Friday, June 30, 2006

If there one thing you can be sure of, if my brother comes round he leaves a cup on the window sill next to the sofa. When Big-L's been in the car you can always expect to find he's left you a Lucazade bottle, empty of course!

I get home from work to be greated by the cat. She asks 'whats in that huge box the postie has brought round today'

Well it was a big box and all it actualy contained was two books. Franchecos Italy (hard back massive version) and

Dog run by Arthur Nersesian. I'd ordered antoher one by him too but that is going to take five weeks to turn up!

In the mean time I have actually started to read Lisa Jewels Friend of The Family - inbetween Big brother of course.

Mind I have taken every oppurtunity this week to get out on my bike again. Other things that have happened are the Green's came round with the girl with no name. And Tom of course who then wanted to play and went toy hunting! I've had to change the speakers on my Eunos as one stopped working and I took the oppurtunity yesterday to go....

to the snowdome with my brother as I had my brithday voucher. In fact when I got there they told me I could stay for the whole 3 hours if I wished not just the one as on the voucher. Good how fit do they think I am???

Anyway the place was quiet by 9pm and slopes to ourselves. Surprisingly it was like I'd never been off my snowboard - not that it didn't stop me falling over once! However it became a bit of a merry go round and it made me ern for the mountains and long long black runs of course. grrrrrrr

And so the car got loaded up for the return home. Off to the dentist in a mo. How scary........

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Friday night came and went...and the next morning.....

My cat asked "where are you going then as your up so early?"

I replied "I never know where I'm going or where I'll end up."

Now you may think it odd that I talk to the cat. But the birds were talkng about last nights Big Brother eviction over breakfast!

Before you knew it me and Big-L were having a pit stop on the junction of the A44 and B4343.

In the Welsh hills that be.

We climb back in the car, go past Devils bridge and head to the minor roads where the Eunos belongs...

The peace and traquility of it all

the open empty roads with no numbers..

Where have we just come through. er how you say that??? Ysbyty Ystwyth.

Port of call one is just before our oringal prot of call one. Yep we stop in the woods to admire a ruined house!

Big-L does love his architecture.

and me the machine that got us here. I that note just were are we????

In a wood of course.

Look there's loads of walks we can do Big-L, do you fancy one of those?

Looks like its back to the car then. Only 1/2 a mile to go now.

Here we are. At Tenby Wanna Be - or to you NewQuay.

Some how the birds seemed to be expecting us. I wonder how?

Lots and lots of boats but not enough sea. Someones pulled the plug.

Now whaqt goes with beach, sand, sea, harbour, sea front.

Fish and chips of course!

Look at the concentration. You don;t see that often!

There be some rocks here to but none to buy? Oh and the Famous Pound Shop - just like Tenby ;)

The harbour starts to fill up - with water that is.

Wo ho moving boats in the sea. Its just like having a bath at home.

And one without an engine. Is the wind taxed. Has Mr Brown consider it even.

Well its not often you see boats hulls is it?

We are hanging around for the big sailing boat race to start.

tick tock tick tock. Will they ever line up?

Nope I guess not!

Hold on whats that there.

A seal. A seal. A seal.

Pants I missed the start!

I watch from another view point.

And Big-L joins me.

You sea the see, is coming in! We get a post card for Mr P and a grease preventer for the frying pan (as you do)! YEs we went in the famous one pound shop!

Our next detour was to Llangranog. Not that we had heard of the place. I saw a sign that indicated that there was a ski center there so we turned.

An open and very quiet beach! Looks nice here.

Now be careful the streets are narrow!

Sand and sea.

sea and sand.

For a better prospective we drive up hill a bit and look over the bay.

Told you it was nice.

And there's another sandy bay around there look. Perfect for lazing in the sun!

Now how do you mow that back garden?

Luckily the hand brake works. But most of the weight isn't in it!

Big-L's thinking I'm not walking anywhere in this mountainous region.

One last peek....

Or two..

All in and pray.

Our next stop was just slightly further up the road. interestingly here you can camp on the beach! Oh yeah you can wake up to sand in ya face.

Now is that a water fall or an effluent fall?

Another empty beach..

Apart from me of course.

We take a closer look. It seems clean enough, but can you drink it?


Looks wet to me. Er whats going on with my feet? Errr yuk, bumper.

I back off squid squash

Just refreshing and then suddenly loads of people come to see what we have crawled over the rocks to see. We two others that is.

Got to be careful Big-L is thinking of something to say.

Dan 4 Amamnda, how sweet. Did you do that Big-L?

Lets go Lets go.....

And here we are at Aberporth.

Again looks ok but not a Tenby replacment!

Mind Big-L doesn't even get out of the car!

Well I guess its not as good as the last two places.

He's still in the car see!

Off we go then towards Cardigan, Newport, Fishgaurd and beyond!

Some very tight roads and a some bay at FFishgaurdishguard.

Some boats to look at...

And the bay to look over the ferries to.

While here some young admires came to wow at the motor. How fast does it go mate.....

We leave them wowing and two huge black marks down the street as the tires burn and the rear end whale tales. We are gone......

We eventually get to the City of Saint Davids. Now I know its meant to be the smallest City but I didn't expect to blink and miss it. We had to go around three time before concluding is that it? My home village is bigger!

At least there is a cathedral here to see. (and thats it!)


More Cathedrale

And even more Cathedrale

A sign of the Cathedrale

Cathedrale grounds

More Cathedrale grounds

And even more Cathedrale grounds

Is that the exit?

Nope Cathedral gardens!

Yet more Cathedral

We are getting further away.

Er White sands bay. And the disabled get the best parking slots :(

Another empty beach but its not good. Grab some stone Big-L and make a dash for it!

The breaking tide is caught on Nacks camera.

Cold and wet I guess it be.

Big-L at peace with nature

Big black and drawing but there no way I'm climbing that.

WE nip around to St. Jaucetine. Not a lot here mind apart from people waiting to save people. And lots of them.

We move on to Newgale.

Looo around but keep peddling.

As you can see many stone here for as far as you can see. There is sand here whent he tide is out apparently.


Just dig for it!

Its there somewhere.

A pit stop maybe. It's got to be tea time surely?

Then suddenly we are out in the middle of nowhere. A place called Dale.

A small place. Tranquil quite and full of happy happy people.

It looks like we are going to the pub.

But infact we eat at the Yatch Club.

Al Fresco on the roof!

Well that's shut Big-L's stimach up for a bit.

The veiw is good up here.

Obvioulsy no traffic wardens around as we are all parked on double yellow line! (even me).

Nice plant!

You know hat I'm thinking don't you. What the hell is choclate chilli like?

The sun goes down.


With the heater burning away in the background too.

Erm perhaps its time to go. We must be about 4 hours away.

Oh and we could do with some feul. You know what Welsh petrol stations are like for being closed at night. 3am we are home and its for bed.


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