg shows us his courtesy car he has got since he drove his Golf into the school bus just before we had gone on holiday. A Nissan....

After a fair few pints Sarah, Gaz and Myself go for a curry at the Banglahashi.

Here I have what tasted like the most fantastic Balti I can remember. Eventually we get home really late.

Sunday and Big-L comes round to take us to East Park to watch the Rainbow play some other footie team. Apparently I have missed there two best games so far this season being on holiday. However with Matt Poade back on the field this particular match is dull drab and boring. But at least the Rainbow win.. Here are the highlights and believe me there was not many perhaps the best one was Bill Poade referrering again as the the real paid referrer could not be arsed to turn up.

Trubbies new hair fashion. All the rage apparently. Which is lucky as this is how my hair looks straight out of bed.

A few pints down the Rainbow go to my head and at home I fall asleep. I watch Shaft and then eventually fall to sleep quite easily.

Roll on Monday a day at work and then home tired. I watch Finding Forester once more and fall asleep. For some reason my belly hurts. And I'm sure it's been hurting ever since I had that really really nice balti.. aaagggrrhhg.


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