Saturday, July 28, 2007

Well I've driven past this sign a few times. But this time I ventured into the establishment. I think they must have got the old 'jet' pump off ebay.

Anyway the Cav is at the moment Bio Deisel powered. erm whats that smell coming out the exhaust??????

Well earlier in the week I requested some info about Kronplatz. I had an email back about them being very excited that I was intrested in having my holiday with them and they would send me some info. Well the Italian tourist board sent me some stuff on accomadation and the resort. It would have been helpful if the 20 page accomadtion list had been an English version but there you go!

Went to the snowdome this morning. It was well chilly. I even got a helmet and went jumping and er mastered the art of falling over on the landings. Mind it didn't hurt.

Scott also did his second lesson, boy does he love it, but he loves chips more I think, just like me;)

Thursday, July 26, 2007

The circle line pub crawl is going to happen on Friday the 7th September 2007. So I was thinking of a new T-shirt design.

What do you think? It had to imagine that next year will be the 10th anniversary to the first time we did it and still Deadmanjones has not joined us!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

With nothing to do I thought it was about time I watched the rest of lost. Erm what a rubbish last eposide. Sure I want more more more. Please.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I'm so bored I'll just let you know that on my vintage 2002 PC at work I have just installed Autocad 2008. Where in the world are we going next?

While Virgin show there effort in making the British Railway System something we can acceptably use and rely on, some twat sticks the two fingers up at them and their invested money. If I were Virgin I'd burn the new trains and fuck off to another country and leave everyone stranded at the stations that morning. I'm sure its not as simple as that and I'd love to see the Arriva trains tilt when their wheels finaly drop off. Lets face it the Arriva bus service here is crap, there buses are crap, their staff are crap. So which nob decided they could run trains. I even saw an Arriva bus in Copenhagen city center once. How about that for getting lost! Its no wonder they sometime don't turn up on a Friday / Saturday night in Wolvo. Anyway the only trains I'm happy to go on are Virgin trains so I guess I'll have to use one of the two cars more.

As you may have been aware, Virgin Trains has recently been involved in bidding for the right to retain the operation of the CrossCountry rail franchise. Unfortunately, the Department for Transport (DfT) has announced that our bid has not been successful.Obviously, we are extremely disappointed at this decision, having achieved so much in the 10 years that Virgin Trains has operated CrossCountry. We have almost doubled the number of passengers using CrossCountry; introduced a complete fleet of new high-speed trains; transformed timetables; promoted rails environmental credentials and challenged domestic air markets; and revolutionised passengers experience of rail travel and customer service. Virgin Trains will continue to operate the existing Virgin CrossCountry franchise until 11th November, 2007 when we will hand over to the new operator, Arriva plc. As you would expect, we shall do everything we can to ensure our passengers are unaffected by this change in ownership. Arriva will inherit most of our superb staff, and Im sure they will continue to provide a safe and reliable operation, with excellent customer service.The DfTs decision has no effect on Virgin Trains other franchise, West Coast, which runs services from London Euston to Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, Preston, North Wales and Glasgow. The current Virgin CrossCountry tilting Voyager services between Birmingham, Crewe, Preston, Carlisle and Scotland will transfer to Virgin West Coast on 11th November, along with the traincrews and trains. The current Virgin CrossCountry tilting Voyager services between Manchester and Scotland will cease from 9th December and be replaced by services operated by First Trans Pennine Express. I would like to thank you for travelling on Virgins CrossCountry trains over the last 10 years.Yours sincerely Chris Gibb Managing Director Virgin CrossCountry

Monday, July 23, 2007

Friday night and its a dart up to Manchester while the rest of te country are being told not to go anywhere due to the heavey rains. Well it rains in Manchester all the time.

Les has booked us into the luxuary lodge. they will only give us one key. And you need that to use the lift.

At least the view is luxurary ;)

We head to the pub, a listed one next to the Arnalde Center. And have a beer or two.

Zoe, Deadmanjones, Xara and his brother turn up and so it is off to club biscuit to see the band. Whats that Les you want to pop in the unicorn for a quick one. Want to try and sell some more tickets ah!

The sond man does some adjustments. Erm does he really think that will make a difference?

Good gracious me it Pris.

I know the words, I've had a few beers, I sing my head off and pretend its an Oasis gig.

