Monday, December 31, 2007

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Well the day we leave (New Years Eve) and the sun is out.

We have breakfast and clean up and pack.

The couple of days we have been here have seemed like a lovely long holiday and I would be so willing to stay here longer. With a day of rest of course.

The snowmen are on the cars roof still.

Lets hope they are lucky charms.

Well we were on our way home and after some road works we pondered if we were still on the right autoroute as during them there had been a junction of autoroutes with a sign most definietly saying at the last minute to get off - which we hadn't! But as luck would have it we were still on the right road.

At Le Bresse we stop for dinner for some famous Le Bresse chicken. It's best not to think how it is 'grown' by the way.

As a typical Autoroute stop this is less of a service station and more a restuarant.

Because of my brothers lack of map reading abiltty and him blaming the year 2000 very detail France map we use I bought another one. Upto date road numbers and a bit more clarity. I doubt it will help though.

We zip on a fair few hours and get off the motorway at Saint Omar and nip onto the N42 towards Boulougne.

The Ibis we are booked into is easily found, and as expected dead like the town.

We settle in and then ask at reception about finding a police station to report my brothers lost wallet, which he lost at some service station after trying to give me some cash for the new map. Obviously though, the few police officers who had 'copped' for working New Years Eve didn't really speak english. And why would they this is France for god's sake.

Oddly enough on the telly the film 'A girl with a Peral Earing' was on.

So I watched that. I wonder if Al and Zoe did too?

Sunday, December 30, 2007

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I wake up go to the toilet, look out the window to see it has snowed last night. Yippeee

It looks like our neighbours have already been up and built a snowman. They actually came for a couple of days just to see snow. Nothing else! They could often be seen outside playing in the stuff!

From the balcony the town looks nice and wintery.

The drive is covered with only a few footsteps in the virgin soft fluffy snow.

The cavailer now looks all Christmasy too.

Now in Britain we know the bus would never turn up after it has been snowing. Here though you'll notice the roads are already cleared!

We await patenitly at the top of the drive for the bus admiring the frost snow covered trees.

I put my snowboard down. Perhaps the bus has got stuck in traffic??

The chalet next door with one of the old gondala cabins in the garden.

Our 'Chalet Timeris' looking very picturesque with the snow around.

We get to the slopes. The ques are massive as everyone has turned up for New Years week. Worst still the gondala is not working! Up on the chairlift then.

Lets hope the home run is now much improved.

We decide to head over to Mont Chery as it is crowed over here.

Mind the run down to Les Gets is very quiet unlike the Morzine side of things.

Heading down to Les Gets with town in the background and mont Chery there in front of us.

The wind can be seen nipping the snow off the top of that mountain in the distance.

I have a sit down and relax while i wait for my brother to catch up. Most peacful.

We catch the Petite Train from Les Gets to Mont Chery. The train is crowded and things are awkward as I have to share a carrage. with three other aging people. I lob my snowboard in first over their laps which they are not amused about and then squeeze myself in. With the scornful looks I get, I balance my snowboard across us all and it pokes out each side of the carrage! Once moving one of them looks at the board strokes it and then makes a comment in a forgiegn langauge about it. It would appear that they are rather apprecaitive of the snowboard if not me! Perhaps they know something I don't. Getting out of course is just as clumsey as getting in!

The Les Gets Chruch from the gondala lift up mont chery.

Once at the top of the gondala we get the chair lift up to the summit.

Here the snow is great, its quiet and the sun is shining - although there are a few clouds dancing around the mountains.

A rare photo of me whizzing down the mountain.

Amazing shadows down the red slope.

I think we should stop for an early moring cup of tea you know. After all we are British.

And so we do at the Creppery.

It is at this point that I decide to change my stance. Now after the last service I marked the position and orientation of the bindings but something just has not been alright all week. I get my tool out and take off the rear binding and move it set of screws forward. Will this help or make things worse???

We head up and down the mountain. Things seem so much better. Why oh why did I not plumb to adjust them sooner.

I discuss about going down the black with my brother. as you can see by his expression, he is not for it!

And so I choose another route down an even queiter side of Mont Chery that isn't open often.

We take the red down this valley which was the right choice. The black run even had bushes growing in the middle of the piste!

The way back to the summit is via a long, old, slow chairlift.

We have a bit of dinner at the mountain resturant and then head down to Les Gets.

The odd thing about this run is it cross 2 roads. And I mean it cross the roads!

Neary back at Les Gets look, there the church.

Well I thnk we should finish off that one peak over a Noyon - now what's it called?

Well we get to the lift that takes you up to the Pointe De Nyon. The cloud has moved in though. While we get the lift up, the visability reduces to siltch. Theres a disembarking point 1/3 of the way up and so decide to get off. Its difficult enough trying to get down from that point.

Both tired anyway we decid to call it a day.

I decid I a knew to us anyway route down the mountain ti the Nyon cable car lift out of town - hoping there would be a bus into town.

Its a magicaly empty tree lined run.

As we get to the bottom of the cable car a bus turns up, we quickly get our gear off and run to it with a small group of others. This bus takes us to the Pleney lift where we then await our bus to the chalet.

When we get back the town people who had come to 'see' snow had left 2 little snowmen on the car roof!

We go into town and I get a mug with Morzine written on it. Nowhere near as good as my tignes one mind ;). A few postcards - which I'm thinking I've sent to the wrong house number. urm

We got to the bakery and get a cake each - ah French baking lovely, an odd bottle of something for my mother and compenplate what we are going to do for the rest of the night.

As walk in the direction of the Chalet we notice the home run is lite up.

nice thought but surely like us everyone is knackered??

We walk past the takeaway shack our Chalet girl told us about but we never used.

Into the ED100% supermaket for some breakfast items..

And low and behold we ended up in the pub! What a surprise.

Well I wanted to just say goodbye to Princess Leia.

I've go to get one of these that rotates.

What a party that must have been. Does it give you any ideas Deadmanjones? eh. I know you like dressing up ;)

And so the night is finished off by climibing this hill for the last time....


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