Thursday, January 27, 2005

Tuesday I went swimming and did my now complusary 60 lengths with Rog, after messing with the photos I'd taken from the Avoriaz holiday. Then my camera died again! I'm now on my third camera in 3 months! I have checked on to ensure that now one else has the same problem with this camera and well there only 3 reviews but none show any problems. Wednesday night I get a moment to watch a film - Lost In Translation. It stars Bill Murry and Scarlett Johansson who meet in Japan not speaking the language and become companions. Its an odd love story written and directed by Sofia Coppola where they get to a special point togeather and then don't go no further. This certainly will not be a film to everyones tastes but shows Bill Murry probably and oddly at his best.

After that I watched the ever exciting Desperate House wives. I'm oddly addicted to this series but I don't know why. I'm doing fairly well on the book I'm reading up to page 220 of 280. I might even finish it by Sunday night!

After Desperate House Wives there was an odd program on Channel four. The type of program that only be on channel four. It's called something like Anotomy for Beginers and is about cutting up dead bodies live on air with an audience. Tonights eposide was about the digestive system and was actually quite intresting if a bit well sqemish (if thats a word). Luckily this dead people had donated their bodies for medical research!

Tonight I've been swimming with Di. God she's a good swimmer. I managed to do my 60 lengths but only just. I'll be sleeping well tonight.

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Sunday night I watched Two Weeks Notice staring Hugh Grant and Sandra Bullock. I was surprised that it was so good, mind I only got it cuz I like Hugh Grants films. Monday night and I watched ER which my brother had recorded for me while I was away. Following that I watched the a couple of the series of Desperate House Wives which is on channel four and I'm now adicted to. If you've missed the first one you are really wasteing your time watching the rest. But the story has something to do with this...

While goingn on holiday I realised that I had forgotten to take a book. So while in WHSmiths I picked up this which I sara Green recommended. Its actually an easy read and quite addictive. Reading the back of it I thought I was not going to like it but there you go I do. It was pritty obviusoe the way the book was going to go in the middle but how is it going to end?

In the paper today - I'm not going to tell you which one there was this report. Note Vectra was the Opel name for Cavalier for those of you confused.

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Sunday, January 23, 2005

My bloggs been quiet for a week as I've been off snowboarding for a week with my mate Matt in Avoriaz in France. A dam good holiday and one of the best winter sport resorts I've been to. I'm not a France lover but this place I like, I liked it a lot! The worst parts were the hang over Friday and the extra long journey home. We left the resort at about 9am and it was going to be tight for our flight Matt and I thought. It was our transfer reps first ever transfer and she hoped it was going to go well. Well after extensive snow it didn't and although our coach wasn't one of the few to collided, once they had moved these coaches another got stuck on a hair pin bend. This ment we could not get down the mountain road and our transfer coach was stuck for around 4 hours on the road a few miles away from our resort awaiting the police to shit this other coach. Result we missed our plane from Geneva. Once we did arrive at Geneva we were then coached from to Lyon - 2 hours. The flight from Lyon at 9pm then went to Coventry, not Manchester. Good for us not so good for those who then had to get another coach to Manchester. Nelison rep though looked after us with a decent meal ticket and stayed until we flew off home. God I was glad to be back and get to my own bed.

Having a walk on the moutain road to kill time and have a leak.

The coach that got stuck on the hair pin bend.

Our coach parked up and not allowed to go for 4 hours.

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Look the tin is still nearly full. I'll never get through all these chocolates. Last night I went to the snowdome for the last practice before disappearing up some mountain in France. I managed 2 hours before being shattered and wanting to go home! Worrying if you ask me. On the bright side I have gone swimming tonight and done 60 lengths. And if I'm up for it I'm planning on going tommorrow as well. Going snowboarding meant I forgot ER has started a new season on channel 4. I forgot because as they have advertised a new season of ER a new slot in the week its been moved from Wednesday to Monday night. Whats all that about. I'll obviously be missing the next one too. I've found time to do the footie photos from Sunday. There are some good one and some bad ones. And there are plenty I deleted too. Talking of fitness Di has emailed me to say Greg is just too lazy to do the cycling part of the London Triathlon in August. Worringly I'm considering weather it wold kill me or not!

Anyway another vintage photo of me skiing.

Monday, January 10, 2005

Friday night a few of the crew headed up to somewhere Paul wanted to drag us. So after a quick pint or two in Varsaty and goodbye to Neil Allen we all went to the Xtra Alternative night out in Wolverhampton, which made a bit o a change to Cheekies some would say. It was 3 pounds to get in though and there was nobody in there. Paul used his charm though and managed to get it down to 2 pounds each as it was so empty. We were in and there was no fight to get a the bar. In fact there was only one barman. Something Neil would remember in the morning.

