Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Oh the Joys of owning two cars. Hope the taxman spends it wisley.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Saddly Fred passes away:

No doubt Wolvo council should spend some cash on statues of Wolvo 3 main street characters, being fred (AKA Josef Stawinoga) , The Cowboy (AKA David Cox) and the Preacher (AKA I don't know actaually) all of which are not seen around so much these days.

We Love u Wolverhampton Ring road Tramp!
Following the sad news of his death Beacon Radio have set up a facebook group to try and get a memorial in Wolverhampton for him .. If you feel this is appropriate please join This man is a legend to the local area! And i think we should show our appreciation!Apparently he is a Polish Man .. although I haven't asked him myself as rumour also has it he just growls at people if they get too close!However .. I don't know how much of a tramp we can call him as he has a pretty nice set up in the middle of that dual carriageway .. apparently he has managed to claim squatters rights there, has gas and water supply and gets meals on wheels deliveries!!Thanks to Dave for the following information pulled from The Guardian online...Josef Stawinoga, 83, a second world war veteran from Poland, has been living in a tent on the grass island for 40 years.Traumatised by war, he has a phobia of confined spaces. The ring road is the only place he feels secure. He believes the second world war is still being fought and fears strangers are out to harm him. He wanders the reservation, hoarding any litter he finds.Refusing to answer to Josef, Mr Stawinoga is known as Fred and he has become an institution in the Midlands.Some of Wolverhampton's Asians revere him as a holy man who has shunned all worldly possessions. Several regularly pay their respects. Every morning for the past 13 years, a Sikh woman has travelled six miles to leave a flask of hot tea and a sandwich outside the tent. Another Indian woman appeared one afternoon asking the hermit to pray for her family, who had vetoed her choice of husband.Many believe Mr Stawinoga, who speaks only a few words of English, was held as a prisoner of war by the Russians.But others, in the Polish community, say he was never captured. He arrived in Britain in 1946 and was a hospital orderly in Wales. His brief marriage to an Austrian woman failed and he found work at a steelworks in Wolverhampton.Juliusz Leonowicz, 73, a retired electrician and Mr Stawinoga's only close friend, said: "One day he simply didn't turn up to work."We saw him in the city centre shortly afterwards, pushing his belongings around in a pram. He had always been a friendly, happy man, with a few mates. But when his income stopped, those mates dropped away."He said items deposited outside the tent by well-wishers over the years include a satellite dish, a live chicken - which soon took up residence inside - and a £200 leather jacket."London has London Bridge, Paris has the Eiffel Tower, Wolverhampton has Fred. He's a landmark," Mr Leonowicz said.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Well after a very exciting Saturday - especially listening to my four CD classical album, I finaly got round to getting my old steering wheel off and another one on. I know it was just as exciting for me too.

Something I had been looking forward to though was the Longway down and it was finally on at 9pm.

Not that they seemed to get there far in this first episoide. Mind John O'Groates is a long long ong way up north. I wonder if Al and Zoe will go for a walk up a Scottish mountain one of these cold bleak winter weekends?

Anyway I can't wait to see next weeks eposiode. I've exhausted the web site.

Its that time of year when you put your clocks back. And if your not the only person inthe house perhaps they are put back a second time! Anyway all this means is...

these are going to be turned on a lot longer each day then. Of course if you get home eatm ahve a bath and get in bed by 9pm - you could save yourself a fortune.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Well I went shopping up Stafford High Street which dosn't happen very often. I'm a tad bit bored with music so looking for some inspiration I bought a Classic Fm compilation. Yep I've truely lost the plot now!

I also managed to finish the Manhattan Lover Boy book I've been reading (ahem) for a year now. And while the begining of it was very slow the end was a true surprise. I'll have to write up a small review in my library. Until then you can read what I thought at amazon.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Well by the order of Naughty Norf I got the early bus up town on Friday, It was helped by the Frdia night traffic being light anyway. We head to Norf's flat and had a bevie or two while we waited for Maddie and Matt to appear. We then moved to the Possada where Graham joined us. As usual one thing lead to another and we went for a balti at the Dil Shad. Graham didn't join us which made me wonder if he had Manchester blood in him. Still it was very nice - happy birthday Norf;)

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Di and Greg have had a baby daughter by the name of Zena. Apparently weighting 3.43kg. Thankgod the hospitals seem to have gone metric at last.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Well I was looking forward to seeing this film. A fairy tell of love, magic, wiches, wisdom, not forgetting star dust. It even has a damsal indistress!

Oh and a whole host of other characters all killing each other in the big quest of the film ( i don't want to give it away there other webs ite for that). However should the star cross the boundary wall into England, she will turn into star dust. He only realises this when it suddenly seems too late, and has gone back to England to say goosbye to the one he thought he was doing this quest for in the first place, as he had finally come to realise his destiny is the star.

Luckily a star does what a star does best and they live happily ever after ;)

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Well it seems after many months of training Zoe finally got round to doing the half marthaon in Auckland in a super time of 2 hours, 39 mins and 22 secs. Not that I'm ever going to fly down there and try and beat it mind.

Sunday morning and I awake to a horrible smell and taste. I have virtually gassed myself. I get up, get cleaned, get a full cooked fry up and then over to the football match.

