Saturday, July 31, 2004

While I wait for my white shirt to come out of the wash and for it to be time to go to the wedding I thought I hit out a blogg. Thursday I managed to find time for a carry on film.

Carry On Lose Your head is most definetly one of the better ones and was a most enjouyable watch. Its the one about the Black Finger Nail.

Anyway last night I joined the boys for a final pint with Paul Beason being single. We meat at the Rainbow and then headed up to the Swan in Brewood. After last week you would have thought I had learned to take it a bit easier but no this morning I wake to a crazy head. There is something in common mind with last night and last weekend. That being the consumption of many pints of Guiness. Perhaps my body can't take it. I don't feel like a drink later on today but perhaps that will change.

All this socialising has got in the way of Big Brother. So I thought while I was here I would see who has been evicted.

Ah Michelle. I think out of them I now want Jason to win. It would have been victor but the series without Victor or Jason would have just been dull. Which is what it now is. I feel the voting public (not me I'm just a spectator) have got to think hard about what they have done. It started as one of the bestt Big Brothers ever and now at the end I fear it will have become the most boring and stagnet pond life ever. But we'll have to wait and see.

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

While I don't remember much of what happened after the Cuban Bar in Wolvo I can remember Sunday. Ho god what a hangover. One of those like having done the circle line pub crawl and waking up the next morning. I didn't do anything really. Just moved from one horizontal position to another around the house. I can recall watching top gear and then because all I had done was nothing not being able to sleep that well. But that may have been to do with my head still banging away.

Monday I woke up and I still felt bloody awful! I got in my car and headed down the M6. Now the traffic was strangley slower than usual and when I reached a wide load on the motorway taking two lanes I suddenly remembered the massive chunk of steel hanging off the lorry was in fact heading its wayi into Brum for me! Which also ment that something massive and green heading up the country from Wales taking twolanes was also for me, but that I didn't see till after dinner. It was a long day and I struggled.

These two day hang overs arn't for me and I doubt I'll be drinking for a while. I was very glad to get home and well I thought I would ask Big-L if he would lend me some CD's to re-record to minidisc but in acompressed mode. More music less discs was kind of the idea but has turned out oncemore in the same amount of disc just much much more music!

The only other thing to say is have you got yours?????

Saturday, July 24, 2004

Another Friday night and I managed to stay in although I knew there were a fair few people out. Today is Paul's mini stag do and this afternoon we are heading into central Brum for a 12 hour + celebration.

Yesterday the Cream came through the door.

Thursday, July 22, 2004

Thought it was about time to watch some of those Carry On Films that keep slipping through the letter box and onto the floor. Tuesday saw the classy Carry On Screaming which I can recall. Perhaps not the most technically advanced film ever.

Wednesday I have break from them and go swimming. aggrr the waters just to warm to swim in if you want my opinion. However tonight I have seen a Carry On Film I can never recall ever seeing. It is Carry On Emmannuelle. It is in fact the last Carry On Film made over the 14 year period and was screened at the cinema in 1978! I think it hasn't been on TV ever because its just so so so poor. Oh perhaps they dragged them out just too far. avoid at all costs.

Well I did find some time to make me a nackuk screen saver or three for my phone and here they are:

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Matt already knows but for the rest of you, if you want to comment on the circle line pub crawl web page design you can by clicking on the logo above.

Monday, July 19, 2004

So last night was the Rainbow's football end of Season 'BIT OF A DO', held at Sir Jacks in the Molineux.
Bill Poade did the speaches and then relaxed with his wife and sun.

Neil taking it in his stride

When we left it would appear Matt couldn't wait to get home to water his own plants.

All aboard Big-L's van and a ride home.

Neil very much enterained by Nack's new mobile phone screen saver

Matt gets out of the van and says goodnight out of his arse???!

Sunday, July 18, 2004

I ordered this The Open album some while back from Play and admittedly it did say out of stock. But god did it take a while to get to me. Anyway its good to have something different to listen to in this time of boring crap music which seems to be in the shops right now. The way things are going I'll be buying the Dameion Rice album soon (probably a good thing as I could talk to Deadmanjones about it). Anyway its worth putting in your collection.

My catus is still growing well on contact lens solution if you really want to know. Its great the way it gives you somewhere to drop the liquid without thought.

It would appear its having difficulty growing in a upwards direction though!

Last night went to the movies to catch Shrek 2. Now I enjoyed Shrek but not to go mad about it so I wasn't too bothered about seeing this. But it is a really really well thought out film and funny. Great casting has been done for the vioces. Tto miss this would be a shame not to yourself but for the people who (although paid) took the time and care to prodcue such a quality movie for us to enjoy. Top Rank.

After finally re - finishing the circle line pub crawl web site update this morning I was bored. So I downloaded all these phone screensavers, which if you have a sony erricson phone and bluetooth adapter for your pc will come in nicely.

(give em time to appear and download each frame for each one as there is a fair few.)


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