Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Well here we are at the Grapes Stafford and a competition against Pris and Big Brother. Will there be a crowd. Will people get off their bums and come and see the band?

So where's the band, where's the crowd?

And so a beer at the bar and we all watch Big Brother on the Big Screen.

So Graham, what do you think of the managers great idea to go head to head with Big Brother?

The band wonder if its worth playing at all?

I try my best to talk them into getting on with it even if it's just for me.

And so they get to the stage.

Prepare their instruments.

And sing me a song. ohh how wonderful.

I'm over here guys.

Hey much better.

If there was only someone here to see this.

More vocals

Ah some of Norfys guitar tricks.

Some live action

Things just aren't going to plan.

Good night and thanks for coming - see you next time.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Well the next night I looked at the 2 glorious examples of rock I got from Red Wharf Bay and wandered what I was going to do with them.

I didn't spend all night studying them though. Nope I went and got defended when I went to see Pris practising hard for tomorrow nights big gig. Who in the hell would book a gig on the same night Big Brother starts?????

Monday, May 28, 2007

Well while most people in the Midlands were enjoying the heavy rain, Les, Beardy and myself were heading in the direction of Anglesea for a day out. As we headed North-West we stopped off at the Langollen viaduct.

We even got out of the car and had a walk across it, because we all know Beardy loves heights doesn't he!

"Come on Beardy" Les calls to him.

Erm it is a long way down mind.

And below is a river so if you do fall, you have something to splash into!

Mind you it looks scarier on a boat as there's no fence on the one side!

Wow that's engineering and it doesn't seem to be made of GMS.

We watch a boat slowly bounce its way along the viaduct.

at the otherside Beardy looks most relieved while Les is being his usual wicked self.

Looking back from where we have come from. Have we really walked this far?

A closer look at the scarier side of things!

A plaque detailing where when whom and how.

oh goes another boat across it - oohhh how exciting.

Les and Beardy go for a walk below the viaduct without me.

there goes the boat.

How it brings back memories of some 10 years back when a group of us hired a boat for a great two weeks.

Away it chuggs...into the distance.

Well Les it back on top and I'm now below.

A picture of the tea shop where I bought some post cards and a sign post, which I didn't purchase.

Looking into the distance in the center of the bridge.

Its oh so long so very very long.

Well once we were back in the car Les wanted to see it from a distance so here we are..

a slightly closer and much better view of this engineering achievement. Now I want to see those stress and strain calculations.

we head back on track a take a small detour off the A5 to go round the mountains and pass by Snowdon,

You'll notice there's no rain and even a blue sky.

We climb up the mountain pass with the windows open, breathing in all that fresh mountain air.

Shame there's no snow around considering its called Snow ed On.

the peaks but no snow, or lifts for that matter.

Les's driving makes me feel sick, especialy when he asks me to read the map.

is this peak Snowdon then afterall?

When we have lost the A5 traffic too thankgod.

Pure mountain

rocks in all how exciting. I wish I enjoyed walking giggle.

Well we leave the moutnais and

Drive over the Malin Stait and into Anglesea.

We stop and take a picture of the Britannia Bridge. Notice those clouds?

A close up of Brittania bridge.

Next stop Beaumaris and we are here to see?

Some castle that Les remembers from his childhood.

Ah the skies are blue.

There looks to actually be something of this castle.

Erm it even has a draw bridge

And a moat that is full of water.

We look for the entrance and pay kiosk which seems to be located at the furthest point away from us.

Once in 3 go on an adventure.

Les is clearly enjoying himself.

I've never seen anyone more enthusiastic about seeing a castle.

nice lush grass to lol about on in the center.

Some kind of arch which I guess must have had some purpose or were the builders just showing off?

The view througha window back to Wales. Now you know why there's a castle positioned here.

The walls are really tick. And in them many passage ways and even more toilets!

another window but this time not such a good view. Must be a cheaper room.

Scary - I bump into Beardy in the darkness of the corridor.

A windwo looking into the courtyard.

Another view out of a window.

Ah we have found the sacred Chapel at last.

It has been plastered in here.

ah the alter and the Cross of Christ.

I enter the spooky place.

Ah here's Les.


Where have they got to?

