Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Rog tries to out do my 9 year old Eunos by buying a Peugot 205CC (the type with the electic hood). I'm impressed but mainly because the 205cc is deisel powered! Ok the lazy hood is cool to but you don't get the exciting driving sensation the Eunos gives.

Friday night came and while there was a fair few people paddling at Glastonbury I was seeing one cool band that wasn't there. Nope Third Day away were headlining at the Varsity Wolvo. And so a few beers were had and then off to bed after a hot hot pizza!

In the morning I popped over to Peter Posh over in Teleford for suit fitting for Di and Gregs wedding. Apparently the only correct item here is the red tie. Mind it was painless!

While over in Telford I thought I'd check out the shopping center as I hadn't been there for a while. In HMV I bought some Joy Division I've been meaning to buy for ages. Then a quick scout around JJB and we found Allen and Joe Parker. Big-L and myself nipped into Asda where I filled my face with fish and chips!

With the rest of the day free Big-L and myself went for a trip to Montgomery Castle via Muchwhenlock, Church Stretton, The Long Mynd and Bishops Castle.

Being as thee weather was not great we had the narrow mountainous roads across the Long Mynd to ourselves - apart from loads of young hikers around doing so sort of navagition exercise. One even shouted give us a lift. So Big-L shouted back we can't theres only two seats and its a bit of a squash already!

Big-L's map reading was as bad as usual, although I must admit the only map I had in the car was one of europe, which obviously was to such a big scale didn't have any of the small roads we were on in it!

We made our way to Bishops Castle where there was a church covered in scaffolding. The reason for going via this church is the fact that it is one of the only few left with a single hand clock. But with all that scaffolding you can't see it!

As you can imagine the castle at Montgomery is great.

Yep Big-L liked it so much he didn't want to leave.

but we did. Heading back to Church Stretton again via a different route over the Long Mynd.

We headed to the valley part.

and talked to the talkative sheep before getting a sandwhich and heading home!

Well the day had just been too exciting for some and well they dosed off! Later I haeded over to Zoe's for her fairwell party before packing up and heading over to New Zealand for a crazy life.

On Sunday once my hangover had gone I serviced Matt's motor. Can't say I like Citreons much. Pain in the arse. Oddly and always cheaply engineered. And as usual the dealer stocks bugger all parts you want. Thats Citreon for you.

Later I order some Depeche Mode tickets. Christ they had been on sale for at least 4 days. NEC Friday had sold out and also Monday at Wembley!. Luckily I'd rather travel to Manchester even on a Thursday night so that's what I booked. Unfortunatley no staanding tickets left. But thats not a really bad thing anyway at the MEN.

Sunday, June 19, 2005

So its been nearly two weeks since I blogged anything. web was I just got bored. I guess its because Deadmanjones doesn't blogg much so there's very little insparation out there to do anything myself?!? The ealry part of June we celebrated my moms 60th birthday with an all day and nearly all night bash I understand it was around 3am before any of us finaly went to bed.

It did mean of course it getting dark that I was able to get my candle in abucket out for the first time this year. This kept us warm out doors till about 2 when we went indoors...

But we were all tired. so that was that.

The next day was followed by some more chess playing. Well some was done yesterday but I lost frankly serveral times. But not this time. Nope I struggled but I won won won. And hence the photos to remember the occassion by.

You can see it was obviously a tough game too.

I'm still following Big Brother as much as I can. Its been unexpected good, mainly because there is constant bickering, which is caused by failing the tasks, which seems to be caused by lack of not giving a dam by some of the team memebers.

With the central locking fitted and the locking mechanisim on the Eunos adjusted so that I can safely leave the hood down without anyone easily getting in I decided to move onto fitting some new speakers in the doors. Not flush with money I decided to go with a set from Maplins.

The Reisen RD6381C costing a mere 8.99 fitt well with a few minor adjustments to the speaker its self.

Why car manufactures can't use standard sizes is beyond me. As you can see I managed to easily adjust these speakers to fit the Eunos original fixing whole.. but what would these cheap speakers sound like. The box promises awsome sound at a budget prices. I had my doubts.

With the doors back to how they should be who cares how they sound when they look like this! Well in fact they sound as good as they look. Infact I can't recommend these cheap but very effective speakers enough. Well I'm pleased with them anyway.

Last Saturday brought another trip to Dandycars to collect my brother Eunos. Only things did not go as planned and the car stayed put there until it was up and running again properly.

That Saturday night there was a wedding party to go to. Kelly and Deano had got it togeather. Big-L forgot his card and had to nip into the Spar across the road from our hotel. they managed to save the day with their grand collection of wedding cards.

The night didn't half fly and before you knew what was going on the first dance was away.

Big-L even bumped into the dodgyest ktichen fitter in town. Whom of course is going to finish it off!

Well apparently this was Sprogs last Best Man appointment. Aparently he's retired from these sort of duties from now on. Which I guess is fair enough. Best man is an easy job appart from the speach which just makes the whole day just dam scary.

Because of the wedding I didn't have a seperate night out to celebrate my birthday. On the day itself I went out with my parents, brother and Big-L. We had a meal at the Beefeater on Longford Island, Cannock. Its been a long while since I'd been here. And I was very very pleaseantly surprised how nice it was there. Perhaps it was so relaxing because of it begin during the week.

Wednesday and it was time to go back to Dandy cars to get my brother Enous which was now working properly. On the way however I thought we'd pop into High Wycombe to collect....

some scaletrix track I had won on ebay. Well not just some but loads and loads!

On the way down mind Matt Poade calls me to advise he's playing golf and his exhaust has broken in two on his car. As you can see he's had a nice new shiney one fitted. Even better is that new spare tyre sitting next to it! Now if I was Norfy I'd well slyly swop it!

While out shopping I spotted this. It was big and look. Somewhere for the beer. No I didn't buy it. Well here are some photos of my brother Eunos.....

The rest of the time I sorted out the Prague phots. Most of you may have alreay found them on my web site. If not just cliock the picture above.


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