Sunday, September 30, 2007

Well as I said to Rog earlier I need to get the next thrill in my life sorted. So I booked a ferry to and from France for Xmas. The prices have gone up, what a bummer.

I managed to book an Ibis for New Years Eve's return journey at a price cheaper than an Etap. There must be a catch? All to do now is find some accomadtion in Verbier.

While I was in the mood I also booked a hoilday with the snowboard club for the end of January. Let it snow let it snow.

Sunday and I get up in time to go watch Coven FC and their second half.

Les is there, Andy Poade and Dylan amgonst others.

I even get a full on view of Trubbies groin. Luckly he is dressed! I swop over to get a tank full of bio desiel and spend the afternoon round Greenies playing with Tom.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Saturday and amgonst other things I get my haircut. Short short short!

Then I head to the Snowboard Asylum with my snowboard at Tamworth. We discuss having it serviced.

And volia I come away with my bindings in a bag and my board being shipped off to Milton Keynes for the full works for the up coming season. I spend the evening at Tescos buying essentials such as beer, shaving foam and razors. Thrilling.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Well its the dash of my Eunos. But is there anything different about it?

Well I've changed the oil pressure gauge.

And fitted a real oil pressure snder unit to the engine block. The grey thing on the left next to the oil filter.
Why you may ask. Well the one fitted to the car was a fake type unit. Where as this is a real unit. Now the gauge moves up and down while your driving. Just something else to distract me!

I was looking through my Eunos paper work and I thought I'd check how much wonga I'd spent on my Eunos.

Well isn't that surprising. And I still need a new green mohair hood for it.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

I've added the circle line pub crawl in, you'll have to scroll down.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Sunday was MX5 National Rally day at the Car Herritage Center in Gaydon. And so I went to park my car with many other MX% owners

It was nice to get a fair few people interested in mine. There was a fair few VR-Ltd combination A's but mine seemd to be the only B there.

The Eunos collection.

ooh red ones!

An even rare than my car, a M2 1002. Very rare but I'm not impressed by it.

you get less but pay more? eh. Deep pile carpet and leather everything.

Inside the museum we see some other rare cars!

Thunderbirds car and Lora Crofts motor too.

now some drove this to the Cape of Good Hope and back. Now that gets me thinking.

I stay till the end as I bought a fivers worht of raffle tickets. Now I didn't win £250 of MX5 parts vouchers. Or £250 insurance voucher for Anon. or the Magnum of Champers. Or the red and white wine. Or the hrad lamps. No none of those but a I one a prize......

Yes I won the last prize. And no its wasn't the book - I bought that. What I won was the red Auto Glym T-shirt :(

Well the one other thing I did buy was something to replace this.

Which was this! Awesome I know!

Latter popped around Rog's and played with his new kitten

Goes by the nameof Xara.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Well now I'm using the other bio deseil outlet. This one is a continer behind bubbles auto wash. In the container is a few IBC's of bio and a fuel pump. Not a jet one this time. The bonus is that at this place its only 74.9p a litre. Ah that chip smell.

After feeling ill all day at work there was nothing nicer than getting in the Eunos, putting the roof down and having a drive home.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

While my pepers and chillis are rippening so a I picked some and had them on a pizza. Lets just say these this are hot hot hot hot.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Well after moaning to cafepress that my goods hadn't come, I had a note through the door to go andcollect them from the Sun Street post office. And cafepress had replied to say they would resend the items. But being an honest kind of person I've told them they've now come - but it was good of them to offer. Besides I didn't want to pay more customs taxes.

Yep they had decided to charge me £8.00 handling charge to charge me the £5.00 tax for importing them, Cracking move!

On the same day my camera had also come back repaired!

Friday, September 07, 2007

Well some of you are wondering what happened on the Circle Line Pub Crawl then, and your not the only one. It all seemed all right at the time but I seem to not remeber the last 3rd of the craw at all.

Les and myself wait for Martin to make an appearance in the cafe at wolverhampton station. Has he remebered its today, will he come. With Greenie dropped out at the last minute will it be the original lads doing the pub crawl.

