Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Saturday I went round Big-L's. We watched some dam good music on VH1 for a bit - the alternative 80's.

Eventually I managed to talk him into going out and so we ended up in Kniver. Why here?? Well number one Big-L knows a great fish and chips shop, closed but at least there was another open one across the road.

We study the amp to see just how far we have to walk to see the house in the rock.

It's a bit like going to Ireland - expect so much get delivered so little. Perhaps however it would have been much much better if there was a guide to tell me all about that speculation!

Look they even used bricks!

Big-L hidding in a hidy hole.

Theres so much to see here it is a must visit.

From a distance I guess it looks a bit preastoric.

We decide to do one of the walks to the top to see the magnificant view. I hatre wlking but Big-L seems to be suffering a bit.

I'm sure he'll catch up with me eventually!

Nearly there look - now what is that we are going to be rewarding with seeing.

A peice of concrete??

Well the view is decent in one way or another anyway.

The village of Kniver below.

On the concrete is a slab of thick slate detailing the area. ohhhh goodie.

Ohhh Kniver Edge

Me looking well warm next to this magnificant monument.

Apparently this is a roman fort. It is honest!

We follow the walk all the way round back to the car. The journey down is a lot smoother and easier. Well going down it would be wouldn't it.

We do a quick tour around South Staffordshire, which ends in ASDA Wolverhampton. Compared to the Stafford store this place is still claustaphobic even after the redo. Big-L buys a DVD but more on that latter!

We head back to big-L's where he cooks dinner and a fantastic dessert! erm Yummy.

Beardy joins us and we watch a bit more of the Alternative 80's before going down the Cross Keys.

Not much happening there so its off down the cannal to the Boat.

A quick nip through the tunnel and we are there. It would appear this is where the party of Penkridge seems to be happening!

After a few Abott Ales we move on down to the Star.

A few more pints and guess what we are off again to the Railway

We don't finish off all the pubs - in fact closeing time has caught us up. We make our way back to Big-L's. We stop to have a play with a speed camera. These things can be dam dangerous in the wrong hands. Once the fun is over ie no cars around we head back to Big-Ls to have some southern comforts and to sit back and watch Lock Stock and Two Smocking Barrels.

Sunday morning came quicker than you would expect and even Beardy joins us at the Cup match. the game goes into extra time and then continues into penalties. Eventually I was getting so cold I wanted to leave but this was the game of the year (so far anyway). And can you beleive it they won 5-4.

Eventaully I went home, updated the Rainbow FC website and admired the peice of volcanic rock that Big-L had brought me back from Tenerif.

Saturday, February 25, 2006

An early rise at 5:15am as I was off to London today. Would you believe it there's about 1/2" of snow at least on the ground when I open the front door!

At first the amount of snow is a bit worrying. We all know how Britian grinds to a halt with the first signs of white stuff would this journey be a waste of time. As we get south of Birmingham theres no snow at all!

As well as having some dinner on the mway I bought the NME. something I can't remember reading for an awful long time. Nice to see its not newspaper size anymore!

Wednesday night I watched Horizon going on about global dimming. It was really interesting - so not only do we have global warming but the actual warming of the earth is happening as may have been predicted because of global dimming. In fact things are worse as the global dimming era is not as bad as it used to be due to the clean up of pollutants from car power stations and manufacturing. It would appear now however that this global dimming due to our pollution was in fact protecting the earth from global warming by reflecting the sun energy. Anyway the earth is going to get a lot hotter a lot quicker and by 2025 it is predicted that the Green Ice Sheet will start to melt. When it starts it won't stop and generally that will be the beginning of the end of the world as we know it. With that kind of prediction there is hardly anypoint worrying about running out of oil or how fast we burn it. So we better make best use of it while we can - because once the world gets to hot there's no doubt the world will instantly then freeze and there won't be enough oil to go around. For the rest of us at this point it might be wiser to move to Scoltand as England will be a flooded mass and any land will be dessert! Great eh.

Its been worked out that this global dimming caused by the 'Western' pollution was in fact the cause of the famine in places such as Ethiopa back in the eighties. ironic really that the people who caused the rains to stop falling ended up trying to feed them but not realizing it was all our fault in the first place :(

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Thursday and there has been a sprinkle of snow over everything. I thought about getting the snowboard out to go to work on!

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Guess what.... Those 645 photos I ordered from photobox came today!
Now what do I do with them ;)

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Saturday night I watched Donna Darko one of my favourite films, a great story, well filmed, well acted and keeps you well guessing!

