Wednesday, December 14, 2005

I bought some Quicksilvre slim fit T-shirts for my sumple body. Well it was until I went to the canteen at dinner time and had a xmas meal followed by sherry triffle!

After the celebrations of Christmas Day I'm off to the Alps where there has been an aboundance of snow! The hotel above is where I'm staying - or believe I'm staying at!

I've found its rough location next to this Green run. To get to the main slopes you have to get the bus which is including in the lift pass.

Once at the top theres plenty of reds and blacks to keep us challanged on. Which is rather worrying - where the relaxing part of the day?

At a low altitude you would think there would be little snow in the village itself or on the roads or so I was hoping

It looks pretty snowy and good up the mountains too.

With so much snow around I have invested in some budget snow chains as I'm not going by plan - nope we are going in Cavailer style. Lets hope budget snowchains is good enough!

When trying to book ferries I was surprised to find that HoverSpeed has ceased trading yikeeeeeeeessss - no fast ferries, inexpensive across the channel anymore!!!

Luckily this brought me to finding this fast ferry company. What it will be like for 25pounds I don't know but hey lets take a chance. The worst that can happen is that it will sink!

With all that sorted I can relax with this gem of a game that I picked up for a fiver at game. OK its a bit old and difficult but it is fun.....

And if you into fun remember to keep Decmeber the 23rd free to nip on down to the Rainbow to see Third Day Away's Special Xmas Gig!

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

I haven't said much on here lately. Perhaps that is because I can't get over the fact my trusted fujifilm A202 camera has also died - hence no pictures. Last night I upgraded Norfs pc to a AMD1200 with 500K. He should be much happier now than the antique he had. Perhaps he can sell it with all those bits of pottery he seems to have lying around. The Weekend brought Big-Ls work do over Reditch - which I took him to and therefore got a meal out of it! And did he drink and drink and eat then drink again. He was soooo wobbly on his legs he even wanted the roof down for the journey home. It might have even been his first expericence with the roof up in my car to the do. He was very warmly dressed when he came out of his house to see the car with the roof up! Anyway Xmas is coming up fast and well I've managed to book a holiday away somewhere icy cold. Will the Cavalier make it? Will it make it back. More on this later.

For those of you I did not email then you'll want to know this:

Dorchester Reunion - Xmas<
Tuesday 27th December 2005
>Wulfrun Hall

It will most likely be the best night out this year ( apart from xams eve round the village pubs) only I won't be there. :( and I know Greg is holding his games night on the exact same night. Did this not happen last year to?.


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