Well Martin turns up. We get a train to Brum and then the Virgin Express towards Euston. LEs thinks it's about time for a beer.

I do my best to ignore him and read the paper about the Italian singer who died yesterday.

LEs dissapeares to the toilet hopefull. But unfortunatley not. He reutrns with 3 cans of Carlsberg.

The Virgin Express is in fact called the Virgin Dream! Er right.

We make our way up the platform and head to the generator to check in and leave our bags in the baggage room. We note its locked at 9pm so at some point we are going to have to return to the Generator half way through the crawl.

We nip to Russel Square to get to Embankment.

LEs makes some kind of judgmental error and gets us on the right line but the wrong train. So there's going to have t be a a slight detour!

Yes this brings back memories.

The first pub and the Aussie land loard is no longer here. So no free drinkes.

Martin gets out the new purchased pub crawl fund wallet from Euston Station. Lovely choice.

Le sis egar to get going but first...

A photo in front of the fire place with the clock telling the start time.

A quick photo outside the Ship and Shovel and we are off.

Back towards the underground station.

We wait for the next train. Les are you sure the can on the train down was a wise thing.

The Walkabout at Temple. Our second pint - the game we are playing is if we don't do a pub on the back of the T-shirt we have a pint.

We get the bar staff to pose. This New Zealand lager is god awful.

The Les asks some poeple on the street to pose.

And they do.

To the underground then.

Where we wait for a train.

Where are we Les. We're only at the second stop Nack. Has that pint gone to your head or something?

The famous beer bottle on the map.

Blackfriars is open and we get a seat. And do I need it.

The people opposite have read our T-shirt and are giggling. Yep its true the over 60's do have a life. They want to join us!

I study the menu but Les reminds me eating is cheating.

Only a half thankgod and we are off.

Back at the station things look good.

Mansion House and the HAtchet. A quick phot with some strangers and we are off...

Back down the hole we came from.

We arrive at Cannon street glad in the knowledge that the Cannon pub is on the T-shirt and straight across the road. And then someone one day decided to have it bulldosed down. Smart move.

While we consider what to do, we ask someone nearby where there are some pubs.

We have 3 to choose from, The Banker which we know about but two new bars have been built.

The Deacon and

The Slug and Lettice which we go to.

Yes I know its another pint time Les. I'm never going to make it round this time.

Nice decor.

As we go out we get some strangers in the photo. This is gettng all to easy. OR have I had too much too drink already?

Back to the underground then.

We await a train.

Then when one comes we get on it.

The next pub and we have an argument about weather it should be a half or a pint. Well it ends up being a pint. Dam.

At least there are sofas to get comfy on.

Martin who you coping?

More strangers in the photo. You'll notice the Hoggshead is no longer the Hoggshead but now called Monument - hence the pint.

Road works at the monument underground entrance.

No train for a while here. IF you stand either side we can get some strangers in the photo without even asking them. Ot o I think someone cottoned on.

Tower Hill and the Cheesire Cheese. I can't remember being here actually. Worring or what!

We return to the station.

Were we await a train.

Now what happens here is a train comes. Me and Martin get on - Les hangs around being a smart arse. As the doors close he says why are you getting on that train?

Because the train Martin and I get on goes to East Algate and not Algate. Oddly my memory comes back here. WE come out of a tube entrance to some hwere I've not been before (yes I've made this train error before). And so I end up asking directions which turn out to be a long walk. I take a wection 5 in the busy highway ad low and behold Les looking all smug at the pub waiting for us.

I don't know why but I got snpa happy here at the Stil & Star.

MArtin gets the wallet out and announces

He must have been mugged because its empty!

Well its a nice feature of the pub.

The outside of the pub.

Martin and myslef outside the pub.

We head back to the tube station.

And have a sit down.

Time to take a shot of a stranger

And a someone working very hard.

Liverpool and the Lord Alberconway.

Well I remember the scaffolding but thats it!

Yes I'm definetly drunk now even with just a short run of halves.

Next is Moregate and the Keates.

