Saturday, March 31, 2007

Well after a fair few emails in January, I would like to announce the fact I have booked 4 spaces (one tent) for 6th July 2007 for the Tenby Kiln Park Camp Fest. The sooner you book the cheaper it is. I saved £73 quid apparently!

Friday, March 30, 2007

Well there was something going for half price at MX%parts, which I would never have brought (ho ho) at full price!

Can you spot the difference?

Does this make it easier for you.

Yes of course these door handle cups have changed my life ;)

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Another visit to Tesco's and yet another tub of my favourite ice cream - Mackies

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Well I had a txt off Deadmanjones and with nothing happening, I decided to get off my FAT arse and go and see him. I loaded the car with beer and shot off in the direction of Manky.

He hadn't warned me of the 40 zone and roadworks on the motorway, but then as he doesn't drive I guess he didn't know. So it was now dark, but did that matter?

Not for what we had planned it didn't. Can you spot it? Nope its not the HD flat screen TV.

Its to do with that large box underneith called a Playstation 3.

Mr Tickle seemed to be hogging the one sofa.

And me the other!

The only time I seemed to get a go was when Deadmanjones went and got some chilled beers out the fridge ;)

Well the gaming went a bit like this. Obviously via You Tube so the film quality is poor! So you'll have to take my words for it, its bloomin good.

Well its been many years since I've stayed up gaming late. It was 3 or 4am before we went to bed depending how you looked at it!

The next morning Zoe kept us well supplied with tea so that we didn't have to move from the machine!

"When is Nack going to go home do you think? There no tea bags or beer left!"

Well eventually I go home via some of Stockports many attractions!

Ah the Great Pyramid of Stockport! What a great time we had...

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Well its bye bye to the small memory card that is in my phone and HELLO 1GB card, cheaply thanks to SVP. So now I can fit more photos, lots more tunes for when I'm in the gym, more games to play when sitting still on the M6 and even more ring tones to annoy people with when I'm on a train. Life is a joy....

Monday, March 19, 2007

I went to Tesco's and amongst other things I bought this Joy Division Album...

Kasbian album....

The Timeless Smiths album, The Queen Is Dead.

I also plunged for one of Snow Patrols early albums Songs for Polar bears and what can I say. Well I'm not dissapointed at all and my favourite song seems to be Velocity Girl as I keep heading for track 10!

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Well we went to Grenoble the quick way as the navigators were asleep! We got outside the airport where the staff were awaiting for my dad with a wheel chair. I then unloaded the car and left it in the hire center car park.

30 minutes latter you wouldn't believe how full this small airport became. We all got home safely.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Well can you believe it another sun shiny day....

And another hot hot hot day!

My brother and I head over to Merible Mottaret

to do this small mountain peak known as

Mont Du Vallon with a summit of 2952. Here we are in national park terretory and you are not permitted to go off the pistes. Of course the benifit of doing this mountain is you may come across a polar bear!

It's a gondala to the top where you would expect the view to be good.

Worryingly though the view down the valley of Meribel was rather green. The hot hot weather had melted the snow over here!

With such luck we actually manage to catch a glimps of a polar bear at the end of this short film!

From here we headed up the mountain and over to Les Menuires at the summit of Roc Des 3 Marches at 2704 meters.

As we got nearer the village center the snow was slushy put it was like powder boarding, it was great ;)

Luckily there was snow on the pistes! Look at that horrible rusty tower in the center of Les Menuires :( This place is known to be the ugliest ski resort in Europe!

And so we work our way up to Pointe De La Masse at 2804 meters.

You will notice the snow is fantastic here once more.

And this is it. That tower that you can see for miles around on top of the summit. Not so good looking close up. So I had a cup of tea and some cake to make me feel better.

We took the masse moguled black run down, for some reason. And yes it was my idea. I'm getting quite good at them now!

Look a better view of that rusty tower in the center of Les Menuires!

Well we got back to Val Thornes that afternoon and...

took it easy with my mom....

on some green slopes.....

The sun had lasted all day so it was nice to lie around the various areas of the piste waiting for her to catch up.

Well the snowboarding was all over now. And I seemed to have an eye infection. Time to take the contact lenses out I guess.

Well I enjoyed another sunset and another beer.

We packed ready for the journey home which was to start at 2:30am.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Guess what, yep its a lovely sunny day again.

And its about 25deg C this morning! Yikes will the snow last!

Today we decide to nip over to Orelle and do the quiet runs there and get to the highest summit in the 3 vallies.

By the time we got down Rosael I was hot and dehydrated so we stopped at the restuarant for a drink. A cup of tea for my brother and 1 liter of water for me. I drank the lot! Which ment that when I was finally at the top of the PTE De Bouchet (as picture above) I need to go for a leak.

Which meant I wanted to get down to the resturant as quickly as possible before I burst!

What can I say, I didn't hang around. And once I got to the resturant there was 30 minute quick, for the girls toilet and none for the lads thankgod!

Well we met up with my mom later in the afternoon for a.....

late dinner. which for me had a raw egg on top of it. I mushed it in so that I couldn't see it! It was yummy mind.

We had energiing dessert of course before going back on the pistes for a final play.

Back at the balcony I enjoyed yet another beer and admired the sunset once more.

Before enjoying another beer and admiring my snowboard!

My dad of course had a great day in, reading all the papers and enjoying a visit by the nurse.

Well a decision had to be made on weather to go to the pub or not....

It was a hard decision to make.


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