Sunday, April 29, 2007

Well I got some more seeds so I have done a bit of gardening.

A change around of the old plants, some more now outside and some new seeds sown. I also now have 5 totmatoe plants growing from 15 seeds. Not bad for me - and thats if they last!

Saturday, April 28, 2007

My cold is worse than Friday. I spend some time at Tesco's again! Before getting ready for going out to the 95 High Green Restuarant in Cannock to meet Les for his 34th Birthday meal.

For starters a few of us had the pigeon. Odd red meat like beef if you ask me. Then the was lots of fish going round for mains. Beardy choose whole sole. A real fish with many bones.

While I knew at ordering I should have made it clear I'd rather not have a head. I mean they chopped the tail off but left the head on. eerrrrr.

While Beardy is most upset about finding bones in his fish, Les is bemused by the whole thing. Of course Sara is thinking 'he's taking another photo of me, he is I'll kill him ;)' Thank god Greenies restraining her.

Beardy just can't get over that there was bones in his fish. Back to cod I guess next time for him then.

I manage to finish of my fish, although the consentration of eating the seabase has slowed my beer intake somehwhat.

Luckily my nose seems to have dried up and there no snot dribbling out of it.

Well for some its bed time but for others the party goes on......

Friday, April 27, 2007

Well I did my best to miss the bus up town, but someone on it knew I was meant to be catching and asked the driver to wait. Amazingly he did! And so I got to meet the lads in the Goose. Wow the prices in here are cheap! What got me was the amount of beer Greg was putting away before he was due on stage. Nerves do you think.

Well as you can see I made my way through the thick deep crowd and managed to position myself close to the stage.

Perhaps all the beers has made Greg move a bit more than he normally does.

Anyway right nbext to the speaker it sounded good to me.

Well we had a fair few drinks in the up stairs bar after closing time and Di kindly took us home.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Wednesday night I went for a couple of pints in Birmingham to see Dan who left our humble company in February.

One pint in The Old Joint Stock, lead to another, then another, then another. Which in turn lead to a curry house I knew round some rahter dodgy area. Mighty fine curry though.

Fromt eh curry house we went to the Arcadian center via the World Famous Mr Eggs of course!

Eventaully it was time to go home, get a £1:50 ticket for the Virgin Express to Wolverhampton.

The Train was due at 10:18. And oddly it remained on time until the last minute when it suddenly became a further 15 miuntes away! Well it wasn't busy on the train and I was bursting.

I had a good read of the good old mag and about Jarvis Coker but what about I can't remember.

Well I made it to Wolvo with half an hour to burn to the bus. Now what should I do with myself. Another beer, erm I too drunk already really for a school night, a keebab, well I've just eaten a huge curry meal. I'll just hang about the afterglow of wolvo I guess.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Monday and what the hell was going on at the M6. The Traffic was stationary at the M54 junction 1. Now it was time to decide, do I que to get to the M6 or que to get off the M54.

I picked the later which.....

turned out to be a big mistake. As trying to get to junction 10 the que was all the way backing down the Black Country Route. I finaly got to work at 9:40am!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Well pris made their comeback on Tuesday night at Bonds in Tamworth. Mind I did forget until about 20:15 at night but apparnetly they were running late and I could still make it, so I climbed in the Eunos picked Beardy up on the way and shot over to Tamworth town center. The pub was busy, whcih was nice to see considering it was a school night ;)

The stage area was extremely small which suits Pris a bit as they don't like to move about, unlike the next two bands..

The Beech Monks were different. But good and entertaining. The kind of music I would never have gone out to see but to have been subjected too without having to use any thought process in seeing them, they were surprisingly very enteraining especialy the lead singers jesters and trumpet playing.

The guitar playing was pretty good too.

Well this made me stay for the last band which......

Again wasn't my cup of tea. However these guys sparkled and became intensily absorbing to my ears. The tunes, notes and screams the guitar strings made were music to even the most deaf of peoples most inner exsuberance. And sitting so close the was plenty of volume.

Needless to say that this 'metal' band just didn't have the room to move there stuff so they moved away from there standing positions when ever they could.

In fact the Device were that good I even bought a CD from them at the end of the night. Its one to be played loud when the neighbours are out.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Well Sunday's big event was at Saint Michael All Angles Church in Tetenhall.

Where there was a gathering of people in the church for a Christening of Emma.

It was a glorious summers day and someone must have brought the TV with them.

Welll at least it will be much cooler inside the church. I'm sure last night Les told me he never wanted to see the inside of a church again?

I don't understand why, there quite nicely decorated inside.

We sit at the front awaiting to be called up.

Emma cannot wait to see what all the fuss is about.

And oldy she won't let the vicar go once she has clung onto him.

People wander around... It must be the Vicar who has brought the tv.

Then we wander outside

Dad is that the paperatzzi you warned me about.

I like this church because its on a nice green along with a pub.
Which we all go to, to mingle drink and be merry in the sun.

What a wonderrfull day and it looks like I've got to go back to church next week.

Well I spent a fair while in the Temple of Tesco on Saturday. While I was there I gave Big-L a call to see if he wanted to get his BBQ out and I would sort out some beer, food and large steaks.

Well as you can see he didn't turn me down.

And so it was first the pork steaks.

And while that was cooking I opened a very special bottle of beer I had been saving for many a year. Grottenburg Beer. And it was fantastic.

The heat coming off Tesco discountinued lump wood carcoal was immense.

Les lite up the garden candles

Time to cook the steaks now, very hot but very slowly.

Some chilli and cheese on mine to make it that little bit more yummie.

It got darker but guess who turned up with a very long walk...

Yep walk aholic Beardy.

Les suddenly remembers he's got a fire work we can let off. ooooo gooodie

It was placed down the garden. And lite......

What will the neighbours say????

It got darker and colder....

It was lucky Big-L had a patio heater and it still worked even though the gauge read empty.

Mind the BBQ was still hot anyway.

It would seem we had got through 8 bottles of quality beer and 18 can of my favourite Carlsberg,

When you finish off that last can I know what we can start on...

Well the last can went on the BBQ...

And so the night was ended with several Perno's until 1:30 - 2am. At which point.....

Les declared it was time for bed. Where had the time gone?


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