It may well be time to stop feeding me beer.

We head back down the tube.

A quick photo by the sign and

Pop out of a nother hole at the Barbican. Over the road and into The Shakespear.

We await the drinkies. But hey I don't want another.

Oh there's no choice I have to have one.

I'm sure you'll regret this whn I throw up on you both.

Strangers in the photo outside the pub. Now for some reason LEs goes hunting for more strangers and finds one.

Now you can't quiet see whats going on here. But the person refused to have there photo taken as they were walking down the street and then hide behind a telephone box....

Look at Les's face! Comicaly or what. I waited and waited but he would come from behind the telphone box!

Well down the hole to the tube.

A photo at the Barbican sign. I tell them eatins cheatin but they don't listen.

Next station Farringdon. And we go to the Castle even though the T-shirt says the Three Compasses. A stranger in the photo before we even get in the pub.

This pub is just odd.

The pub where we wouldn't have had pints is just there!

Les sneaks behind a stranger.

They promptly leave!

Another passer by another photo oppurtunity.

And another.

Back to the tube then.

And more strangers in the photo,

Kings Cross and O'Neils. I don't remember being here.

But do oddly remember being here, we get our bags take them to the rooms and find one of them is already someones room, and so go and discuss it with reception.

Back on track and head to Euston Square.

The usual pub is closed and we are directed to a new one The Bree Louise. And its pint time!

Don't laugh Martin I think I need to throw.

Well the underground station and I don't remember being here.

The Green man I can't remember here either! Thats's Greatportland Street by the way.

But I'm definetly alive still.

Les gets his Belly out for some reason.

We head to the underground again.

At Baker Street Les is not amused. While he went to the Metropolitan Bar.

Me and Martin went to The Globe which isn't on the T-shirt and we only had halves!

Look were sorry now put it away.

Thats better. What do you mean we are drinking to slow?

Whats Africa got to do with it?

Why did you get your belly out Les? I'm not sure Martin. Just felt like it.

Why don't you try it.

Nack I'm not drunk. The only drunk person around here is you.

We move onto the Chapel at Edgware road.

Are we talking or just looking at each other? Are we capable of talking at this point?

Oh it looks like hand signals only.

Anyone fancy a pint!

Look here comes some beer.

Fthin suits.

I don't know whats going on either.

Look its the Big Bus Company, more of that tommorrow.

Paddington and the Dickins Tavern. The one and ONLY photo taken here!

Next it is Bayswater...

And the wonderful Rat & Parrot.

An internal shot.

The next pub - HAS CHANGED NAME - OH NO.

We like what you've done to the pub. Its amazing. Its like being at Tenby only in London.....

Yep its Londons only beech pub - complete with DEEP sand.

Is there a bucket and spae somewhere. We could have a competition.

So the Devonshire is now called the GATE.

The chap with the green top does look happy he's goning to be on photo!

WEll you shouldn't have had a pint then should you. Now keep it in,

Am I seeing things. Slap me in the face Les. Ouch. Tossa

Kensington High Street and the Prince of Wales, do you think he's in here?

He's not in there. he is, he isn't, isn't he, no he's not. Right lets go.

Gloulster Road and we're taking it easy.

Oh the Zetland Arms is popular.

South Kensington. I don't remember any of this. Its not even vague and just don't remeber it at all.....

But while Les is having fun....

Martin seems to be not looking too good at all.

Slan Square and The Royal Court Tavern is close down. Somehow we get in the ORiel!

Victoria and the Weatherspoons. Aparently I was asked to queiten down by the staff, but I remember none of it ;)

I was here becasue there is a phot of me. That how I know. But I don't remember being here.

Which shows from my facial expression on this photo!

If it wasn't for this photo shown to me by MArtin I would never have beleived we had got here. It's Big Ben.

You don't want to be taking a photo of Big Ben, You should take a photo of me....

Or him! Not far now Martin.

The last pub but one.

Nothings in focus.

Well Les got to the Ship and Shovel.

Lucky him. I was jsut too hungrey I guess......


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