Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Shock horror on Sunday I got my bike out, the first time this year!

Half way round I diverted to Codsall to see how the decorating was going at Di's and Greg's. It appears it is now safe to go round without fear of a paint brush being shoved in your hand.

When I got home we had a some BBQ'ed food as it was so warm and then headed to the cinema to see Kill Bill volume 2 which was well worth seeing.

Luckily during all this I was recording the F1 Grand Prix, which I can now watch at my leisure

Sunday, April 25, 2004

Its about time that Big-L and myself got this form filled.

DEADMANJONES has started the presidence by being the first sponsor and has dedicated £10 to cancer research.

So if you expect to bump into me or Big-L in the near future expect to be shown a sheet of paper (one above) and a pen forced into your hand.

I gather money is to be handed over during the rally so We'll need cash before the 21st May 2004.

Any question just email either of us.

Saturday, April 24, 2004

Arrrggg Paode has emailed me to tell me he has bought this.

I'm sure its a wind up. But does he have boots and bindings as well?

Thursday, April 22, 2004

While DMJ shows you two toothbrushes, I wish to show off my two cacti.

Now one of these is watered with used contact lense solution but which do you think it is?
I think this weekend I will attempt one more go at the electric sun roof.

Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Well Monday I watched What Lies Beneath on DVD. Yes I know it was on the telly at the weekend but hey I wasn't in. More worringly I had a nightmare that night. Cripes what is happening to me.

Anyway while looking around I found this. Its not obvious at first you have to look at what your looking at. And yes I know you may have seen it lese where before but what the hell is it doing here now?

I must be board I've just redownloaded this.

Quit frankly yes I'm that bored. No swimming that will happen tomorrow, and I'm feeling so unmotivated that I'm not going to bother keeping up with him. Deadmanjones has written nothing interesting new, erm what is the world coming to?

Can you believe it? It still download the wheels on the bus. but its worth it :)

Monday, April 19, 2004

We should spring back to Wednesday last week just to fill in some gaps, or even slightly before that. Tuesday night was (and I know Matt will love this) watching a film. No review here though just going to let you know it was worth watching.

Wednesday was swimming night and I decided to see if I could keep the challenge up of keeping up with Rog. When we got to the baths the blokes changing rooms had been closed again. Although I'm not surprised by this as the new none smelling floor was lifting away from the floor. I guess the problem is more to do with the shower water being red hot and not just lousy workmanship. Anyway keeping up with Rog was a struggle but I finished ahead of him after the 30 minute marathon. He went on to do some more but I was shagged so I 'cooled' down.

God knows what happened on Thursday, I just can't recall do anything worth typing about. It back to me more Carry On has come and tonights programming was Carry On Dick.

Friday and hey I stayed in as I was planning to do some maintenance not on my car but my brothers. So to entertain me I watched

If you don't like Billy then you won't like this. Full of Aussie actors with Aussie accsents! If it wasn't for billy this film would have been a flop which I guess it was at the cinema. Anyway I had an early night as I had asked my brother to bring his car round early morning on Saturday. 10:30am is not what I call early, however I managed to get his cambelt changed in more than enough time to relax before heading up to see Deadmanjones in glorious Stockport. We headed out for a meal Thai we eventually decided on, which Deadmanjones did not mention was located at one of the highest points of Stockport. By the time we got there I was glad for the rest. The meal was great. Well the Thai Beef Salad starter was well wicked. God my mouth is watering right now thinking about it. I can recall Matt having a Green curry, I had a red curry and Deadmanjones somehard boiled eggs or something odd. A few bottles of wine latter and we flagged a cab down and headed into Manchester itself and a bar near Northern Funk. Eventually we, they must have talked me into going home, (we''ll someone probably got a taxi and we headed home). Matt woke me up next morning as he was getting a flight from the airport to the USA and well then I was left lying on the sofa with a hangover for the rest of the day. Luckily in the heights of Al's flat the air is fresh (once Matt has gone).

So Zoe, Al and myself hung(over) out at the flat until we decide to pluck the courage up to put something into our bellies and headed over to some pub in the Stockport Hills for a beautiful lunch. There we reminisce about some of things we had done in the past and I had my favorite egg and chips (it also came with ham) for Sunday lunch. I can't remember any of us having any alcohol here and a few hours later headed back to Al flat where I was introduced to the wonders of samurai Jack

and everiangles or something. I can't recall how many episodes we watched but there was a lot of them and we went through a whole weeks worth which Al had video. Al even entertained us for the first few by singing through the beginning of each episode. All I need now is the time of the next episode which he has probably emailed to me at work even though I told him I was going to a meeting for the rest of the day?!?

