Sunday, October 31, 2004

I'm sitting here wandering where Big-L has got to. Then remember he'll be here in about an hour as the clocks have gone back of course.

Friday night I stayed in and watched The Jonathan Ross show with Babbs on before putting in the Ghost Ship DVD. Saturday I got up early to replace the automatic rear brake adjuster on the drivers side. It had unadjusted itself leaving the brakes feeling spongy. Having manually adjusted them to go to Edingburgh I noted a little clip is not how it should be, and although I made a temporary fix knew if it re-unadjusted it would need changing for a new part. And so last week it did. To some it might have felt like a major spong problem. However on these old cars if the rear drum brakes are not set up correctly it makes the brakes spongy rather than a nice hard feel to them when you place your foot on that brake pedal. Anyway job done.

Talking of cars I have removed the pilot Green thing as I'm sure it makes the fuel economy of my car go down not up. I'll check it out over the next couple of tank fulls without it and see what happens.

Thought it might be time to show you my catus has decided growing up is just too much effort and is now going sidewards instead!

I headed up town for a haircut and to pop into the travel agents to see if we (me and Matt) have space on the plane for our boards and boots, ie weather they have been booked in as I read it in the back bit of the brochure that you had to. It would appear that all apart from one person in there didn't know you have to book room onboard the plane if you take your own board and boots. They couldn't tell from the booking weather our booking included it and so they rang Neilson. Neilson were promptly helpful by not answering the phone! Anyway apparently they will catch up with Neilson and contact me.

When I got home there was little to do so I polished my snow board base and top with auto-gloss 707. Mad I know but there was nothing else to do until later when we went to the Dog's in celebration of NorF's birthday. It would appear my look was in as normally I win nothing. However on this occasion I won on the first and last dog that I bet on. Ye ha I was in the money! After the dogs Myself and Big-L headed into town to meet Mr and Mrs Greenie whom were on the piss. A few late night drinks in some bars finished off with a Nan and chips covered in chilli sauce. Yummy

Thursday, October 28, 2004

Hi. whats been happening? Well its time to take a look at the Scandinavian photos isn't it. Take a look enjoy site back and well just take it all in. You may or may not also notice that all the photo have now been moved to the i12 server. Which means theres no adverts any more even on the older photos. Well untill they start advertising I guess.

Tuesday was a sad day because I found out Kurt and Brian had died. Well the show must go on I guess. Mind this first show of the new series was funny all the way through. Hopefully it will stay this good throughout.

It would appear my last blogg was about buying my snowboard. And although it was a lot of dosh it was well worth it. Having been on it just under two weeks ago I can truely say it was definetly worth the money. It turns on a pin, its flexiible and it has a great pass of accelaration. And boy am I excited about taking it to the snowdome this coming monday. Something I'm not so estatic about is the fact the membership will have run out by then, so I've either got to renew it (having just checked 55 quid). Me and Matt have paid up on our snowboarding holiday to Avoiraz. Although we aren't sure weather we have booked to take our own boards - although they know we don't want to hire them. It's Norf's birthday this week I understand so we'll just have to see what happens.

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Sunday, October 17, 2004

This Saturday Matt and Me headed down to Stroud and Noah's Ark. There I spent a small fortune on a snowboard bindings and boots which I'm wearing as I type (the boots that is!)

Before arriving at Noah's we popped into Gloucester Ski centre just to check it out! Neither of us was impressed mind. So we didn't hang around too long. It was raining anyway.

There is two good things about Noah's Ark. the prices whic are nice and competitive and the service. We must have been in there for at least an our and a half trying boots and stuff on, without any pressure to buy or get a move on. The guy there is a real dude.

So after Noah's Ark we went to RAF Wittering to Andy, Terresa and Dylan.

A photo of Matt with Dylan.

A photo of Nack with Dylan.

The usual lazy Matt Poade actually started putting my bindings on my board for me. But then he got half way and then well couldn't be arsed to finish the job off.

I was more at home hugging my board. I was even consideing sleeping with it!

Yeah look at the stance.

Even Matt got excited but thankgod he only showed off his tongue.

My board ;)

My lovely warm boots

During all this I've even managed to catch up on some Carry On Film watching

Good one

Good one

Excellant one

Erm well what went wrong here.

Monday, October 11, 2004

Friday got home nice and quick from work and went up the Rainbow to watch Chris Beson's band play live. Once finished a group of us went up town on the bus to the Little Civic where I can remember chasers and my first bottle of Newcastle Brown for around ten years. Much else I don't remember until I was woken up in the morning. Big-L was round and we were using the white van to shift a sofa to my brothers house. I was wrecked. Still got up at I'm told was actually 9:45am and did the deed.

