Sunday, February 19, 2006

Saturday night I watched Donna Darko one of my favourite films, a great story, well filmed, well acted and keeps you well guessing!

Photobox have at the moment got a super deal on for photos at 5p. There is a catch but I'm not going to tell you what it is. Anyway I down loaded 1260 photos and have placed an order for 600 odd from Big-L and my tour of Scandinavia. As you can image this has come to a fair amount of wonga. If I have enough cash I may well get the ones of the spanish tour done and then some more. I have however got to get a large enough photo album to mount them in or its just a waste of that wonga!

Also on the web I found this little bueaty of a site that demostrates how to do some of the snowboarding tricks. A bit better than the stills in a mag. My favourite bit of the Winter Olympics has to have been the down hill and the boarder cross. Magno. (click on the picture above.)

I bought the Sunday Times today mainly to get Donnie Darko the Directors Cut. Odd I know since I watched the original versin last night. But while I was fliking through the numerous sections of the paper I came across this in the motoring section.

Now I've got say this is a good idea. I mean I did a project and made one long ago for one of my university projects however there are some flaws. Its not that hard to jack a car up. If your not strong enough to jack a car up then you certainly won't be strong enough to get the wheel out the boot and on the car let alone undo the bolts that the tire people will have put on too tightly. You better off spending the money on being in the AA.

Well Sunday I messed around with my blog. There was problems with posting and in the end it turned out I had run out of web space where it is stored! Yep I'd aparently used 340M of the 150M space I had! Nice of them to let me pipe it on the server for while then. This may mean now that some of the pictures are missing from the early posts - I tried to change the code but blogger will only allow this for the last 300! Anyway I am running the blog from blog spot and there seems to be no adverts, so I'll keep it that way with the photos being stored at i12 for now.

Yea I watched the Directors version - and it adds bits here and there. Maybe to much, where the original kept you guessing. In fact if I watched it again I'd probabaly opt for the original.

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