Friday, April 28, 2006

Tuesday and my new polishing kit came. The wicked gloss 707. With it also came to odd cloths which weren't advertised with it. So the cars got polished and then I went swimming agrr which completely knackered me for some reason.

And Wednesday I went and watched the Rainbow play footie again. Weather was nice and the playing was so much better this week. It nearly made it worth while watching.

Thursday was Big-L's 33rd birthday. I gave hime a call and Beardy and myself went off to Penkridge. We visited various establishments, Star, Horse and Jokey, White Heart, Fox. We gave Big-L the choice of beers ie 6 - 9 - 33 and 6 pints later It was time to go home. The next day I was tired and hung over. I new that last pint was one too many.

Monday, April 24, 2006

I came across this the other day. How did I not know about it. Well if you've got a good connection and real player installed (or a really old version which can be found on the web without all the other bits and bobs on it) then you have hours and hours of lovely Depeche Mode music, vidoes, interviews, bootlegs to listen to. Wonderful Marvelous Brillant ah that was nice.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Oddly I went to a second Wolves match on the run - Wolves v Brighton. Gaz infomred me Brighton are a load of pants - but they always beat the Wolves. They seemed to have brought a rather rowdy cowd with them - a very passiont small group which seemed to be making more noise than the Wolves fans. Something along the lines of your team is crap because it consists of a loads of puffs playing set of a small war which ended up with the crowd being shown some moonies from Brighton and the security staff removing some of them.

Luckily at the mid point interval we got to Wolfie driving a tank around the parameter. There was no ball competion boo! Just a reminder not to run away at the end of the game so that we can watch the presentations. Neither of which Big-L or Gaz wanted to bother like most of the crowd it seems. Anyway the Wolves won 1-0 which cheered Gaz up no end!

The night was finished off by watching Boiling Point starring Wesley Snipes and Dennis Hopper. Just don't bother watching it yourself. I got all the way through but only because I had nothing better to do!

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Whey hey the cavailer got a new MOT certificate. Back to burning the black stuff again.

Went also to a rather wet mid week match to watch the Rainbow v's the villiers. Rainbow played outerly poorly. So poorly. I thought the scroe was 4-1. Someone else 4-0. The ref claimed the office end at 3-1. (maybe)

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

By Easter Tuesday I was bored. So I looked at the map and went for a drive in my Eunos. Off down the Road to Tenby and a few hours later I got to Beulah.....

Where I turned off to head up into the mountains on the unclassifed roads towards Abergwesyn.

Now these are the roads to drive on. No other vehicales, people or cameras.

And great scenary of course the whole point of coming

I follow the valley which follows the Afon Irfon.

There it is the river with someone doing a bit of painting.

The sheep seem to like it up here too.

I stop have a quick walk around and take a photo of my Eunos.

A photo of a water fall before heading donw the road a bit to..

A tree - how exciting!

I consider getting back in the car.

The next part of the pass was nice and twsity, steep with a couple of mountain hairpins Big-L would have loved.

I came acrosss the well known settlement of Ceredigion. Don't look on the amp for the place its not on there. More to the point there is nothing here. Not a house, not a pub, nothing! Oh its the area's name!

The road wound on into nowhere.

Oh helloe we seem to have a red telephone box and post box. Must be most useful out here!

I could ring someone and tell them how nice this water fall is. I could but I don't. Maybe it's because trhere is no mobile signal out here?

Onto a credable B road at Tregaron and I start to head north towards Devils Bridge.

And this is it! Three bridges all on top of each other! Marveolous. It cost me £2 to see this. Make sure you have pound coins on you!

I take the 30minute walk to see the Mynach Waterfalls.

Apart from a couple of people I spoke to to get some pound coins this place was deserted. Which make seeing things great.

You soon learn why the elderly and infirm are recommended not to do the walk. The route is steep, slippery and well the steps arn't actualy steps in places - just rock face.

Now how do you get to that other bit??

Well I've been to much lesser places.

Here's the Couldron - ah thats another pound coin is it!

A bit of info on the bridges.

Back in the car and on the move again torward Cwmystwyth and through The Arch.

I follow the unclassified road down the Ellan Valley.

I get out for another stroll

Yep Eunos at Ellan Valley. Great eh!

Nothing for miles - except those dark clouds - I wonder if I have got to put the roof up?

Ah one of the dams.

Roof was up by now!

I thought I'd take a closer look at the dam.

Erm no water going over it. Aparently it looks really good when it is pouring over.

You see the hood does go up occassionaly!

On to the next dam in the distance.

No water goign over this one either.

But a lovely bit of engineering!

Just like the Eunos. Time was now pushing on for 7:30pm so I decided to head home.

By 9pm I was sitting down to watch one of my favourite moive Four Weddings and Funneral.

Ah it finished the Easter Weekend off perfectly.


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