Monday, May 29, 2006

I've finaly put the Euro tourer on sale at ebay. If it don't sell I don't care - I'll just keep it. Big-L if you really want to go to Italy in it just make a bid. You never know you could be the lucky owner! If it wasn't because the car tax finishes before we go I would take it. I'm still in two minds about this. Can I bid on my own item!?!!? I've put some other stuff on ebay too!

Sunday I got up (eventually) to yet another miserable day outside. I decided to change the oil on the Rover 620. Then the water pipe, then its sound deadening cover. After that I thought I'd try running it on Vegatable oil to see what the ECU would make of it. Luckily it is a Bosch pump which is good as they can take the higher visociety. Filled a sample bottle with 50% deisel and 50% veg oil and dropped the fuel line in. Unlike the cavailer the ECU seemed to keep the engine running smoothly. Oldy though there was a much more prominet smell of chip shop in the area. But although things seemd to be running alright there was white smoke coming from the exhaust. In fact once reved ther was stacks of white smoke. Too much to be drving around with really. So that sucks then - no veg oil in there.

I watched the grand prix for a bit, it was so exciting. As usual Schmacher stuck his fingers up to having to start at the back by finishing high up the finsihers at the end. Only he could do that at Monaco!

Luckily he didn't win. I mean he's a great driver but he's so up himself.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Been out of the office a bit this week, early mornings, late nights, up north and down south.

Wednesday night I head around Greenies to say hello - well it was Sara's birthday. And fancy dress time for Tom whom had a pirate costum on. And he had 3 Thunderbird characters to play with. I was glad as this seemed to take his mind off sword playing.

Friday night I was still tired but ment to be going out for Birthday beer with Gaz and Co. I eventually made it up town by 9pmish. Into the Varsity to watch Third Day Away.

Then we went to the Little Civic followed of course by Cheekies! Well eventually - we stayed a long lon time in Little Civic. Greenie showed me his new glasses. So I looked at them very close up by wearing them for a bit. It didn't help though.

Before you knew it the place was closing and it was time to move on. Big-L wanted to move onto home but the rest of us didn't. We ended up n the Vicory for currys all round. On the way we went to the bank. And in frustrationof nothing happening on the screen I ended up withdrawing a few hundred pounds! With me now being so flush the curryended up being one expensie meal as poeple declared bankruptcy!

Saturday I got up early with a hangover. Headed into town to make a cash deposit to the bank and then drifted around wandering where I could get a new battery watch from without being ripped off. While roaming a pound store I picked up a pack of 55 batteries along with some gardening items - whihc I was sure would come in handy later. I headed around to Big-L's who obviously hasn't done any dusting since his birthday!

We finished off watching the qualifing of my favourite grand prix - Monaco. Micheal did something very silly whihc was not only gooing to cost him some more reputation but also most likely winning the race.

Later that night we went around Di and Greg's for her birthday BBQ. I felt awful big hangover was still lurking! But hair off the dog did the trick!

I even smiled once it had gone dark!

Kiren introduced his new girlfriend to everyone and then disappeared to bed!

There's nothing like being under a burner all night, adding to the polution the world cannot cope with.

Naughty Norf decides to point something out to me!


Monday, May 22, 2006

Sunday was a wet one. After seeing Sara, Greenie and Tom in Sainburys yesterday, after the De Vinci Code we had arranged to meet at Eastnor Castle. In fact although it was rain extremely heavy it was Big-L's idea not to have the hood down all the way. Once there we parked up and to the bewilderment of the ticket office people who couldn't believe we had come so far with the hood down without getting wet. especially as it been raining heavily there until a couple of minutes ago.

Luckily the rain held off pretty much while we were there. The Greenies had not turned up. Telephone signals were well virtually none existent! now I understand that unless you pay £25,000 for a wedding you can only see this castle on a very few days. Not likely to be getting married yet nor knowing anyone who would splash out £25K on a venue this was the best time to see it.

I thought it might be one of those fake castles at first!

