Sunday, October 29, 2006

Not much has happened this week. I finally got the photos done of Italy (thankgod). I've been swimming with Rog twice and Poade once in my bid to get fit before I go snowboarding. The week ended with a Friday night out to celebrate him becoming 30 (at last). The night started with The Hoggs Head, leading onto The Little Civic and ending with a long session in the only pub in Wolverhampton that looks after its Grolcsh properly (formerly Yamms yamms) the Quadrant Lounge!

And obviously I wasn't in control of the camera for a change!

Me in the Little Civic looking my best of course.

Some people dancing - no I don't know who.

Trubbies face - the better side.

John the drummer drinking er god knows.

But obviously trying to get Nack to buy another round.

They're so hot the camera starts to smoke.

Er Nack what is that in your hand?

The most famous of us. The Opens main man - although not actually the man main. Sir Alan Doulton.

Who, just who is holding who up?

Two more drinks please/

I need some shades. Anyone Shades please.

No need for shades I'll take the bulb out.

Er Nack its still lite up.

Told you a man couldn't do it.

I'll show her

I did it, I did it, nay neh nay

What's gone on down here then?

I've removed the evidence to protect us all. Scarper if you know what's god for you.

3 men one light bulb. It was easy really.

Have you seen where Nacks quiff has gone?

Did we hear you say your getting a round in Neil?

No No No its not my round.

I'll get them Neil you tight git.

Cheers love.

Hold it, hold it one at a time please it noisy in here.

You want a double!

Stop taking the mik I get them in.

You know what you can do Neil. Nack beings to lose balance.

Suddenly Nack needs holding up.

Alison let the chap fall over for god sake.

Do you know where his quiffs gone?

I think I've found it in Sprogs lap!

Enjoying your drinks lads. cost me that did.

I don't remember him getting me a drink.

Nope I can't remember him getting me a drink - oh Neil

Well we got kicked out eventually. Went round Neils for a few beers and tipped a can over his sofa (apparently). Went home (between 4 and 6am) and slept until 3pm. So that was Saturday gone. Well almost - I headed to Tescos to buy lots of bargins I didn't need - of course.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

If you buy a nice white car, its always best to clean it before Nack gets to it!

The consequences could linger on for a while otherwise!

Monday, October 23, 2006

I've finally cracked. After being late for work on Monday I decided to quit the M6 between the M54 and Junction 10. Its now taking 45 minutes to do this section and yesterday it was half term for the kids so the motorway normally gets quieter for the week.

Instead I now drive past numerous schools, junctions, pedestrians and causing more local traffic. It may be a much longer route cutting through all these streets but its in fact 20 minutes quicker! This is just like the old days!

A quick tour of the route for you coming right up!

I don't actually know the road name, its just quicker this way ( I found once).

Wood End


Necheals Lane

BP - convenient for fuel and a cash machine. And if your a plonker like I was the once I filled my Cav up with 55 quid of fuel only to pay and THEN realise my wallet was still at home!

The Key way.

Not the motorway yet but the junction onto the Black Country Route

The Black Country Route

And more Black Country route.

The Isalnd at Junction 10 on the M^. Nice and busy of course.

And the motorway at a bloomin stand still.

Advised to do 40mph down the slip road. Somehow though I think the traffic controllers are living in day dream land again.

Yep I was right!

It's a scramble for a place on the M6!

Er how did I get to lane 3?

Oh F***King oh. The police are having a laugh aren't they with these new signs that have gone up!

We come up to the disasterous new road layout once more.

We're doing ten miles and hour, go baby go.

Someone should be sacked for this....

I best get the handbrake off. No its jammed solid I've been at a a standstill so long.

this is where the magic starts....

1 - 2 - 3

90% of the cars have dissappeared!

I kid you not!

M6 empty

I get to work on time thankgod.


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