Bad Dreams

Little Holiday

Lunar Polar


The crowd roar with appreciation.

Well there seems to be a unaminous desision to hang around Club Bisuit but to find another club to go to. What no one notices is the time. And thus end up in the one and only Rock World! Full of dark clothed beauties. Now we stood a mile out but a Newkie Brown in one hand and two feet on the dance floor in say 1 minute. I yeah I love metal.

At the end of night Les and Rob go to the hotel with the key. I go in search of a late night full course meal.

And I find the perfect back street establishment. Now whats in the bag?

Chips of course, lovely ones and the BIGGEST kebab in the world. So BIG I could eat it all no matter how I tried. When I got to the hotel they had suddenly decided it was worth giving us two keys afterall. Great move now I've come in from town.

Well the next morning I'm working by the worksforce outside as Les leaves the window open all night. Which in one way is a good thing because its so hot in the room. No more sleep I get up and head for the shower. Top marks for that at the Luxuary Lodge.

It would appear we have ended up with the drums in our room. Luckily I didn't see them when I came in last night all there would have been some tuneless antics last night ;).

All I want to do is go home. What time did I get in last night Bro????


My Flixster

Monday, July 16, 2007

Well my old CPU and mother board is now for sale on ebay. Fingers crossed it might sell and if it does some one will get a cheap yet very quick pc.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Well theres been no update for a while because I was changing PC and I have at last got both my drives running properly and items finaly installed. Well heres the latest technology (to me anyway). An ABIT KV8 Pro with a 3200+ AMD Athlon 64 procesor. Only 1GB of memory at the moment but I'm sure that will change in time.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Well once I was back from the snowdome the sun was out. So I decided to get off my bum and change the cam belt on my beloved Isuzu powered Cav.

First I took the power steering and alternator belts off.

Missing a fair few steps the cam belt cover was eventually off and look theres the belt itself and the tensioner. Now most garages will advise that you should change your tension pulley roller and a lot did fail at one point. However mine is an early full metalic type and therefore should last the life of the engine. (of course I've now coursed the thing by saying this). On newer cars they have plastic bits on them or if you have them replaced the new version will now have plastic bits on and thus wear out and evetually fail. You need to remember plastic ones are cheaper to make and wear out so they make money by making them a maintenance item, afterall your paying for it rather than them forking out for a new engine if they don't swap it and it fails.

So this is the belt you are ment to change every once in a while as if you don't and it snaps, thats usualy the end of most engines. To help you out here I'll name some parts:

The top pulley in the background is the cam pully (it rotates the cam shaft).
The one below that which stands out the furthest is the water pump pulley. You'll notice that is a double pulley and is rotated off the power steering belt and the alternator belt so that if one fails the water pump is still operating (a nice thought).

The small to the left is the tensioner pulley / roller, it keeps the cam belt tight so the teeth do not jump on the pulleys.

The rusty looking one below that is the cranck pulley. It's connected to the pistons.

The large pulley to the left is the oil pump pulley. It obvously pumps oil around the engine.

The small roller on the left is just a guid to keep the belt tight against the two pullies.

And finaly the one above is the injection pump pulley.

Finally bored you I guess ;)

One new belt from Halfords with discount of course.

With the belt off I check to see how it has coped with the last 50,000 miles it has done, with some of the most gruling temeratures both hot and cold. You will notice not a single crack in the teeth on this geniine Isuzu belt!

The new belt goes on starting around the top cam and injection pump sprockets. The good thing about this engine is there are holes to put bolts in the cam and injection pump sprokets to stop them moving and so keep everythin where it should be so it runs when you put it back togeather.

It's actually a right bugger to fit the last bit as its a very tight fit!

Once the belt is on you rotate the engine backwards 60 degrees and then tighten the tensioner and center bolt on the roller.

Missing alot of steps out and the covers back on the new power steering belt and alternator belts go on. The tip here is to buy the expensive drive belts from vauxhall for the Isuzu engine. You will find you can have them quiet loose and still not sqeual which means less pressure on the alternator bearings and power steering pump which means they will last a lot longer before needing t be replaced.

Now when the car was re-moted at ATS in Willenhall there was an advisory notice at the bottom saying thet the brake disc's needed changing. Now I though thats odd they're not that old. So while I had the wheels off I thought I'd have a look and measure them.

