Monday, November 29, 2004


Rainbow F.C.

Sunday and I was up early for the footie. I even called Big-L to make sure he was out and coming to get me. What I wasn't prepaired for was how cold it was outside. With my camera nackered I used Big-L's newish one which took some rather dubious qualtiy pictures. During the game I syked myself up and suggested to Big-L we would hope into Wolvo to go and buy a new one! While there we went into McDonalds for a BIG cup of coffee. It seems to have been done out. Sofa, art on the walls of places in Wolvo. It could become the cultural hang out in Wolvo. We went to Boots where we hung around the camers for nearly an hour. Picking them up and seting the alarms off. In fact we had our own Boots representive stay with us to keep going round them turning them off. In the end though I bought one. It has zoom, 3 mega pixel or 6 effective and a poxy 16mb card. Being the same make as my old one I can use the old card, but it still doesn't hold many picks.

Sunday, November 28, 2004

Friday night we celebrated Mat Poades birthday. He got drunk. Swore a lot and was generally abusive. Never the less we all still had a good time. I joined them after work in Brum by which time they were all pissed. We all met in the Choccaddera as usual. Deadmanjones had made it down from Rockport for the annual event and things were soon swinging.

This is me with my beloved jacket. From the Chocaderra we moved onto the Firkin. Which was meant to be good but it wasn't! So after a few pints we moved on and had a pit stop. Service was slack so we didn't hang around and ended up in the Arcadian center. One pint in there and off to O'Neils for several. We left O'Neils undecided on where we were heading. There were some votes for Snobbs, Academy and in the end we all caught the train back to Wolvo and headed to Cheekies. First we visit the Little Civic, where they have no tickets left. So we que outside. Things are vague from there on. I remember Newcastle Brown Ale and my coat being stolen right near the end of the night.

In fact here's a picture of it before it dissapeared (on the chair behind Paul). Why on this occasion I didn't use the cloakroom like I always do I don't know. Its only a quid. And so the night was spoiled. Mind I did manage to get a taxi outside straight away so I wasn't cold for long...

Oh you want photos of the night. Well click on the first picture back up there.

Saturday I got out of bed at 3:48PM. The day was nearly over. I felt dreadful. Worse still my camera was covered in ink from a pen that had leaked in my pocket. Worse still my PC would not see my camera when connected. The dam things knackered. Still takes picture but knackered for getting them off and into the PC.

Too lazy to cook I ask Deadmanjones if him and Mat want to go to Mr Kings new venue for Tea the Copper Bowl. It's an all you can eat affair and a distance from Wolvo being situated on the Birmingham New Road. I go and collect them and we turn up in a rather full car park. As we enter through the door we are immediately welcomed by Mr King. 'Ah my friends it is so good to see you'. His counter part was not so pleased to see us as we obviously hadn't booked and they were full. Mr King insisted it wasn't a problem and they would fit us in. Deadmanjones loved the VIP experience. We had a slow long meal. A non rushed affair which was nice and brought me slowly back to life. Once we were full iy was time for bed. I watched the repeat of the last inspector Morse and lay in my bed wandering what to do about my camera and should I buy a new coat. Sleep didn't come easy after getting up at 3:48PM

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Lookin forward to the weekend. As I'm hoping Deadmanjones will be about. What I'm not looking forward to is a hangover. But one often comes with another. Friday night and its up Brum for Mat's birthday. shall I take the camera?

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

'A weblog by the team. cos they certainly don't spend their fucking time training that's for sure.'

Deadmanjones I guess has added this comment on the Rainbow FC settings! :)

Friday night saw the celebration of Martins 33rd birthday. It was especialy cold this year and we didn't stay outdoors for long. In fact after a heavey schedule at work I was tired and the night ended relatively early with some night caps of Sambouca playing Jenga. Saturday morning I got up and serviced my motor again. Qucikly done and nothing else to do I headed to Xscape for a snowboarding session. Parking was a major problem and while the place was busy I also overan my 1 hour time slot by, well that would be telling but I got back to my car just after its parking ticket had expired. I only really noticed this when I looked round and thought erm. Where's every one gone that started on the same hour I had. One things for certain and that is those lifts don't half pull on the muscles not used on the snowdomes conveyor belt. I headed on over to Andy and Tereas Poades in Wittering hoping they would be in but not for some reason answering the phone. After many attempts they called me back and I forwarned them I would be soon with them as I was not far away thankgod. We had a chineese for tea followed by X-Factor and Moulin Rouge. Dylan is begining to look more like a person now (perhaps I should have got a photo but didn't). He's also learned how to cry louder too. I curised back to Wolvo by 2am so that I would be ready for the big match in the morning.