I leave it there so I can watch yet another film I guess:)

now what was that song... the wheels on the bus go round and round?

Sunday, April 18, 2004

I was going to post this on the DEADMANJONES blogg but has hasn't made it that easy after all! Any way after typing it I thought I would post it to my own. I remember Matt and Deadmanjones saying they wanted more ramble and less well what I'm giving my small audience. Anyway the bit you were ment to read on Deadmanjones but can't:

"Deadmanjones has gone back to bed but said I could play on his PC. This is the kind of stuff that happens when you are half asleep and talking to me. In fact I'm quite glad he has made it easy to find the blogg writer, but then I guess he hasn't actually tried to hide it from me. Poade had dissapeared from the flat and I gone to Manky airport. God knows what time he got up but I remember him waking me up and it was light. It would appear he has forgotten his charger for his phone, although he mentioned something about it being in such a back street place that there is no GMS support there. His office in the states is apparently next to some big mountain you can snowboard down, but the lifts are not open. I'm glad about this as by the time he would have got back home he would have told me about all the tricks he has mastered on the real stuff. Competitive Matt and all that. I have no doubt he will bring the most outrageous step system board and boots back which will just make me jealous and go out and buy something I just was not going to buy until, well I suppose after Matt bought his. I guess what I'm trying to say here is that I hope he does come back with one as it will give me a kick up the arse to buy one myself. I could ramble on some more but its not my blogg and I'm sure Deadmanjones will shortly delete so get commentating quick."

Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Well its nearly 6pm and I've just finished the Andorra web page, whihc is lucky as five CD's worth of DM has also just finished. So at around 6:15pm I will be downloading! I can see this is going to take a few hours. But hey I'm sure you'll appreciate that it will have been worth the wait.

A quick break from the Andorra web page. I've so far pasted photo 184 onto a page. I'm about half way. Its gone be dark before I finish. I have also had to resort to inspirational music by Depchemode. Five discs in the and the hifi set to random. Soon the neighbours will be complaining I'm sure. Off for a cuppa tea then.
A qucik break from trying to get the Andorra web page done. Matt has sent me some polite abuse so I thought I'd better get on with it yesterday, to suddenly relise why I had 'halted' in getting it finished.

However the problem bit has now been sorted and I am well on my way to doing the web pages that should contin nearly 400 photos. Blimey. It would appear how ever that I managed to find time yesterday to clean all the oily marks of the interior of my car that I put there on Friday. After which I played another 3 hours of Tiberian Sun with my brother before sitting down in the late afternoon to watch:

Now I was slightly put off by the reviews of this film (boat trip)on amzon. Well the first of two reviews and it gave me such low expectactions of the film that it made it watchable. I'm not sure what Roger More was doing in this film but without him this would have been a film you would just forget. However his camp little liners keep this film going where else it would have stalled and you'd go and get a cup of tea. The story is essentaily one of two guys get dumped. The other hears that if you go on a cruise liner its a 10 day sex feast (Noted Gaz has never mentioned this about any cruises he's been on). However when they pull up to park at the travel agent there is an arguement with a stranger, whom it turns out works at the travel agents. So one of this colleges book them onto a gay crusie liner for revenge. Only it takes them some time to realise this when they get on the crusie liner. There is some lovey dovey plot also involved but if I gave it all away why would you watch it at all.

Later (before bed) I put on Ghost Ship

Now this is more like it and whats more it was good to see Julianna Margulies doing somthing since ER. There's no need for me to tell you much apart from a bunch of salvagers are asked if they would be interested in salvaging a boat this chap has found. With money in there eyes thay go to what turns out to be a ship that went missing over 40 years ago. Once they are aboard though they arn't allowed to leave what seems to be a haunted ship.

Sunday, April 11, 2004

You may be wondering why has Nack put a picture up of the most awful tasting beer ever? Well my hangover was cured by going to the Rainbow and having a few drinks. By which time Big-L decided he was up for a beer or two in town. So I left the Rainbow and prayed my bladder could hold out for the bus journey into town. I also called Beardy as he was desperate last night to come out on Saturday night. In fact when the bus pulled up Big-L was aboard but not Beardy. When we got off the bus we headed into the Hog's Head (the nearest toilet). I had a couple of Heinekins here which where disgusting. We played a fair few games of footie, Big-L obviously at an advantage here as I was a fair few pints up. Which is why he won a couple, a dew a few. Eventually some other people wanted to play and so we let them and moved onto Moonies. Where Big-L's eyes popped out when he saw a draught Becks tap. Oh He had a smile on his face which was soon wiped off by the barman explaining no one bought the stuff so he hadn't reorder any and wasn't planning on it. We sat here talking about something which I can't recall. We got on the bus and headed home. While on the bus it came up that I suddenly remembered on Friday night I had bought a bottle of Hosten Pils to slow my drinking down. The conversation was then interuptted by some chap sitting at the back of the who then gave us one long lecture on the Hosten Pils nasty beer. Apparently it a low calorie beer! We came to my stop and I escaped. However Big-L was tuck with him all the way to Penkridge where they both got off together. I leave the rest to your imagination......

