Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Yesterday and another free session at the snowdome. Used the BIG board again but the slope seemed so so slow again. Are they buying this snow in specialy. I'm not that keen on the larger board as it happens, as it does not turn quick enough but thats more to do with the lack of inertia. I've look at the board size rating and I should be using a 177 though.!

Today I have had to to fork out 165 quid for my car tax. I'm now depressed.

Sunday, June 27, 2004

Last night we wet round Greg and Di'a for some food, beer, wine, board games and glastonbury watching.

Eventually it was bed time and we all went to sleep.

Today was up early as Big-L gave me a lift home. Which ment I could go to the computer show with my brother. There I ahve purchase a 6 port USB2 port for 6 quid, a replacment internal model for another 6 quid and also a MSI bluetooth adapter. The bluetooth adapter is good and works it would seem 100% with the Sony Erricson T610. The software is a dream once you discover one little thing that makes it see the telephone that is.

Prity much after that all that has happened is more Glastonbury watching..

I wonder whos got wet this weekend?

Friday, June 25, 2004

While disscussing the weather for Greg & Di's BBQ tommorrow I came up with this little ditto:

The weather is a changeable thing.
Gobal warming, I wonder what that will bring.
Sun in the morning, dark sky by night.
Better keep your coat in even in day light.
We need to keep away from that skin cancer fright.
A tan you may think is nice,
And frost bite, cold as ice.
We have snow in the summer, and hail too.
Then just when think its winter the sun warms you through.
Planning a BBQ could be the worse thing you do.
There is no telling what will happen with gobal warming and how it will effect you.

A poem by Nack

Great eh.

I have put my oldest and in so many ways best minidisc players for sale on ebay. They don't seem to make them like they used to.


While when it first came out 11 years ago I wasn't the biggest fan, but there was something about this comedy that ment you could always sit down and watch Fraiser with ease and enjoyment. I forgot to mention it earlier in the week but on wednesday the very last one was aired on British TV. The episode 'Goodnight Seattle' had a truly fitting end to the series: warm, witty, very funny and finally rather moving. I won't give too much away but suffice to say Frasier and Niles struggle to organise Martin's wedding to Ronee, while Frasier himself has to deal with the departure of Charlotte to Chicago and the offer of a high profile radio job in San Francisco. We are also treated to the appearance of Anthony LaPaglia, Richard E Grant and Robbie Coltrane as Simon, Stephen and Michael Moon, but things take a dramatic turn as Daphne goes into labour. The series ends as it should on a high.

Thursday, June 24, 2004

So the phone has come. But not on its own! It seems to have come with a bluetooth ear piece. Is this a peace offering? One does not know. Its not even on the delivery note. Anyway the phone is registered set up and now well the sim is back in the good old T39m. I may try using the phone after all its got a camera on that could be handy for this blogg. The good news is the old T39m works with this blue tooth head set, smart or what. I did question orange though weather they had put me on the right tariff, as it says the wrong thing on the delivery note. However they tell me its changed since the 9th June to a different one. But I know there are two with these tariffs I want to be on, one at 15 quid and one at 25 quid. We'll just have to see what happens when the bill comes.

its England 2- Portugal 2 at this point and into the penalty shoot out.

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

It is car insurance and tax time and although I can't d much about the tax I slways check against one or two other insurance companys to ensure I'm getting a good enough deal. With the rise in price from Direct Line this year it seemed sensible to check out a couple of firms that had posted nice letters through my door asking me to contact them for a quote. By moving insurance company and removing Big-L from the policy I have cut it from what direct line want by one hundred and fithy seven pounds to a figure of three hundred and thirty. With 6 years no claims I qualify for their 65% Maximum no claim Bounus every year for life, no matter how many bumps or scrapes I claim for! Price includes courtesy car and should I make a claim the price will not rise! More over they provide comprehensive cover for aborad included in the price for up to 20 days. It all sounds too good to be true - is it?

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

I have so many carry on films to watch now that I can't be bothered! At the weekend I did manage to watch this one mind.

I was in contact with Orange again yesterday evening. I've lost all faith in them. They are sending me another phone having found out they would seem to still have it on record that I live somewhere else. I have the feeling when I get my next bill I will find they haven't changed the contract which is what it was all about.

