Friday, October 31, 2008

Friday night comes and after being in the hospital I go to town where I have arranged to meet Beardy at 9pm in the Hoggs Head. I got there early at 8:15pm and he is no where to be seen and I did tell him to give us a call as soon as he was in town. However I forgott that I had turned my phone off and low and behold he had called and left a message. He was in fact somewhere in the Hogs head too. Anway it was time for tea so over the road we went to Jivan's Balti House.

I think this may well be Beardys second ever curry and he amazed me as when the waitress asked if he wanted it mild or medium he asked for it mild! Good god. Me and my brother went for a hot Jalfrazi as usual. And so the meal consisted as well of 6 popadums with sauces, I chilli nan, two normal nans, several Cobra beers and two chilli pakoras for a tidy sum of 36 quid.

We decided that we needed to wash the food down with a further beer or two in the Posada. What a way to finish the night. Well it would be but my Dad took my borther home and then we went to Tesco Extra in Stafford. I remember wandering the ailse staggering around and leaving with 4 new pillows! It was 2:30am when I got home. Comfy though!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Back with the Cav and it was out with the injectors. Well so I thought

The injector on cyclinder one was being a sod even though it had been soaked for several days with WD40. In fact things got worse and the return feul rail broke. And that also ment I couldn't get the spanner on the injector as the feul return rail ring was seized on. bummer.

Well with it broken I continued and got the rest of it off. I pondered what to do about this as fgetting a replcment may not be so easy for such an old car. Anyway I got all the injectors loose apart from injector 1, so I had two things to ponder. Where do I get another return feul rail from for an 1.7TD Isuzu engine and how the hell am I going to get the sized feul rail return ring off so I can actually get the injector out?

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Wednesday morning and we awoke to the first true frost of the year. The feild next to the house was totaly white.

The good old Enuos was encrusted. Today though I wasn't going to work but going out to a factory to see another car being built.

We were off to Malvern to have a tour around the Morgan factory to see the cars being hand built.

A map of the offical route they like you to keep to.

We go to reception sign in and then have a muoch at the cars outside

This one has a nice long bonnett

And some pretty eyes

The modern Aero with the aluminium chasis.

Erm its a bit more American butch

Ah back to the old gracful lines.

This is essentaily the ready to delver room. So if you've ordered one you may well spot it.

If you check out the cars you'll notice that only one of them has air conditioning fitted. Its the green one at the front. But I wonder if the air condition pipes on this Morgan are not a little too open to the elements at the front of the car.

Nice to see the Union Jack flying in the back drop.

Well after having a look around the factory where they'd rather you didn't take photos we had anopther look around outside.

Although my uncle said he prefered the older version he seemed quite taken with this one.

Erm nice in a way.

Personally I'd prefere the rag top version.

I like the long bonnets.

The old ones remind me of All Creatures Great and Small. Can you remember that one.

The thing is the longer you are here the more you want one.

And while there are no prices around I already know there too expensive to buy one.

HAving a look round I ponder...

Where are the keys? Is it locked? Can it be hot wired?

Easier to take this one but theres no seats!

Or body shell. Someone obvously wanted a cut price one with no options what so ever.

Anyway the day at the Morgan Factory was enlightening.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Er so where am I ment to site to watch the box?

Well another day and I was hoping to get the Cavalier fired up after yesterday. However with the starter motor in place and all the piping sorted to fire her up she would turn over but nothing else.

It sound healthy enough but just turned over as if no feulk was getting into the engine. Les turned up and went and got some feul with my brother. I took the feul filter off and put the desiel in a bottle and the filter straw directly into the bottle. But to an avail no feul was being pumped out. I checked the power to the soleniod and it was there. So even though you could hear the soleniod clicking I changed it for the one that was on my original pump. Cranking and cranking made no difference it was sucking. I'd all but giving up when I decide to feed the pump feul by the waste outlet pipe. Some went down there and you could hear some gurggling. So I pursited and pursited and suddenly out of the blue there was a loud bang. I turned the igination off and had a look under the bonnet.

Tried her again and nothing then a huge cloud of smoke and rumbling she came back to life. The Cav 1.7TD Isuzu lives once more. Its heart is alight. Mind it took that long there was no time to finish things off. I left it running for a while. It made my dad which I thought was going to end with thats it I've had enough of this......

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Friday night I go for a couple of pints in Codsall with Gary and Sarah. I resist a curry which I wasn't hungrey for, however that as not stopped me before. Saturday morning I wake up at the crack of dawn and its freezing outside. I decide to put off messing with the Cav and head to Vision Express to get my latest batch of contact lenses. The right eye is now unbeleivably super. The replacement left one though seems to be wrong? How can this be so???eh

Anyway I go next door to Currys and i find my mom some headphone which help cut out background noise. Next problem was tracking someone to actually pay. And when I do pay I leave the shop and the alarm goes off. Obvously the Saturday worker forgot to deactivate it on my product. Anyway no one from Currys stop me so I keep going. I cut from New Look and as I enter I send off their alarms. People look at me but no one stops me. I walk through the shop and to the exit the other end where I leave down the escaltors and as I leave the alarm goes off. But no one trys to stop me so I carry walking on. I cross the road and enter Beatties. The alarm goes off and people look at me but no one stopps me. I walk round to the art part and have a sniff around before leaving via one of the exisis to the car park. Of course the alarm goes off. But no stops me. Now its clear to me that in future why should we bother to pay for anything???? Just causaly walk out and remember to carry a Currys bag at all times!

Home and I finaly brave the cold to get the timing done. HEres the Dail test Indicator connected to the pump. Some jiggery pokery went on for a while.

First setting the engine to top dead center AKA TDC (see the red line I painted and the pointer).

Deactivate the cold start mechanisim witha screw driver. Helps if you muscle man, now thats not in the manual.

Reset the gauge and set to zero.

The rotate the engine so that it is at bottom dead center AKA BDC. The red line moves from the point through 60 degrees and thus pointing straight down.

Rotate the engine backwards and forwards to make sure it is spot on BDC.

Then set the dail up to read 2 on the inner dial and zero on the outer dial.

Now we are ready to set the pump into the correct timing position. This is down by loosening the pumps 4 bolts, putting the two timing bolts in the sprokets to keep them still and then rotate the pump just very slightly, using a dowl and mallet.

Now you have to do this so that the reading changes to 0.5mm to 0.6mm. Did you read that last bit right?? Anyway I aimed at 0.55mm as can be seen here.

Once correct the bolts were done up and the injection pipes reconnected. All to do now is put the starter motor on. I ponder will it start????

A quick shower and I'm off to a birthday party.

Zena's first birthday in fact.

And she was a lucky girl beacuse I got to play with all her new toys.

The house that Nack built.

Toys is one thing Zena is not going to need for Christmas.

When the crowds of people have dissperced we relax and eat cake.

Well Greg do you remember your first?


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