In the court yard was a traction engine - ohhh exciting!

Big-L and myself had an English afternoon cup of tea waiting for the Green's arrival.

When they turned up is was time to have a look inside.

The Chapel were you can marry!

Some nice windows in the chapel.

Big-L living out his wildest fantasies!

The Greenies having a sit down while Tom, Big-L and Nack play.

With these heaveis on it, it should be ok for for the real kids.

Nack thinks he is safe up here, but no Tom drops the sword and shield and is still coming for the kill! Yikes!

Have no fear death slide ended with ........

Again and Again and again!!

Greenie gets all dressed up.

We make our way to the maze. A small one which we thought would be easy to navigate!

So how Big-L managed to get to the center first is anybodies guess!

We all make it to the center castle in the end!

Even the person who took that last photo- me!

Big-L tried to memorize the way out!

Easier said than done though.

Thinking about how will I get out, I'd better get moving!

All this burnt off energy needed to be replaced and so we stopped off at the Brewers Arms. Not that I would be able to find the place again. Big-L's navigation went wrong somewhere after being told we are going to a pub a mile away. Which turned out to be ten at least!. This was to the excitment of Tom who loved to travel in Nack's space ship. Apparently he wants one.

We needed a lot of refueling, even puddings all round!

Eventually it was time to go home! Topless of course.

Rather than going home on the motorway we went via the scenic route and through Worcester.

I even made it back to Gaz's before it was dark to give him his birthday card! A well travelled one!

The day was finished off admiring a tree!

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Thursday Big Brother 7 started. How dam exciting! s this the end of life for 13 weeks? Well I can't say I'm taken by the bunch they have put in this year. Lets hope BB will do some real nasties to wind them up - or it could be very dull!

Friday I didn't stay in to watch any more Big Brother. Instead we headed downt he freshly done out Rainbow. Well it is certainly an improvemnt in surrounding terms compared to the old place. Unfortunatley the Carlsberg tap has disappeared. One wonders if this is due to the fact they used to sell so few barrels of the stuff as shown in the books. Or weather in fact they used to sell so few barrels because the barrles never got restocked and it was only avaiable occassionly. So it was strongbow most of the night - I didn't want to try anything too strong like the the two geust ales.

The leaflet promised a midnight closing, however as the night draw in it appeared the midnight closing wasn't going to happen. On of the staff seemed to think it depended on how many customers there would be, which there was obviously going to be quiet a few, so later this excuse fell flat on its face. At about 11:20 after the assistant manager had asked our group to leave on a few occassions he came and sat with us to discuss the problem of the midnight shutting, among other things.

While discussing the bar drinking and lounge sitting area being a bit small, the football team came up. I however was far more concerned about where the satge area was for the special Third Day Away appearances and the area for the Christmas Disco!

We were eventualy asked to leave there and then and obligingly we did. We don't want to upset the authority figure. Afterall they want to make themselves feel incontrol of the rowdy yet polite customers.

Saturday and I went shopping in Wolvo with Big-L. Having parked in Matt & Norfs parking bays I encourage Big-L to do some big spending in Pound Strechers. I came out with one boot bag (for a the boot of a car), one set of allen keys, on screw driver set and bits and some gardening stuff. Next it was Wilko next door where I picked up a sure deodrant stick, some valet fabric cleaner, found a very large clip it picture frame and some extra angle car mirror thingies. We wander around the rest of town before heading back into pound stretcher for one more car boot bag. From here we headed over to Cineworld to catch the De Vinci Code. We had time for one quick pint over in the Nickeloden before the film started. While the film seems to have been slagged off to me it was actually quite good, and while I have a copy of the book I've never got round to reading it - its one of those books that is just too thick to complentate reading!

We nipped round Garys as it was his birthday to deliver his birthday cards. He wasn't around and so it was off home to watch erm....

Eurovision. how dam exciting! Well Big-L wanted it on the radio so I thought I listen to some of Terry Wogans great commentry.

What can you say. Finlands awful song won!


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