Sunday, January 29, 2006

Last week was spent in an area of France known as Paradiski. Why is it known as this....

Because I guess there is such a large area to ski. Not the biggest but up there in the top 3, I think. The area covers 3 main parts - namely Les Arcs / Peisey Vallandry and La Plagne.

Matt had done a grand job in booking us not only the flights from Birmingham, Transfer to our resort but the actual chalet we were staying in was great. Much better than the usual French confined apartment accomadation. Our chalet is located in Vallandry and not far from the lift. YIPPPPPPEEEEEEE.

There was plenty of space for the seven of us staying there, and even a balcony for when you got 'evicted'.

First full days skiing for us all and Matt gets his padded pants on! What a wuss. You don't see the professionals wearing them. Its something from the rocky horror show. Next he'll be wearing moisturizer!

That morning Graham and Michelle head off for a lesson. Mean while....

Matt and Nack teach Chris some top tips on how to snowboard. He soon discovers the famous sitting position.

Once Chris is also in his proper lesson, Rob, Matt, Norf and myself head up the mountain to do some proper moves.

As we can see Matt is as mad and confident on his board as usual. I wonder how long it will be before he gets us down a black run?

Norfy is straight back to his old form which is lucky really.

Matt also has another toy. A back pack with a hydro pack! Oh how we laughed but in fact it did come in handy. Mind I would rather stop and have a drink at some mountain restuartant, wouldn't you Matt......

In fact would you like to make that a bottle of vin rouge while going down some slopes!

Well after the bottle of red stuff we headed up this lift. Now this lift takes you up to the top of a mountain called Aigulle Rouge. This only means one of two things....

Either a hellish wide black down or a hellish narrow down. The Boarders (Nack and Matt) go for the black. The Skiers (Norf and Rob) wimp out and go for the red. The truth be it the boarders would have also gone for the hellish red if it had not been so narrow. Either way, Matt nor myself made it down that part elegantly! The runs joined up and our first route dispute happened. The route splitt back into two, one way black one way red. Matt wanted to do the black, Norf wanted to do the black. Nack wanted to do the red and Rob was easy. And so the boarders did the black and then followed the rest of the route (one of the longest in the world at nearly 7kms) all the way down to Villaroger. It wasn't anywhere near as bad as the top bit but such a long route was exhausting.

Day two saw us head across from Plan Peisey to the La Plagne area via the new and biggest cable car in the world the Vanoise Express. Here several things happened....

Some boarder ran over my brothers pole (that would be me). The boarders and skiers splitt up after a rest break and were ment to met in a cafe bar, only the snowboarders got lost and ended up in Champagny area (we only found this out when we admitted to another English person we were 'lost').

We finaly got back together on the Vallandry Peisey area. To tell our stories we nipped in Jimmys Apres Ski Bar for one, two, three, four..... (This would become some kind of habbit)

Next day I was full of beans and on my usual form.

Later that afternoon we meet up with Michelle and Graham to see how their lessons had helped.

Off the piste then and straight into Jimmy's for one, two, three, four, five, six... ok so this night we lost count. The Europop is beating and the English were dancing (we were the only English by the way). We even went to some restuart really late straight from Jimmy's in our ski gear.

I don't know about you but I feel a bit rough - what about you???

Thursday morning and Chris shows us some of his snowboarding tricks before Matt and myself head over to Les Arcs for the snowboarding park.

Before that Matt has a Texmex burger. One of our favourite dishes at the Rapid Resturant at the bottle of the slope. Matt always gets served by the most usless waittress ever and food is not served as rapid as the name suggests. Mind Ian Beals other half seems to run the waitressing.

Thursday is ended on a high for me and Matt by finishing on the black from the top of Vallandry. We of course then relax in Jimmys for one. two, anyone counting???

The next day Norf and Myself head over to Les Arcs with Matt and Rob. Jimmys has effected us though and we give up leaving Rob and Matt to it. We have a snack and drink in the shit whole off Les Arcs 1800 and head back to Vallandry very slowly. By the time we get back Michelle and Graham are at the Rapid Resturant. So we have lunch there and a few non alcholic drinks. Matt, Chris and Graham pack up for the day and Michelle, Norf and Rob want to head over to La Plagne. I'm not sure I'm well enough yet but go for it. Luckily this time we don't get lost!

We stick to nice easy blues and for me it was a great way to finish rather than the messy morning I had done. Many miles done it was time to head back to the chalet to pack and tidy up.

An ealry morning start followed by the usual flight delays and we eventaully get home. Charmed I'm sure......


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