Photobox have at the moment got a super deal on for photos at 5p. There is a catch but I'm not going to tell you what it is. Anyway I down loaded 1260 photos and have placed an order for 600 odd from Big-L and my tour of Scandinavia. As you can image this has come to a fair amount of wonga. If I have enough cash I may well get the ones of the spanish tour done and then some more. I have however got to get a large enough photo album to mount them in or its just a waste of that wonga!

Also on the web I found this little bueaty of a site that demostrates how to do some of the snowboarding tricks. A bit better than the stills in a mag. My favourite bit of the Winter Olympics has to have been the down hill and the boarder cross. Magno. (click on the picture above.)

I bought the Sunday Times today mainly to get Donnie Darko the Directors Cut. Odd I know since I watched the original versin last night. But while I was fliking through the numerous sections of the paper I came across this in the motoring section.

Now I've got say this is a good idea. I mean I did a project and made one long ago for one of my university projects however there are some flaws. Its not that hard to jack a car up. If your not strong enough to jack a car up then you certainly won't be strong enough to get the wheel out the boot and on the car let alone undo the bolts that the tire people will have put on too tightly. You better off spending the money on being in the AA.

Well Sunday I messed around with my blog. There was problems with posting and in the end it turned out I had run out of web space where it is stored! Yep I'd aparently used 340M of the 150M space I had! Nice of them to let me pipe it on the server for while then. This may mean now that some of the pictures are missing from the early posts - I tried to change the code but blogger will only allow this for the last 300! Anyway I am running the blog from blog spot and there seems to be no adverts, so I'll keep it that way with the photos being stored at i12 for now.

Yea I watched the Directors version - and it adds bits here and there. Maybe to much, where the original kept you guessing. In fact if I watched it again I'd probabaly opt for the original.

Erm T in the Park SOLD OUT AFTER 56 mins. PANTS


TICKETS for T in the Park sold out in less than an hour yesterday after a mad scramble frommusic fans.

Thousands braved freezing conditions to queue overnight in a bid to get briefs for Scotland's biggest music festival.

And the police had to be called to clear a mob of angry and disappointed fans who failed to get their hands on tickets.

Meanwhile, phone lines and internet sites were jammed as tens of thousands tried to buy tickets by credit card.

They went on sale at 9am - limited to two per person - and were all snapped up by 9.56.

Now a feeding frenzy is under way as touts try to sell their stash of tickets.

Click Here

Within minutes of the sell-out, touts and ticket agencies had marked up the official £115 weekend and camping price by 500 per cent.

Some tickets were selling for £500-plus on eBay - and prices were even higher from agencies.

One fan who lost out, Alison Calder, 22, of Glasgow, said: "Ticketmaster told us that the tickets were sold out at 10am. But we were offered a pair of weekend tickets which should have been £115 for £700 from a London agency. We don't want to pay over the odds."

Fans have been warned to steer clear of touts in case they end up with forgeries.

In all, 170 acts will performacross 10 stages at Balado, Kinross, on July 8 and 9.

Rock legends The Who and US giants Red Hot Chili Peppers are headlining the 13th festival.

They will perform alongside triple Brit winners Kaiser Chiefs, Franz Ferdinand, Arctic Monkeys, The Strokes, Primal Scream and The Ordinary Boys.

And with the Glastonbury festival not being staged this year, T in th Park will be THE music event of the summer.

At Glasgow's Tickets Scotland outlet, staff arrived at work to find a massive queue of fans on Argyle Street outside the agency's office.

They snaked round on to Oswald Street, then along nearbyMidland Street.

First in the queue were students Lorna Ronald and Ashley Croll, both 19, who had been waiting since 4.30pm on Thursday.

Lorna said: "We knew the queue would be really big and we just really, really wanted a ticket. It's the first time we've been."

The girls said they were keen to see Franz Ferdinand and the Arctic Monkeys.

Ashley added: "Every person that went by was asking us why we were standing here but I think it will be worth it."

Lauren Brown, 19, from Glasgow, spent most of the night wrapped in a tartan rug along with friend Erin Hogg, also 19.

She said:"We knew tickets would be hard to get so decided to get down here at about 10pm.It was agood night, we just drank a bit and had a laugh."

They were among the lucky ones. There were angry scenes at the Glasgow office when many in the massive queue failed to get tickets.

Some threw small missiles such as coins and cans towards the shop after the shutters went down.

And bitterly disappointed fans shouted abuse at the stewards who tried to clear the area.

One of the security team said: "It's not a pleasant job. I've been threatened all morning. They've told me they'll put me through the windows if they walk away with nothing. But I'm just a messenger."

