Saturday, June 28, 2008

Went up town today to get my hair cut. While up there I got a new expensive but very detailed map of Britain. And also a game for my playstation 2, which I havn't bought a game for, for so long I can't actually remember when.

The map though was bought for a reason. Not only does it show farm tracks but also 'intresting' things to see such as the Abbey we went to on the way back from Tenby!

Just when you thought there's nothing else that can be put on the Eunos I buy one of these off ebay.....

They reckon on the advert that it will fit with a hod with a glass window and a guienuine Mazda wind blocker.....

And while youu are sent a good set of long instructons, I found it fitted easily. No need to do any hood adjustments like it mentioned I might.

The hardest part was triming the plastic trim and refitting the wind blocker which did need some adjustment.

Eventually though I got it all to fit.

So there you go a bit more shiney bling.

Erm lovely hoops.

Another fuel filter for the Cav. After 3 Halfords ones I'm not sure if its their own brand filters or the feul that is at fault. So here we have a different brand. Lets see how this goes. I bope it puts things right as then I can get on with buying some supermarket veg oil and burn that instead of bio.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Friday and Andy and myself went up the Ashes for few pints. And while we sat outside there was a big accedent in the main road. The police ambulance and fire service were all there.

Andy was of course impressed with himself when his bladder gave in on the way home.

Once home on came Bid-up TV. Now that was a mistake as I ended up buying two things!

Well after a long wait and a fair few emails my brothers snowboard and other bits and peices came.

A beautiful Notro Suprateam. Mind without the house number on the package label I was surprised it got here at all. I gave it a good scub in the bath and now it needs a peoper service.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Well the most exciting thing I did this weekend was fit this airhorn to my Eunos. I can now deafen everyone with a blast of this rather than the exhaust note.

I struggled to find somewhere to fit it or find 18 amps worth of power to connect it to )And for those of you who don't know 18 amps is a lot, your wall sockets are rated at 13 amps!) So a new thick power lead has been fitted from the battery in the boot. Get your ear plugs ready! But to be honest its more of safety thing for on the motorway when the lorrys don't see you sitting next to them so low.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Well for a lucky few I have contacted, I came upon an advert on the snowboard uk club forum for some accommodate. So I have booked it for a week over New Years, at a great price. Its in Morzine, the same place I went to Christmas last year so fingers crossed we'll have another great time.

Well this year we will be staying here, Easzy Riderz, an apartment rather than a chalet on the East side of town rather than the West.

All we got to do now is pray for snow, as Morzine is extremely low and can have lack of snow problems, although the positive side of things it has Avorzia on its door step, lake Genevea where the snow is made by nature and dumps here when it does plentiful. Also the green pastures mean that it only requires a small amount of snow in the area to make it ski-able. Oh I'm excited already.

Well following on from the new telephone line we have finally reached 5meg! (although I only get this at off peak times) And because of where I live thats the max it will ever get to. So those of you without brand spanking new telephones lines stand no chance.

Friday, June 20, 2008

There's a thing at work were you are ment to wear pink. So far I have got away with it. Lucky enough I notice this tie which had some in but not much, and so this was the first Friday I joined the Pink club. Mind it took them until dinner time to notice.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Well its Emmas birthday and I struggled to find her a toy. For boys there are loads of toys or perhaps I'm just more intrested i the boys toys. In the end I plumbed for some cloths she can roll around the garden and get very very scruffy. A few of user went round for tea and cake. Luckily the swords didn't come out for a change. In fact we got out a 25 piece jigsaw, although it was a struggle to finish.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Tuesday and the birthday present from my brother came. Most of the time I struggle to know what I want, buton this occassion I remembered something. For my car of course.

It's infact a car air horn. A compact one. It should ring your ears at 139dB's. So if you havb't heard me coming because of my exhaust and should be able to deafen you another way. Can't wait to fit it!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

While I watch Big Brother....

I look out the window at the setting sun. Isn't it a great view.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Well the saga of the telephone line has finaly ended. After BT saying there was a fault and they would look into it and then calling my dad and telling him there was no fault after all, and I said to my dad you did tell them you couldn't hear them on the phone, 'oh no they rung me on my mobile'. The phone line died. The broadband vaguely worked but no phone calls! Back to BT and yes they'll be round Friday. Well they came and changed the wiring inside the house. Bingo it made no difference.

And so they siad they would come back and replace the cable outside and the Monday. They came, they replaced the cableing inside the house again, and the cable to the telegraph pole for the engineer to say oh it still doesn't work. You'll have to hold on while I get someone to go down to the exchange. Anyway we now have a crystal clear working telephone line. And braodband has become fast broadband once more. Yippeeee.

Friday, June 13, 2008

For the full photos click the picture above..

Friday I left work and caught the train from Birmingham to Nottingham. Why?

I had a date with C3PO.

In fact it was Gary's Stag Do. I meet them in the Pitch and Pendulem where they were already partying on.

We went from pub to pub and it was great to see some old faces and some new ones.

The night of drinking moved to Oceana. Woe hoe get on down and boogie.

Now there doesn't seem that many places to eat in nottingham so I called a couple of cabs over put some lads in the first one and told the driver to go top a curry house. The second cab I climbed in and I said follow that taxi. Which was great until taxi number 1 went through a red light and ours didn't!

And when we got there the curry house the taxi man wanted us to go to was 'just closing'. Luckily enough a more sub standard place next door was open and willing to serve us.

Of course getting a cab home when your with C3PO was no problem!

The next morning we all meet up donw stairs too early, but there is a greatbreakfast awaiting us. I was feeling especialy rough because...

The shower was shagged. They did come and mend it promptly.

But by which time Les and myself had showered in different rooms.

Well it would have been nice to have had time to relax but no...

we were off to the race course to play its a knockout.

Well the games were fun, wet and well to Gaz cold, but luckily he had his christmas jumper on.

I think we all agreed that perhaps we had drunk to much the night before for this kind of thing.

Luckily the Jedi Knights, the team I was in didn't come last.

That was left to the C3PO's who's was Garys team ;)

For some reason jon The Drummer had decided to dress to impress the gay culture?!?!

Which made it hard for them to get a taxi back into town.

A few pints were drunk in the hotel.

Before heading out in search of more beer.

We also eat out, which is when my meal did not arrive. Both me and the waiter agreed the cheif had read the order wrong but the cheif was being and arse. But the waiter had the original order and could quiet clearly see my meal was ordered, he just hadn't cooked it!

Which ment more time for drinks.

Well we went to Jongleurs Comedy Club.

We got there a bit early so we had a drink or two.

By which time Gaz advised us he must go to the toilet once more.

He came back for another pint mind.

The comdey started and so did our laughing. Luckily no Bilston Market stories this time.

There was a disco there afterwards but Jon the Drummer insisted after pulling a granny that we left promptly. I was just jealous.

A few more places around town and it was time to go in search of food once more.

And like the night before it was hard to find somewhere. I ended up at a mobile buger bar having a triple cheese burger. It was big and satisfying mind!

The next day at breakfast Gaz was trying to convince me he enjoyed the whole weekend.

And that Greg had done a good job. Somehow I believe they had made a pact togeather.

And so the handcuffs will be kept for another day when........


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