Dinner time and Rog came round in his MG. And so we speed off down the motorway open topped toward Peterborugh without a map. Not a clever thing to do really. All I got off Rog was I thought you knew how to get there. On the way we play tick tac toe with a lotus whom eventually burns off down the M69 without us. However going via Lecester means we pass a Mc'Donalds and stop for a hangover relief milk shake.

After a long drive in the country we make it. So here are some photos of the Kid Dylan.

Rog and Dylan


Dad and son

The patter of tiny feet

Poade plays with his new gadget. And he has the manual out. Surely not.

A chineese later and I redirect us back home, hood up as it is cold enough to me. Glade to get home glade to go to sleep....

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Friday morning I get up at the crack of dawn (if not before as its dark outside) as Big-L is collcting myself, Greenie and Martin for the 7:06am Virgin Express from wolverhampton to Euston. Apparently it should take only 2 hours to get there. And it does. These new titlin trains are imopressive

Once at Euston we go to Kings Cross and to McDonalds for breakfast. Around half ten we make our way to Embankment and the Ship and Shovel. Quinton the Austrailian landlord recognises us from inside and opens up the doors.

He pulls us a of pint each on the house and watches in amazment as we blow up the BIG Sol bottle which once did the SUB crawl in Glasgow. Unfortunatley once up it goes down. It has a leak. It has a big leak. We explain we are doing no games this time round (mainly as I want to get round) and bid him goodbye and tell him we will see him later to collect the bottle. In reply he says if it was anybody else I wouldn't believe you. But I know you'll be back. And so the crawl began..

Martin on the piss

Nack on the phone

Greenie on the sofa

Big-L on planet ZEE

I could bore you with the details of the crawl. But if you didn't come along then you probably aren't interested. Quinton was most surprised when we turned back up at the Ship and Shovel at around 9:30pm! And in true fashion he bought us another pint each to celebrate the fact (er that we were already drunk I guess). And while I say this was my last crawl I just kind of ment that this was my last routine pub crawl. Carrying on like this will surely kill me if not Big-L. And most definetly accident prone Greenie who has come more and more often. This time though I believe (well can't remember) him trying to commit suicide by throwin himself down a flight of stairsor anything. Getting back to hotle was a struggle. Well for Martin and myself. And I will never be able to know where we had a pizza, why we went to Tower Hill, Why I gave a police man my phone to talk to Big-L. Its all oddities that one day won't get answered. Unlike my hotel door that is Normally I'd expect ot hear BANG BANG BANG from my head. BUT in true Greenie fashion he jsut couldn't helphimself from trying to get in my hotel room every ten, no 2.5 minutes. I was going to scream I was going down stairs for breakfast.

Saturday is spent watching a Wolves game at West Ham.

We see all types of playing and weather. But the Wolves loose....

Thankgod as it ment we where able to leave the area safely. Seein gthe underground que we opted for a bus which was going nowhere but it was a sit down and in the dry. Of course not many people on it when we got on. But soon people came up the stairs and gave the 3 people in Wolves colours the eye ball as they walked passed. Eventually there was only one seat left and that was next to Big-L. Somecame up looked at it, him and then stayed stood up. Then he looked round and said 'This is worse than sitting next to my mothering law!' and sat next to him. After that there was some general footie banter.

We make our way on the bus to Stanstead and then by tude to Tower Hill before going back to the hotel to get changed for some food.

We try the Ship and Shovel as we are told that they do nice steaks. However they only do nice steaks when they do food. Which isn't now. We diced to see a show at the Comedy club which starts at midnight. Till then we prop ourselves in Pizza Hut for 3 hours of Pizza, free fizzy pop top ups and as much as you can eat ice cream. God it felt like Christmas day in my stomach area!

It might have been a bit of a late show, which went on till 3am. But it was a laugh, which is what you want from a comedy store. I was ready for bed mind at the end. Paul Morton was around and so were the cameras as they were recording for the TV. Which reminds me of a strip and run scene just before we went in the door.

Sunday and as I'd only had two pints the night before you would expect my head to be banging. And it wasn't. It was bloody Greenie at the hotel door again. Someone save me. We went to some art exhibition Big-L wanted to see, but we didn't see it. Then we went to Harrod's to go shopping. But it was closed and we didn't shop.

Then I suggested a Costa coffee from across the road. ut I didn't have coffee either. Nope I suddenly changed my mind for a large hot chocolate (even though I don't like chocolate much). But look at it. The mug (bowl) has two handle. ah it was nice to site in the road in the rain with this.

To kill some time we decided to go on a bus ride. A proper London bus ride. Which as i was wet ment you couldn't see out of the windos as it was soo wet and the buses windows so misty with human vapour. Eventualy Big-L ordered us off and so Greenie being Greenie didn't wait for a bus stop and jsut jumped off. The rest of us carried on up the road (smile)!

Eventually it was time to go home to Wolverhampton - mecca city. You'll notice I've finished the Temp and leant it to Big-L. A review to come shortly.


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