Eventually, uniformed police arrived at the scene to ensure people moved along.

Even then, dozens continued to protest.

Among the first to be told they would not get a ticket was 25-year-old Katy Whitlaw.

The student, from Stirling, had been in the Glasgow queue from 6am.

She said: "I am gutted. Earlier this morning one of the stewards went around counting us. He said I was about the 1009th person in the queue and that I'd get a ticket.

"So I have queued for hours, am absolutely freezing and still go away with nothing. So many people jumped the queue and nothing was done about it. In that sense, this was badly organised."

In Edinburgh, granny Rae Begbie, 77, waited for hours to get tickets for son Russell, 40.

She said: "I am a good mother. He is working but I didn't mind coming down. I couldn't believe how many people were in the queue."

More than 200 fans suffered sub-zero temperatures in Dundee to snap up tickets from the city's only outlet, Grouchos.

Graeme Sharp, 21, took the day off work to ensure he could get the briefs.

He said: "It was a bit cold, but really worth the wait. There is a fantastic line-up this year."

In Aberdeen, 200 fans pitched up outside the city's Tourist Centre on Union Street from 2am. Many left empty handed.

David Banks, 31, from Aberdeen, queued for two hours hoping to buy a ticket for his girlfriend.

The financial adviser said: "I was looking forward to seeing the Kaiser Chiefs. Hopefully, I'll still manage to get tickets on eBay but I'mnot willing to spend too much."

Last night, Geoff Ellis, CEO of festival organisers Big Day Out Ltd, said: "Once again, music fans have shown that T in the Park tickets are the most hotly sought after in the UK.

"The beautiful Balado location, coupled with the unrivalled passion of the Scottish audience and, of course, the consistently brilliant line-up, all add up to a festival experience that is unrivalled anywhere else in Europe."

But Ellis warned people to avoid ticket touts - in case they landed a forgery.

He said: "The tickets will not be sent out to those lucky enough to buy them until 10 days before the event. They will have their names on them, which must be matched with ID.

"Do not buy these tickets from touts, as they do not physically exist yet and many touts do not even turn up on the day to hand over the tickets.

"We will not allow fans in with forged tickets."

Friday, February 17, 2006

Monday I stayed in and did some work on the Irish Tour web page. Something I should have got round to doing a long time ago - however the photos don't really do the tour much justice. The best thing about Ireland is the scenery which can only truly be appreciated if your there. On the other hand we have many photos of the midget causeway and have done very well in making it 'look' giant as in all the photos you normally see of it. Shocking but true. I didn't go and watch Third Day Away at the Barfly either. I thought it best perhaps not to hang around Paul now he has a very young child to look after. Tuesday a did a bit more work on the web page before giving up and settling down to watch the modern fairy tale of Forest Gump. Yea I didn't go swimming either!

The most memorable bit of Wednesday was eating a huge bag of nuts!

Thursday and I was bored. I decided to go for a blast around the country lanes of the outback in the Eunos. Roof down, head lamps up, wheels spinning and off into the darkness I went.

I ended up at Big-L's house. Completely forgetting that tommorrow he is off to Tereif to celebrate Neil's Stag Do. It's one of the sacrifices I have made to go snowboarding for the third time this year. I feel regretful for not going now but I'm sure in a few weeks time when I'm enjoying myself in Val Thornes all will be redeemed. Big-L however was doing his best to make me jealous. However we eventually got talking about our Grand Tour of Itaily. He even cooked up a couple of pizza's to get me hungry for more authentic Itailian food. Something noted in the guide book is the fact it suggests that you need at least a month to do Italy which is why of course we are going to do it in 16 days! Luckily there is ferry / cruiser from Genoa to Scilly that takes cars, so we are only heading in one direction ie back North after catching this. So the 20 hour cruise down the coast will be nice I guess and I recon apart from getting across from Scilliy to Itaily it will be the only boat ride we will be going on - unlike the Scandinavian Tour. We watched Hotel Babylon and then it was time for me to retire home to bed.

Friday I got home and this MX5 book had come through the door! Oh a whole nights reading followed apart from the MK2 section which I will leave for another day! I spent the evening around my brothers reading this, enjoying chilli chips and encouraging him to do something with his front room bedroom.

Well this also popped through the door which now means I have a legit albums of this band. Any one out there who like the Artic Monkeys Album should think about getting this - as the Artic monkeys tunes are obviously a rip off from the Libertines. Mind I do like there single 'something on a dance floor'

I also splashed out on the latest Fraz Ferinand Album - You Could Have It so Much Better. Looks like the weekend is set then.


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