Sunday, July 27, 2008

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Well from Poades I take Al, Zoe and Les to the famous Wing Yip foodstore. The excitment here was unbelieveable as they went through the freezers looking at the odd food that could be obtained. I won't go into details. I bought 2kg of uncooked prawn crackers and 2 barrels of vegatable oil. When it came to the cekc out the 2 girls there giggled and spoke to each other in what ever language they speak and then one said in English, that is a lot of oil for the crakers. From here we went to my house where me and Al poured the cooking oil into the fuel tank of the cavalier. We then jumped in the car and me and AL went to Morrisions in stockport somewhere to buy some food to turn black. As can be seen, Al lit the BBQ.

And then put it out!

We obvously weren't aiming so much at BBQ the food as more to smoking it. Luckily of course I had the prawn crackers just in case things got realy bad.

Zoe's sister came round and brought Luke round to show us all or just to let Zoe play with him.

Of course there was a few drinks to be consumed.

Well regardless of the state of the BBQ the food went on.

While we waited eagerly for the food, Zoe ensured that there was sufficent supplies of cold beer coming to the bottom of the garden.

things became rather relaxed and enjoyable.

As the night came Al didn't let the BBQ go out.

Not that anyone apart from him was sitting close enough to benefit.

Zoe got out some lamps of various knids which produced more heat than Al's BBQ

And so the steaks went up and AL's BBQ grew to new proportions.

It was the time of night that called for Gin and Tonic. Only no tonic being available ment we had to improvise. So the gin was water and mixed it with tab of Robinsons fruit juice. Erm very nice.

Al decided the big burn on the BBQ was not enough and lit his chimmeny thing.

Which roared like a jet engine. watch your eyebrows. Watch your eyes.

The next morning and animal was to be found at the bottom of the garden. It was to be approached slowly as you could hear its deep breathing while it slept.

We all got on our bikes for nice little gentle ride to somewhere.....

It was a myistry tour through magical woods

Down dirty paths of earthy soil.

And here comes Les on his bike Which hasn't been used for a long long time.

We cross a river via a footbridge to be confronted with a hill so steep and another 30 minutes of cycling until we were...

finaly there. We chained the bikes up, but not with my bike lock because as usual thats sitting on my desk.

And then nip to the ice cream van. Whooo hoo look at that multi coloured twirly thing your've got there Al.

Yummy yum, a cidery ice lolley. How is this ahead? Romans? HAve we entered a time warp?

We lef the one feild and head towards another with more things in it..

Like wood carvings of a monk.

The worlds tallest plant

and two overwheelmed people pondering what ever next?

Well low and behold the clogg dancers came out, thats what happend next!

We had some food and wandered around the stalls.

We listened to some brass band music.

And found the famous Well of St. Chad's of Chackirk. Well at least I know where I am now.

After all this excitment we had to stop for a cup of tea.

Les looked longingly into the flow of the cool running waters of the river below.

Well the cofee and cookies didn't last very long.

Les goes for it. Do you think he's going for a swim?

Zoe quickly follows him down.

EEEK its a bit further down than she first thought.

Am I coming down there? Al, are we going down there? No we not going to get our feet wet, No.

instead I admire the quietness of the merandering river and the wind as it genty blows through the long grasses surrounding us.

Al suddenly lets me know his spoon is too big.

Wet feet and big spoons latter we go back to see if anyone has kindly stolen our bikes so we can get a taxi home.

unfortunaty not. We cycle back, over the bridge at the river and then play by the riverside for a while.

Look there be fishes in this river. Perhaps if we catch some we could cook them on the BBQ.

Zoe tries to stomp them to death, which digusts Al.

Leave the poor creatures alone. Let them live a bit and grow. And then catch them to BBQ.

We up a huge hill. I tried to cycle it and got nearly oh so nearly the top. But it beat me.

Al awaits for Zoe and Les, just in case someone needs to call the emergency serivces.

Nope here comes Les fighting his way up.

All this exercise of course calls for some liquid refreshment before

palying in the park. Oh summer time is so nice. Wibble Wobble.

We go out for tea at a local pub, and enjoy a slow meal. The meal tells us they want us to enjoy the meal as much as possible and so we do our best to mix and match the menu to our liking.

It sfinaly time to say good bye to Mr Tickle and Stockport and head home after another enjoyable weekend.


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