Sunday, July 30, 2006

Friday night I spent around Greenies. A few drinks, dinner and playing with Tom. But I was tired from work to do too much exercise, so to speak. So When I dod get to bed it's lovely. Saturday not much is happening and then my brother calls to say he'd be intrested in going to Noah's Ark. Well there seemed to be time to get there and back before poker.

Now they were going through a move and if the original place was not hard enough to find then this will get you thinking. I went to there highly busy bike shop for some directions and all was reveiled!

Yep its about two miles away now. Due to the move there isn't much stock, but we are here only for the bargain bargins anyway. My brother decides on a pair of Burton Hail boots while i much around looking at the scenary outside.

They didn't have much in the line of snowboards mind!

I decide on a hat, not for snowboarding but for driving in my open top car!

I like the otherone better.

Could you imagine working here? In this beauty?

It's been built in a listed building!

There'll be no passer by customers at the moment though. If you don't know where it is, you don't know where it is!

Well if you saw where the shop was before you'd understand this is much better.

Ah the Burton Hail boots themselves! Well ten minutes before getting home from Stroud for the poker game I get a text......

Pokers off - one too many people have pulled out!!!! So we go out for a pint in the Possada followed by The Quandrant Lounge for two, or three, or four or five........

While Matt falls asleep Nack throws a pint around the table in slow motion. Its true. Time slows down and fluid is past around slowly and lots of it. Am I really that drunk. Of course not which means...

The fantastic Little Civic with its truley amaziong music followed by the emensuly pooh Big Civic (Blast Off). While mean time it looks like Norfs had a week on hard drugs!

It not looking good. Have you seen howNack is handling his beer???

Someone better stop him.

I wake at 6:30 still dressed on my bed with my contact lenses in. Now that doesn't happen often. I climb into bed until 2pm when I crash with my Itailain book in the garden. I feel bad, I never want to drink again, why oh why did I go to Blast Off and why did I have that keebab and chips!

Saturday, July 29, 2006

There are not many rocks this bland in my collection - but this one is special as its from Tenby.

Friday, July 28, 2006

Tuesday I spent the night in Poads garden watching the children grow up to be as big as there dad!

I might well have been ilusinating due to the XXXX. But maybe not.

Dylan's got real problems as he truely does go round say nack nack nack.

On Thursday Poade even showed up to go swimming. Which was lucky as he drove me and Rog there.

Paode showed me his medal for 'Active' service in Afgahnastan. Acit they call it, but most of us know better!

Well I finaly finished Lisa Jewel's Friend of a family. The book was a very slow starter, with a great middle section of the story which I enjoyed reading with somewhat of a dull ending. Yep a very dull ending. So much more could have been made of this? Will we ever see Gervase again??? Well the next book I read will be another by Arthur Nersesian.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Well the Weekend could not come quick enough! Yep it was time for the annual Tenby pilgrimage. Friday night and I was out of the door like a shot to get home and wait for Big-L to turn up with my brother for the 3 hour trek to Tenby. By 9:30 we were on the Kiln Park camp site just before dusk meeting Gaz and Sarah whom gave us a can of beer while we considered how to put our tent up that we had bought from Tesco earlier in the week. Yeah no need for those spare pegs now - as we have a whole new tent. And my is it BIG. As soon as the tent was up we got to the bar ;)

As you can see Big-L was well into his liquid tea, which was going to be stretched out until 1am.

And of course theres that famous entertainment they put on for us campers which should never be missed.

I'm not sure I want to see whats going to be behind the curtain. Things are getting a bit raunchy for family viewing.

Time for another beer and although I have only order once the bar man remembers the 6 drink round. Which as I told him is impressive but two of the group have turned into wussa's and don't want any more.

Memorized by the entertainment. Yes it was that good!

If a bit distant from our table. Bonus is our table is next to the bar.

After our liquid tea it's time for bed. After a quick dance in the field of course.

That big blue tent is ours. I hope I have had enough to drink to make me sleep through Big-L's snoring!

Nice car in a nice Tenby field.

Are we going to cook breakfast or what. I haven't eat anything for what seems days.

Out comes the BBQ to cook breakfast on which consists of 62 rashers of bacon and 84 Richmond sausages! It takes a while to cook I can tell you. And I bet you'd think we were full!

To burn all these calories off we walk into Tenby. The others go via the path, however I take the longer route to the beach - main to here the waves....

Ah the wonderfull view of Tenby across the beach. The tide is out so I walk to the waters edge for a easier walk.

A quick picture of Saint Catherains Island.

The north beach cliff top hotels. And who's that.

Its the Big-L and co. My its took them a long time to get here (and I walk so slowly its painful).

Another view of the beach which gets completely covered at high tide. I walked around the town for an easier climb up the cliffs.

Half way up the cliffs.

At the top of the cliffs I take a moment to take some more pictures of Caldey Island.

