Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Last week was Sara's birthday, so a few of us poped round for some food, drink, train playing and for some reason Big-L did some excercise with a race round the block against Sara!

He didn't even let her win either!

Then her little tear away decided he wanted to play star wars with Nack. Out came the light sabers for around 3 hours of tourture!

Never mess with darkside is all I can say.

Do you remember the Pilot Green fuel saving device I attached to my cavalier some time back with no difference in performance or ecomony. Well I though I'd give the Piolt Green device another go on the Eunos 1.8 petrol engine instead. And having done over a couple of tanks full I can confirm that Pilot Green makes no difference on this car either!

Rog and Big-L came round. It doesn't look a comfy seat for Big-L. Infac the roof had to be down for him to actually get in. God knows whats going on with Rog, what a facial expression.

HAving let my brother have ago in my eunos he seemed keen to have one of his own. So he popped a deposit on one with Dandycars and off we went again to London on Saturday morning. We gave the car a real good test drive as at first it miss fired. That soon dissapeared and no matter how abusive I got I could not make it misfire again. Usualy means little is wrong with these other than new HT leads being required. Anyway this one comes with modified exhust manifold, back box and suspension. On top of that its one year younger than mine and on 16000 miles on the clock as a bouns. So subject to getting a reasonible insurance quote (which he got today) he siad he would take it!

I ordered some bling for my Enuos from www.mx5parts.co.uk to replace the metalic trim that was looking a little worn. Not cheap but very effective. I also want the vinage gauge / dial rings which seem to be a pain to do. But at the moment I have no spare cash to buy them with. Perhaps next month.

Sunday I went shopping to Tesco's in Stafford with my brother. He looked slight confused when I pulled up in the Eunos. I left the spare wheel (usualy located in the boot) in his living room and told him not to worry, I just wanted to see how practical the boot space is. Going to Tesco instead of Asda was a nice change really. Its nice and quiet and airy there. On the plus side the clothing had an extra tweny percent off so I got a shirt and some shorts. You'll notice its only a half size trolley which is pretty much the same size of the boot.

And as you can see it all fitted in easily!


Most of Sunday evening and Monday morning was spent wiring a central locking kit to the Eunos. I nearly bought one from Maplins on Saturday as it was only 21 pounds for a kit. Then I remembered that I had taken the central lokcing system off my old Astra before I sent it to car heaven. No instructions or diagrams ment I could not detach any of the wires. I looked on the web for some hints on how to fit central locking which I did at www.maita.net. However I decided to do something a little different. It may not be obvious but if you say go to some shops and leave the car with the hood down but the windows up you can still get at the unlock button inside the car, thus leaving it vulerable. So while fitting the central locking I decided I could disable the internal locking system so that the car can only be locked and opened using a key. No need then for the driver to reach over to the passenger door to unlock it and let the passenger in. After a struggle fitting it it works. Mind the electric windows only just miss the soleniods.

The rest of Monday was spent with my mom and brother looking for a present for my moms 60th Brthday and this is what she wanted and got.

I also picked up a Lucky Bambu from B&Q. Now how long will it survie?

Not only did I order some bling but I also decide to change the Enuos standard head rest speakers for something better. While MX5parts list a pair of speakers for each seat one of the reviews for them said they had tried them and they did not fit well. So they had taken them out and placed in some Kenwood KFC-1059S which he reconned are the dogs bollocks. These I located these from http://caraudiosecurity.com/shop/home.html for an amazing 15 pounds per pair. OK so the postage and packaging was as 15 pounds but having now installed them the results were worth it. Depechmode has never sounded better!

Sunday, May 22, 2005

While the weather was reasonible early Saturday morning all the way down to London, as soon as we got there the heavens opened up. At first I thought we would have to go home with the hood up. Having left the garge and then filled up at the nearst petrol station I decide to try at the 45mph thing. And so the hood came down and we were off. The rain got heavier but we did not get wet. We got a fair few looks as we speeded down the motorway and someone even took our picture in a passing car. As we changed and headed north on the M1 the weather worsend. Not a probalem until the rain got so heavy the motorway became a river and everyone slowed down. It wouldn't have been so bad if everyone had come to a stop as it only take a few few seconds to put the hood up. However it just went slowly at first and well we and the inside of the car got wet!

As we got nearer home the weather lightened up so I pulled over took the top down again and let my brother have a go. For a change his drivin wasn't bad at all.!

The evening was taken up Di's birthday meal and night up town. We went and had a great meal up the Cross Guns in Codsall Wood. From there we headed up to the Little Civic which I can remember had some great tunnes on. Which meant it was a shame when we went to Blast Off....

Di and Greg on the dance floor..

Big-L sleep dancing.

Gaz looking his best.

Trouble starts in the cloak room qeue.

Attention seeking maybe.

We think its all over...

Security start kicking people out. But we won't go ;)

Outside we are all happy.

But in the Hoggs head it is dark and quiet.

Sunday I wake up. Change the stereo in the car which you have to remova a great deal of the car to do. This ends up taking hours and therefore not watching the Grand Prix and not getting round MArg and Martins. I do however make it to Bently Bridge and the cinema to see the eagarly awaited Star Wars which is definietly worth seeing. I'm tired and hung over so thats it for now!

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Up Wolvo for Sprogs birthday. He seemed to be aging quite well.

You grab them like this and give them a good squeeze.

Graham and his Girlfriend have returned from the backward county to Wolvo Mecca.

I've got a barrel of this stuff at home.

!!!! MILF alter !!!!!!

Have you heard the good news?

If I've told you once I've told you a million times. Golf is for.....

Its not my birthday. is it.???

The possie

It is my birthday isn't it?

Love me, love my beer.

I can't work out why I'm so wasted.

Gosh I can see right through his ear.

Phil leads the fashion front.

Matt chatting to Wolvo's tallest girl. Not the best picture...

The best picture would be of her bum!

Largin it

Disco lights

The civic square.

University street

Big-L catches Nack up.

In Jivans. Big-L acutally went to the pork joint while Nack went to Jivans. Asked for a table for two and explain his mate would be in a minute. Nack is lead to the smallest table. I then expalined that my mate was BIG and would not be able to fit at this table. A couple of muintes latter this BIG person came in and the waiter ran over. Is that him. "yep". Come with me to this table then. "I told you he was BIG"

Shockingly Big-L orderes half a chicken and chips on top of his pork joint sandwich.

Probably one of the best indian dish to be found in Wolverhampton.

Perhaps I shouldn't have order all this

Oh course I've booked you. No I'm not the filth.

Home sweet home.

Sunday I awake at 1:50pm. Have a shower and go round to the Poad's Palace. Matt, Andy, Teresa, Dylan and the parents are there. I don't stay for Sunday lunch. In fact Matt orders me to go home and get the Prague photos done. Which is what I intend to do until Big-L called and insisted I went round for a BBQ round his house! So that what I did.

"I can't find my husband"


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