Friday, September 30, 2005

Well over in the USA the second series of Lost is being screened. Much to the annoyance of us British whom are going to have to wait a while.

Mind the first eposide of the new series doesn't offer much in explanation of where the last series left off.

Which is problably a god send as it means they can produce a whole load more of them and drag it out for a long long time :)

Its been a while since I been to Edinburgh but at last here are the photos of the whole weekend! Another get a cup of tea time and settle back.

For those of you who were there, I didn't take that many photos of Di and Gregs wedding and even the ones I di get weren't great. However I've done what I can with them and produced yet another master peice. For those of you with broad band and a bit more knowledge than a CCPN qualifed person theres a couple of intresting extras worth hunting down.

Time to see what the world has to offer if you know what I mean?!?!

Monday, September 26, 2005

Not well right now and I'm soooooo bored I don't know what to do with myself other than update this a little!

Last weekend - hey some catching up to do! - Sam, Loz, Maccar and Neil came down from up North. A bunch of us stayed round Gaz and Sarah's after a really good night out at Blast Off for a change. No I mean this the music for once in the big room was excellent. Proper out of date mixed with some indate stuff - all the clasics. Has the Little Civic DJ been given promotion?

Gaz even sorted out breakfast even if it wasn't him how cooked it. Les came and picked me up to go to watch the Rainbow FC for the first time this season and even dropped me off at my house to remove my contact lenses, thankgod!, before heading over to the Jennie Lea Center.

Well if the game had been as big as my hang over perhaps I could have remembered something about it other than Neil Allen not playing to his full potential. 10% was all he could have been giving if that!

Also noticed that someone was missing from the goal line. There was a goalie but not the lad with the magnetic hands! Things were looking grim!

Wow football mania

In fact these were the only pics I took of the game as my batteries had gone flatt. From the game we headed to the Rainbow where Nack and Big-L had the longest game of pool anyone can remember. I can recall winning but not really wnating to stay on - which after that next game I didn't!

Tuesday night was an oppurtunity to go the the MX5 Owners Club at the Bradford Arms. I took Stu with me and was planning on going swimming immediatly after. I've put mine and Big-L's name down for the :

A Six Areas Lunch, where we invite Members from the five adjacent Areas to join us for a bit of a drive and a Sunday lunch

The Day's Events...

* Meet up at the Inn On The Wye, Kerne Bridge, Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire, HR9 5QS at 10:00 for a 10:30 start - Map
* Take one of three drives around the local countryside. These were all originally treasure hunt type drives!
* Meet up again back at the Inn On The Wye
* Enjoy a three course meal for less than £15 per head from 13:00 - Menu
* Participate in a full screen multimedia quiz!
* Chat, pose and generally enjoy yourselves!

The Inn On The Wye, Kerne Bridge, Walford, Nr Ross-On-Wye, HR9 5QS

Tel: 01600 890872

We never went swimming instead moving onto another pub.

Thursday was poker night and I left home with 20 and came home with 10 after a worring moment at the 3 quid area. Most seemed to have the next day off but the gone off crips could not sustain my energy levels past 12:30am.

Friday I was not feeling well so I stayed in and watched SG1, the piot and the two eposiodes that follow which someone had lent me.

Saturday I got up still not feeling great and went to get the tyres on my Eunos changed for some British ones and the correct size for the car. Oh Boy what a difference it has made to the ride with a much smoother flow over the bumps. Nicer to the sun was out so I went to see my brother. We nipped over to the snowdome to see if there was any new gear on sale in the shop yet. Utterly dissapointing stock at present. On the way back a quick shop in Asda brought some food and that nights entertainment:

The Ninth Gate, a bargan and well I liked the look of the cover and that Johnny Depp was in it. The film I enjoyed, which was directed by someone called Roman Polanski.

Seems to do horror type thrillers although all the past works are way in the past, but I may try another. Anyway its about 3 books and which is the original, with only one book believed to be the original. And of course one mad rich person who will do anything for the original as it has the answer to call up the devil pays Cruzo a vast sum of money to find which is the original. To liven things up Emmanuel Seigner pops up throughout the film to help Cruzo on his quest although it is left to you to decide 'who' she actually is!

Sunday and I got up to watch the Rainbow. With more battieries in hand this time. And thats that for now.....

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

I've changed my contact lens solution as there were no protein remover tables when I went shopping. This stuff reckons it removes protein each time you use it and has additional moisturizer in it. AND it does seem a lot better than my old stuff, a tad dearer but worth it.

I was actually up early to go to the hairdressers. I needed a tidy up for tomorrow. So in the rain I went out in my open top car hence the slightly missplaced hair look still.

