Sunday, August 20, 2006

Sunday I manage to mscle up the energy to go to the Snowdome for 2 hours. It costs a striking £22!!! My borther allows me to take his new Nitro Voltage snowboard. And what a blazing board this is. Whiipppppppy it glides it slides it turns it bloomin shifts - out the way here I come. I want it I want it - let it be mine....

And with the aid if technology and You Tube here's me in action (click picture above).

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Wey Hey the Cav is back and its going to get some love and attention...

Went up town to get my hair cut and popped into Vission Express on the off chance my glasses may be ready to collect. Wonga they were and here they are. We went to have them fitted. I put them on and she said have a look around. Now is every clear? Nope. Your wearing your contact lense arn't you. I smile and thats that really.

Better still here is a photo of them on my head when I get home! I can see again - at last.

I ask the cat what she thinks.

She puts her claws out and I pray.

I pop into Halfords and get a few filter for the motor, some premium synthetic oil which I never normaly buy cuz £32.99 is too dear for my old motor now - but a t half price and doing a fair few miles in a few days time I thought I'd treat it. The oild gets changed, the fule filter, grease up some bearings, adjust the brakes and hand brake so they are now hard as nails. No more marsh mellow effect.

Along with those I bought some stick on pockets for my MX5, two air fresheners and nothing else.

Real leather with real M3 tape on the back. Lets pray they stick!

Well they have but for how long. Not many places to choose from to position them. But at least there is somewhere to put something!

A closer look!

The only other exciting thing to happen was another 500K in the old PC. Whippy Dee.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Well Friday was the last night of Big Brother. And what an exciting finish it was to stay in for! Jennie was 6th, what a surprise. Welll a surprise she lasted in the house so long but not that she was the first of the six out tonight! And oh when we got to Nikki leaving it was as bad as her first eviction. You would think some of tha tfame would have helped by now. But no when Divena tried to interview her it was to be so....

Not even with the encouragment of the rest of the ex house mates could they untrumatise her.

Pant pant pants Richard comes out... Now I found Richard to be a great entertainer in the house, winding the others up soooo much all of the time. How he stayed in for so long must be a mircal. I just wish he'd come second but there you go.

Well for the interview Nikki could perform Richard certainly could. You see he never lets the veiwing public down.

Ashlyen was third another true performer. which then left two people left for the final outing.

When it came I thought Divina had said Glyn had won. er what, how can that be, and then released Glyn was second and out next. So Pete the person who made Big Brother 7 as entertaining as possible won. We all knew he would and he deserved it.... so here are some shots of him wining and fianly leaving the big brother house!

The so that bring Big Brother 7 to the End. Now you'll all have to have something to do with your lives until next time.....

Although my contact lenses have come my new glasses haven't, in fact its now Friday and I still haven't heard about them.

Mind these lenses are much better focus wise than my old ones.

In preparation for the Italian Tour I have managed to get hold of a 1 gig card for my camera. Mind in the cameras highest mode this still only give 411 photos. Next mode down 822! That should do.

Well Big-L and myself have spent a fair few hours looking and booking and this is the proposed route for the Italain Tour which is going to go something like this:

Wolverhampton to Dover.
Dover to Calais.
Calais to Reims (Stop for some sleep).
Reims to Genoa for 5:30pm to catch the luxury cruise liner to Palmero.
Sleep, drink, eat, research where we are going on the 20 mediaterian cruise.
Palmero (Scilly) - arrive at 4:30 ish. Go to hotel to sleep.
Palmero city and area. Sleep
Mount enta, then a ferry across to Italy and onto Matera to sleep in a cave!
Matera area to Potenza to Almifa to Sorento and sleep
Naples and area for a few nights.
Naples to Tivilo garden, to Siena, sleep.
St. Gimignano to Pisa and onto Florence. Sleep
Florence for a couple of days.
Florence to bologna - imola - modena - venice sleep.
Stay in venice a couple of days.
Venice to lake garder to Milan - sleep
stay in milan for a couple of days.
Sprint home before we have to go back to work.

Rougly a journey of 3200 miles not including the ferry to Scilly!

Perhaps when I said we are staying in a cave in Matera I ment a cave like this. (click image above).

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Well I have gone You-Tube mad and now all my pointless movies are now on there! Intrestingly The Belinda moive (76 views) and the Alton Towers Movie (262 views) has been watched extensively. Anyway feel free to have a look. If you notice there is now a video button at the bar low down on the page as a quick link stright to Nackuk videos!

For those of you who have never seen the Les Containmines video here it is in all its glory inseveral parts. Just click on each picture!

Now if that was exciting for you you'll enjoy this part!

Do we reach that famous tunnel on this part?

Not there just yet!

We suddenly jump to the end of the holiday! And yes here starts some action!

Well with all that fun being had I bet you wished you had come along too!!!!

Of course you could just enjoy Saturday nights sunset! I resisted the poker night. It was unlikely I would win any money or the racing Big-L want me to go to and that I would have loved to have gone and seen.

And so I stayed in Saturday and watched Galay Quest. Woooo Weeee

I have changed my conact lense solution to this stuff. My I am impressed. Nice and smooth.

Sunday and me and my brother went shopping for something other than contact lens solution.

And he came out with some K2 Cinch bindings for £131. Nice price.

The rest of Sunday was spent very much like the cat.


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