Friday, March 31, 2006

Well the day finally came to see my favourite band.... Depeche Mode

I've had the tickets for nearly a year now...

We didn't get to Manchester in time to catch the full Bravey warm up part of the concert. In fact we only got to hear a couple of songs. However we were lucky to hear these if it wasn't for the car park we found around the back with just five spaces left- which was rather convenient. We hand the chap a fiver 'to look after' the white van and headed in search of something to eat. Probably a mistake and hence missed so much Bravery. Anyway everwhere was bloomin closed. Luckily after a short walk in the rain we got in the pressworks and had a sub toasted sandwhich. Not a Subway Sub may I had but something a little nicer.

And while they are not the best seats in the world you can bet they won't be that bad being at the Manchester MENA. This place has you sat sooooo steeply it can be scary, until they turn the lights off that is.

I'll leave you with some highlight pictures then as words would not do it justice!

It was all over far far to quickly!!!!

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Another album through the door. Placebo's Meds, and its not bad either. Unfortunatley it sounds pretty much like the last one which is a bit disapointing. Mind I'm not sure I've got time to listen to all these albums I have recently got especaily with Thursday night coming and a quick nip up to Manchester to see..

Depeche Mode. Luckily if you click the picture above you can watch a movie of the last single done in 'sim' fashion! Exciting or what.

At work there's been a big move around. I'm now down the other side of the office completely. Space haved and so have the files I keep around me. I always knew the other area I had would never last and to make the most of it. I'm just wondering what I've done to deserve the pillar! Mind this does mean I have two windows to open and the control of one section of the blinds! Life goes on I guess......

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Saturday I got up went around town to get my mother a present and card for Mothers Day. I then took the Cavailer to Chapel Ash Tyre services to final have the front tyres rebalanced. Oddly they seemd to question if it was the front tyres causing the vibration or not. Anyway it looks like a couple of new rear tyres are in order as they are worn out. Mind those rear tyres have done well. They been on since before I went around Scandinavia. Back on the open road and the vibration had gone. I took some DVD's around my uncles in Codsall Wood where he should me the awsome sound of his home cinema. Having been nice all day I thought I'd head back and change the oil on my Eunos. And so it started raining! bloomin typical but I thought I'd just get on with the job.

Now Ithought you were ment to get at the oil filter from above the car - as many people rest on the drivers side front lamp unit and knock it down. But I could reach the bloomin thing. Then I went underneath. Shuks I could only just reach it with my finger tips! Erm odd but off and the oil changed.

While messing I thought I would have a look at po=utting those fron tfog lights on. To my surprise there is already a wiring loom fitted and brackets! Hopefully this will make the job a whole lot easier. However where under the dash board they actually appear is another thing.

Well apart fro getting them actualy working I fitted them. It does mean though that the gril (missing from here) will need to be modified to have some holes in it for them.

Went up town later for a drink and meet Big-L, Beardy, Martin, Norf, greg, Di, Jon and his girlfriend. A few pints later we ened up in the Little Civic which then lead to Balst off for a couple of us. 'Supper' was had at Gullevers - an fast food establishment opposite Mr Kings old restuarnt. Though the food is prepared in the back room where you can't see whats goning on. Mind there are plenty of seats to eat what looked like not well cooked at all kebab meat. With all the chilli sauce on though it got eaten any way. Outside was a taxi whom seemed willing to take me home although he'd never heard of the place. First though we dropped two others off at Penn before coming through town. the discussion of where we were going cam up again although he'd never heard of it. He was on the phone now and was beining told to charge me 15 quid. I was having it I would only be paying a tenner or he could turn around. He did and took me back into the center - which as I pointed out to him was fine by me there's plenty of taxis willing to go there for a tenner. In fact I mamanged to wave down a black cab and guess what. the price came to 10 quid ten pence and he was happy just to take a tenner. The clock read 3:37 in the morning. Now cripes I've got to be up soon for the big game.

In fact Big-l did not call me to wake me until 9:40am or in todays real time 10:40 so it looked lije there was no way to see the full match. By the time he had collected me and we had got to the match, the game was just starting the second half. 2 litre of orange juice kept my body in turnoil through this painstaking game which they lost. BOOOOOOOH.

An hour was spent in the Four Ashes now the Rainbow is closed down. I went home and changed the oil in my brothers Eunos which surprise surprise you can reach the oil filter from the top! My car has an extra brace bar in the bonnet which unless you take it off prevents access - so all is revealled.

After that I messed with getting that grill back on for hours. But its worth it ;)

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Well I listened to it so much I thought I'd do the right thing and buy the James Blunt album. Its really really good afterall.

And as I'd already heard the album I decided to watch Gladiator instead. In fact this week I've watched a fair few films. Tuesday I was working away and even with a very early start I did not retrun home till about 10pm. It was a hard day but in a way nice to be out of the office.

So Wednesday night I watched Starwars II. I know I've seen it a fair few times already to but it was because I was.....

Going to watch Star Wars III the next night - and I did. What an exciting life I'm leading. Well I'm a tab skint till the end of the month you see.

I got home Friday night to see a package from Amazon had arrived. With the new Wonderstuff album out I thought it would be an ample oppurtunity to get the albums I never bought - which is all of them - as I only ever bought their live albums and the fairly ropey Greatest Hits albums.

Hidden away on these albums are some right jems. Oh I can here a car sing a ling coming!

Now it kind of brings back memories does this. I flick to the books to find the tale I wanted to read....

Now on here is a tale a moment in time - somewhere very special - yep its about Wolverhampton!

Just click on the picture to read and remember. Although I never got murdered - did you? And the Bikers move to Foxe's eventually you know. I was there one night - another memorable occassion, what a great bunch they were.

Friday night I managed to stay in listening to the Wonderstuff and then I watched the classic Event Horizon. Next week the Big Move at work. erm.

Monday, March 20, 2006

While unpacking and putting my snowboard to rest with a quick wax I thought I'd get out my new bullet driver (just really to show Poade). Nice eh. Burton one if that makes any difference, wasn't actualy aware that they were into hardwear but there you go 17 quid well worth spending. And I only used it once all holiday!

Sunday night we all meet at the Harrows ready for Third Day Away's big gig at the Actress And Bishop in Brum. The mini bus cam and off we went!

Third day Away was the only decent talent around either! The first few bands were ok'ish Third Day Away the best I'd seen them and the last band, well we should have walked out I think!

Once on stage they shone through and through, we worth the hangover which was bound to strike the next morning and did!

Later on non other than the famous DJ Nozza came over to make conversation. At one point I thought he'd offer me one of those drinks but he didn't!


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