Saturday, June 30, 2007

Well after seeing the doctor on Friday afternoon and with very little happening I got my brother off his arse and down to Milton Keynes.

Yep some fresh snow on the way! I even got huge a discount for being in the snowboard club, whihc made the journey worth while.

Even better the place was empty. Maybe because every other member of the snowboarding club was camping near the snowdome in Tamworth! YUK that must be wet.

So we were able to spread out a little bit.

And go faster than you truely want.

It was a great 1 hour in the frdige I can tell you ;)

Then afterwards we went shopping. I got myself a nice new Quicksilvre hoodie. Now I won't be taking this one to Blast Off.

I made it home just about 3pm to be collected by Sara to go to the cinema to watch Pirates of The Caribbean part II. A twisted plot that kept getting twistier and twister. It was odd and not as captiviating as the first one (the best in my opinion).

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Sometimes when there's nothing better to do and I flick on Never Mind The Buzzcocks you can guarantee a good show. This week however I swear there was very little quizz game going on. I mean its turning into the best comedy on TV!

Meet the teams...But WHO ARE THEY?

See what I mean!

It appears that this GMTV presenter has been around a bit which became a hot topic throughout!

And he was a bit mistified what to say when..

She let out they been togeather at some point.

The game just got ridiculous from this stage.

oh course she was drunk and rally hadn't wanted to have siad that or anything else that was really wired she was saying to the surprise of the others either. Mind it was obviuos she had a drink problem. My kind of girl.

"Can I have another drink of Vodka?"

Well with an obvious advantage guess which side won?

Sunday, June 24, 2007

I'm looking forward to this!
Right I'll just let you know I've updated the blogg all the way from the 30th May. Yep thats a lot of blogging to catch up with. Entertaining as usual.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Well having joined the Vxon club part of membership pack was a sticker.

Nice init. Membership also includes a few other things too.

At first one thought came to my mind. think Sainsbury's Cannock. But hey just keep watching its entertaining to a point.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Well it was Emma's 1st Birthday today. So lucky her got a large soft teddy.......

While Greeni, Les and myself headed to the Symphony Hall in Birmingham to see Inxs.

The special guest were well special. I especialy don't like this type of music. At least you can get to the bar easy enough in here.

The more they played the hotter the hall got!

One could only guess the air conditioning was not working properly or just not turned on.

The interval at last I was expecting Les to get up and scream his head off due to the temperature not being minus 1 deg C. But he kept his cool.

ooohhh its about to start I wonder what DJ Fortune will be like. Can he pull it off!

Well no more rambling till the end just some pics and movies

Well it was good. Obvioulsy could have been better but then that singers dead in he.


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