Oh here they are in the Chapel, How they do that then?

Go on then be silly.

An arch from the lower side, nothing else to say about it other than the builder must have really fancied himself.

Looking over the grounds, still an impressive lawn. I wonder who cuts it, Obviously not Les as he's not into that kind of thing.

At the top I admire a seagull and oh is that the Welsh mountains in the background.

It is.

The wall is so thick you can walk on it. Only health and safety have ruined things a little with some GMS handrailings.

More ruins, are you tiring of this yet. I know I am.

Les how about we go to the Museum Of Childhood Memories?

Is that you down there Les?

so it is.

Yes we have left. And on our way past the moat we sea this swan.

Have a swim around all on its own.

We don't go to the museum but head off towards a beech past LLanddona.

Down some very very steep narrow lanes.

Past a picturesque church in the middle of nowhere.

and finally onto the beech itself.

In the distance beyond is Red Wharf Bay. But look at all that sand.

The tide is certainly out.

I of course find some rocks to take home.

While others do something abit more adventureous on the beech.

The beech even has a blue european flag, how delightful.

We drive away from the beech up yet another very steep and twisty road.

Ah Red Wharf Bay. Now what is here. A pub, a resturant, a camp site and a beech.

What do you say to wlking to the shore line.

A bit of odd rock over there by the camp site.

Its miles you've got to be kiddiing?

But Beardy is well up for a walk to get wet.

the things you find in life left around. Les can we take this home?

After a very long walk we finaly make it to the sea.

Wow is the tide coming in quickly or what.

Les sugests that we do not hang around unlkess we want to get very wet feet.

Well if the tide comes in a I guess it will make this boat owner happier.

And so we head off north in search of a wooden hut. Is this the place Les

Not sure, but there is something in this field.

How exciting a burial chamber.

Is that it!

How did they get that 28tonne rock on top I wonder?

Look a hole. We could peak inside.

Lets move on and find that wooden hut that spans three thousand years.

Do you think its in the ancient village?

This place seems to form part of the Lligwy Historical Monuments.

Ah a chapel in the middle of a feild. Now this is bound to be interesting.

Well you've been told.

Lligwy Chapel if you can't read.

Over looking a beeched bay.

The belll tower without a bell.

er I think we are being watched.

Good god we are. I hope its not visious.

ooo a hole. Shall we go down or not?

come lets get down there. You never know we might find buried treasure.

Its tight down here.

Come on Beardy.

Yo ho up here

No here of course.

Lets get out of here before that raving sheep comes back.

The baptism well I guess.

And so we follow the trail in search of the village.

I think its this way says Les.

Bye bye chapel.

This is it get ready to be excited.

NAck you bring us to some divine places but the wooden hut doesn't seem to be here either?

Just the ruins of a small village.

Lot and lots of small rock walls.

Erm they made the walls thick. Must have been to keep those ravin sheep out.

Well look what's in the view. Very nice.

Well the rooms were round, or some of them anyway.

I guess its impressive.

Think what you like Nack.

But look at the wall structure and preparation of the foundations Les.

And how round they made the rooms.

Mind the meadow grass grows well here.

Nice eh.

Come on Les you must be impressed for three thousand years ago.

I only have this to say about it and that's all.

and so we go to the village to feed Les's belly and then head to the beech the Chapel looked over.

what a lovely way to finish off an eciting bank holiday Monday.

Ah loevly chips from the fish & chips & booze shop.

Yep real grease none of that funny stuff we now cook our chips in.

Well we enjoy the sun while we watch the tied come in.

Listening to the waves crashing

It gets ever closer.

and closer.

Les is this the right time to take a nap?

the way its coming in you still may get wet feet.

the sun begins to set.

Well one of these has come in useful, can you guess which?

Perhaps we should think about going home?

There not much sun light going to be left.

Well no in fact we head further north to a really grim town called Amlwch.

This is the harbour if you had not guessed.

and so we dessert and decide to go home via the nuclear power station.

There it is, get the giger counters out lads.

It blends into the background so nicely.

Les how close can we get?

Are you sure this dirt track is the way in?

Werll if you insist.

Eventually we take the hint we are not wanted around here and head home, enjoying the setting sun.

And of course with Les driving it doesn't take long.


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