With no punters the DJ was DJing away quiet merrily. You got to give it to them the music was reshreshingly brillant.

In fact we our own private little do for a while. The beer was a cheap 1.25 pounds until ten I think so it was stocked up.

Neil Allen returns from god knows where to join us. Hey who's got my camera?

Neil Allen lightens up.

The dance floor is really hotting up now.

Wey hey calm your dance moves down.

A cheekie smile - but were not at cheekies (YET)

Matt returns to his former lover 'apparently'

Neil knows his limits and the barman bids him goodnight - he and Matt are off to Cheekies afterall. I stay behind with Paul for some more beer and a boogie but after all those sambocas its probably not a good idea.

Somehow I think its time to leave for a king kebab and nan and chips.

When I do get up I notice several calls from Neil at 2:40am. I pop on round his to get the footie kit and to thank him for the calls, which I never woke me up anyway. He explains away that while he was at the bar with me in Cheekies he saw me dash off home. So he got his coat and followed me out trying to find me, thinking I could not be far away to share a taxi home. I wasn't around apparently hence the calls. Oddly though I never was at the bar in Cheekies. I was never in Cheekies! Another night round Poades then I guess.

Which brings me onto something Matt told me about the new Oakley googles he has bought the same as mine. He reckoned his new ones were very orange tinted. I get out my old and new pair to recheck and this is the results.

The new pair.

None on.

The old pair. Quite a difference. Then I notice something else. The old ones a double glassed as well! Whats going on?

A quick visit in Wolvo to get a balaclarva and some euros brings me face to face with some Millwall fans and a lot of fighting in the streets. Safety locked in Thomas Cook I consider the big escape to Merry Hill. I wander around for hours looking at this and that. I must arrived just at the right time around 5pm. Easily got a parking space and not so many people in the mall. I manage to get a leash for my snowboard and head home.

On the way back I give Big-L a call and Gaz to see if they want to go out. Feeling a bit rough I advise I will drive for the night and go and pick Big-L up for a night in Codsall. A few pints in the station followed by the Bull where Sarah gets a big fascination with my very red lips and do I wear lipstick or is it natural. What it is of course is the fact I've been drinking backcurrent juice al night and its given them there lips a red glow. The night is finished off with some chips from Billbrook Chipie which are eat round Big-L's with a bit of live Big Brother action. Its late its time to go home to bed.

Big-L is late picking me up. I know that when I left his place last night I told him not to hurry but I get time to watch some Hollyoaks. A quick call confirms he's on his way. Not far to go as the match is at Billbrook. And when we are there Mat decide to reveal his new hair cut. Good that's going to be cold. The Rainbow do well in the fact they win 3:1 and its off down the Rainbow for a pint or two.

Big-L tries my witts as he beats me 3 times at pool. Arrggg. I thinks its because I'm wearing my glasses but he doesn't see what difference it makes.

While most people watch the YEading V's Newcastle game I bugger off to The Snowdome to do a bit of shopping.

While there I notice the new area has opened with skating and snowmobiling! Ah and theres a new swanky bar opened to. But NO WET BOARDs allowed. This isn't surfing you know.

I end up spending a small fortune on a pair of shoes and some more snowboarding trousers.

Sunday night is finished off by watching the genius 'Eternal Sunshine of the spotles mind'. A girly film but nice for a Sunday night anyway. And no I had never heard of it either. If it helps it stars Jim Carrey (acting without being a comedian) and Katie Winslet. Glad I've seen it but its not great. Its clear to see why it wasn't a hit, perhaps something to do with the name itself.

Well one more classic photo of me in the mountains. I'm the small person on the right in blue.

Thursday, January 06, 2005

essentially my first blog of the year. I'm still suffering from what is left of the flue. Which means I have scrapped my intensive get fit regime for the sofa. Too much coffing and cold to do much. Which has meant I have watched the first Big Brother celebrity. And have they chosen some celebrates to put in there. Firstly one of my favorites John Mc Cricick and then it went onto well surprise Bez! Now this I have to see! This has the potential of being very interesting!

Look even Shawn gets in on the act. I've been round to see Rog who came back from Goa this Monday. Apparently the jnugle was very nice and he didn't have much trouble with big waves, although they were advised not to go to the beach latter in the week due to 'debris'. I'll leave you with one very old photo of me.


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