Sunday, March 27, 2005

Had a bash of cork but had some trouble in the afternoon which was spent in goal. Nice and sunny mind here and the guinness is good.

Friday, March 25, 2005

They let up on a ferry. We have just set sail. Should make it to hotel for 7am! Only 7 hours late. Any i an tired.
Someone messed up the ferry booking so we are still at holyhead without a boat. Its a complete calls up as the ferries are all fully booked and the only hope is the three and a half hour one. Worst case tomorrow after noon! Les is taking it well but we have been to a sue until it closed and then mc donalds. Now sitting in post sue awaiting a mirical!

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Oddly I haven't done much. On Thursday I went swimming the first time since I'd come back off holiday and I was still too achey on Tuesday hence why I did not go that day. Friday night I had a night in mainly to reserve cash for the up and coming Ireland tour. I got some breakdown cover from direct line for just over £20.00 Saturday I got up collected my brother to go and test drive a new golf. He wasn't all that impressed. Perhaps its was the standard silver colour the test car was painted in. After that it was round to the Greenie's to look at Sara's car which is playing up. A few spark plugs later and a tweak with the exhaust and its was up and running although I feel it is a somewhat temporary measure as something is very up with that oversized fiesta engine which keeps coating the spark plugs with fresh oil. And if theres one thing oil does as well as lubricating that is insulating electricity. The oil should just plainly not be there. Saturday and with Big-L in a good mood as the Wolves won we headed up Wolvo for a few pints. Pint one in the Hoggshead, pint 2 and 3 in the Passsada, pint 4 was going to be in Kipps which we thought was closed as there was no one in it. So we went into the little civic where apparently someone had been very sick in the Gents! Next we walked to The Gifford for Goth night for pints 5 and 6. On walking to the Giffard past Kipps it wasn't closed after all just no one but bar tenders in there! After the Giffard the night ended with a bag of chips and some chicken from Keebab King for the pricely sum of £1:50. Sunday and there was no footie match so I could have a lie in. I got up and decided to clean my car from top to bottom inside and out. Believe it or not I hadn't done it for a while and it was a bit of a state. Talking of cars some of you may already know that I'm finally considering buying a second car. At the moment or as we speak it has left Japan and is on its way here in a container. Due for delivery Mid May if I like it after a test drive. Mind with fuel prices increasing again I'm not sure this is a wise choice but I've always wanted one with pop up lights although I would rather had a red one. These however seem non existant with leather and a 1800cc engine. So I'll compromise with British Racing Green. Well at least its not standard silver. Some piccys for yah.

Thursday, March 17, 2005

It would appear Big-L has updated his web page slightly!

And started a new blogg

Monday, March 14, 2005

Nothing written for a while. Well thats because I've been away in very sunny Sauze D'Oulx on a snowboarding holiday. I'm really tired after this holiday and going to work today was hard after finaly getting into my own bed last night. Our hotel rep only came to our hotel when we were out so we never saw her. But apparently my parnets did whom were unhappy with their room! I was worried about the hotel that I had booked as it was the only one of two avaiable for this week and is only a two star rating (so was the other). However our room wasn't bad, especaily as there was three of us in it, unlike some places the room still had some space. We even had a balcony which as per the last place Matt never ventured on - but did come in handy for keeping the beer cans cool and water bottles.

The week went quick and we visited a few additional resorts as ours was sunny like I said and not so snowy, although there was enough in the resort to keep us well entertained for the 3 days we did stay there and use the slopes. On the Tuesday we went to Sestriere and while it is well covered by snow cannons I still preferred the slopes of Sauze D'Oulx. Thursday saw us coached further a field to Le Grand Serre Che - Chantemerle in France.

This place also had snow making facilites on the lower slopes but as you went higher and less central the snow litterally dissappeared into borwn patchtes. For Friday we were closer to our resort and went to Claviere for the day where the snow and lifts were good if limited for the snowboarder due to the number of drag lifts! Before we went to France I went into a hire shop to see if they would be willing to take off my flow bindings and hire me some different ones to try out as the flow bindings were hurting. I went back to strap type ones and they were much more comfy and I felty better and more confident in them. Unfortunatley they are a pain to get on compared to the flow but before I go on another holiday I will be replacing the flow with strap type ones. That if I ever get them back form British Airways - who never had any of the ski / snowboarding equipment put on the plain from Turin! They have acutaly phoned today to say they will be delivering to my home tomorrow.

I can remember vaguley before going on Holiday going out on Friday night for a quiet drink and to watch Third Day Away at Extra. Apparently I got in at around 5am in the morning! I can remember being round John Prices for a while with Neil Allen and guess I just fell alseep round there. Not good really as I had to get up to sort out my hair, a mothers day present and some shopping before heading away. I also got my front tyers changed on my car with some high perforemance Goodyear Eagle NCT 5's. I should now be able to drive up to 310KM/hrP in the wet. Ah as if my car would do that!


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