Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Well the mountain at Les Contamines changed from brown barrowness to wonderful whiteness - horay! With snow even in the village.

Most likely though it will melt at present. Lets hope it snows snows snows some more. Nothing else to say other than tonight I ach again!

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Yes I've managed to put it up for sale at an EBAY near you. Mind I've still got to be parted from it.

What can I say - get bidding and yourself a bargain!

Erm no snow at LEs Contamines - might have to get praying soon!

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The map at the bottom of the page has some dots on it. These are web cams if you mouse over them!

Sunday I got up and me and Big-L went to watch the lads play footie. personally I feel it was a shambles. We could have played so much better but we didn't. The ref did not help but there again we made no space and if you ask me there was little effort to get the ball on occasions. Even worse we lost 2-0!.

It not great to slag the lads off but come on chaps you played so so so much better last week where the tea was nice and warm!

I cleaned my cars on the inside only before it was time to go to the gym to have an assessment of progress (told you I was living there!).

Well heres my red card which I've now moved from.

She looked at my card and commented, "good god you come a lot".. Which is better than here saying well you haven't filled the boxes in with any numbers (different page). The 100's are the lengths I do in the pool. The Saturday I missed was the day I took down and put up a wardrobe and the Sunday I went snowboarding for a couple of hours too!

And so we discussed how hard the excerises were killing me and where I wanted to go now (the pub obviously). Hence the blue scribble on the card on what was originally agreed, what I was superceeding this by and what is going to be the new plan. Oh yeah which reminds me I end with the stepper, which kills me, causes me to sweat heavily and then on Wednesday just as I'm finishing I'm spotted by Alison who wanders over after some boxing class or something. Yep I must have been such a sweat dripping mess, worse still she touched me which I pointed out she probably wouldn't appreciated. Well she tried talking me into going to a yoga session with her and Hellen. Why Why would she think a wet T-shirted lad would want to go to yoga for I don't know, all I wanted was to get out of these wet wet cloths. I went swimming instead thankgod out of my wet cloths and well into a pool of wetness!

Well I've got a new plan, almost identical to the last and another progress assessment booked to get me on that green card promptly. I guess I'm then desserted and then and allowed to exercise myself to death!

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Wow what have Brittannia Music sent me now. Lily Allen. oh Awesome! I like to be a bit experimental but why can't they send me some Indie stuff???

Well the album is in fact quiet good. I've listened to it about twenty times now I I've got to say while its not out of this world type stuff the Lyrics are in fact very very very good. I kid you not! I could be a fan in fact but I don't think it will do my cred any good if I shout it out! What I may do is play it over and over agin in the car when we nip over to France on our not next snowboarding holiday!!!!!! oh life has it moments.

Last month I got Bob Dylan - Modern times, what can I say although I listened to it a lot I think Lily Allens lyrics just bet him a bit. I thought I'd ring Egg and just check they had actually cancelled my credit card, which was lucky really as it came a complete surprise to girl on the other end of the line asking are you sure you cancelled it. We have it written on the computer you discussed a loan. eh why would that be when I had a balance of 4 pounds! She put me on hold for very long time, apoligised and said that the account would be closed within 24 hours and to cut up the card. It would be a bit hard as thats what I did after they told me to do that after the last time we spoke!

Wellto rescue my sanity I got my haircut but missed out on a post haircut cup of tea round Norfs as Kirsty had taken him shopping! Well its better than what I used to pop round for anway! On the way home I popped into the gym (now my second home!). The night was finished off with For My Eyes Only and then a quick read before I went to bed. I must put my snowboard on ebay and put some funds back in my bank so I can go to my real second home (AKA the pub).

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Welll the cat is still liking the jacket.

Glade to see its come in handy for something.

In the mean time I open the album box to take a step back intime! now what ever happened to Gloria?

Eric Claptons in hear!

U2 thankgod I did have some taste!

Deacon Blue and thier best album - well I like the songs on this album anyway.

Ah delightfull Fuzzbox you the complete band name - We've Got a Fuzzbox and Were Going To Use It

Debbie Gibson - I don't know what I was thinking when I bought this, but I alos have several D.G's CD's too!

Inxs whey hay fantastic. Now also owned on CD!

christ it was me I bought the Rick Astley album!

Oddly followed by Whitesnake! Now thats something I havn't listened to for a while.

The Pet Shop Boys - a true classic album

Followed closely by an album which got me through most of my GCSE revision periods!

God knows - just who are WAs Not Was? I can't recall myself!

And obvously saving the best album till last - yes I was an enormas Adam and the Ants fan. Crikey!

and now we have some 12"'s

more Fuzzbox

Cuz you can't get enough of them.

I wander what they sound like now?

And more.

I did like their music.

And another

Maddona and another classic.

And theres a sourcey poster in there!

A limited edition 12"

And another ltd Edition 12"

Manchild - awsome.

The Beloved

Jamtronic another day in Paradise

The Chilly Peppers

i was well into Mel and Kim when I was young to.

Ah the Grid

Right which jokers put this in here???

Strwaberryfield Forever

Oh oh oh Transvision Vamp - whay hey Wendy James. The actual albums sound great today still as I I have played them recently on CD.

Belinda Carlise - nice ltd edition

And another with the poster Andy Poade always want off me.

And Haddaway. Now we could look in the singles box but Theres a fair few and it could just get embarrasing (as if this wasn't!)


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