Thursday, August 30, 2007

Well we woke up the next day not in the morning, more like the afternoon.

I had a wash in the metal sink. Everything in this old mill is either made of stone or sheet metal.

Just like the main door into the studio!

Well this is the room where all the inspiration changes to works of art.

Like these ;)

I guess this is what you call the chill out room, a place where all that inspiration is born.

And creates something special such as this wanderus work of art. Now what is it saying to you??

Spot on Zoe its saying we all need another cup of tea.

Al spots something he wants for their living room. If only Sara will part with it, or in fact Zoe will live with it more precisily.

If you look deep into the middle of thsi you can feel the inspiration.

Wow all that energy has turned Al into a musical genious drummer.

Hold on that could be the beat from Moz Fest day 2 in the background.

Several hours later and we end up in a pub. Its a pub many miles from anywhere. A pub in the county. A pub you can stay at. A pub thats called the Wild Boar...

Al did you ask Nack if he likes walking. I mean thats all there is to do here.

I hope he's brought along some walking shoes.

Whats this I hear about walking?

Surley we can have a pint or two here and get a taxi to where ever it is we are going.

I think its better if you tell him Zoe. After all it was your idea.

The hell it was. Nack we are going for a walk. But there's a bonus to it. We are walking to another pub with a beer festival on.

Oh ok then.

And so we leave the Wild Boar and get ready to do some walking using a map!.

Al I can't see a pub in any direction for miles and miles.

Look there are our tents behind the pub. What a location.

And tommorrow we can BBQ a sheep for breakfast.

We start our walk along a farm track.

We meet a cow or two. I know this from the evidence that most of them seem to have left behind.

Over a stream.

(Over a fence.

Across a meadow.

Past a tent in a field.

The hanging stone but more of that tommorrow.

Across more meadow. I hope he's reading that map right.

Yet more meadow and still no sign of a pub with beer festival.

And more meadow.

Across farm land.

Is that the top of a Marquee I can see. Is it a beer garden??

Ah we arrive at the Ship Inn Wincle. No sea around here.

They've even got a band playing outside to the street where many people are gathered.

We sit and admire the food menu after finding, after all that walking, that while they have many keggs, they only have two very very very strong beers left. We have them then.

Al can I point out my feet are numb.

Whats that say in the middle of the menu? My Cocks Well Hung 8-10Oz Sirloin Steak!

What do you mean you want to walk further. I'm telling you there's no other pubs round here for miles Al. We are better off stopping here.

Oh you wanted to see the river.

I understand why you've got two cars Nack. I've never heard anyone moan so much about walking anywhere. Enjoy the fresh air.

Lock this side of the river is my homeland!

You want to go further!

Hello horsie. Any chance of a ride?

The grass round here must be good.

Nice horsie good horsie.

Come on Nack you can lead the way and get us home.

oh oh spooky wood trail.

Believe me guys the easy way isn't always the best way. The path keeps going.

And here we cross the river! Look these are stepping stones.

Well it was decided the river was to furousicous and we turned back and back tracked. Dusk was coming.

Which made me think, is it a full moon and isn't the name Wild Boar a bit like the Slaughtered Lamb?

I've got to tell you guys I'm worried.

The sun is setting, we are in the middle of know where and there are werewolves about!

Got to walk faster.

I can see the pub we might make it alive.

The Wild Boar 'looks' so welcoming.

But first we visit our tents to get changed.

That moon still worries me sleeping out here.

In the pub we play a game of scrabble.

Which is guisnius considering I can't spell but got a B in English.

Nack I'm sure you don't spell it like that.

This is riveting. Remiond me to bring Nack out for another weekend camping in a pub in no where.

I can't believe Nack only has a four letter word volcablary.

The board slowly fills up.

Now suddenly you can tell AL is winning!

Mind he is keeping the scores ;)

Surely thats not true is it. These scratching are made in Wolvo.

Considering they are authentic scratchings made in the traditional way, they are full of E numbers. Yummy.........And so the night ends.....


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