Oddly though there is less football playing and more pushing, shoving, kicking of each other, punches to the face and general fighting on the pitch. The opposition ought to be ashamed of themselves for having to lower the tone of the game to so fistecuffs. The ref should obviosly had null and void the game and gone home. At one point I thought there was going to be a riot. The fight even came to spectators and the ref told Andy Poade he was going to get his team into seriuos trouble. Bring back Bill Poade is what I say.....

Well after a last minute call from Beardy, I rang North back and told him I would be up town afterall.

We headed to the hoggshead and meet a few others in there too.

Everyone was up to watch the Rugby. I guess the only other thing you could have been doing was watching the snooker.

Anyway there was a few Ales on and so Beardy encourage me to have a few Hob Goblins with him followed by a few Olde Trips. Oddlly after these few pints its was obvious he needed a pint of orange squash, which he was given. However he knew better and aparrently left the orange squash, left the pub and caught the bus home. And apparently he was sick just after getting off the bus erm nice.

Well the night went on, and so 4 of us escaped to the Dil Shad. Where someone came over shock my hand and wished me well. As Norf can be seen in the photo he enquires ' how do you know all this strange people'. Well believe me I don't know who they are either. The chap seemed to mutter something about knowing me from a long time back?? Any way on with the curry - I noticed the bombay mix wasn't out so they must have known I was coming tonight.

Now the iggest probelm with the Dil Shad is the fact they don't serve their meals in a balti dish. This really narks me and in fact stops me going. If only I had remembered before wlaking through the door.

As we walk towards the black cab stand Norfy reminds me the black cabs are on strike. Something to do with them being pissed off by the likes of me flagging down private cabs and not booking them before hand. All I can say to this is the cab service in Wolvo stinks. It has for years and it still does so. And so I decide to head back towards lazzies kebab shop to flag down a private cab I havn't booked, Seems like there stirke action is working then!

While there I notice the wonderful Xmas lights of Wolvo have already been put up. I was trying my best when up town earlier to ignore all the Xmas stuff in the shops. ITS JUST TOO BLOODY EARLY TO HAVE IT INT HERE YET FOR CHRIST SAKE.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Well I've spent hours on the internet emailing hotels about a room for a short ski break at xmas that is 'affordable'. Well it looks like I've found somewhere in Morzine. We'll be sharing a chalet with some people. How 'in Morzine' has to be seen. On top of that Mozine isn't particulary high and doesn't have a great snow record for the begining of the season, unlike Les Contamines. They were even willing to fetch and return us to Genevea airport for free but its too late to go by plane now.... Anyway lets get praying it starts snowing in France very soon like the heavey dumps Austira has been getting.

Well I went to town and I finally found some new footwear I liked. Once I spotted it the transaction was done mighty quickly. Cuz I'm a bloke and I've better things to do with my life than hang about shops.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Well Les went to Tenby this week in his ten quid sun cavaran. I was expecting a stick of rock but all I got was this lousy photo!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Well in the week I had a call from the SBA to tell me my snowboard was ready for collection. Whippe and so on Saturday we went over to Tamworth and I collected my serivced snowboard - for a mere £35 quid.

This obviously ment I had to give it whirl on the slopes. Boy oh boy was it busy.

After a session we all had some cobs and then Scott & Joe went for a snow play session and so we had a coffe in the Apine lounge.

The kids had been lucky on the crane grabbing machine and had both won a Twinee somehow!

It was nice to watch them play while we drank our warm nice nice coffee's.

The rest of the day and night was spent ina pub or several in Wolverhampton watching the football and rugby. To be honest I can't remember who won what or why I got home at 3:30am when I never went clubbing. Nice curry though ;)

Sunday was obvously spent regreting Saturday!

Sunday, October 07, 2007

We skip to Sunday and I get to see the end of the footie match at Joey's Laqne. The ref is keeping things lively with his red card for swearing issues. Later I go to Boardwise to get some ski trousers for Scott. Only they don't have any. However I do pick up a nice little number....

In red of all colours....

Now its going to be hard to choose what to wear on my next sking session.....

However its a Christmas gift and hence it dissapears into a cupboard until I get to wear it all day Christmas Day. Yeh HAR. I end the weekend working on JK-Images and then watch Next, starring Nicholas Cage (not a favourite actor of mine a he allways resembles nicholas Cage). The film is prety dam good until about 2/3rds of the way through, then sudddenly it just goes astray - all the way to the end. It just buggered the whole film up. Well I guess its just one of those films that you really never get to see the end.

Friday, October 05, 2007

Well apart from going to the gym regular and watching lots of films I've not done much. The dark nights are with us and well thats plain dull. Friday and we went off to Wing Wah's, which is just like the one in Brum only its bigger in Wolvo. It was Marges bithday and we all set about eating as much as we could, as well as having a drink or two. 20 odd dishes latter and I was satisfied with watching Tom drink as much of the choclate fountain has he could - from a bowl of course. The best bit was obvoisuly his choclate covered face at the end of it ;) smashing! The night I had nightmares. Yep I remember waking up at 5:15am all was dark and I was sweating. NExt time I wake up was another exact 5:15 minutes latter at 10:30am. How odd. I dam the nightmares on those E numbers in the sauces ;)


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