Oddly it would appear that the 'expert mechanic' knows bugger all about when brake discs need changing and was obviuously after some money for nothing. Bloody criminal.

Well Saturday started off with an early get up to take Scott for a visit to the snowdome.

He was going to have first Kinder Lesson which he was very excited about.

Well it was all fun fun fun for everyone but the adults standing on the decking area in the cold. I mean it was cold cold cold. Much colder than in a resort. The kind of cold you get in a resort at night actually. Perhaps thats because theres no sun in here?

Well the session ended in a mayhem of tubbing and then everyone throwing snowballs at the instructor while....

the parent s got the cards signed that they had completed the first course. Time for a hot choclate I think.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Well I've given swimming and the gym a miss for two weeks along with most other activites. And so tonight I've started off gently again by going to the gym. Boy was it hard work, but I did I enjoy it.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Sunday we got up and left about midday. It was a moment to soon really...

As a few miles out the rain came down hard!

Under Tenby Arch and off to the country roads.

Nack advises Les to come off the usual route in favor of a mystry tour! Whats this then. Shall we stop and have a look?

Well when it said there was an abbey here I thought it might have been a complete one. How wrong I was.

Les wouldn't even get out of the car!

As we head down some country lanes we pass a sign for a gold mine. Do we stop and ahve a look or not?

Whats here? How much? Shall we go and see it? We won't becoming this away again for some time so I think we should.

At the cash desk we are are asked if we want to have a tour? Have a tour mate. We don't even know what we've come to see! And so we are booked in for an underground tour. The prcie goes from £3.40 entrance to £7.20 including an underground tour! oooooohhh

This place is in fact called Dolaucothi Gold Mines. This is in fact the ONLY gold mine open to the public in Britain.

We get preped for our underground tour and are passed a gold bar. boy was it heavy.

People have been seeking welath here since before the Roman arrived. Dolaucothi is THE place to buy real Welsh gold jewellery. It's world renowed for its natural pink tinit - as used to create the Prince of wales' wedding ring!

Well this is the entrance to the mine!

Wow is that gold in the rocks. no it is mainly arsnick!

The white stuff is in fact some kind of bacteria! It has a very odd long name. And no I can't remember it.

Our tour guide knows more about acient Rome than gold mining. But is at least enthusiastic about giving us a tour.

As you can see she has got us all ingrossed. It was actually realy enjoyable.

A tunnel surprisingly.

Time to climb out. I can't see a dam thing.

Day light at last. We come out of a different opening. Erm looks like its been raining again while we weree in there.

Not quiet as tight as that silvre mine in Kuta Hora Les?

Fresh air.

We all go for a ramble back to the main gold camp.

Well its a pretty flower.

Its amazing what those Romans built.

without the tour this would have been a waste of money and pants. Take note.

Shall we have high tea all?

Well enough excitment about gold and its off home via some backway.

Why a church here? there one 4 houses!

And a lot of trees on a hill.

We eventually get to the dam side of a large resevoir called Llyn Brianne.

If it was only covered in snow. and I had thought to bring my snowboard.

Still clean so no point me wrting on it yet.

I can see they are both exstatic about coming this way!

I took a picture of the place's sign just in case I forgot what it was called. As if!

We then drive to the top of the dam.

Not surprsingly it is pretty much the same only windier!

And wetter if you fall in.

Thankgod for that back in the car and in the warmth. Lets not bother slowing down for the cattle grid eh.

A scenic view over the lake.

If the sun was out I guess it might be nice here. But it isn't.

More water more tree's.

Light speed Les.

more water, more green things growing out of the ground.

Oh how I do like a drive through the country.

Some twisty bits. luckily for the passengers theres no other cars around ;)

Hills glourious hills.

And a stream.

And a valley. That sream must have took decades to have dug this valley out.

Wet wet wet.

Clouds as far as the eye can see.

Back in the forest.

Then out the otherside again.

It's a bit like the hockey kockey.

Look Les we are here.

Get us back on the main road for god s sake Nack

I think a boat would be more useful!

Les I'm going to have a kipp. All this excitment has worn me out.

Are we home yet? And I wonder what Beardy is thinking?


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