Saturday, April 10, 2004

A slight diversion from the pub in taking my mom around to see my Uncle Adrian, then onto Wynes and then the co-op and then Sainsburys' (wednesfield), where I managed to get some more contact lense solution as when I got home last night and took them out there was none left. Worringly my dad asked if I enjoyed my meal for 2 last night. Which I hadn't remembered having until he mentioned it. Alas no curry down Mr Kings, not that it mattered. Anyway what was meant to be a quick trip out took around 4 hours and I'm now left wondering, do I go to the pub as I need a hair of the dog? Big-L wants to see Starkys and Huch but I've got 3 films here to watch yet! (Boat Trip, Ghost Ship, A Knights Tale) And I just don't think I can concentrate. Boy tha cup of tea was nice. Maybe another, I'll just see if Deadmanjones has had anything to say. Wonder if he knows I'll be knock knock knocking his door in the near future...
Dorch reunion was good. Matt dissapeared shortly after I caught him drinking a bottle of water. Not sure if it was down to drug taking or that he kept telling me he felt sick. Anyway it was great to hear the classics for the dance floor and its a shame it dosn't happen every week. My head hurts........ and I'm kinda waiting for Trubbie to call to tell me he's in the Rainbow. I think I agreed to mee them in there....

Friday, April 09, 2004

Well would you believe it, when we got to the swimming pool it was full in the lazy end so I nipped into the medium speed section. Rog and myself talked until about 9:15 and then decided we would start early. For a change though and this was the bit I could not believe he was having difficulty keeping up with me. At one point he over took me as I got stuck behind someone else, but it only took a length or two to have passed him and be on my way. After the usual 30 minutes of swim I cooled down while Rog did a couple more.

Thursday and when I got home from work the electric sun roof and rear internal lights had come. So I set about taking the hand winder out only to find there was no electric loom up there as expected :( This was bad news as it meant I had to remove the heading and feed some wires down. I never finished and it got dark so I packed up and went in. I have got four new films to watch and tonight the first one to be viewed was Catch Me If You Can. A true story by Steven Spielberg and starred Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hanks in the main rolls. Not the most wonderful film ever but entertaining for the few hours it was on.

So I went to bed with my new pillows which I'm sure you want to hear about. Well for starters you need to sling all the other pillows away. Yep you only need one. And while they do make some noise while the beads move once in a comfy position there isn't that much movement so it doesn't stop you sleeping. In fact sleep with them is good. It must be I woke around 10:20 am this morning! So I got up to finish messing with my motor. To cut a story short I have decided that for simpler reasons my left hand will continue to get exercise to open the sun roof and I will ebay the thing to some other cavalier lover.

Now I'm just about to get ready for a beer up town with Beardy and Big-L and if everyone else is going to the Dorchester Reunion I to will be joining them.

Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Monday I got home and after a bit of surfing I settled down with 2 litres of sugar loaded coke to watch the second of the latest Carry On DVD's

Tuesday was lack of energy day. Around mid-day I felt the energy drain away and well that was that. I got played a few levels of Tiberian Sun and caught a glimpse of Shameless while in the sack.

Wednesday, I'm recharged and today my Sobakawa pillows have arrived. They're like small bean bags and are very noisy. How they are meant to help you sleep has got to be seen. However tonight I will remove my old pillows and give them a try out. The instructions do tell you to give them a day or two to get used to them. Is this so if you have not got used to them you are so knackered you will have a good nights sleep anyway?

So off to swimming to kill my energy levels and then watch ER till the early hours.

I have Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday off. Considering I may get bored I was surfing for flight to Rio De Jeaniro for tommorrow night. Looks like around 500 pounds an average cheap flight. Perhaps I'll be staying here then either bored or riding a board.

And ho my electric sunroof still hasn't come :(

Monday, April 05, 2004

While typing this I'm listening to Duran Duran's Greatest Hits. It's quite obvious that I'm not a huge Duran Duran fan but the disc does contain the famous Girls On Film uncensored version.

Friday night I stayed in watched 'Love Actually'. Pritty much as funny as when I saw it around xmas. What I forgot was to watch The worst Weekend of My life, I knew there was something I wanted to watch on telly. Saturday I was wide awake at 6am so got up and took my car to the MOT test centre to have it redone. 'Ah I remember this one' the chap said. And nice a chap he was too as he passed the lovely red machine.