Rainbow F.C.

Rainbow verses the Rock in the mudest of pitches. This week Neil Allen joins us in the van to ensure he doesn't let the team down again! While he has bought lots of warm upper wear his converse trainers are no match for the slippery, wet, cold mud. On top of that he had to some come Bill Poades abuse of asking if the cloths he was wearing were girls clothes. Gav late but not letting the team down turned up to Neils disgust, wanting me to abuse him serverly on this blogg. No such look. At half time the ref wanted to call quits due to the mud but no one want to finish. Hey by this time even us supports were cold and muddy. So the match went on to end 1-1. (pictures can be found by clicking the above rainbow text)

Not a lot else happened that Sunday as far as I remember.

Monday and another snowboarding session at the snowdome. Boy do I need to get fit.

Monday, November 15, 2004

Its not finished yet and may never be. But this weeks photos can be found by clicking the 'Graphite text'

Rainbow F.C.

On saturday I got early when Beardy called me on my mobile. You see the night before I had gone up Wolvo with Big-L and Beardy, had a few beers with them and then agreed that for Beardys birthday we would do the metro line pub crawl. Reluctantly I got up nipped up to the Citreon dealer and then caught the bus Big-L and Beardy were on. Once up town a quick visit to the bank and we were minutes later in the cornish pastry shop just off Dudley street having bacon bagguettes and tea for breakfast. A little something to line our stomachs! Once we had finished and I motivated them out of there seats we headed over to St. Georges to catch the metro up Brum. We hung around a bit away from the platform. Then we saw everyone go over to the bus stop opposite the police station. Was there no tram coming? On futher investigation the not so loud speakers and signs were informing you to catch the bus up to Preistfield. So we climbed on the West midlands Travel bus and asked how much a metro day ticket would be. At 3:50 each it seemed good value but none of use had enough change. Big-L tried to hand the guy a tenner but the driver didn't want it. Nope instead he wanted Big-L to put the note down the coin collector. So Big-L folded it in half and jammed it in. We seemed to get a slight discount here and ended up with the worlds longest ticket. Which in itself became useful as I will mention later. The first drink started at 12:15 in the Old Joint Stock.

The classic pubs of the West Midlands were once more visited. Being a cold day at the Talbot we didn't make it to the beer garden. In fact we didn't really hang around. It was back to the tram to meet another conductor and to get the worlds longest ticket out again.

The Cross Guns and Nack had taken to mild. It would appear that I quiet like mild as long as its not Banks. The pub crawl seemed to progress slowly and we might not even make it. Tired and wery at Wensbury Park Way I see a Taxi pass us on the way to the station. I plan to baggsy it on the way back. Which is when Big-L decides to take a street side leak. I hil the cab. HE stops. I put my head in the window and ask if he will take us to the pub. No problem which I thought he would say. Then I point out I'm only willing to pay a pound. To my delight he tells us to get in. So I shout back down the road to Big-L to get that willy put away and to hope into the car. Within minutes we are at the Bush and true to my genersous world I pay the taxi man a pound.

Back at Preist feilds and with wery legs I try to get every to follow what looked like a short cut through the bushes. Beardy refuses but Big-L knows I've got my bearings and follows me up to a fence. I slip through the gap with ease but for Big-L it was going to be too painful. He had to turn back. Me was for the pub but before I got there I bumped into Beardy.

We enter the pub together. Now anyone who like ourselves has been to The Gate before will know its an Asian pub. In fact we were most defenetly the only white people in there. That was until Big-L made an appearance. We had a couple of swift halfs and we were out of the door. A quick photo was taken and then out poped a guy as big as Big-L asking what all the photos were about. He was a man not to be argued with and I was not the person to argue. We told him about the crawl and how we had to bugger off to get it done as time was now running short for the one before last pub, another walk into the dark depths of Wolvos most scary back streets. When we left this last pub I decided it wasn't a good idea to take any photos, there were just too many people around (if you get the hint).

The last pub was the Hoggs Head. It must have been tiring as Big-L dropped off. Could I wake him, erm well he woke eventually but I can't recall why?

Now though I regret doing the crawl for the blisters I have on my feet. If you think The Circle Line Pub Crawl is difficult then think again. This just out does it.