When I got back my brother was round and we were going to pop up Stafford to do some shopping. I followed him up in the rain, him with his up me with mine down. We got to the motorway way island on the M6/A5 where my brother decided he'd go for a spin and end up see sawing on the central reservation. Luckily for him there was a central reservation to stop him crossing the road and luckily for him no crash barrier to smash his car up. One other person out of loads stopped and helped push the car back onto the road. Luckily no damage was done but it was time to get rid of those Japeneese tyres that don't grip in the went and spend some cash on some high spec all gripping goodyear F1's.

Saturday night was a boys night out up the Swan in Brewood to say goodbye to singledom for Greg. The night flew by which left me with a rather saw head in the morning and Big-L all the more thankfull for staying up till 5am watch Alan Partridge!

And so Sunday was Wedding Day. All the hussars turned up on time, and alas the best man eventually turned up. Even more importantly Greg actually turned up for something on time! We did the hussar bit and the wedding went smoothly - apart from Dylan seemingly objecting to them getting married when the Vicar asked.

We all headed over to Somerford Hall for the wedding reception and some wedding photographs. Here's Big-L looking rather smart.

The Wedding Breakfast was had and the speaches done which then lent time for a quick break and relax while the evening guests turned up.

After heartbeat, we made it down for the band to start and the first dance.

The band were infact really really good. Oh so good it was unbelievable perhaps. But they were good and lots of people boogied!

Even the chap from Stoke!

Eventually things quietend down and Kiren read us a bed time story.

Which plainly bored the hell out of some people.

But for those still awake there was still the red wine incident to come!

Eventually 4am came round and it was time for the party and celebrations to end.

Just who is that person trying to yodel?

Thursday, September 08, 2005

And so the endreance test of not going above 2.5K RPM is over. I got 775miles out of tank full. which worked out to 59.3 mpg! Not bad at all. Not sure I could carry ondriving at this speed though

Now can anyone out there guess what this stuff is?

Monday, September 05, 2005

The bank hoilday weekend was taken up in Newcastle Upon Tyne and Greg taking a good part in the proceeding's, well on Friday night anyway. Saturday entailed a throwing up contest, losing your coat if you can, and a petrol fumed atmosphere to help those turning beelies with some indoor karting. Just to boast I came second and got such a big trophy to be proud of. Which was pritty lucky as at the begining of the semi finals we were told no more bumping was allowed - which then oddly ended up in a big crash with Gaz, myself and Greg, my kart was damaged and I limped round into second position amazed at not being disqualified wiuth Gaz and Greg. Saturday night was then taken up by a comedy club and some more drinking, followed by a club and yet more drinking.

Anyway the photos that were taken and have come out can be seen by click the above.

This Saturday was spent mainly at Ikea followed by a session up Wolvo and no I didn't watch the England game and no I did not go to Liverpool to watch Third Day Away. And neither did Trubbie or Neil Allen for some reason - but I could not get that bit out of them. All they would say was we don't want to talk about it and they had trouble saying that the state they were in. Big-L, Greenie, Beardy and myself moved from the Royal London and onto The Little Civic for a long session in there - mainly because the music in there is awsome comarewd to everywhere else up town (its even better than actually going to Bast Off). Now some of us can hadnle our beer and some of us.....


But this time I made sure he got home.

Sunday I woke up early and as discussed the night before (how do I remember these things) with Big-L should I awake early enough did he fancy going to Light Water Valley. He did and we went. Now it must be some 12 years since I've been here and I can't say its changed much.

The Sewer Rat - an underground rollercoaster which you get to through a sewer of course.

The sewers better than the rid itself!

And of course the reason we came - To go on the ULTIMATE the longest roller coster in Europe (not the world anymore like it used to be).

If you look at the photo you can just see how far it goes into the distance.

Looking back where we came from. 6 and half minutes it takes to get round!

Yep it actuall ylooks like a train from the front.

The day on the train was finished off with a go on the Pirateship.

My Soft Top Hard Top magazine came today. The MX5 owners magazine to which I entered the photo competition.

And if you notice on the top left I came second - which you get sod all for!

So on the way home via well we gave up Buxton Hills we took some more photos of that Eunos VR Ltd get drooling and voting which photo should be entered for next months competition

Vote for photo 1

Vote for photo 2

Vote for photo 3

Vote for photo 4

Or Vote for Photo 5 which Big-L's borther said he'd arrange for a milatary helicopter to be landed next to it. (I have got to drive the car to an airfiled mind!!)

On the way back we stoped for Fish and Chips in Stockport and had a Pizza Hut instead. A quick text to Deadmanjones 'in pizza hut in stockport' and a few minutes latter he and Zoe appeared for a drink a chat and to touch that head lamp cover in reality! A beer down the road before we hit the highway in complete darkness.

I'll end on these two photos as I've written something on Cavaweb tonight

Do you remember my old MK1 Astra 1.6 D here are the only photos I have of it and these are before I had it resprayed!


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