The light house on Caldey Island.

Ah I meet them in the ice cream shop. After a long long decision on which piece of art my going to gobble up I choice the Treasure chest and a black cherry milk shake. I really truly am full now. But was it nice - yes.

We ponder in and out of the shops and do some watching over the north beach enjoying the sunshine.

Well coming to Tenby without taking a picture of the most photographed view in the UK just would not be on would it.

Tenby's 'other' famous camp site high on the hill.

The sea is most definitely out as can be seen in the harbour. Sand glorious sand.

Another lovely view

Some are just born to be spectators.

Its hard to get a spot but nice if you can.

Beardy's magical smile appears once more.

The famous clock on the Local produce only Veg store.

Giltar rock nearly completely surrounded by sand.

We head back into town. What to do now???

Ah a visit to the famous pound shop to get some candle for the candle in the bucket! I always wonder why the pound shops else where are never as good as this one. Wow what stock.

We make it to the Life Boat. Which if you haven't realised is a pub with a beer garden!

Which stops Big-L moaning about the intense sun for while anyway.

However it all gets too much for him and he makes himself a hat and gets another 6 rounds in.

By the time we leave we have had around 8 pints and are well and truly plastered!

My the tied has come right in too. We await a cab for a while.

Giltar Rock surrounded by water. Gaz, Les and Sarah get in a taxi.

Even the harbour is full of water.

Where have all the taxis gone???

We decide to walk to the south beach.

Saint Catheraines island surrounded by water!

The south promenade.

Another view and a wedding is taking place.

The view of the south beach, which is a lot fuller than this morning.

I decide to swim it down the beach to the camp site! I strip off apart from my shorts and give the stuff to my brother and Beardy

Its what you would call rather sobberingly cold! I kid you not.

Am I really in a fit state to do this. Will I down?

Will I freeze?

Fully in at last - must keep moving now. We eventually get back to the camp site, get changed have a shower and catch a cab back into town.

We eat, drink, play pool and.....

meet spiderman in The Sun! Far too much beer is drunk and some really rubbish pool playing is done!

Until we decide to change pub! Where Beardy advises that another pint is a great idea to get a good nights sleep through Big-L's snoring!

Oh here we go again about my snoring.

We love Tenby, We love Tenby pubs, we love that the opening hours are till 1am ;)

Well for some perhaps it's just too much ;(

We wake Beardy move to comfy sofas and let him sleep again. And he thinks Big-L's snoring is loud!

SNORE SNORE SNORE - for god sake someone wake him.

The Normandy it all just got too much for us and we had to make our way back.

So four of us walked it down the road, past the single open chippy.

Down the promenade, past the cliff top hotels and the wedding reception.

Ready for a walk down the cliffs, but then...

Big-L pushes over the bin, rotates the sign post around and takes a piss. How could he do this in Tenby???

We get down to the beach. I look back at the cliff top hotels and then turn into the darkness.

Ah if I turn the flash on we can see. Look there sand...

Oh so paly. Good night.

The morning comes all to quick considering it was 1:30am by the time we went to bed. In fact it was next door arguing that woke us all up at around 8:30am! Mind the sun was out once more! We packed the tent away and it went quiet easily into the bag which we though would be a struggle!

And head off to play a bit of compulsory crazy golf. You'll notice Beardy being very professional.

Big-L is doing the score card, which can only mean one thing - he'll win!

I ponder which museum they stole the ship from?

While my brother and Big-L go and pay some real golf me and Beardy make our way to Wiseman's bridge.

Erm which way should we go??

As you can see the sea is out and Beardy has got me walking along the beach.

We check out the rock formations and discuss archaeological.

More rock, lets take a closser look!

Wow, it just like being a kid again!

And to think if the tide was in we would be able to appreciate this so much.

What are these black things which crunch under foot?

Nealry at the head land.

A viw from the head land towards Tanby.

The view back to Wisemans Bridge where we had just walked from.

And the view towards Saunderfoot.

Saundersfoot beach.

ah one of the tunnels we had come to see and the path back to Wiseman Bridge.

Bye Bye beach

Beardy this looks spookie.

That beach looks most inviting if only I had a bucket and spade!

I could buy one I guess...

no it's into the spokey tunnel.

It a long one. Shame you can;'t drive down it. My double ended exhaust would sound great and probably make it colaps.

View of thr rocks and what is to be the sea bed soon from the path that used to be a mineing railway.

The miners caves which are full of rubbish.

More rock features.

And more.

And a bit of sand.

I bet you would love to see the stone I have from Tenby beach wouldn't you?

Well this is I beleive the WIse Mans Bridge. And standing next to it if you look closely is a very wiseman.

And so it was time to meet Rob and Les in Tenby, purchase one last thing along which some sweets for wrok and head home. Boy do I hate Caravan drivers!!!!


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