Off I went to get my hair cut and to buy some deodorant as I had run out. While up town I sneaked into game to see if they had any thing cheap. And then I came out with 3 copies of this.

So at some point I'm going to have to find some time to play this!

After my hair cut I went around Di's and Greg's new house to give them (or Di as the case may be) a hand with the painting. Luckily Big-L had been round the week before and done most of the hard stuff. Come about six and apart from the lots and lots of tea drinking that had gone on I was parched. So I called Big-L to see if he wanted to go up town and the pub. So I left Di with Greg and my painting kit I had taken down. We had a pint in the Tape and Spile as it is next to cash machine. But hey out of order so I was cashless and so could not buy the first round. After a refreshing pint we moved onto another cash machine at the post office which had a massive que, Then the rain came down really hard. With cash in the wallet we ran into the Moon Under Water and I order 3 Amstels at the bar. I'm guessing I was charged wrong as 3 pints only came to 3.84! After a drink in here we decided to head into the Quadrant Lounge. We found it surprisingly empty, which was nice as it meant we could grab our usual window seat. The prices here are a lot more harsher than the Moon but it is a mighty fine pint of Grolsch they serve. Here we sat and drank until it was time to go when Beardy piped up he wanted to stay until 2am. Which normally I would have been fine with but as was getting up to go to Blackpool in the morning I behaved and went home on hum bus. On the way home I called Gaz to see if he was still up for Blackpool considering it was going to rain. Once off the bus and walking home I called Andy P. I broke he bad news Bob the rabbit had mysteriously died the day before I so was not in the party mood.

Sunday and I eventually prized myself out of bed. To my surprise the sky was clear blue. Could this be possible? I jumped in the car and went to collect Big-L and then onto Gaz and Sarah's before heading towards Blackpool itself. When we got there we parked in that free space and went directly to the theme park, and into Burger King for dinner. First of the rides was the Steeple Chase, whipee, roller coaster and Runaway mine train *without being so runaway).

It started raining so we decided to go on the log fume, were Gaz and Sarah got there Mac's out!

We told them we wold site in the front but actually Big-L and myself jumped into the back. This seemed like a good idea untill the log left the station and off the conveyor belt. The log sunk until the surface of the water was two inches from the top of the boat. 'This doesn't look good' I shout but they did not notice. I had an idea we were about to get wet and we did!

As we were now so wet we decided the best option would be valhalla. Were they have put some sprinklers in that basically drench you. This is where we put a pound in the drier and well got blown! One pound and we were erm still wet as it happens! Then we bump into Marg, Martin, and Dan!. We go for a hot coffee and chips in a cafe in the park and decide to meet up later for tea before going home.

We leave them to it and go to the Naoh's Ark, something we do on every visit. It's always full of surprises!

After that we go on Alice in Wonderland! Another unmissable ride. Gaz and Sarah head to the North end of of Blackpool and Coral Island while Big-L and myself stop for some more grueling rides.
The Ghost Train, The mouse, The Big Dipper, a coffee break to warm those very soggy feet still. In fact by this stage they were numb. So around now I looked at my watch saw the time was pushing on and plucked the courage up to suggest the Big One. I hate heights you see so this for me is one scary ride. Near enough one hour we queued for. While in the que Marg and Matt found us waiting patently to go for tea! Big-L and myself play Eye Spy to wither the time away.

With a lack of bladder control we are on....

sat right at the back and on the way up. I have decided to do this one handed with the other taking some photos of the ride.

Nearly at the peak, oh God don't look down.....



And up and breath in...............

Big-L lovin evey moment......


and up again.......

Round to the leftttttt..............


Down some more and ah this is quite nice really!

What you think Big-L???? Want to ride again????

And its all over.

Some pics of it from a distance....

We all get in the cars and head off to collect Sarah and Gaz from Coral Island. With a map in Big-L's hand he takes us for a mystery tour, until someone decides enough is enough and we head back to the promenade to start again. We all know there's a Frankie and Bennies here somewhere its just somewhere round the next corner. Ah here it is. One Hot American pizza later (chilli city) and my mouths on fire! this is a hot pizza. Something Matt Poade would have liked I'm sure. It would appear that in Blackpool, Frankie and Bennies is the place to go if its your birthday. Oh he comes that Cliff Richard song again who's birthday is it now :). Half twelve I eventually curl up in bed.

It would appear that I do actually like Duran Duran after all. And to top it all that Ebay has emailed me to say he found the parcel at the couriers so it is being repacked and resent. Goodieeeeeee.......

And don't forget, change a single letter of cuckoo and what do you get? Oh how I kept giggling and work....


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