Sunday, November 14, 2004

Rememberance day today - and with it Neil Allen let the team down..

Click to open high quality photo

While looking through a stash of old photos I came across the above of me and my class at St. Pauls school in Mrs Higgins class if I recall. But can you see me??.

Here come the names (theres a few gaps)

Patricia Jones / Paul Hopwood / Eugine Hacket / Janet Lakein / Stuart Hamson / Katie Andrews / Cathrine ____ / UNKNOWN
Nicola Woodly / Hanna Morgan / Karen Brown / Helen ______ / Phil Price / Michelle Grewer / Andy Poade
Ester ____ / Sarah Bennet / UNKNOWN / Vicky ____ / Debbie ____ / Alex Jones / Me / Greg Asbury / Paul Cashmore

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Friday night was spent celebrating bonfire night on bonfire night. I'm a big believer in celebrating things on the day they are ment to be. Not haveing firework nights on a Saturday say just because it is convient and not a week night. For Guyforks was going to blow up the houses of Parliment on the 5th November not the nearest Saturday to it! .Fireworks, soup and beer and kids were all round Martin and Cheryl's has having a wonderful time. Mind the kids didn't like the fireworks and went and watched videos. Big-L had knindly picked up some fireworks for us and in his wisdom in the fact that there was very little left to chose from bought a huge 500 shot cake. It was big it was hevey and everyone apart from the kids could not wait to light it!

Saturday and I finished reading my latest book Man or Mouse. Quiet amusing throughout.

And now I start a book that Andy Poade bought me for my 30th birthday. A large hadback edition that weighs a ton.

The majority of Saturday was spent serivcing Matts car. Although I poped up town to see the travel agents about the extra flight supplement for our snowboards again.At least they know my face off by heart now. Lots of PC problems followed by Neilson not answering their phone on Saturdays again ment very little happened. They are sorting out during the week and will be posting proof of payment through to Matt Poade. (Matt keep this letter we may well need it at the airport). Following the travel agents I went to Citreon (we don't keep nothing in stock but we have plenty of car parts hidden away in France just to piss you off) dealer. And what a surprise the parts needed (and they are nothing special) they can order for me and have by Wednesday. So I did order them. Saturday night I went up town with Big-L and I'm still alive Beardy. The watering holes we visited were: The Tape and Spile; Moonies; Euro bar - which had been done out and there are some nice sofas. The jugs of Sangria have gone up by a pound which seems to have put off the underaged drinkers that used to overwhelm the place. Beardy would not touch the Sangria and you can't really blam him. We moved onto the Garage(Mudoons) and drink some bottles of Russian unpernoucable beer. On the way back Beardy did his usual of getting off two stops earlierto sobber himself up!

Sunday came and so did a hang over. Dinner was had at the Bridge in Penkridge.

This was follwoed by a bonfire night at Weston Park (NOT BEING HELD ONN THE 5th NOVEMBER) with some of the family and Scott. The bonfire was warm once ablaze.

Thursday, November 04, 2004

When the M6 has its bad times it usualy lasts about a month. This morning I was late to work again. Two sizable accendents on the M6 ment delays but nowhere near as bad yesterday.

Matt has brought his car round for a service while he is away in New York watching Rob Whitehall doing the Marathon. Only Matt will most likely be watching from the nearest bar. We'll he may well just watch it on TV in a bar in New York. Anyway I've gone and bought the book so that I know what I twiddling with. It will never run the same is my guess ;).

Something I forgot about was the fact I'd ordered series 3 of Teachers from Amazon. So as a nice surprise here it is!

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Roughly 2 hours it took to get to work in Brum this morning.

And it was all down to this asshole of a lorry driver.

Strong language maybe but sitting still in a grid-locked world is so frustrating!
It did however give me plenty of time to munch on the sweets in the car. I can confirm that there are no more sour chews left.

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Sunday myself and Big-L went and saw SAW. Well worth a visit if you havn't seen it yet. Top marks.

monday night was a right bugger getting home from work. Pretty much one and half hours in fact. We left me a bit tired to go snowboarding but we did anyway. Unfortunatley it was time to renew the old membership. A snip at 76 big sponoudnies!

Well the Rainbow footie match went really well....

Neil Allen in fine form.

Neil Allen injuryed.

Then Gav. will Rainbow be able to cope?

The vultures are circling

Due to the injuries the team has Paul Beason is on the field

It could be said Booth did a great job. But then again he did let some in


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