Last night after goal number one I got up off my arse and went snowboarding. There was a choice of going to the pub, but I know I would have just drank too much and felt ill at work. It was nice and quiet on the slope (surprise) and I used one of the two invitations to have a free birthday session.

Perhaps what was more worrying was the card they gave me to have a drink in the bar. Either a regular coke or a bottle of plonk. Crumbs what a choice! What is the plonk like?

Anyway the fresh untouched snow made a bit of dilemma with the old board. The fake snow is slow enough but untouched it is hard work to keep the board moving. So I decided to ask for a BIG board. Off with the 156 and on with the 161. Holy smoke this thing shifted. Having not been for 6 odd weeks my control was a bit dicey and now at rocket speed too.

Today I ache not just because of the boarding but because I did a fair amount of cycling too on Sunday. Tonight I will be watching location location on channel four followed by Pay Back with a larger or two.

Saturday, June 19, 2004

Today I have been round Rog's to show him the photos of Scandinavia. Now I wonder who I will haunt with them next. Besides that I was going to go on my bike but until about now it's been too windy so I have sat here and finished this:

I thought it was time for another nackuk competition so there you go I've added one which I'm sure will excite Neil Allen during his many lunch hours.

Fathers day tomorrow and luckily I have sorted out a present and card. At the same time I found a very apt card for Andy Poade, although its not actualy that funny. I'm lucking forward to my settee next week and another year of Glastonbury on the box unless I'm a lucky competition winner!

Friday, June 18, 2004

Yep must have had too much to drink. I've been knackered all day at work. Its been a tough busy slow day.

Earlier in the week I won a bid on ebay. It was one of those where you well bid more than you should, but hey I won it! Its another rare live Wonderstuff Cd. Live from Olso Norway.

Christ knows what is going on with my new phone. Orange left a message on my phone to call them back and explain why I had refused to sign for the phone when the courier delivered it.
It turns out that it wasn't delivered to me! But to an address I have never given to them them. I was told that they would contact the couriers right away and update the address and I would get it tommorrow. Tuesday came and went. Wednesday came and by dinner time I called them again. They still have the wrong address on record for delivery and I was told she would put it right. Thursday came and went. Friday has come and nearly gone. By Monday dinner time I will be completely pissed with them. After a year of good customer service this is letting them down and I will vote with my feet if they're not careful.

Last night on Big Brother all mayhem broke lose. When Michell and Emma were brought back in Jason and Victor did not look at all happy. Things went down hill from there until a fight broke out. It was great stuff. unfortunately the bouncers came in and calmed it all down. BOOOO!!! Then later coverage was removed BOOOOO!!. I've been waiting for 3 weeks for this bunch of weirdos to crack and completely lose it. And now Big Brother wants to calm it down BOOO!!!!!. Is BIG BROTHER EVIL this year or not. The contestants know its a game and can leave. Lets face it its mostly about greed and being famous. Let them kill themselves over it.

Thursday, June 17, 2004

After being down the Raqinbow all night to watch the England team win I can say I think I've had too much to drink. However Neil Allen has explained his email to me about Vanilla Sky and now I've lent it out I want it back to check out his reasoning and the original Spanish version too!

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Yep my head recovered enough to go to the Hog's head and watch England play. Followed by a curry on the way home. Obviously if I had a curry I had a lot to drink which means the next day I was pleasently surprised not to have a hangover! Not a lot else has happened as I'm doing the Barcelona web page, so hold on it is coming before the Scandinvian Tour.

I'll update you on the orange situation when I've next got a minute but for now its off swimming.

Sunday, June 13, 2004

Got up at 1:30pm. My head hurts and its a beuatiful sunny day outside.

Saturday, June 12, 2004

Well after Big Brother I sat down to watched Vanilla Sky. A film which was well worth watchng, I'm not saying anything about it other than that as it would be giving the whole thing away.

Not that you really watch it twice. So hands up those who know why its called Vanilla Sky?!

Friday, June 11, 2004

Phone 1 has come today. And the situation with this phone is already being sorted. Last night poker night (as it was the last Thursday of the month). Notable people missing were Sprog and the black balls are bobing. Gav won the most wonga and I went home no worse off than I tunred up which makes a nice change. Mind you I was not boozing so perhaps that had something to do with it. Tonight is BIG BIG BROTHER NIGHT. The night two think they will be evicted but will infact be put into the beisite for a week. I think this is a great idea:)

Tommorrow night we are celebrating my birthday with a meal above the postoffice!

