Sunday, September 26, 2004

Friday night was spent in. No booze at all. This was in aid of my opticians visit and paying the bill. It did mean however that I could contact Big-L about THE CIRCLE LINE PUB CRAWL we are meant to be doing next Friday but haven't organised anything yet.

The deal is now this (are you listening Deadmanjones?)

Friday train - 7:06am from Wolverhampton to Euston. At least this time by not going on Thursday night I might get to bed before 3am before the crawl. Although I note its poker night that Thursday.
9:30am check in at the Accorr Group and get rid of luggage.
10am breakfast (may number 2)
11am The ship and Shovel ready and waiting for the doors to open and 12 hours of booze. {ANYONE CAN JOIN US thats a hint Deadmanjones}
11pm Pizza hut
11:30 probably thrown out of pizza hut to a night club.

Saturday - got up and went to the opticians to collect my new contract lenses. unfortunately the right contact lenses does not seem to be quite right so they arranging for more. This is quiet usual. However my new glasses came on Friday so I was a least able to take these home. WOW the world is a different place and hey I spent a hour or two walking on the moon.

A piccy of me and my new speks

Although I'm no footie fan I went and watched the Wolves play. Exciting or what.

A pint or two was had which was quiet nice really. Some mad bloke to the right of us was definitely in the wrong stand. This is the quiet stand. I think I wanna join him in the noisy one.

I think I want to buy one of those 35 quid bricks. It seems money well spent to me. And get a new TV or two Wolves. Those screens are crap!

Later I cooked my dinner to my brothers disgust. An eye watering meat dish with veg and chilli, ah lovely chilli.

The night was finished of at Cineworld in Wednesfield where I saw Collateral. Ok but I knew how it was going to end a couple of minutes into the film. It was obvious really. ** only.

Monday was STAR WARS day. A day not to missed. A day to celebrate the launch of the DVD collection of the the original first three films. Pre-ordered from amazon they were lodged in the door conveniently. There was no time to watch them though. Nope that would have to wait until tommorrow as tonight was our first snowboard night since the end of June I think. Just like swimming, cycling or even skiing, the skill of riding a board came straight back for me and Matt. Matt had decided not to bring his new snowboard, boots and bindings. which in one way I was glad about as he was bound to just make me utterly jealous. Mind I really wanted to see how good he could ride with this new kit. Oh Norfy the skier came to, but that was sking so thats enough about that.

Tuesday - the night was spent watching Star Wars - The New Hope. enough said really. Oh yeah Vision express rang to say my contact lenses were ready. Now that a fast three weeks!

Wednesday - Got home got my tea and was sat in front of the big screen ready to watch Star Wars - the Empire Strikes back at 6:30pm. This meant I would see the film before going swimming.

Thursday - You've guessed it, Star Wars - The Return of the Jedi. oh what a week this has been!

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

now these are the type of emails I like to see.


I am a Freelance Journalist who has been commissioned to write a feature for The Daily Record, titled Tales of the Underground. The idea of the feature was to highlight the experiences of those travelling on The Clockwork Orange. I have been really interested in your experience on the sub crawl, and would love to include it in the feature. If you are interested in being interviewed, please email back ASAP.

Many thanks

Chris Fisher

Monday, September 20, 2004

Action shot tokk by neil allen from the side line

Reminds me of a film, now what was that called ah yes 'eyes wide shut'

Yet another goal for Rainbow'

Deano and his plums'

yes yes yes another goal

Sod footie I'm just going to hurl abuse at my own team

Anybody for Leap Frog

Groin problems have ment I have limited ball activity this Sunday morning

Anybody for Leap Frog

Sunday, September 19, 2004

Well here is Dad Poade wide and wake. there are photos of uncle Matt too.

Didn't go out friday as I'd arranged the optician visit at 9am. It would appear I can't see out of my right eye. Which was a bit shocking because I can. But not when he displays the letters on the wall. So there is a big change for the right eye. By the time I've bought these new glasses and contact lenses I'm back to being skint. So while Matt, Big-L and Me went to the Noah's Ark only Matt purchased any kit. This makes me most jelouse. I was very tempted but managed to keep my credit card in my wallet (thankgod).

Thursday, September 16, 2004

Its mended. Some of the repair was witnessed by Paul Beason. nuff siad here really.

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Bloomin car broke down on the way to work this morning just as I was joining the M6 from the M54. Water pipe had burst. Pulled onto hard shoulder. Opened bonnet. Looked for leak. Walked round to the boot. Got water can out, filled water bottle to the top. Put top back on water bottle but did not tighten it. (trick here you see is to stop pressurising the coolant system). Put container back in boot, walked round to bonnet, dropped bonnet and hey ho there was the police behind me watching from a distance. Got in car drove down the M6 at 50mph followed by police car starring at Bart Simpson swinging away in my back window. Got of junction 10 and went home via Wednesfeild. Once home I called into work to tell them I would be late. Car is now in bits as in most cases the burst hose is in the most dificult place to get at. Anyway once I get a new hose tommorrow things will be humming again. Not a lot else to say other than I have started work on the Scandianvian web page and I'm limiting myself to only 30 minutes play on Doom 3 a night!

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Really I should have said congratulations are in order for Teressa and Andy whom have had their first Child Dylan Jake Poade. Born at 6:07am on Monday morning weighing in at seven pounds.

In the Sun today there was an artical relating to some wild racers out there doing the Cannonball. Seems they may have not got that far this time.

Annoyingly when I tried to clean the lenses of my glasses the antireflective coating came off in places. So I've had to book an appointment at visson express as they are now terrible to look through. In fact today I have worn my contact lenses to work. This is really going to unexpectedly hurt my wallet.

Monday, September 13, 2004

For some of you gamblers out there this maybe worth looking at?

for the rest of you here are the 'select' footie photos from Sunday.


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