Friday, May 30, 2008

Bank holiday Monday and Les and myself go for a drive to Wales in the Eunos. Its hood down all the way until we get to Breacon.

Then as we climb the mountain the heavens open and we are not going fast enough to not get wet. So we stop put the hood up and

have a cup of coffee.

There some rock out there in the field. I'm sure its an important one.

Les won't consider getting out and I don't blame him.

Now where exactly are these waterfalls meant to be?

Somewhere here.

I don't fancy this weather. I havn't borught a proper coat!

We get a car park to find its £4 to park. Oh my god. The cheek.

Well this is a map of the walks you can do to each of the waterfalls. There's four on this map and a few more else where.

The warden watches us. Either making sure that we paid the parking fee or laughing at us because we are not dressed for this kind of weather.

You know this is one hell of a long walk don't you.

We look back but we arn't going to turn around.

At last a sign post of where we are going.

Well it reckons the nearst on is a 15 minute walk.

In the wet though it could be double.

All this downhill walking frightens me.

Because we have got to walk back up it.

Slimey mud. Just what we need.

Come on Nack before the water drains away.

Another choose of directions. We head straight on.

Well I'd like to say surely no other morons have come out in this but there was some other cars in the car park.

Watch your step.

I'm not wet, just mildly damp.

Watch out for this tree stump.

Well I'm glad we made it down that safely....

Looks like we have found Sgwd Clun Gwyn.
Do you think this is the one we can walk under. How do we get down there then?

Well the sheep are going that way.

It this way. Have you ever know me to be wrong?

Quiet a few times actually Les.

I'll ignore that remark.

Follow me I know what I'm doing.

Yep heard this one before with your map reading.

Look we could die.

If I shout do you think it will fall on my head?

If you lean out and hold onto this tree - er Les the root of the tree moves...

you can see ...... rain clouds

Oh another waterfall. That must be Sgwd Isaf Gwyn. Which means we aren't near that other waterfall at all anymore.

Do you think we can walk under this one?

Come on Les get a move on.

A little bit further down here. Not far now.

Les looks quiet nice.

wow this place is like the jerrassic. I think we can get a better view down here.

Come on Les.

Step carefully its slippery down here.

There's a much better view from down here.

How did you get across there Nack?

A wonderful view.

Erm its peeing down now. A cup of coffe and cake is required Les.

Well its lucky some thought to bring a flask of something.

Well just the place to relax. Look up there mind.

I think we should clamber up there to see if this is the one we can walk behind.

Come on up here Les.

Wow comes to mind.

Right pretend your not getting wet and smile.

What you think, we can swim down here?

Well we certainly can't walk behind it.

Erm my camera is a bit wet after that last photo.

Lovely icy water.

Er ther's something wrong with my camera. Bugger its stopped working. Er I'll put it in my very wet pocket.

We walk onto the next waterfall Sgwd y Pannwr. Now using my mobile phone camera.

And a view without Les's face.

There is no obvious way out of this area. No path to immediatly follow apart from the one we entered by.

We hunt around and find an alternative boggie way out.

It wold appear though the only way out is up, up and up.

It's easier not to use the steps to be honest.

At the top Les advises he's had enough of all this walking upwards.

And me well I'd just had enough of walking.

This tree was planted in the memory of David one of the Parks wardens.

Well we get to another sign post which states that your not allowed to go down. We consider the warning. A life with out risks is of course a boring life, so we proceed with caution.

Well the path down is muddy, slippery and well shagged.

There are even some steps at one point.

I let Les go first. Any step that can take him will hopefully take me too.

at the bottom we get to the watefall. The waterfall you can walk behind. Ah now I see why your not allowed down here.

And now we are here it would be rude not to get closer. After you Les.

The picturesuq waterfall Sgwd yr Eira - Fall of snow.

And here we have Les standing behind it.

Amazing eh.

Underneith the view is spectacular of the water flow in front of you.

splish sposh.

I hope its not closed because of that big crack above your head.

Once we get to the otherside it would appear we have been followed by a group. Who are as rule abiding as ourselves!

Once they had gone I striped got changed and considered a dip.

Lets just say it was cold!

Colder than Tenby sea this year. I didn't stay in long.

I got changed and then it was time to leave.

Les of course returned the favour and got a shot of me under the waterfall.

On a hot day I'm sure this would be most refreshing. But then there would be hundreds of people here.

I move along the slippery ledge.


An offical sign say something like do not pass this point eh!

We wave goodbye.

Well its back up that nasty path.

Back at the top we have to make a decision on how to get back to the car. Its literialy miles away.

Well luckily enough we meet a couple witha few dogs, how give us some routes back. Its a long long walk, during which time I moan moan moan......


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