Wednesday, June 09, 2004

I have received this

after a bid on ebay which had no photo or much detail but I recognised what it was.. For those of you who don't recongnise it it is a very very rare CD (NOT BOOTLEG) of the Wonderstuff live in concert at Manchester back in 1995. I have longed to find another copy of this and have never seen one since parting with my copy by lending it a friend whom has never given it me back!(and I have no idea which of them it was. So if you thought I was scowering your CD collection I was probably looking for this!) If you do recognise and want to feel honest I do not mind being greedy and having two copies.

After last years shit missunderstanding with Phones 4 U we move onto Orange dealings.

I write the next bit in bits to make it easier for you to understand:

1). For those of you who do not know I called orange after seeing an offer on their website for 120 anytime anynetwork and 30 txts for ?15 a month and a T610 for Free. As my contract has done a year I asked if I could have this and was told no it was for new customers with new numbers only. After some more conversation my phone was to be changed to PAYG and a new sim would be sent to me. When I get it I need to call them to register my number onto the new SIM.

2). I sat down and worked out how much my monthly bill would come to with PAYG compared with the minutes I use on average. It worked out I would be no better off.

3). So I decided I could live with a new number and ordered off the web a new phone, contract and number. But during the form filling it asks you if you want to keep your old number and if so how it is with. So I type the info in.

4). My new phone still has not come but today I have a received a letter from orange asking for a PAC from my old service provider, which is orange. So I have called them for it.

5). Eventually I was asked why am I moving from orange?

6). But I'm not moving from orange I explained just changing plan and taking my number with me as the form suggested I could and was following the instructions from orange.

7). Ah but you can't move an orange number from orange to orange. I explained their form on the web does give you this option and so I selected it. He said I couldn't do it. Look mate your form said I could.

8). Then he asked what contract I was connecting to. He didn't seem to keen that I would be getting a T610 for free but concluded that he could arrange it for me on the account I have at present instead.

9). I hum and ha'ed and said "but I have already ordered the new contract and phone!" (in my mind this is getting very messy)

10) He told me just to send the new phone I had ordered off the web back when it came and cancel it in the cooling off period.

11) I told him I was surprised he could arrange this deal for me as before I ordered it off the web I called orange and asked them if they would change my contract to this new offer with or without a new phone and I was catorgoticaly told it was for new customers with new numbers only. He then explained that they should have put me through to him and he would have sorted it in the first place.

12). Things are really messy now as a pay as you go sim will also appear through my door as well soon from Orange.

13). A phone will appear at work.

14). And god knows where this other phone is going to come to, it wasn't discussed!

15). I think someone should check there web site and sort it.

The above is very dissapointing. Why do record companies push these bands into releasing sub standard stuff before they have time to mature some of the songs. Grrrrr

This has come and having not much time to watch it I may leave it till Friday night with an interlude for Big Brother. I've watched the trailer and it needs some time to watch it I think. Completley missed it when it was on the movies.

Sunday, June 06, 2004

Didn't go out this Friday so switched the box to channel 4 and watched the oh so dramtic Big Brother. Personaly I feel it is a shame Kitten was made to leave the house as it would have been more entertaining for the audience if she was still in there. But I guess from Big brothers point of view although she was entertaining she was also a liability. I think things could be a bit boring for a while.Before going to bed I put the Scandianvian photos on CD rom ready to give to Big-L. Now I'm sure he'll be sending his via the nackuk.com ftp. Thats a hint if your out there.

Saturday I spent with the family as it was my moms birthday. We went shopping around Brum and then later we went for a fantastic meal at 'Made inThai' in Wolvo.

Sunday and it is Tenby weather outside. Having T-cut my brothers car back to a glorious red after borrowing it and meeting Matt poade oh its my old car but whats happened to the paint job? I may well give mine a go but it's bloody hard work so we'll just have to see how it goes.

Saturday, June 05, 2004

My circle line pub crawl mug never did return to sight at work so I thought it was time to reorder one, along with a new design for work of the world record SUb crawl in Glasgow.

Thursday, June 03, 2004

With rising fuel costs it comes into question weather it would be worthing taking all of Asda's sunflower oil stock once a week


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